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Pope Francis’ disconcerting choice of words – weekend reading September 27, 2013

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I just read a truly depressing, at yet at the same time, must read piece on the most infamous interview of a pope in the last several decades.  It is interesting to see the concern and anxiety spread beyond usual traddy or traddy-leaning circles.  A lot of folks are worried, confused, and anxious. I know I am.  Sensible Bond, whom I haven’t read much before, has a great post on the choice of words Pope Francis used in that interview.  To me, the Pope’s words tend towards the language of revolution.  But, as “Bond” notes, in a delicious phrase, we are in the period of the Phony War.  We don’t know a whole lot yet, as there has been little concrete action taken (but look for that to change very soon, within the next month).  But, at the same time, I think many, many faithful souls have the sense that something is building, building…….there is rhetoric aplenty, and much of it (most of it?) points in a direction that leaves souls – especially souls that suffered through the first explosion of revolution in the 60s and 70s, or who have studied that period extensively……extremely disquieted.

So, go read Bond, and have a good weekend. Or a bad one. Whatever you choose. It’s supposed to rain here in Dallas, and I pray it does.  No soccer!  Yay!  And our parched soil could use another 15 or 20 inches.

I thought about posting a question along the lines of……..what will you do if or when Pope Francis crosses “that line?”  Whatever that line is, for you.  Some might say it is useless to worry, but I’m not sure it’s worry.  It’s more like, planning for some reasonably likely event.  Like building a tornado shelter in Texas – you will likely never need it, but if you do, you’ll be exceedingly glad you have it.

My great fear is that Pope Francis will neuter the ancient curial offices (whatever their names today, compared to the past) and transfer huge gobs of authority to the national conferences, which have absolutely no tradition of authority in the Church (and, to date, have NO actual authority) and are utterly dominated by progressives. But the wind through the willows says that is very, very likely.

God bless you!

Blessed John Paul II loved him some liturgical dance? September 27, 2013

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That’s what Archbishop Piero Marini, the Papal master of ceremonies for pretty much all of Pope John Paul II’s Masses, is now claiming.  The claim is surely self-serving, and it should be noted that Marini (not to be confused with the current, and much more orthodox, Papal MC, Msgr. Guido Marini) has always been an extreme liturgical revolutionary and someone who has been known to twist history to fit his worldview. But, then again, Pope JPII certainly did allow some hideous liturgies to take place under his watch, something the Benedict XVI-New Marini team took significant steps to undo – thank God. Old Marini has had deep ties to liturgical wreckovation going back to his membership on Bishop Anibale Bugnini’s disastrous “concilium” for the implementation of the new Mass.  Thus, take all the below with a grain of salt, it could be the self-serving reminiscences of a man who has always had some difficulty with the truth, but there could be some valid nuggets within:

Thus, Piero Marini points out that his position as papal master of ceremonies there had allowed him to implement “efficiently”  [“Efficiently” means ruthlessly, brutally, arbitrarily, and without a thought to 1500+ years of Tradition] the guidelines of the Second Vatican Council: “It is the inclusion  [there’s a modernist catch-phrase for you: “inclusion”]  of some elements, at the entrance, the Offertory, which is part of the life of a country, where participants who are guests to the Mass will be instantly familiar. Also in song and sometimes even the dance.” Piero Marini dug deeply for the dances: “John Paul II liked it all, he always wanted to share the customs and traditions “.  [Maybe. But in how many countries is dance really just an absolutely vital part of everyday life?  Even still, inculturation has had the effect of making an instantly understandable, universal, and transcendent Liturgy one that is often completely opaque, local, and immanentist – that is, completely human, with no shade of the transcendent]

“When we were in Brazil,” he had been asked if the dancers of the local ballet school could be involved, “and we had agreed. They are then on two stairways that flanked up the altar. During the dance, a wind arose and their light dresses had stuck to their bodies. Some prelates expressed their disapproval. They had not heard Pope John Paul II. I was the only one beside him and as he softly said, ‘Beautiful, beautiful.’ He looked at the essence.” He continued: “During seminary they taught us to kill the body, but we save ourselves with the body. ”  [This is an amazing problematic statement, but one a modernist would make. I pray Pope JPII did not make the statement Old Marini is attributing to him]

Piero Marini also tells an episode that is directed against the then President of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, Cardinal Camillo Ruini. He had disapproved of it, that in the Youth Liturgy some teenagers were introduced that moved their arms during the celebration. The Cardinal had expressed his disapproval to the Pope directly: “Even in this case John Paul II made it understood that their presence did not bother him…….”

…….Piero Marini: “The Eucharist originated in homes, for a small group of people. Jesus put it in the midst of the twelve Apostles, then the breaking of the bread took place in the first years of Christianity in small communities in houses. Certainly not in front of millions of people. It was inevitable that it happened, and we had to adapt, because the situation demanded it.”

