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What it means to be Catholic September 6, 2013

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, Basics, Bible, catachesis, Ecumenism, error, foolishness, General Catholic, reading, sadness, scandals, secularism, Tradition, true leadership, Virtue.

From Fr. Arnold Damen, SJ, from a 19th century treatise on sources of Divine Revelation.  What it means to be Catholic, in response to the errors perpetuated by self-serving individuals who try to pretend that one can reject all manner of Church Doctrine and yet still remain “Catholic.”

As usual, I add emphasis and comments.

We must have Faith in order to be saved, and we must have Divine Faith, not   human faith. Human faith will not save a man, but only Divine Faith. What is Divine Faith? It is to believe, upon the authority of God, the truths that God has revealed; that is Divine Faith [Well, that blows just aboutMadonna and Child with Doctors of the Church_UNKNOWN MASTER, Italian the entire Jesuit order out of the water, doesn’t it?  Especially those poor lost souls who produced this execrable video series encouraging sodomy?] To believe all that God has taught upon the authority of God, and to believe without doubting, without hesitation; for the   moment you commence to doubt or hesitate, that moment you commence to mistrust   the authority of God, and, therefore, insult God by doubting His word. Divine Faith, therefore, is to believe without doubting, without hesitating. Human faith is when we believe a thing upon the authority of men — on human authority. That is human faith. But Divine Faith is to believe without doubting, without hesitating, whatsoever God has revealed upon the authority of God, upon the Word of God.  [And this is where trust in Scripture and Tradition becomes paramount. Many souls think that Scripture is not really the inspired, inerrant Word of God. Oh, they may believe some of the highlights that appeal to them (thus, the dread effects of protestant private interpretation), or they may think more or less the whole thing is bunk, in which case, they are really just agnostics. But all faithful Catholics must believe that Sacred Scripture is the inspired, inerrant Word of God, and all the Tradition that flows from that. Those who do not accept that Divine Source of Revelation that is Sacred Scripture (and Tradition), are not Catholic]

Christ in Majesty with the Patron Saints of Cremona_BOCCACCINO, BoccaccioTherefore, my dear people, it is not a matter of indifference what religion a man professes, providing he be a good man. 

You hear it said nowadays in this Nineteenth Century of little faith that it matter not what religion a man professes, providing he be a good man. That is heresy, my dear people, and I will prove it to you to be such. If it be a matter   of indifference what a man believes, providing he be a good man, why then it is   useless for God to make any revelation whatever. [Exactly. If what religion a man possesses doesn’t matter – and this is something John Locke and the other enlightenment deists deliberately made a foundational aspect of their program for “liberty” aimed at undermining and crippling the Church – then none of any of this matters, and the Faith is a lie.  Why did God bother to become Incarnate and die the most horrific death Anthony Dedicates his Life to God at Mass_MASTER of the Osservanza possible, if, in the end, none of this matters, and “good” men all go to Heaven?  What defines “good,” anyways?  If you’re talking the world’s sense of “good,” often that is very far from what the Lord knows to be good.]  If a man is at liberty to   reject what God revealeth, what use for Christ to send out His Apostles and   disciples to teach all nations, if those nations are at liberty to believe or   reject the teachings of the Apostles or disciples? You see at once that this   would be insulting God. 

If God reveals a thing or teaches a thing, He means to be believed. He wants to be believed whenever He teaches or reveals a thing. Man is bound to believe whatsoever God has revealed, for, my dear people, we are bound to worship God, both with our reason and intellect, as well as with our heart and will. God is master of the whole man. He claims his will, his heart, his reason, and his intellect. [Therefore, to be Catholic means to accept with Divine Faith all the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church. Nothing more, nothing less. But heresy and apostasy are rampant, probably 90%, or more, of self-described Catholics reject at least one Dogma]

———–End Quote————-

All so very true. We must inculcate in our Catholic brethren that the idea of private interpretation they have absorbed from the protestant/secular pagan dominated culture is a LIE of monstrous proportions, a lie which if accepted leaves their soul tenuously dangling over the yawning maw of hell.  We must reject these errors of people who try to compartmentalize the Faith and force It to conform to their wishes, lusts, and desires, rather than conforming themselves to Scripture, Tradition, and all the Dogmas of the Faith. We must do so with great love, but we must do it. If we know cafeteria Katholycs, we need to try, very hard but with great prudence and charity, to challenge them on their (probably unthinking) assumptions.  If we know protestants, we must reveal to them the duplicitous illogic of private revelation, the fruit of which has been a never-ending multiplication of sects with no end in site, the Unity Christ prayed for His Church being made a mockery by the very system that purported to “save” Christ from the Church.

