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The moral structure of pedophilia October 4, 2013

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Dr. Anthony Esolen has written a damning, thought-provoking piece that establishes more or less unequivocally that opposition to pedophilia in the United States at present rests on basically non-existent foundations, with almost all adults accepting without question the modern dictum of “if it feels good, do it.”  Opposition to pedophilia – sure to be enormously challenged in the coming years – has no philosophical basis, but simply a basis of personal sentiment.  Most people, right now, feel pedophilia is wrong.  But why should that be, if we also murder babies at the rate of 3000+ a day?  There is no real reason, no undergirding belief system to support that opposition to pedophilia, so that when the PR campaign gets ginned up to “normalize” this hideous crime, opposition will melt away, just as it did with abortion, divorce, homosexual simulation of marrage, etc., etc:

The moral structure of pedophilia is simply this: the welfare of children is subordinate to the sexual gratification of adults……..

We should be thankful that the Sanduskys and Laheys are still considered monstrous. But in contemporary America that condemnation rests on sentiment and not on moral reasoning. No one can simultaneously explain why their actions were so vile and uphold the first commandment of the sexual revolution: fulfill thy desires……

…..No, it isn’t how Sandusky and Lahey did what they did, or under what circumstances, that explains the disgust. It’s what they did—but nobody wants to acknowledge that.

The reason for that reluctance becomes clear, if we keep in mind the moral structure of pedophilia. Sexual gratification trumps. Thank goodness that for now, there aren’t many men who are sexually attracted to youngsters. In that single case, we raise the banner for the children. But in no other case.

If we altered the question, and asked not how many people have done sexually abusive things with children, but how many people have done sexual things that redounded to the suffering of children, then we might confess that the only thing that separates millions of people from Jerry Sandusky is inclination. Everything that was once considered a sexual evil and that is now winked at or cheered, everything without exception, has served to hurt children, and badly.

We might point here to divorce. Unless it is necessary to remove oneself and one’s children from physical danger and moral corruption, the old wisdom regarding divorce should hold, if children themselves have anything to say about it. Parents will say, “My children can never be happy unless I am happy,” but they should not lay that narcissistic unction to their souls. Children need parents who love them, not parents who are happy; they are too young to be asked to lay down their lives for someone else. It is not the job of the child to suffer for the parent, but the job of the parent to endure, to make the best of a poor situation, to swallow his pride, to bend her knees, for the sake of the child.

We might point to births out of wedlock. The child has a right to enter more than a little nursery decorated with presents from a baby shower. He should enter a human world, a story, a people. He should be born of a mother and a father among uncles and aunts and cousins and grandparents, stretching into the distant past, with all their interrelated histories, with his very being reflected in all those mirrors of relation, not to mention his eyes and his hair, the talents in his fingers and the cleverness in his mind. This belonging to a big and dependable world can be secured only in the context of the permanent love of his mother and father, declared by a vow before the community and before the One in whom there is no shadow of alteration…….

…..There are pedophiles of the body, and pedophiles of the soul. Planned Predators happily enlist the latter among their troops…….

This is a great piece, and deserves to be widely read.  Perhaps readers have thought I’ve gone around the bend a bit in proclaiming that I fully expect forms of slavery to be accepted by polite (or elite) society before very long. Everything this culture believes points in that direction.  This culture already believes that some human beings have no rights and can be killed without a second thought, “legally,” in a “safe” abortuary.  This culture already holds that some human beings in hospital beds can be cut up and harvested of their organs, even while still breathing on their own, for the benefit of those not quite so ill.  Women have been taught over the past 50 years to turn themselves into purely sexual creatures, whose sole worth is in attracting the very brief, no-commitments made lust of a man.  Are not all these people, tens of millions of them, already existing under a form of slavery?

In reality, our culture has already embraced slavery, as it has thrown off the Christian ethos that led to its final eradication after many centuries of arduous effort.  Of course, real slavery still exists in muslim and pagan lands where Chrisitanity is unknown.  But how long before we hear voices in this post-Christian culture claiming that slavery is perfectly acceptable, and that it is even good, for some people just don’t have much self-will or direction in life, and need a strong hand to guide them?  There will be justifications aplenty, once the Christian belief in the dignity and self-determination of each sovereign soul is stripped away.

Pity the children. Given how fast has been the collapse in opposition to the destruction of marriage as something sacred, I don’t think we can imagine that “normalization” and de-criminalization of pedophilia is a bridge too far.

Lord, have mercy on us.  And your children.


1. DiscipleoftheDumbOx - October 4, 2013

Yet another reason to secede from this $@^$! Union. At that time, folks will absolutely have to become more independent thinkers and producers and ultimately more self-reliant and not apt to becoming slaves to the state.

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