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Hugh Owen to give talk on Creation, Evolution, and the Cultures of Life and Death….. September 20, 2013

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…..at Mater Dei Latin Mass Church in Irving this coming Tuesday, September 24, at 7pm.  A shorter talk on the same subject will be offered after the 12:10 Mass on Tuesday.  Snacks and child care will be provided at both talks, but please RSVP if you plan to attend, so the parish can provide adequate seating, snacks, and child care attendants.  You can RSVP by calling the parish at 972-438-7600.

Mr. Owen is the convert son of Sir David Owen, a former secretary general of International Planned Parenthood Federation. Mr. Owen directs the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation which provides a forum for Catholic theologians, philosophers, and natural scientists all over the world who are dedicated to making sure that the evidence for and against the theory of evolution is made available to Church leaders and to the lay faithful.  Mr. Owen and his colleagues have participated in conferences on creation and evolution at major academic centers in Europe, including a conference at Gustav Siewerth Akademie in Germany which received the explicit blessing and encouragement of Pope Benedict XVI.  Mr. Owen’s presentation will deepen your faith in the wisdom and goodness of God and in the perfect harmony between natural science and divine revelation.

I can say it will do much more than that. I have only read a little bit of Kolbe Center material, and I have been meaning for some time to focus more time and energy on the subject of Creation viz and viz the theory of evolution.  If you are like me, growing up, you were pretty thoroughly inculcated to accept evolution as the only “reasonable” explanation for the origin of mankind, and to view the Christian story of Creation as a nice myth, now thoroughly debunked by science.  The truth is really very different. I think, at the least, one may well find at this talk great evidence that the “conclusive evidence” supporting the theory of evolution has been greatly overblown, and that there are – at a minimum – enormous questions on the efficacy of this theory.  You may well come away with a very different view of evolution, and greater appreciation for the story of our creation as told in Sacred Scripture.

Suffice it to say, acceptance of the Genesis story of Creation has tremendous impact on critical aspects of the Faith, such as Adam and Eve being real people who committed real, actual sin, thus necessitating Christ’s Incarnation, death, and Resurrection.  I don’t know the content of Mr. Owen’s talk, but I can say that acceptance of evolution over Biblical Creation has helped precipitate the collapse of faith and morals in Western culture. There are many good reasons to doubt evolutionary theory, and even better ones to accept the true history of the biblical Creation narrative.

I have missed Mr. Owen’s talks before, but would really like to attend this one.  God willing, I will see you there!

As a side note, Faithful Answers has some very good entries on creationism and evolution.  I highly recommend it as another very helpful resource.


1. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - September 20, 2013

Boy, I’d love to attend but for the farm chores that must be completed at that hour.

2. Herman Cummings - September 21, 2013

I offered to have the truth of Genesis shown, but Mr. Owen refused, wanting rather to continue teaching false doctrine.

Herman Cummings

tantamergo - September 22, 2013

Well, do more than just leave an e-mail and a vague, accusatory comment! From what I know, Mr. Owen simply presents Genesis as it was understood by the Church for centuries.

Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - September 23, 2013

Right. At least Yzma’s idea, though outlandish, was less ambiguous, more interesting and extremely entertaining.

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