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Once again, papal spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi, SJ, is not helping October 7, 2013

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I would say it’s more than a small problem when we have to have an interpretive key to understand the wildly varying content of statements coming from the Pope.  If people who are deeply involved in the Faith every day of their lives are confused, what about the masses of barely involved souls?  In fact, what Fr. Lombardi argues for below is exactly what we DON’T need to have happen:

Perhaps the most insightful take on all this came from Lombardi himself, who said we’re seeing the emergence of a whole new genre of papal speech — informal, spontaneous and sometimes entrusted to others in terms of its final articulation. A new genre, Lombardi suggested, needs a “new hermeneutic,” one in which we don’t attach value so much to individual words as to the overall sense.

Which, in fact, would be a perfect turn of phrase from a modernist, which I sincerely hope and pray Fr. Lombardi is not.  But, he is, after all, a Jesuit, the order that did more than any other entity in the Church to advance this “synthesis of all heresies,” to quote the great Pope St. Pius X.

In fact, though, I have to wonder if this isn’t a bit of leading commentary – commentary that was worked out in advance with the highest authority to put a certain spin on things.  But be that as it may, the final part of the 1st sentence: “and sometimes entrusted to others in terms of its final articulation,” leaves me massively discomfited.  This is precisely the operative condition that has led to the mass apostasy we see in the Church today.  We hear and see all manner of data on millions of cafeteria Katholycs in this country alone.  The prime source of that picking and choosing of Dogma to accept or reject – which is nothing more than liberal protestant private interpretation/judgment transferred into the Church – is this idea that souls can take the beliefs of the Church, and pass judgment on whether or not they will accept or practice them in their lives.  Thus, the vast majority of Catholics contracept, or fornicate, or support the destruction of marriage, at rates HIGHER than the general population.

The modernist presupposition that if we just jettison Dogma and let people believe what they want, the churches will be filled and “all will be well,” is just fantasy.  Liberal protestant sects that have practiced exactly this belief going back 100 years or more are dying at a rate equal to or greater than any other body of Christians in the world.  And, in fact, the Church Herself has engaged in this incredibly counter-productive practice – not dogmatically, thank God, but practically, and even at the highest levels, off and on – for the past 50 years or so and the result has been catastrophe on a scale never before witnessed in at least the last 1000+ years of history.  For the most part, and certainly, in the day to day lives of Catholics everywhere in terms of what they hear in homilies, read in books, are told in the confessional, etc, Catholics have been given the profound sense that they can more or less believe waht they want, so long as they adhere to a few leftist bromides.  The present state of collapse in the Church, a truly unprecedented collapse, can be traced to the flirtation with, or tepid embrace of, modernist conceptions unleashed at or after the most recent Council.  I truly fear what will occur with a full-throated embrace of modernism, should such occur.

But to liberals, the only solution to the devastation caused by liberalism is more liberalism.  It’s a dogmatic belief – they have to be right, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. Evidence, which, by the way, Michael Voris has done yeoman’s work documenting last week with his “Dispatches” series, documenting in myriad ways the collapse in the Faith.  I post some below, because even if some of this is old news to you, there are still millions of Catholics who have no idea how far the rot has set in:

And I always do that!  As soon as I say “low/no posting ahead” I always find time to throw out some posts!  I’m nutty!

Some beautiful thoughts on prayer and incense! from Fr. Nicholas Gihr October 7, 2013

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Once again quoting from the great The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Dogmatically, Liturgically, and Ascetically Explained by Fr. Nicholas Gihr, some thoughts on prayer and……..burning incense.  Actually, the use of incense is a great act of sacrifice and eminently pleasing to God, as Our Lord HImself revealed in great detail in the Old Testament.  Since Catholic worship is the perfection of the old worship under the old covenant, the pleasing nature of incense……and prayer!……still applies:

Prayer is the surrender of the soul to God, the elevation of the mind and spirit to Heaven, the aspiration of the heart towards goods invisible and eternal. If grains of incense be cast on burning coals, a pleasant odor will arise; if the heart, like unto a glowing coal, is set on fire with the flames of divine love and ardent devotion, then our prayer will free itself from all that is earthly, and will ascend to the Lord as a sweet and precious perfume, that is to say, our prayer will be received with favor and pleasure and will be answered by Him…….

……..Scripture represents the prayers of the Saints under the figure of golden vials full of sweet odors, which the ancients bear in their hands standing before the Throne of the Lamb……Adoration, praises, thanksgivings, and petitions, like odiferous incense, peneterate to the heavenly Holy of Holies – as far as the throne of the Almighty.

From the original meaning of incense another naturally suggests itself. The “smoke of agreeable odors” symbolizing sacrifice and prayer, or, rather, sacrifice and prayer themselves excite the divine pleasure and mercy, and draw down upon us God’s Grace; hence Divine Grace also is figured by the odor of incense. While the odor of ascending incense denotes devout sacrifice and prayer penetrating to Heaven, the clouds of incense floating round about signify the effects of prayer and sacrifice, namely, the sweet odor of Grace descending from Heaven or issuing from Christ on the altar. Prayer ascends and God’s Mercy descends.

The fragrant clouds of incense are for the priest and people also an admonition so to live as to become, by sacrifice and the spirit of prayer, by the wealth of Grace and virtue, by devotion of heart and piety, a spiritual “”good odor of Christ” (2 Cor 2:15) in order to give joy to Heaven and earth.


Help raise funds for Fisher More College October 7, 2013

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Fisher More College in Ft. Worth, a privately-funded (no government funding) traditional Catholic liberal arts college in Ft. Worth is staging their first ever Rogatio Money Blast all week this week.  You can find all the details here. If you are like many faithful Catholics who experience distress over where and how to satisfy the Precept of the Church regarding supporting the Church monetarily, due to all the immoral and problematic efforts and programs dioceses, parishes, and most Katholyc colleges engage in, you might consider donating to Fisher More.  That they are very orthodox I am thoroughly convinced of.  But they do need monetary support, as they do not accept federal or other government funding, due to all the evil consequences that would flow from such acceptance.

Even if you have no children, or your children are well beyond college years, supporting Fisher More might be a good way to support the Church universal monetarily without all the moral qualms and reservations that arise from entities that transfer your money to questionable entities like Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services, etc.  Or, they might simply provide health insurance plans that heavily subsidize immoral acts like contraceptive use, abortion, sterilization, etc. I know, it can be very difficult finding Catholic organizations to support monetarily that are truly Catholic.  I think Fisher More is one Catholic college that faithful Catholics can support without fear and trepidation.

You can donate here.

Dominus vobiscum!

Low posting alert October 7, 2013

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Sorry, posting will be light to nonexistent today and tomorrow.  I am both a little sick with a bug going through our family, and I am tied up with professional matters. I hate not to provide any content but that’s the way it is. The phone just does not manage to handle the blog software at all.

God willing, posting will return to normal on Wednesday.