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St. Bernard on the Most Holy Name of Mary September 12, 2013

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From Dom Prosper Gueranger’s The Liturgical Year, Vol. XIV, and with the text already thankfully typed in by David Werling, the Mellifluous Doctor St. Bernard of Clairvaux on Our Blessed Mother:

“’And the Virgin’s name was Mary’ (Luke I. 21). Let us speak a little about this
name, which signifies star of the sea, and which so well befits the Virgin
Mother. Rightly is she likened to a star: for as a star emits its ray without olc
being dimmed so the Virgin brought forth her Son without receiving any injury;
the ray takes nought from the brightness of the star, nor the Son from His
Mother’s integrity. This the noble star risen out of Jacob, whose ray illumines
the whole world, whose splendour shines in the heavens, penetrates the abyss,
and, traversing the whole earth, gives warmth rather to souls than to bodies,
cherishing virtues, withering vices. Mary, I say, is that bright and
incomparable star, whom we need to see raised above this vast sea, shining by
her merits, and giving us light by her example.

“Oh, whosoever thou art that seest thyself, amid the tides of this world, tossed about by storms and
tempests rather than walking on the land, turn not thine eyes away from the
shining of this star if thou wouldst not be overwhelmed by the hurricane! If 380638207_543e609c62
squalls of temptations arise, or thou fall upon the rocks of tribulation, look
to the star, call upon Mary. If thou art tossed by the waves of pride or
ambition, detraction or envy, look to the star, call upon Mary. If anger or
avarice or the desires of the flesh dash against the ship of thy soul, turn
thine eyes towards Mary. If, troubled by the enormity of thy crimes, ashamed of
thy guilty conscience, terrified by dread of the judgment, thou beginnest to
sink into the gulf of sadness or the abyss of despair, think of Mary. In
dangers, in anguish, in doubt, think of Mary, call upon Mary. Let her be ever on
thy lips, ever in thy heart; and the better to obtain the help of her prayers,
imitate the example of her life. Following her, thou strayest not; invoking her,
thou despairest not; thinking of her, thou wanderest not; upheld by her, thou
fallest not; shielded by her, thou fearest not; guided by her, thou growest not
weary; favoured by her, thou reachest the goal. And thus dost thou experience in
thyself how good is that saying: And the Virgin’s name was Mary………”
Our Lady of the Expectation
……Our Lady: such is the title which befits her in every way, as that of Our Lord
beseems her Son; it is the doctrinal basis of that worship of hyperdulia
which belongs to her alone. She is below her Son, whom she adores as we do; but
above all God’s servants, both angels and men, inasmuch as she is His Mother. At
the name of Jesus every knee is bent; at the name of Mary every head is bowed.
And although the former is the only name whereby we may be saved; yet, as the
Son can never be separated from His Mother, heaven unites their two names in its
hymns of praise, earth in its confidence, hell in its fear and hatred.

——————-End Quote——————

As a former protestant, I will admit to having difficulty accepting all the Church’s Marian Doctrine initially. But, over time, I did, at first  just by an act of the will.  But over time, I have been blessed to have Our Lady really come into my life.  And it has been utterly transformative, as big a transformation (and hand in hand with) my understanding and practice of Traditional Catholicism.  Oh what joy Our Blessed Mother can bring!  How She can help us, and how She LOVES to help us!  What a great Grace to have a close (but needs to be much closer), prayerful relationship with My Mother!  She wants so much to be close to you!  She wants to help you!  She will bring you to Her Son!  And She will watch over all you do!

On this great Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary, give Mom a call!  Send her some roses (She loves those Rosary roses sooo much!)!  Visit her in a church!  Just spend time meditating and talking with Her!

Then, I know, you’ll also find yourself talking to Her Son alot more, too!  She always points to Him!  She told me!

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1. LaGallina - September 13, 2013

Thanks. My parish is Our Lady Star of the Sea. We have a small statue of Mary that was found floating in the bay by a Coast Guard captain after a hurricane more tha a hundred years ago.

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