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A cartoon for our current plight October 15, 2013

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In keeping with some recent posts, I found this delicious:


According to the priest in the post below, we may be seeing a huge shift back towards more freewheeling embrace of modernism after a brief period of tacit restoration.  Oh…….great.

Next up, the month after pill? October 15, 2013

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Good Lord, why don’t we just fill women with powerful, carcinogenic hormones all the time to keep them from ever conceiving?  Oh, wait, we already do that?  Well, Good Lord, give them even more powerful hormones so they can have sex any time and abort the baby with a chemical abortion!  Because when you’re talking 30 days, any fantasy about “contraception” goes out the window and we’re just looking at abortion under another name:

Developers of the month-after pill are advocating the concept that women could use the drug continuously for months as a pregnancy preventive up to four weeks after sex. Four weeks after sex? Doesn’t that mean a woman could possibly be pregnant and the drug is no longer a contraceptive?  [But all chemical contraceptives, or hormonal contraceptives, have the ability to cause an abortion by preventing implantation of a fertilized egg.  Who knows how many billions have died this way?]

But stop for a moment and ask whether researchers have answered the question of what would happen to women who continue to use an abortifacient continuously. What happens to her physically and what impact will it have on her ability to have children in the future?…

Unfortunately our culture is filled with change agents who work diligently to promote the concept of ‘choice’ without consequences. Like Alice, having fallen down the rabbit hole, women are being told to simply ‘take a pill’ and there are no negative outcomes for bad choices.

One of these ‘after’ pills, RU-486, has already claimed the lives of over 2 million children. Nearly 16.5 % of the almost 1.2 million abortions that take place each year are a direct result of RU-486. How terrible that a drug that supposedly is marketed as pro-woman is so utterly anti-woman. 14 women have died from the drug, 612 had to be hospitalized, 339 experienced blood loss requiring a transfusion, 256 experienced infections and 48 women experienced what the FDA labeled as “severe infections.”

Yes, well, pro-aborts don’t seem so very concerned about women, save for how to turn them into disposable objects for men, with the babies thus produced, the, ah……products of conception, as they so cruelly put it……..being the most disposable of all.

Lovely world, isn’t it!  How long before the standard procedure is to keep people permanently sterile, until they have to petition the government to have a child? Or perhaps the government will simply grow babies from collected genetic material a la Brave New World?  I really don’t think either alternative is too fantastic to contemplate, radical population control advocates like Paul Erlich have already advocated a systematic implementation of the former alternative on a global scale.  One day, China’s draconian population control policies may seem a model of long lost generosity and charity.

Hate crime suspected in Staten Island convent fire October 15, 2013

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A lone nut?  Just a coincidence?  Or the persecution finally getting going?  Apparently, Catholics can still be victims of “hate crimes” according to New York state law:

Two suspicious, early-morning fires ripped through a Staten Island convent and chapel — trapping a nun upstairs and forcing her to make a desperate leap from the second floor that broke her back, authorities said.

The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is assisting in the investigation of the 5:30 a.m. blaze in the Arrochar section.

Sister Regina Gegic and another nun were staying in an older, mostly unused residential building at the St. Joseph Hill Academy on Saturday morning when she saw the fire.

Gegic broke three vertebrae from her jump but could move her feet and was being treated at Staten Island University Hospital’s intensive-care unit, according to a co-worker.

The fires are the second disturbing incidents in as many months at the private school, which recently constructed a new convent building to house its nuns.

In August, a week before the new convent was set to open, a group of mischief-making teens broke into the building and trashed it.

They caused $15,000 worth of damage, including rooms and halls flooded with water and bleach, broken doors, smashed video monitors and sinks full of gravel, according to the Staten Island Advance.

The damage was repaired by a generous contractor before the nuns moved in……

….Five people were hurt in Saturday’s two-alarm blaze, which started just after 5:30 a.m. and was under control about an hour later, fire officials said.

