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A brief excerpt on opposition to Latin in the Liturgy September 26, 2013

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Opposition to the use of Latin as the primary language of the Roman Rite has been around for a very long, long time.  As Fr. Nicholas Gihr notes in his seminal The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Dogmatically, Liturgically, and Ascetically Explained, opposition to Latin has almost invariably been associated with heresy or other philosophies hostile to the Church:

“The very ancient practice of the Church of celebrating Mass in the West, not in the living language of the country, but in a dead language, that is, in Latin, for the most part a language unintelligible to the people, has since the twelfth century [Wow! That goes back a ways. But it is true.]  to the present epoch been frequently made the subject of attack. Such attacks originated principally in an heretical, schismatical, proudly national spirit hostile to the Church, or in a superficial and false enlightenment, in a shallow and aird rationalism entirely destitute of the perception and understanding of the essence and object of the Catholic Liturgy, especially of the profoundly mystical Sacrifice. In an attempt to suppress the Latin language of the Liturgy and to replace it by the vernacular, there was a more or less premeditated scheme to undermine Catholic unity, to loosen the bond of union with Rome, to weaken the Catholic spirit, to destroy the humility and simplicity of faith. Therefore, the Apostolic See at all times most persistently and inflexibly resisted such innovations; for it is an invariable principle of the Church never to alter the ancient liturgical language, but inviolably to adhere to it, even though it be no longer the living language spoken or understood by the people.”

A note further clarifies:

Opponents of the Latin language of worship were, as a rule, heretics, schismatics, and rationalistic Catholics; for example, the Albigensians, the so-called reformers, the Jansenists, the Gallicans, the Josephites, etc.”

Fr. Gihr wrote the first edition of his magnum opus in the 1870s.  He updated it in the 1890s.  He did not, then, live to see the resurgence of attacks on Latin which began in the 1920s and accelerated rapidly as the “liturgical movement” gathered steam as the previous century wore on. Perhaps mercifully, he did not live to witness the Apostolic See itself, in the form of Pope Paul VI, deliberately undermine the use of Latin in the Roman Rite and call for its near total substitution by the vernacular – indeed, Paul VI set a very firm example by offering the very first vernacular Mass in St. Peter’s in 1965. At that Mass, attended by many of the council fathers, Pope Paul VI called for liberality with the use of the vernacular, a liberatlity which seemed to exceed the guidance laid down in the already approved Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium.  That is why it is very difficult for those with an affinity for Latin to point back to the Council and cry foul at the lack of Latin in the vast preponderance of Masses offered today.  The very Pope charged with implementing that Council set an early precedent of heavy use of the vernacular in the Mass.

So, more and more I come to agree with Fr. Anthony Cekada, sede vacantist though he may be, regarding the famous phrase regarding the relative use of Latin and vernacular in Sacrosanctum Concilum (SC) 19.  As Fr. Cekada argued, and many prelates have since confirmed, if not directly, SC and most of the other conciliar documents were deliberately written in a very vague, indecisive manner, which would permit endless argument as to just what the documents were saying. This vagueness is a veritable definition of how modernism works in practice: novelty or even error is mixed with just enough orthodoxy to seem plausible. But that novelty tends to crush the orthodoxy and completely predominate, at least in the practical experience of the past 50 years.

I find this statement by Fr. Gihr, one of the great experts in the Church’s history on matters liturgical, very similar to the warnings of the anti-liturgical heresy that Dom Prosper Gueranger penned in the 1850s. Both great liturgists found through their studies that profound dislike for Latin, and a desire to rid the Church of its liturgical language, went hand in hand with much wider heresies. It is a tragedy of unspeakable proportions their warnings were not heeded in the latter half of the 20th century, or today.


Voris on the “new tone” September 26, 2013

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Which is pretty much like the old tone, only now the very top of the Church is matching the near total silence of the vast majority of priests and prelates on subjects like contraception, fornication, pornography, ludicrous immodesty, abortion, sexual depravity, and the like.

As Michael Voris notes below, we have the assurance of Our Lady at Fatima, and that of a huge number of Doctors and Saints, that sins of impurity damn more souls than any other.  Dramatically lessening the Church’s focus on these mass sins will not make them go away.  In fact, it will only make them worse.  At some point, the Church will have to deal with these sins again, and the more that day is put off, the more difficult it will be to re-explain to souls why what they have been doing their whole lives has been so very very wrong, and dangerous to the state of their soul.

