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Bishop Paprocki on the persecution of the Church September 6, 2013

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I have been amazed how many people I have encountered over the past 2 or 3 years who, for the first time in their life, really feel that they may be made to truly suffer for being a Catholic. I would guesstimate hundreds of people have expressed such to me, often in unprompted, out of the blue type statements.  Most of the best priests I know are looking at the culture and warning their flocks – “you better get prayed up.”  They do so, because these men are in touch with Grace and can read the signs of the times, and these signs, they are not good.

And, as I have related on this blog many times, this persecution will almost certainly be brought about over this issue of homosexuality and homosexuals pretending to be married.  The radical homosexual lobby and their sexular pagan allies have been almost gleeful to see their views attain ascendency, certainly among the elites, and it’s possible a bare or near-majority of Americans now support, at least tacitly, this promotion of grave depravity as not only healthy and normal, but fully equivalent to their own sterile marriages.  More and more evidence supports my fear, and that of many others, that the sexular pagans intend to use this issue of homosexuals and their “rights” as the battering ram to drive the Church – including the faithful – completely from the public square, and to try to totally marginize our beliefs.  They are trying to make Catholicism the same as the worst depridations of racism, even though the analogy is utterly banal and wrong.

Note below, the reporter keeps harping on homosexuals pretending to be married and all their sordid “rights,” and then we get the segue to persecution.  These things are not unrelated:

Typically, hockey playing Bishop Paprocki (probably one of the 5 or 10 most orthodox bishops in the United States, and what an indictment that I have to even SAY THAT!) is much more animated. He seemed pretty low key, almost beat down, in this interview.

The money quote:

“We [Christians] find ourselves now – just in this short period of time – where the early Christians found themselves in the Roman Empire. So the church in 2,000 years, we started out as being a persecuted faith, with Constantine being an accepted established faith, then for centuries, kind of moving in that direction that had this close relationship between the secular world’s values and Judeo-Christian values,” Bishop Paprocki said. “And now I think we are moving in a direction that – not only is it more than secular – it’s a rejection. It’s an outright rejection [of Judeo-Christian values]. It’s a pagan kind of a culture.”

I like how he also mentioned that the Supreme Court, in finding in support of homosexual “marriage” and against state bans on same, has thrown out over a half dozen centuries of jurisprudence and common law to arrive at its very political, unconstitutional conclusion.

David Letterman hasn’t been funny in almost 20 years. He’s just another bitter old leftist, who has found a world of possessions at his feet still doesn’t bring happiness, but he refuses to acknowledge the one Source that could bring him true contentment.


1. Barb - September 8, 2013

I have reason to believe that this homosexual “rights” push is the mark of the beast. Those who rationalize it take it on the forehead, those who practice it take it on the hand. There will be no buying or selling without the mark of the beast. We are already there.

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