Four firefighters were also hurt but in stable condition at Staten Island University Hospital.

That sounds a very serious fire.  Good Lord, nine injured including firefighters?  That’s awful. I pray for their recovery. I also pray that the persecution of these nuns, if it be that, stops immediately.  Two terrible attacks in as many months.  Awful.

Back in Roman times, those convicted of being Christian would have their property taken from them and churches were frequently torched.  That is why the Catacombs developed both for the Saints, and for a place to worship that couldn’t be burned.  Yikes.  There must be some evidence of intent to harm the nuns if they are calling it a hate crime.  At least, one would have to surmise as much.  We’ll see.

Vatican II “was the most fundamental shift in self-understanding by the Church in 1500 years….” October 15, 2013

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…….and it’s not over yet.  The sermon below – not by a priest of the Society of St. Pius X – quotes participants and observers of the most recent Council – Vatican II – who describe it as the French Revolution in the Church.  Or perhaps, against the Church would be a better phrase.  The leading conciliar figure on the revolutionary side, Fr. Yves Congar, compared the Council to the October or Bolshevik Revolution in Russia!

Listed to the entire sermon, it is very much worth your while. The good priest who gave the sermon – who will remain nameless – isn’t expounding his own beliefs regarding the Council, he is simply taking statements made by the Council fathers and participants themselves.  All of which have been very neatly, very thoroughly swept under the rug as inconvenient reminders of what actually transpired.


I like the tie-in the priest made between the anti-Christian calendar of the French Revolutionaries during the Reign of Terror, and the changes to the universal Church calendar made after Vatican II.  Some might think it a small point, but it is actually extremely significant.

Wow – the priest claims the ecclesial revolution is back in full force in 2013, after perhaps a bit of a restorationist period with Pope Benedict.  Is he right? He drew a comparison between the restoration of the Bourbon dynasty 1814-1830 and the Ratzinger papacy.

The famous phrase from the French Revolution of liberty, equality, and fraternity was replaced in the conciliar revolution with religious liberty, collegiality, and ecumenism.  The priest then goes on to state that the Church is seeking to appeal to the modern gentile and his revolutionary thinking, and then goes on to quote Pope Paul VI as stating that “the Church of the Council was concerned about mankind and that it had MORE THAN ANY OTHERS A TRUE CULT OF MAN.”  The priest then goes onto note that both the French and the conciliar revolutions attempted to replace the Cult of God with a cult of man.  This is some heavy, hard hitting stuff.  The last 10 minutes are really strong.

I know I am loading you up with a lot of sermons the past two days, but they are all very important and extremely worth your time.  Perhaps listen while you do some chores around the house.

I have read in certain quarters that those attached to the SSPX in various ways believe that FSSP priests are forbidden to criticize the Council. I certainly cannot confirm or deny that the priest in the audio is FSSP or not, I would simply say that were an FSSP priest to criticize the Council, this is how they would do so.

Lord, give us many more such priests, willing to preach the Truth!

Thanks to reader MFG for the link!

Fr. Blake on the “mess” of the Church’s Doctrine on sexuality and family life October 15, 2013

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Fr. Ray Blake makes some poignant criticisms below regarding the “mess,” or perhaps the “failure,” of the Church’s approach to marriage, sexuality, and familiy life over the past 40+ years.  What was once a very clear, cohesive, and practical set of Doctrines that was accepted by almost all Catholics virtually unquestioningly, has devolved into what often appears to the outside world to be a disjointed, hardline set of silly, old fashioned rules.  Fr. Blake says we, as a Church, need to do a great deal better (I will add emphasis and comments as usual):

No Pastor is going to deny that the teaching of the Church on the family and sexuality is in a mess. [If it is, it should not be. The formal “teaching,” the Magisterial belief and practice, remains a glorious, compelling, cohesive whole.]

