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Profiles in heresy – Margaret Farley……. September 17, 2013

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…..and our good, good friend, Dr. Rick Gaillardetz.  The Detroit Free Press has another in the media’s seemingly endless attempts to make martyrs out of apostate female religious, this time on Sr. Margaret Farley, whose books have received specific condemnation by the Vatican.  I excerpt some of the article below (thanks to J at SH for bringing this to my attention), with my emphasis and comments:

Sister Margaret Farley — a Catholic nun who graduated, taught and served as a board trustee at the University of Detroit-Mercy [In what was then, at least, one of the most radical, progressive-dominated dioceses in the country)  and is a retired Yale Divinity School professor — is not shutting up about supporting gay marriage and other positions that prompted the Vatican last year to censure the prominent theologian’s book on sexual ethics.

“You just can’t back down and say, I apologize, because it would contradict one’s integrity,” [It would also mean surrendering to pride, and who wants to do that?]  Farley, 78, who became a Sister of Mercy through the order’s local congregation, told about 400 [mostly extremely aged]  people gathered Friday at Mercy Center in Farmington Hills. [I thought these people were all about caring for the “poor among us?”  Why not meet in nearby Detroit, where the ravages of 50+ years of progressive administration have turned the city into a third world zone?]

“That’s the problem in our church. Nobody is allowed to disagree,” Farley said.  [Oh, please.  Sheesh.  Yes, the one key problem, the ONLY real problem the Church is afflicted with, is that poor little persecuted modernists like Farley, former Chair of the Yale Divinity School no less, are simply not allowed to “disagree.”  Yes, they’ve just been persecuted to death, because no matter how hard one looks around the Church, the evil minions of the Holy Office CDF have managed to utterly squelch, crush, eliminate all heresy in the Church.  I mean, you can’t find any!  You can’t find any from your parish priest, from the loopy aging hippy professors at virtually every Katholyc university, from your Katholyc neighbor……the Church is at present such a lockstep parade of constant uniform thinking it is almost enough to drive a progressive mad.  Or, at least, to a tenured professorship and department chair at Yale – and who’s ever heard of Yale?  These progressives, how they suffer for their faith………-iness.]

The book’s censure perpetuates an atmosphere that stifles debate and ignores how changing human experience shapes the views of Catholics, she said. [No, what you want is protestant majority rule in the Church. So long as you believe that your side has the majority.  If not, then you’re in favor of rigid authoritarianism – whatever it takes so that your heresy always prevails.]

The Vatican’s critique said Farley’s positions on several issues, including supporting gay marriage, “are in direct contradiction with Catholic teaching in the field of sexual morality.”  [And they are. But I don’t think Sr. Farley really cares, save insofar as such condemnation increases her notoriety.]

Farley spoke Friday of how she came to her support for gay relations and marriage, which the church considers sinful, through a gay nephew.

“I have a beloved nephew who was all those things — wise, holy. [Not to speak ill of the dead, but the homosexual lifestyle and holiness are terms that don’t often correlate.  What role did that lifestyle play in this man’s apparently untimely demise?] And I’m absolutely certain that he was all those things because he grew up in our family,” [Did you catch that?  She is certain he was wise and holy because he grew up in her family, and the entire world stands, nay, prostrates itself in awe before the near infinite piety and sanctity of the world famous Farley family!]   Farley said.  “Our family could never have condemned him.” 

Recent polls show that a majority of Catholics favor allowing gays and lesbians to marry, despite U.S. bishops’ efforts opposing gay marriage, including bankrolling state ballot initiatives to ban it. Catholic teachings says gay Catholics are welcome, but that gay sexual relations are sinful. [Good Lord….it’s a bit more nuanced than that, but whatever.  The media never advanced beyond the cartoon-watching stage, apparently, because they make everything into a cartoon]

Farley said she is delighted by the new pope, who has a down-to-earth, approachable style. “He seems teachable,” she said, and hoped he will listen to the many Catholic women who call for change. [If he waits ten years, the vast majority of them will not be calling for change, or anythign else.]

“I think that women at this juncture are in some way key, because, for example, we do have the [manufactured]  problem that there are not enough priests,” Farley said. “I think that eventually it will be necessary to ordain married men and women,   married or not. But how that development will finally take place, what the evolution will be, I don’t know.  [Do you see, dear reader, how the enlightenment liberal creates the very problems they mean to address, and that the “solution” to the problems created by liberalism is always more liberalism?  Liberalism created the priest shortage by driving/persecuting good, holy, orthodox men from the priesthood.  It drove priest numbers down by encouraging priests to be dissatisfied by the discipline of celibacy. It filled the seminaries with homosexuals not possessing a true spirit of the Faith, who thus produced more malformed priests (in small numbers) and drove thousands of others, with perhaps true vocations, away.  She is also a rationalist/materialist, not mentioning the impossibility of ordaining women, nor the great negative impacts having married priests would have on the priest’s care of his flock.  Everything is ideological, and de-coupled from reality.]

[Local hero…]  Richard Gaillardetz, a Boston College theology professor [Wow, he keeps moving on up.  From Sacred Heart in Houston, where he “taught” many current Dallas priests, to U of Toronto, and now Boston College, where the Americanist heresy crushed it’s first foe]  and president of the Catholic Theological Society of America, [an enormously progressive group, responsible for huge amounts of heresy and scandal.  This society should be supressed.]  said Friday that the Vatican’s action against Farley was “the latest example of a pattern of increased scrutiny of theologians and intolerance for theologians who are raising difficult theological questions.”  [No. They are not “difficult questions.” They are not questions at all. They are heresies, already refuted heresies, some of which were crushed 1500 years ago or more. Homosexual acts do not pose some trying moral dilemna for the Church.  Nor does the idiocy of attempting to ordain women.  Dr. G even questions the Resurrection, so I’m not sure why he bothers at all, save for the very great earthly rewards his heresies are apparently garnering him.]

“Obviously, the theologians who will be most affected are those theologians whose work leads them to press some of the boundaries of our received tradition by exploring controversial issues in moral theology and the theology of the church,” Gaillardetz said.  [Special-pleading nonsense.  “Boundaries of received tradition…….” Please.  “Oh, look at us, we’re transgressive, we’re bold, we’re rehashing 1600 year old heresies and calling them new, oohhh, look at us, the new gnostics, only we the experten have the keys to salvation with our secret magical thinking!”  I mean, really, these guys are just to be laughed at.  All their “radical new questions” are so boring and predictable any half-informed Catholic can name them all in advance…….contraception blah blah blah abortion blah blah fake female ordination blah blah empowering women blah blah blah vital immanence blah blah homosexual marriage blah]