It will be painful.  We will annoy others. They may get very angry. It may wound close relationships.  But we have to do it.  Charity demands it, and God will ask us, at our judgment, why we did not care enough to try to convert our most cherished friends and family.




1. Steve - September 7, 2013

Thank you for commenting in a different thread upon Pope Francis’ determination to combat the Culture of Death’s desire to attack Syria.

I believe that the Pope’s initiative has a relation to your two most recent threads…What it means to be Catholic and the Persecution of the Church.

Is there any wonder as to why Holy Mother Church is under persecution? Her very children…Her pastors…demonstrate scant, if any interest, in combatting the Culture of Death.

How can Catholics understand what it means to be Catholic when our pastors remain silent when it comes to the Holy Father’s call to spread the word to pray, fast and perfom pennances on a special day that has been set aside to pray for peace…to combat the Culture of Death?

Many among the Faithful are not prepared to combat the forces of this world…the Culture of Death…as their pastors fail to instill within them the desire to confront and resist the Culture of Death.

Tommorow, just one day (of course he desires the following each day), the Vicar of Christ has exhorted Catholics, beginning with their leaders, to fast, pray, perform pennances in the name of peace…in the name of the Culture of Life…in the name of God.

Incredibly, many pastors haven’t been bothered to even list that news on their web sites.

Frankly, thanks to more than a few Catholic religious leaders, the sense of fasting and performing pennance is dead within a good portion of the Church.

Our parishes can even be bothered to exhort Catholics to fast and pray in special ways for peace in Syria and throughout the world.

What message does that send to the world…to those who would persecute the Church?

Said message informs persons who comprise the Culture of Death that little, if any, determination exists within vast portions of the Catholic Church to stand up for and promote the Culture of Life.

Those who despise Holy Mother Church look at us and laugh. They will continue unabated their attacks upon Holy Mother Church.

They are aware that people (Catholics) who do not know who they are (what it means to be Catholic) lack the very knowledge to denfend themselves…to combat (spiritually) the Culture of Death.

Catholics are ripe to face persecution.

However, beginning tomorrow, may God consider the prayers, pennances and fasting that, even if relatively few in number, Catholics throughout the world unite to the special day that the Holy Father set aside to promote the Culture of Life…holiness.

In turn, may the Heavenly Father have mercy upon us. May He allow tomorrow’s holy initiative to convert the hearts and minds of those who belong to the Culture of Death.

May tommorow be just the beginning of Pope Francis’s special initiatives to promote the Culture of Life.

May Dallas’ (and elsewhere) pastors who have failed in powerful ways to promote tomorrow’s Papal peace endeavor ponder seriously their lack of actions.

Otherwise, how can we expect Catholics to truly understand what it means to be Catholic? How can we expect the Culture of Death to find it difficult, if not impossible, to persecute Holy Mother Church?

Tomorrow, even if our parishes, and shockingly, many are not, aboard with Pope Francis, let us fast and pray for peace and the Culture of Life.

2. Steve - September 7, 2013

The following web page on Mater Dei’s web site demonstrates to me a key part of what it means to be Catholic:


How many Dallas parishes have demonstrated such unity and obedience to Pope Francis as has Mater Dei?

During the past few weeks (and going back several years) I have heard certain…ummm…let’s say parishes in the Dallas Diocese offer not-so-veiled negative references to Traditional Catholics.

They have been chided in particular for their supposed refusal to accept Pope Francis’ initiatives for the Church.

Hmmm…said parishes will not participate Saturday in Pope Francis’ very important peace-related initiative.

Conversely, Dallas’ one Traditional Catholic parish, Mater Dei, has stepped up in holy and obedient fashion to promote Pope Francis’ peace initiative.

Mater Dei parish knows what it means to practice unity with Pope Francis’ vision of Holy Mother Church’s quest for peace on earth.

That is a key component in what it means to be Catholic.

Certain Dallas parishes have much to learn from Mater Dei.

3. Bridgeport Guy - September 8, 2013

I attended St. Ignatius College Prep in Chicago, which was founded by Fr. Damen. The school has fallen so far away from passing on the Faith that Fr. Damen wouldn’t recognize it.

4. Steve - September 8, 2013

What does it mean to be Catholic? Today, I experienced sadness as I visited St. Mark’s parish to unite with Pope Francis’ peace initiative.

I wished to do so in within a church.

I believe that “the Catholic community of St. Mark the Evangelist” consists of more than 30,000 Catholics.

Went I went there today to unite with Pope Francis, five people were present.

Not once this week did the main page of “the Catholic community of St. Mark the Evangelist’s” web site even bother to exhort the Faithful to fast and pray in unity with Pope Francis and his peace initiative.

