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Those rotten triumphalist judgmental traddy types…… September 23, 2013

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I saw a beautiful thing this weekend.  I saw an adult woman be baptized, receive her first sacramental Confession, be confirmed, and then the next day receive Our Blessed Lord for the first time in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Actually, I missed the confirmation portion as we had to leave, but I was there in spirit.  What a great grace to be a part of all this!  And I lamented that my own confirmation in the Church and first valid reception of the Blessed Sacrament was not something I cherished more at the time!  Youth may be vigorous, but it is not wise.

The women who experienced these great Mysteries of our Faith came to our local parish perhaps 2 months ago.  She was very lost.  She had tried all the world had to offer, all the culture told her would make her happy, powerful, fulfilled, etc., and it just left her broken and miserable as these lies invariably do. She had been trying various churches and denominations and none had clicked.  In fact, she had been, in some ways, “rejected” by some churches because of her checkered past.  She had been made to feel unwelcome at some of these places, because of her history.

From what we are told by even our “friendly” Catholic media, a Traditional Latin Mass parish is the absolute last place she could have expected to find acceptance and forgiveness.  But she did. On even her first visit, when she was so visibly lost, a number of souls approached her and reached out to her, making her feel welcome.  The woman was unsure……she had led a life that was, from the standpoint of sin and morality, very problematic.  She had been rejected by churchy types before.  Would these ultra-orthodox types not just judge her to death, and actually accept her?

Well, one of the first things this young woman found out was that all of us are sinners, and some of us have been very, very bad sinners. In fact, some of us most attracted to the TLM are so attracted because it speaks of the sin we know so well, and the great mercy of God we so desperately need.  I believe the young lady found that there were a number of us willing to share some of our history in order to assure her that being pristine is not a requirement for membership.  And from that time, from that assurance, it has been a joy to see this young woman just devour the Faith and Tradition and throw herself into her preparations to be formally received into the Church with great fire and zeal for her personal conversion/sanctification.  It’s a glorious thing, something so significant, words really do fail.

So, in spite of certain very well known Catholics attempting to draw false dichotomies which say that very orthodox, traditional, doctrinally clear Catholics are too theoretical, too “Pelagian,” too triumphalist, too uncharitable, my experience has really been quite the opposite. I’m certain that there are souls in every parish – super liberal, moderate, ultra-traddy, whatever – that are hard-hearted, dogmatic, and uncharitable.  But my experience has been that the characterization of those who love the Truth enough to want it conveyed clearly and effectively for their own sake and the sake of the salvation of all other souls as self-righteous cold-hearted misanthropes is very, very much off the mark. I’ll also say that I have received warmer welcomes, more friendly exchanges, and in general just better hospitality at all the very conservative to traditional parishes I’ve ever assisted at, from Greenville to Corpus Christi to Lakewood to Edmond to wherever, than I have anywhere else.

And in reality, it is the orthodox presentation of the Faith, it is the beautiful, reverent Liturgy (yes, according to the rubrics, ALL of them!), it is very strong catechesis given with great clarity (and charity) that is the way to be truly charitable and Catholic.  Leaving souls mired in sin with the same tired, failed “new!” spoon fed modernist-indifferentist pablum is actually profoundly uncharitable if they are never motivated to repent and convert.  “Loving” them is not telling them they are in wonderful shape in their present mode of life.  While the world loves to be told how wonderful, wise, and “holy” it is, we are not give the Grace we receive to please the world.  We are given it to save our own souls first, and of all those around us that we possibly can. And there is nothing that needs “updating” regarding all that.


1. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - September 23, 2013

This has been largely my positive experience as well.

2. TG - September 23, 2013

Beautiful story. You are blessed to be able to attend a TLM. I just told my sister yesterday how I wish I could go to a Latin mass every Sunday.

3. Catholic4Life - September 23, 2013

Reblogged this on Catholic4Life and commented:
Wow! What an awesome testimony. Good for her, to attend a Traditional Mass in the first place. I had a hard time going to a Novus Ordo Mass in the beginning.

4. Catechist Kev - September 24, 2013

Great story, Tantam. 🙂

Appreciate it.


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