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Defining terms: modernism September 18, 2013

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Many Catholics may have heard the term “modernism,” and I think readers of this blog will have seen it enough times as to induce dyspepsia, but many don’t have a strong understanding of what the term means.  It’s a term that’s been around for quite a long time – well over a century – but like the heresy it is named after, modernism tends to be fuzzy and nebulous and difficult to define.  Hopefully, with some help from Michael Davies, this post will help clarify this very widespread system of error.

Modernism as a term dates back at least to the late 19th century, and the term received precise definition from Pope St. Pius X in his encyclical condemning modernism, Pascendi Dominici Gregis.  Pope St. Pius X defined modernism not as one theological error, but an entire system of errors, built around erroneous and destructive modern philosophy derived from such minds as Immanuel Kant, Hegel, John Locke, Charles Darwin, and many others. It was a philosophical and theological system that attempted to combine irreconciliable belief systems, one political-social, and the other-scientific religious, with Catholicism.  To put it more plainly, modernism attempted to reconcile Catholicism with both liberalism and belief in “scientific” evolution. As happens in all such cases, the errors of liberalism and acceptance of Darwinian evolution crushed belief in orthodox Catholicism, so that the katholycism that emerged was severely distorted, even deranged.Descent_of_the_Modernists,_E__J__Pace,_Christian_Cartoons,_1922

Modernism is so dangerous because it is so all-encompassing.  There is an old cartoon called “The Descent of the Modernists” shown at right.  That cartoon pretty well encompasses how acceptance of modernist beliefs tends to progress in the minds of its adherents. Modernism has a strong capacity to utterly destroy any belief in the supernatural, to reduce God to some humanist, pantheist deity (pantheists believe that God does not exist separately from men, but is comprised of something like “The Force” from Star Wars, God is some kind of energy field or being associated with all living things, especially believers.  In a sense, modernists believe we “create” god with our belief), and to severely undermine such core Christian concepts as the Incarnation, Virgin Birth, miracles, the Real Presence, even the Resurrection.  I’m sure many readers have stumbled across modernist Katholycs who have told them that all the old pieties like the Rosary or Adoration are wrong – well, that is because that wayward person, under the influence of modernism, no longer believes like a Catholic, at all.

Whereas previous heresies tended to attack one or a few Dogmas, modernism attacks the entire edifice of Christianity in one fell swoop, leading to apostasy, even atheism, in any practical definition of the term.  But modernism does not just attack Christianity (although its results are most devastating there, because Catholic Christianity forms such a cohesive theological-philosophical whole), it attacks any religion postulating belief in a transcendent God.  This aspect of modernism is why Pope St. Pius X called modernism “the synthesis of all heresies,” because it is such a totality of disbelief and rejection that it encompasses all the previous heresies, while adding still more error to its destructive mix.

I believe it was the great St. Augustine who said that of all the sins, sins of intellectual pride are the most difficult to overcome.  Modernism has always appealed most to the intellectual elite, who, like new gnostics, develop a highly arcane belief system that only the “enlightened” can accept and believe. Those without the special knowledge of the gnostic/modernists are Philistines, cast out from elite academic/intellectual circles and constantly derided in modernist circles. A “pack mentality” develops (described brilliantly by Pope St. Pius X in Pascendi), which has been particularly effective in enforcing lock-step acceptance of modernism, especially among academia and those with intellectual ambitions.  This explains why modernism has been so incredibly effective at penetrating the Catholic university and turning almost whole religious orders – especially religious orders with an inordinate focus on intellectual pursuits, like the Jesuits – over to this synthesis of all errors.

Modernism tends to start very subtly.  It starts with a revered teacher making snide remarks about “errors” in the Bible to his class.  Or with a priest darkly hinting at the Blessed Mother’s “unchastity” prior to the Virgin Birth. Soon, attacks on “fairy tales” like the Creation history of Genesis 1-3 moves onto attacking the reliability of the Gospels themselves.  Soon, the teacher, assuring the class that only silly old women still believe the Catholic fairy tales, and sometimes viciously mocking those who attempt to defend the Faith, is openly questioning the Divinity of Christ and almost any Dogma you care to name.  Slowly, by degrees, the students are either won over wholeheartedly to modernism, or they are at least left bewildered skeptics, unsure of what to believe, and easy prey for “concerned” protestant friends.  This paragraph probably roughly sketches the experience of millions of souls over the past several decades, especially those innocents entrusted by their parents to Catholic schools, which, being a lower arm of academia, are absolutely infested with modernism.

But even those of us who have never attended Catholic schools, existing as we do in an intellectual milieu almost totally gone over to modernism, and with the former bastions of the Church deliberatey razed to allow the forces of modernism to run amok in the Church, rarely escape being affected with its errors.  It is difficult to explain just how much the thinking of the average – or even the far above average – Catholic has been modified and degraded by the pernicious influence of modernism.  Even the very best Catholics often have some modernist baggage they are unaware of, the fruit of swimming in error infested waters their entire life. I strongly advise reading Pascendi, and then slowly and prayerfully examining one’s own life for the presence of modernist beliefs.

I know I haven’t, perhaps, given a complete definition, but I am out of town for today. I will, God willing, expand on this definition in the coming weeks, with the help of Michael Davies book Partisans of Error: St. Pius X Against the Modernists.