————–End Quote—————–

I included that last bit, because both Fr. Nicholas Gihr, who I have been quoting a great deal lately, and the father of true liturgical reform, Dom Prosper Gueranger, noted that liturgical revolutionaries and those gone over to the anti-liturgical heresy ALWAYS posit there was some time, very early in the Church, of “pristine” Christian worship, without all the trappings of the Mass, with the vernacular used, without all the mystery and transcendence, etc.  In short, they fantasize an early liturgy that is exactly what they want their liturgy – which often serves various heretical ends – to be.  Suffice it to say, we don’t have a great deal of concrete evidence for how the Mass was offered early in the Church, but we do know that it was changed for numerous very good reasons, very Spirit-inspired reasons, into something more regal, august, and mysterious as soon as the Church was out from under the thumb of horrid persecution.

Men like Marini do not like the traditional form of the Mass very much because that very form of the Mass is so opposed to their theological ideals.  The TLM speaks constantly of sin, atonement, confession, repentence, redemption, hell, Heaven, salvation, good works, true charity, etc., etc – the whole panoply of “negative ecclesiology” the post-VII revolutionaries have spent decades trying to expirtate from the Church.  Which expirtation, as far as it has been successful, has only managed to drive millions of souls into the depths of sin and out of the practice of the Faith.  The “primitive liturgical ideal” isn’t even a new concept – it dates back to 4th century gnostics and 12th century Albigensians.  The Church, for centuries, was wise enough to say “No, the Mass is what it is for very good reasons, reasons very pleasing to God, and to change it would be to threaten the very heart of the Church’s salvific mission.”  But, somehow, that smoke of satan entered the Church, and men like Marini got hold of the levers of power.  The result has been catastrophe on a scale that beggars the imagination.

But what do I know?  I’m sure “Anita Lay” Shea will come by and leave dorky caricatures of my “conservative” concerns, reminding us all how we must be totally obedient to every utterance or thought of every bishop, no matter how wild eyed or destructive they are.

Obama finally finds someone his own size to pick on – Little Sisters of the Poor September 27, 2013

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Well, he’s been kicked around by Putin, made to look a fool by Assad and Ahmadinejad, he can’t govern at all, his biggest ally is a corrupt Vegas politician, but Obama has finally found someone his own size he can kick around a little bit – the Little Sisters of the Poor:

The story:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius finalized a contraception mandate that ignores the fact groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor are religious organizations, according to a lawsuit filed to protect them against fines for refusing to comply with an Obamacare mandate.

“We cannot violate our vows by participating in the government’s program to provide access to abortion-inducing drugs,” Sister Loraine Marie said of a class-action lawsuit filed against the mandate on behalf of multiple religious organizations that provide health benefits.

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which represents the plaintiffs, filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado.

The choice of jurisdiction is critical: The Colorado district court falls under the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, and thus is governed by that court’s precedent in most cases.

A 10th Circuit panel ruled earlier this year that the owners of Hobby Lobby did not have to comply with the HHS mandate (that lawsuit was also filed by the Becket Fund). President Obama’s attorneys have asked the Supreme Court to overturn the 10th Circuit’s ruling.

Well, the Supreme Court has already ruled in favor of Obamacare, so who knows whether this legal persecution will stand or not.

These Sisters may not be traditional, but they appear pretty orthodox, and make a nice representation to the public about how the government is persecuting the Church, including (or maybe especially) those souls most dedicated to Christ and the life of virtue.  For Heaven’s sake, what need would a bunch of celibate nuns have for contraception coverage, anyway?  But what this is really about is driving competitors to the government’s “charity” out of the marketplace, and making everyone dependent on the great Leviathan state as the soul source of all benefits and blessings, from cradle to grave.

We can really see in this issue a microcosm of how twisted the progressive conception of the modern liberal nation state really is. The state, literally, becomes “god,” with the power to decide who gets to be born, who dies, when, and how, who gets medical care, who is allowed to work, who receives income for not working, what you can say, what constitutes marriage, how your children must be educated, even what religion you follow.  In the Leviathan state, all institutions are subordinate to the state – including, if not especially, religion. Such was a fundamental element of the “enlightened,” post-Christian society that Hobbes, Locke, Voltaire, and all the other enlightenment divines envisioned and then unleashed upon the world.

And to insure that religion would be subject to the dictate of the state, a whole new dogma of “religious liberty” and “freedom of worship” was created, which was utterly novel until the late 17th century.  The Leviathan state insists on “religious liberty,” which really comes to mean, in practice, the Constitution/governmental framework has dominance over any religious opinion.  “Tolerance” becomes the greatest virtue.  And then, 230 years later, you get where we are at now – the last remaining elements of Christianity fading fast from society, and a new sexular paganism rising in its place.