All that the “new tone” does, is allow those many priests and prelates who found their personal convictions at odds with what the Pope was saying to now have a slightly less guilt-ridden conscience.  And even this relief of conscience is, as it always has been, founded upon error, as the Pope has clearly condemned things like abortion, and the Doctrine of the Faith will remain unchanged, as it must.  In truth, much of what those reveling in the “new tone” are doing is just clinging to the distortions the media has made to the Pope’s own words – words which I wish were quite a bit different, perhaps, but which did nothing to affect Doctrine in the slightest way. But Paul VI also wanted a “new tone,” and the forces that tone unleashed shook the Church to her very core.

So, it’s a bit of a mixed bad – there is something to this “new tone..”…..there does seem to be one.  And that new tone will be seized on by the Church’s enemies, inside and out, who have desired for many decades now to reduce the Church to just another worldly institution, perhaps to ameliorate their own very sick consciences.

As I have said from the beginning, whatever the intent of these words, it is clear they will be used – and already have been by many immoral, Church-hating people and institutions – to try to shut up pro-lifers, those warning of the evils of contraception, and all those fighting all the other immoralities raging in this seething cauldron of wanton lust and unchecked desire we now call our “society.”  I have already read reports that faithful priests are being made to suffer at the hands of progressive colleagues or superiors for their adherence to orthodoxy, based on the popular understanding of the now infamous interview.  An understanding which may not be altogether fair (because there was a lot of very good guidance in the interview, but I have to caveat the caveat by saying, the controversial statements were NOT taken out of context and pretty much stand on their own), but which should have been easily foreseeable, if the Pope and Jesuits had not taken many deliberate steps to hide the interview from the normal Vatican review mechanisms.  This was an interview the Pope went out of his way to have represent his views, unadulterated and without review from the Curia.  He reviewed the Italian version himself and gave his approval of it.  These were not, then, accidental, or even off the cuff statements.  They were his most considered opinion, with a full review of what he said.

There is a new tone.  It is not a creation of the media, although they will certainly amplify it, twist it, and take advantage of it at every turn.

Given this reality, how will you deal with it?


Sometimes, I destroy books…….. September 26, 2013

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…..it’s a very bad habit.  Perhaps habit is too strong a word…….but it’s been known to happen.  Sometimes, when I am perusing the usually very sparse, very sad little “Catholicism” section at my local used bookstore, I’ll happen across some book by Kung, or Rahner, or McBrien, and before I know it, it’s happened.  I’ve torn a book in half.  Actually, I’ve only done it a handful of times.  More frequently, I’ll hide the bad books somewhere.  I’ll put them in a totally unrelated section, or up on top of the shelf where it’s all dusty.  I’ve left a few dollars to make up for the difference, but what I’d really like to do is just buy all the bad books, then ceremoniously dump them in the trash.  My wife thinks this is a bad idea, but I really disagree.  If one bad book can destroy a monastery, what damage can a shelf-full of post-conciliar new age self-serving “I’m OK You’re OK” dreck do to a Diocese?  Or a parish?

I felt compelled to “confess” the above after reading this story of one man’s destruction of one of Rahner’s works at Eponymous Flower.  While book-burning is generally seen as something only done by jack-booted Nazis, if souls are at stake, I really don’t think extremism in defense of virtue is a vice:

Some time ago, my father had an old book Theology by Karl Rahner. A nun had given it to him.  [Go figure!  Jesuits almost singlehandedly destroyed the 1800-odd year history of nuns in the Church. It will take a century or more to get the practice of women’s religious life back to where it was before the council.  Thanks, modernists!]  When I heard that he was giving away for lack of space some books in his library, I immediately tried to convince him to throw his first Rahner book. But he was indecisive. He had never actually read the book, but heard good reports of it. So I told him what Cardinal Siri had said to Rahner. In the end I got permission to throw away the Rahner book. It was an indescribable pleasure for me to carry this book to the trash container. To prevent anyone from fishing out the book again, and maybe selling it off to a flea market, I previously removed the book cover and tore some pages out.  [I recommend being a lot more viciously thorough than that, but, hey, that’s me]

To find the way out of the church crisis, there needs to be [a great cleansing of heresy from the Church]. The ‘anthropological turn’ has come to an end. Today you can hardly speak of Rahner, but the the impending abyss is omnipresent. The books of the German theologian whose theology is called transcendental theology are completely wrong. Just throw them away, the sooner the better. They are in the abyss, they are falling into it, and thus are plugging the hole. For extreme evil it takes extreme remedy.

