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Scandal in the Diocese – radical pro-abort invited to speak at St. Luke – CANCELLED September 30, 2013

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Anyone who votes in favor of laws furthering the slaughter of perfect innocents is, to my mind, by definition a radical.

A concerned reader whom I prefer not to name tipped me to a developing scandal in the Dallas Diocese.  Bishop Farrell has apparently approved that state representative Rafael Anchia speak at St. Luke’s on the subject of Obamacare. I say Bishop Farrell has approved, because I have been told in the past that the bishop approves all these types of public events.  Rep. Anchia is extremely pro-abort and has voted against many pro-life bills, including the most recent bill banning abortion after 20 weeks and requiring abortuaries to meet minimal health and safety requirements.  Regardless of Rep. Anchia’s position on Obamacare and the ongoing persecution of the Church through that attempt at tacit socialism, it seems incredible that a man who has so routinely voted in favor of the mass murder of innocents could be invited to speak on Church property.  Judging from his voting record, he’s pretty lefty across the board, which means he likely holds other views in opposition to the revealed Dogmas of the Faith.

Please consider respectfully contacting both the parish and Bishop Farrell concerning this matter.  These kinds of things cause such great scandal and confusion to the faithful, and give a seal of approval to holders of public office they absolutely do not deserve.  If you contact either the parish or Diocese, please be respectful.  Contact information below:

St. Luke’s Office: 972-259-3222

Bishop’s email : bishop@cathdal.org,  [note, this goes to his secretary or some other flunky person created in the image and likeness of God, deserving of eminent respect and the highest charity, but who possesses no actual ability to affect any change in this situation.  It’s the best you can do]

Bishop’s phone: 214-379-2816

Or tweet Bishop Farrell: @bishop_farrell

How funny, should it be God’s desire, we will almost certainly reside in this parish’s boundaries fairly soon.  Oh, goody!

UPDATE: – The Diocese has responded that the pastor cancelled this event.  Good for him.  Perhaps I am more blessed than I thought to be moving near there.  I did also learn that this parish has daily Adoration.

Sorry for the confusion, I was informed of this by a local Diocesan source, so it seemed pretty valid.


1. Don - September 30, 2013

The Catholic Church seems to have gone all in for the disaster that is Obamacare. Hand-in-hand with the Democrat party they go as we all fall down.


DiscipleoftheDumbOx - September 30, 2013

I would encourage you to tweet your disapproval directly to the representative using his twitter handle, @RafaelAnchia.

2. pak152 - September 30, 2013

Will there be a counterpoint to the obamacare propagandist at St. Luke’s or will it be a one-sided event?

DiscipleoftheDumbOx - September 30, 2013

Hey, whatever happened to the so-called ‘separation between Church and State’ I’m always hearing about? I guess it is applied on an ad hoc basis…

3. DiscipleoftheDumbOx - September 30, 2013

Hey, great news! Shortly after tweeting to the bishop today, I got this message:

“To address your concern in your tweet to @Bishop_Farrell, the speaking engagement by Anchia has been canceled.”

4. DiscipleoftheDumbOx - September 30, 2013

The previous message was also recently followed up by this:

“It is against Diocesan policy for a parish to host politicians serving in office or election candidates as speakers.”

Woody - September 30, 2013

Yes, the easy way out! Let’s just not let any of them speak that way we don’t have to take a stand. Now, when is the next golf outing?

5. KathiBee - October 1, 2013

While I agree with your opinion regarding the subject matter, you really got my ire up with a totally unnecessary & callous remark.

“some other flunky” — really tantamergo???? Could you not afford the secretary or administrator for the bishop more respect than that – ya know, dignity of the human being and all.

A secretary or an administrative worker have some level of education (possibly a college degree), are not depending on the govt. for their livelihood and have legitimate employment. It is not their “fault” if they are the ones deemed to take in emails to the bishop. They are just being obedient to their boss & not doing anything unethical. To tag them with this label is completely uncalled for & rude.

tantamergo - October 1, 2013

Wow. I’m a terrible, terrible person. My mom was a secretary, for quite a while. All I meant was, some other person not the bishop. A person who does not have any ability to effect change may read your e-mail, and at best may pass along that there were some “concerns” expressed to Bishop Farrell.

Please try writing 4000 words a day on highly charged topics and not saying something that offends somebody.

Actually, it may not be a secretary at all, it may be Fr. Greg Kelly.

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