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Pope Francis is a busy man….. September 10, 2013

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……he certainly knows how to stay in the news.

First, the good.  Pope Francis called an unmarried mother considering abortion, and not only got her not to have the abortion, but Pope Francis will baptise her baby.  I’m sure pro-abort lefitsts (but I repeat myself) will want to know if Pope Francis will be there to change diapers and feed the baby at 3 in the morning, because all pro-aborts know pro-lifers don’t care anything for the mother or baby after birth, after we spike the baby in the end zone:

Pope Francis has again made headlines with an unexpected phone call—this time, to a single mother.

The Italian woman, Anna Romero, had written to the Pope asking for advice when the father of her unborn child said that he would not take responsibility for the baby. Rather than writing back, the Holy Father called her to give her encouragement; he volunteered to baptize the child.

Anna Romero—who described the phone conversation as brief and very emotional—said that if the child is a boy she will name him Francis.

I think we now have the universal solution to abortion.  The Vatican is going to have a terrible phone bill.

As I said, a terrible phone bill:

Pope Francis telephoned an Argentine rape victim on August 25 and spoke with her for 30 minutes about “faith and trust,” according to a report that appeared in The National Catholic Register.

“The Pope told me he receives thousands of letters each day, but that what I wrote moved him and touched his heart,” she said.

“When I heard the Pope’s voice, it was like feeling the hand of God,” she added. “I was petrified.”

“The Pope listened attentively to my story,” she continued. “I’ll do anything now to go to the Vatican. He told me he would meet with me.”

There is no question this Pope is a man with a tremendous personal touch, who really knows how to appeal to the mass culture. These kinds of actions, sincere as I’m sure they are, also build massive PR equity in the minds of millions.

In a rather different vein, Pope Francis also plans to meet with Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez, SJ, the founder of liberation theology.  Could this be the beginning of the “sanctification” of liberation theology, an attempt, like so many attempts since the Council, to take “the good aspects” of something very problematic, even destructive and dangerous, and give it a patina of approval and “holiness?”  Sandro Magister at La Republicca thinks this meeting will be a smackdown on liberation theology, and there is quite a bit of evidence to support that.  Pope Francis, as priest, bishop, and Cardinal Archbishop, stood pretty strongly against liberation theology.  But we know the head of the CDF, Archbishop Gerhard Mueller, loves him some Fr. Gutierrez.  I suppose we’ll just have to see.  After all, Pope Benedict met with Hans Kung on several occasions.  But then again……


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