And I think that last bit’s a great point.  If you have books by authors you perhaps once thought were good, but now know are bad…….throw them out.  Don’t donate them or give them away, they might cause damage to another person’s soul.  Just get rid of them.  Here is a list of authors to avoid like the plague:

  • Rahner
  • Kung
  • Congar
  • Maritain [I know he has a lot of good, but he also had two crazy periods, and most people will not which is which]
  • de Chardin
  • Rohr
  • Thomas Keating
  • von Balthasar
  • George Tyrell
  • Gaillardetz
  • McFarland
  • Rupp
  • Chittister
  • Drinan
  • Mahoney
  • Bernadin
  • Almost any book on theology or Scripture study since at least 1950, and I’d really try to stay away from anything post 1900 totally unless it comes from a source of impeccable orthodoxy, like Fr. Joseph Clifford Fenton or Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange.
  • Suenens
  • Danielou
  • McBrien
  • Gary Wills
  • ALL Jesuits since 1940 unless you personally know them to be orthodox (like Hardon, Martin, and some others)
  • Anything produced by LCWR, in connection with them, or any “nun” that wears a pantsuit/grandma blouse, etc.

Ah, that’s enough for now.  Add more names if you think this is worth the effort.  For an assurance of orthodoxy, you can usually trust TAN books.  Also, Loreto Press, Our Lady of Victory Press, St. Bonaventure Press, and a few others. Ignatius is hit or miss, they frequently butcher classic texts to remove ideas that are not conducive to the “new ecclesiology.”

Hey, we could turn this into a New Index!  Woot!  Bring me your heretical books to burn!

Buenos Aires students ransack church, burn, urinate on altar….. September 26, 2013

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…….and leave anti-Catholic messages. I pray they are punished to the full extent of the law.  It is from this cultural milieu that our Holy Father comes.  According to Rorate, the church they desecrated is the most venerable in the capital of Argentina:

Yesterday, five students of the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires (the oldest high school in the city, originally founded as a Jesuit school, but that become a public school following the expulsion of the Jesuits in the 18th century) entered the nearby parish church of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the oldest standing religious building in the Argentine Capital. According to Clarín, they “burned the armchair on which the priest sits during mass, one of the 18th-century carved wood altars, they urinated on the altar, and they wrote insulting sentences with white paint on the floor and on the pews.”
In the image above, the most revealing words: “The only church that enlightens is the one that BURNS.”
There is a horrific division in Argentine society, one that is mirrored throughout Latin America and, indeed, one that mirrors that terrible 225206events that shook Spain in the first half of the 20th century.  There are numerous radical elements, influenced by diabolical leftism, that seek to destroy the established Christian order (or what remains of it) and, especially, to attack, revile, mock, and otherwise destroy the (waning) influence of the Church.  There are still many faithful souls, as we saw in that sick demonstration in favor of abortion on demand that tried to ransack the Cathedral in Buenos Aires late last year, who strive to protect the Church, but more and more are going over to the side of the forces of darkness.
It is quite valid to point out, given these circumstances, just what the Church “opened” itself up to when She chose to “dialogue” with the world at, and after, Vatican II.  For many centuries, the Church understood,  and I think quite rightly, that the world is full of evil, that the world is frequently, if not implacably, hostile to the Church and the Truth Christ has revealed through it, and that the Church should be insulated by DYN18.JPGintellectual ramparts from the numerous errors the world frequently embraces.  Just as the world was about to really go off the rails and fall headlong into anti-Catholic collapse, many in the Church decided that was just the time to suddenly decide the world had a great deal of “wisdom” to offer, and to open the Church up to that great “wisdom.”  So the ramparts, the bastions were torn down, and the result has not been the sanctification of the world, but the secularization of the Church.  That is the crisis in a nutshell.
Many Saints and great Doctors knew that those ramparts were exceedingly necessary to protect the vital, but fragile, treasure of Truth only the Church retains.  For many centuries, especially after the protestant revolt and the inevitable collapse in Christendom that brought about, popes, theologians, bishops, priests, and many laity fought to build up, strengthen, and man the walls of those bastions.   But the toil of centuries was deliberately blown up with the dynamite of revolutionary ideas that had seeped into a seemingly healthy Church over the DYN17.JPGcourse of the 20th century, and those ramparts were lost forever in a veritable instant.  New ones will have to be built, on the still stable foundations of the old.
And that, is the main reason I still blog today, four years on.  But I fear the work of destruction is not yet complete, and that the Church must endure more and worse catastrophes before She remembers those vital principles that made Her strong for so many centuries.  That is also why I blog.  To help more and more Catholics remember.