The parish…sorry…”the Catholic community” in question was not interested in leading organized public prayer in unity with the Pope Francis and his peace initiative.

What does it mean to be Catholic? Today, it felt barren and empty to me at “the Catholic community of St. Mark the Evangelist.”

More than 30,000 Faithful…larger than a great many towns across the country and world…and we failed to unite publicly in a spirit of fasting and prayer as Pope Francis desired.

Please pray for me as I fell empty inside. Oh, well. That is Novus Ordoism for you.

Fr. Clifford Smith - September 9, 2013

I am seriously doubtful that in a Church with 8 Masses from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm today, with less than 30 minutes between Masses, there was EVER a time today with less than 50 people present. I suppose you think the Mass is not a prayer, and the 6,000 plus people today were not praying for peace in Syria, in spite of it being in the introduction to all 10 Masses this weekend, in ALL the Prayers of the Faithful and a prayer supplied by the Bishop offered at every Mass, none of those counted unless they were praying in the Chapel?

I will also make sure in the future that when our webmaster is home with sick children to tell her she is not being Catholic, and at the same time tell my administrative assistant NOT to send out the message by Constant Contact to over 2,200 households with the Pope’s message. Apparently it doesn’t matter how we got the Bishops’ information out to our Church community … it only counts if YOU know about it and it meets your narrow expectations. You know, if you supported and encouraged priests rather and constantly criticizing them you might see changes … but your methods suggest that we’ll never be right or Catholic enough … so why bother? This does not encourage vocations among young people if priests and bishops (and even the Pope) only receive hateful castigation.

But I also must pray for you and thank you because you have helped me make a very difficult decision.

skeinster - September 9, 2013

I’m sorry- I’m a bit confused.
Are you saying that your parishioners prayed wherever and fasted on Saturday,and that the Holy Father’s intention for Syria was remembered at the Sunday masses? Or was the whole Saturday Day of Prayer transferred, by the Bishop, I’m guessing, to Sunday?
It’s a little unclear above. Thank you.

5. RC - September 8, 2013

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and I came across this woman named Bella Dodd. Apparently she was some big communist back in the day. She was talking about how they had placed communists in the seminaries to destroy the Church. She was talking about destroying the faith of the people so that the Church would have not been effective against communism.
Has anyone heard of this? From what i was reading, it seems to basically 100% represent the Church today. I would ask this of CAF but I would get banned.

tantamergo - September 9, 2013

Sure, AA1025 and Bella Dodd, very, very well known. You don’t have to read Dodd to know this, the Mitroykin KGB archives released in the early 90s confirm the KGB’s enormous efforts, under the direction of the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci, to penetrate the Church with hundreds of communist agent-seminarians. How many of those were ordained is not confirmable (those records are still classified by the Russian federal security service), but it is believed to be most.

Note, Gramsci is the spiritual god-father of Saul Alinsky, upon whose philosophies the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is founded. Alinsky played an enormous role in starting up the first CCHD-type groups in Chicago back in the 40s and 50s.

It all starts to make sense, no?

6. Steve - September 9, 2013

Sorry, but there wasn’t one bit of hateful castigation upon my part. I certain hope that the webmaster is healed.

By the way, from Sunday through even Friday of last week, Saint Mark’s could not have found a way to have at least posted information in regard to the Pope’s peace initiative?

Also, I made it clear that Saint Mark’s was far from alone last week in not responding to the Pope’s peace vigil.

I noted that one area parish after another failed to…

1. Post information to their web sites in regard to Pope Francis’ intentions in question.

2. One local parish after another failed to hold public prayer vigils in unity with the Holy Father.

Incredibly, Prince of Peace, a modernistic non-kneeling parish, blasted emails to their members to urge them to unite to the Holy Father’s peace vigil. They also, from noon to 4:30 p.m. on Saturday held a public prayer vigil.

They at least responded well to the Holy Father’s peace initiative.

Again, Saint Mark’s was far from alone in that one local parish after another failed to hold peace vigils.

Finally, if Saint Mark’s desires to obtain numerous priestly and religious vocations, then please offer the ancient and Traditional Roman Mass at the parish.

The Traditional Roman Mass, as numerous Cardinals and bishops have noted, has proved tremendous at producing holy priestly and religious vocations.

Say “goodbye” to altar girls, Communion in the hand while standing, all-vernacular Novus Ordo Masses…

…promote Holy Tradition to the hilt…

…and you will obtain from God many priestly and religious vocations as well as form people in Traditional Catholic fashion.

Mass attendance will also increase greatly.


7. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - September 9, 2013

Great blog post. He came not to bring peace, but a sword. Thus it has already been in my own sphere of influence, as it were. May His will be done.

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