I’ll make one final little note in passing: almost all the enlightenment divines thought human chattel slavery, as practiced in US colonies and states on Africans, was just peachy keen and wonderfully in tune with all their talk on liberty and rights. John Locke wrote the Carolina Constitution that enshrined one man’s right to treat another man as property as a fundamental aspect of the government. Locke himself owned slaves, as did Jefferson, Washington, Madison, and most all those men so very, very dedicated to freedom for (almost) all men.  That’s a prime reason why I believe if society becomes much more detached from its Christian moorings, we’ll see legalized slavery again.  It already happens, in a sense, with abortion and organ harvesting.

Another note on commenting September 27, 2013

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Sorry, folks, I just had to pull a dozen or so valid comments out of spam. I apologize to long-time readers who have been affected by this. I have no input into how Akismet flags for spam.  I mean, I do, but none of you are on any banned list.  But if you post too many comments too frequently, the spam filter assumes you’re spam.  This is just a WordPress-wide problem, and they are singularly unhelpful in doing anything about it. If your comments don’t immediately appear, and you’re a long time reader/commenter, assume the spam filter got it.  Since I’m getting a lot of comments lately, I’ll try to check the spam filter regularly.  I apologize in advance for the inconvenience.


Abortion fanatic Wendy Davis running for Governor of Texas September 27, 2013

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Many political analysts felt all along her little 11 hour filibuster, which did nothing more than delay a major piece of pro-life legislation for a few weeks, was nothing more than a bit of political theater to help position her to run for governor.  My guess is she gets crushed by at least 20 points, but who knows – Ann Richards was inexplicably elected governor in 1990 after Clayton Williams committed political seppuko with his comment about rape.

More and more in this country, our amoral political class acts out of nothing but naked self-interest.  I should add that if a few hundred rabid (and likely paid to be rabid) pro-abort Austin degenerates (plus, some had to be bussed in, there not being that many degenerates even in Austin) had not, very nearly violently, upset the political process, Davis’ 11 hour filibuster would have failed that night and the bill had passed. So, she needed a massive assist even to pull off that brief delay.  For that, she is a paragon of virtue and certified national leftist hero. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz talks for 25 hours, also with no chance of ultimate success, and he is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler and Josef Mengele’s love child.

It is becoming more and more difficult not to loathe this country.

State Sen. Wendy Davis of Texas will run for governor next year, two Democratic sources familiar with the planning confirmed to CNN.

The Democrat, who gained national fame after her 13-hour filibuster over a controversial abortion bill, was already scheduled to make an announcement about her political future on October 3.

I guarantee you, all of this, ALL of it, was gamed in advance – the pink shoes, the raucous crowd, the post-filibuster interviews, all of it, and all of it was nothing more than a sham to try to manufacture a viable demonrat candidate for governor.  Who else do they have?  Lloyd Dogget?  Please.  They have NO ONE.  Deomcrats have been out of power so long, and so deeply, they had to manufacture a name that could be recognized state-wide.

Please bear in mind, this same Wendy Davis has deep ties to all manner of left-wing Katholyc organizations like CCHD and their current head, Ralph McCloud.  McCloud managed Davis’ original campaign for state senator – when she unseated a pro-life Repubnik – and then went on to head CCHD.  McCloud brought in huge amounts of pro-abort money, which is what made her election possible.  Wendy Davis is probably the most radical pro-abort ideologue in Texas.

Which is why I think she will be crushed – her opponent should just replay images from the amoral degenerates in Austin 24/7 and Wendy’s connection with them, and they’re likely assured a 15-20 point win.

That is, if she even wins the primary.  I really wish Perry would just run again.  I like his brand of inconsequential bumbling incompetence.  The Texas governor is a figurehead role, anyways.  All power has always resided with the Lieutenant Governor, currently David Dewhurst.

To the little commenter who thinks they are funny or clever…….. September 27, 2013

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….with their little 8th grade joke names like “Anita Lay” and “Pat McGroin,” etc……..please.  I will just keep deleting them, and banning you, no matter how many IPs you spam.  Another commenter pretty positively ID’d you as Mark Shea.  Whether that be the case or not, I don’t care, I won’t be baited into a round of blogfoolery or anything else, and you’re only embarrassing yourself with your caricatures of faithful souls who have come to hold different emphases or beliefs from you.

I thought Vatican II utterly assured the inviolable right to the triumph of the individual conscience?  So how are people whose consciences inform them that Michael Voris is a badly needed, important voice in the Church today, so low as to be beneath contempt?

Or is it like everything else in the Church over the past 50 years, there is one rule for the progressive, and another for the faithful adherent to the constant belief of the Church?