We have beautiful teaching but it is just not taught, [Aye……that is the rub. That glorious whole is simply rarely, if ever, taught]  we have a wonderful understanding of the complementarity between man and woman but it is not understood. We can eloquently argue that man and women within the bond of marriage, together, are more perfectly the image of God. We can present arguments that divorce and remarriage harms children. [We must do more than that. We must show, clearly, from Scripture and Tradition that such are also morally wrong and offensive to God.  Trying to convince a wicked world with practical arguments alone is bound to fail[  We can speak about the need for sex to take place only within the bond of marriage and to be open to life but it is disregarded.  [Or perhaps it is disregarded, because it is so rarely taught?  Contrary to any talk of “obsession,” the vast majority of Catholics, even those who assist at Mass regularly, never, ever, hear a sermon or so much as a peep about fornication, divorce and remarriage, contraception, abortion, the depravity of all acts of sodomy, whether between the same or opposite sex, etc]

All the evils that afflict modern society from pornography, premarital sex, contraception, adultery, divorce and marital break-up, single parent families, the exclusion of fathers, the uncertainty of sexual identity could and should be addressed by the Extraordinary Synod. [On the family, planned for October 2014]  It could go even further and address the assault on Life, the fragmentation of society, its economic breakdown, youth unemployment, the alienation of the elderly.

The Church’s teaching is glorious and multi-dimensional, and when presented coherently it is life changing but even among bishops and clergy, and ‘professional’, it is actually not only misunderstood but treated as an embarrassment to be best ignored or excused away. [Indeed. One of the great selling points for the radical changes in the Church, was that Catholics were told, with a wink and a nod, that all those old rules would fall away if they embraced the revolutionary new order.  Contraceptive use would be tolerated if the laity rolled over on all the changes in the Mass, etc.  That is what Anne Roche Muggeridge argues, rather convincingly, IMO.]

To a world that has few big ideas what the Catholic Church actually has to say should to truly revolutionary……. [IT IS!  It is SO revolutionary! And to someone who has been lost in the depravity the world sells as healthy, normal, and joy-bringing, it is utterly transformative!  It will change your life! But nowadays, one must read books on old Saints, or one of a few modern books on apologetics, or perhaps the right blog or two, to get that information! It just isn’t taught!  That is the problem!  The Church has the most glorious, edifying, uplifting, enriching, life-changing, set of beliefs on sexuality, the value of the human person, the greatness of the Sacrament of Matrimony, and all the rest, but it is simply rarely if ever taught!  And the world screams so loudly, there are carnival barkers hocking sex and immediate gratification on every corner…..when the Church remains silent, disaster follows.]

……We desperately need a new moral theology. [No!  We don’t!  We just need the old one taught again!]  The moral theology, especially around sex and the family, that followed the Second Vatican Council rather than rejoicing in goodness, tended to be a way of finding people excuses to be immoral.

—————–End Quote—————–

I don’t think Fr. Blake’s closing statement unfair. In fact, I have personal experience of just that sort of attitude, even from priests, who seem to try to find every excuse possible to justify what the Church had always, has always, condemned as immoral behavior. But I really don’t think a “new” theology is needed – in fact, I think getting away in general from all the “new” plans and programs, the “new” evangelization, the “new” Scripture scholarship, etc is foundational to a restoration of the Faith.  All that is needed is the desire, the will, to teach the Faith, the constant belief and practice, whole and entire yet again.  The best way for that to occur is for examples of such from the top leadership, then down through bishops and to priests and then the laity.

And that is something I pray for every day.  It is one of my most ardent prayers, that the Faith will be proclaimed in its magnificent entirety every day, from every pulpit, in every confessional, in every Diocesan newspaper, and in every possible outlet, over and over again, until souls finally get it and begin practicing the Faith once again.  I pray that the Faith be “preached from the housetops!”  I pray that all bishops and priests will accept and boldly proclaim at all times all the great Truth Christ has revealed through His Church!  That’s why I started this blog, to help be a small part of what I pray is a great restoration!  Prayer is the foundation!  Please join me!