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Funny, clean joke book available September 10, 2013

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Occasional commenter Michael McCrory has put together a book of totally clean, totally safe jokes for all ages.  I have had a print copy of it for sometime, but it is now available, via Kindle, generally.  I’m not a Kindle guy, but I know many readers are.  If you’re looking for something fun to pass time or good clean jokes to share with the family, I highly recommend this book.  You can get it here on Kindle for all of $6.99.

There are some very, very funny jokes in the book.  I like this one: “Did you hear what happened to the dyslexic imsomniac atheist?  He stayed up all night trying to disprove the existence of Dog.”  They are all very clean.  I can’t say I’ve read every joke in the book, but I never found anything that was even remotely offensive or even concerning.

We need more products of this kind.  Our culture has fallen so far, even very young children today use words, and have knowledge of very explicitg things, that would have shocked a hardened adult from just a few decades ago.  Books like this, minor though they may seem, can help rebuild a moral Catholic culture.  There, now, see, I’ve turned buying this book into a moral imperative.  By 5, 10, 30 give them to all your Kindle using friends!



1. Michael P. Mc Crory. - September 11, 2013

I greatly appreciate your plug for my clean joke book. You got the joke wrong though. It should end:

… stayed up all night trying to figure out if there is a dog.

This Kindler version is an expanded and a much improved one than what you have.

A Norbertine priest told me this one:

Do you know why you never see a blind man skydive?
Because it’s hard on the dog.

But that’s about as rough as they get.
Oh not quite:
A priest currently working in the Vatican sent me this one of a drinker telling his story:

I was in the bar last Saturday night knocking back a few drinks and there were two large women nearby. They both had pretty strong accents so I said : Hey, are you two ladies from Ireland? One of them chirped up: Wales you stupid idiot. So I apologized, I said : I’m very sorry; are you two whales from Ireland?

Over 500 jokes that will last you a lifetime and took that long for me to compile. No printed versions left as of now. Just this Kindle.
Thanks again for thinking of me.

Raul De La Garza III - September 11, 2013

This is wonderful!

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