Over 3% of all deaths in Holland due to euthanasia? September 26, 2013

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Some of which is even “forced euthanasia,” previously known as murder?  They have mobile death squads to off recalcitrant, sick elderly people who refuse to die?  I know this is the Daily Mail, but the data seems legit, and is straight from the Dutch government.  Yikes:

One in 30 deaths in Holland are now from  euthanasia, it has been revealed.

It comes after the Dutch government allowed  mobile death squads to kill sick and elderly people in their own  homes.

Official figures released yesterday, showed  that euthanasia deaths soared by 13 per cent in 2012 compared to the previous  year.

There were 4,188 deaths by euthanasia last  year – accounting for three per cent of all deaths –  compared to 3,695  deaths by euthanasia in 2011.

It marks the sixth consecutive year that  deaths by euthanasia have increased in the Netherlands.

The government has said that the reasons for  the increase in euthanasia deaths cannot be determined with certainty.

Leading theories include a growing awareness  and acceptance of the practice among both Dutch doctors and patients.

In March last year, however, Holland launched  the world’s first mobile death squads to be dispatched in cases when family  doctors refused to administer lethal drugs on ‘ethical’ grounds.

The six units, comprising of at least a  doctors and a nurse, were expected to send the number of euthanasia cases in  Holland rocketing, with pro-euthanasia campaigners saying they would end the  lives of an additional 1,000 ‘borderline’ patients a year.

“Borderline.”  I have read enough horror stories from families who had elderly – or even not so much – family members hospitalized here in the US, where keeping the staff from killing them was a constant struggle, to know that there is a sickness rising in the medical community, based on utilitarianism of the worst kind.  This utilitarianism – the fruit of a culture utterly cut off from God and His loving guidance – is also coupled with a great sense of power over life and death, the ability to decided people’s fate, which exhibits itself in very dark, sinister ways.

Huxley was absolutely right.  But its far more than just the elderly who are being killed:

In 2005 the Groningen  Protocol protected doctors from being prosecuted for the euthanasia of infants  as long as they followed approved guidelines.  [Oh, yes, and the medical profession has never come up with barbaric, inhuman guidelines before!  Remember Dr. Samuel Cartwright’s guidance about how to treat “drapetomania” in slaves – whip them half to death!  But that was an “approved guideline” for years!]

Euthanasia is carried out by administering a  strong sedative to put the patient in a coma, followed by a drug to stop  breathing and cause death.

The Dutch government has insisted that ‘the  greatest care’ is taken to offer euthanasia only to patients ‘who are suffering  unbearably with no prospect of improvement’.

Well, that’s just the thing, isn’t it?  Sometimes, people do improve.  Sometimes, they improve miraculously, and sometimes, it’s not such a surprise.  Matt Archbold recently had a story about how he and his family had to fight tooth and nail, and eventually put on a 24 hour watch on their father, to keep a determined hospital nurse from killing him after a moderately severe fall.  They had him so doped up on morphine he was unconscious for days, and they called it “a coma.”  The nurse finally came to them and said “you better gather the family, he won’t last the night,’ and they looked at his vitals – nothing had changed.  He hadn’t gotten worse. What the nurse was saying, was that she was going to kill him that night.  Once they got the murderous doctors and nurses away from him, Archbold’s father recovered quite well and went on to live for a number of years.  There are thousands upon thousands of such stories.

I personally had an aunt that had a live-in hospice care nurse.  My aunt lived with her for some time, and then started going down-down-down.  She hardly ate or drank, which are symptons of opioid abuse (I dropped 60 pounds in 12 months in my first run with Vicodin).  The nurse was doping my aunt up more and more, until, almost perfectly timed with the exhaustion of my aunt’s remaining funds, the nurse finally gave her – we suspect- a fatal overdose.

It’s already very, very common, and will become increasingly so as our culture loses its final bits of its Christian heritage.  So, we must all be very vigilant for our loved ones in the “care” of the medical system. We can be assured, now that the federal government is deeply involved in people’s health care, it’s going to get far, far worse.