Today’s Church in a nutshell September 18, 2013

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I was going to do a snarky post on the radiantly joyful hearts of pro-aborts, and especially the murderers themselves, the self-styled “abortion doctors.”  Every abortionist I’ve met has either been a rage filled alcoholic, or a sinisterly brooding “quiet” type. In either case, virtue has never been apparent.  But then I watched the below video at CMR to the end, and was shocked to learn that this patient-abusing abortionist claims to be a former Catholic (see @0:50-0:53):

Now, some protestants do use the term “the church” to describe their sects, but if not, wow does abortionist Randall Whitney encapsulate all that’s gone so horribly wrong over the past several decades.  Since most pro-lifers are Catholic, it’s likely he thinks he’s speaking to a Catholic, and his reference to “the church” is likely to……..the Church.

In more from the pro-aborts as the party of enlightened reason, clear thinking, and great humanitarianism file, possibly pro-abort students at Colorado State University claim that what is needed is vastly more abortion, to deal with the dreaded boogeyman of human overpopulation:

Actually, I think the tall guy was goofing on the pro-lifers. I don’t know that he was very sincere.  Maybe he was, but he seemed to playing the smart sass……….y type. But I know such ever-so deep arguments are frequently presented as justification for mass infanticide, so who knows?

It’s videos like this, that make me laugh and cringe when I hear all that cultural sanctification of the “youth” and being young.  Being young ain’t so great, your body works well, but your mind, maybe, not so much.

Don’t Forget! – Fall Ember Days start today! September 18, 2013

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I was about to put a huge brisket into my mouth this morning, then I suddenly smacked my head and yelled “Mama mia, it’s an Ember Day!”

I had a brief post on Ember Days some years ago, for those who don’t know what they are or why they were part of the sacred, natural life of the Church for many, many centuries.  But like so many things-  like the blessing of the fields during Rogation Days – Ember Days have been almost totally forgotten in our uber-modern, uber-worldly Church.

But, in brief, Ember Days are days of partial fast and abstinence (total abstinence on Friday, of course) that are offered up as a way of sanctifying the different seasons.  That’s why Ember Days occur 4 times a year, roughly at the change of the seasons.  They can be great fun if you think about them ahead of time and make some effort to make them special, by offering family prayers together, insuring you assist at Mass on the Ember Days, cooking special non-meat dishes that your partial fasting makes you appreciate all the more.  I think sometimes we feel we have to be very dour and serious on days of mortification, but we should be joyful!  We can even have a great deal of fun while offering things up.  It all depends on our attitude. We must remember that the Lord loves a joyful giver, not one who gives (in this case, self-denial) with a frumpy heart.

I should have made this announcement yesterday, to remind in time, but yesterday was the worst day I’ve had in years.

More horrific women religious – horror “mass” in Spain September 18, 2013

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Oh, this breaks my heart to see. Did you know, dear reader, that Spain was once the most thoroughly Catholic country in the world, topping even Italy for fervor, doctrinal wholesomeness, true charity, willingness to sacrifice, and just about every practice of virtue you can imagine?  Did you know that even after that began to breakdown a bit, after the Spanish people were crushed by the radical endarkenment forces of Napoleon, Spain remained incredibly Catholic?  Did you know how the country tragically and gradually split in two, with a small, angry, radical leftist faction, and a much larger traditional Catholic faction?  Did you know about the terrible civil war that then struck Spain, forced on it by the forces of “liberty” (because “liberty” always comes from the barrel of a gun), and how Spain was preserved from the fate of communist atheism by Francisco Franco?  And then how Spain remained a beacon of Catholicism well past the Council, until the country succumbed to the greed and hedonism of liberal libertinism after Franco’s death?  And did you know that the post-conciliar Church played a huge role in bringing about the rejection of traditional Spanish life and practice of the Faith, and undermined the Francoist regime (which, I am well aware, was quite problematic, but not so problematic, perhaps, as what has followed), setting the stage for the explosion of secularism that followed his death?  And how the Church in Spain, less than 40 years after Franco died, is now as moribund as any formerly Catholic country in the world?

For evidence of that, Spain, which was a few decades ago still brimming with religious, is now experiencing a collapse in religious life that is unprecedented, even in comparison to countries like the US and France, where the collapse has been precipitous indeed.  And even among those few religious that remain, most are almost totally secularized, as witnessed by this recent report on a total horror show “mass” participated in (attempted to be offered by?) some “carmelites” in Spain:


Let’s see:

  • priest not in proper vestments?  Check!
  • Improper altar cloths used?  Check!
  • Invalid/improper “sacred vessels” used?  Check!
  • Women “concelebrants?”  Check!
  • “Mass” facing people? Check!
  • No tabernacle? Check!
  • Fake Credo used? Check!

In fact, the fake “credo” started “We believe in God the Father-Mother of life, compassion, and mercy.”  Later “We create the community/church.”  It’s all about “diversity” and community, code speak for women fakey fake fake ordination.

There is a substantial split in many branches of Carmelites, with large numbers of southern European and Latin American orders having just gone totally over to secularism, with hardly even a distant relation to their founding charism, where as many North American and northern European Carmels are still adhering to traditional Carmelite spirituality.  But it is amazing to see how far, and how fast, Spain has collapsed.  It is a nightmare.

And is that woman wearing horns?