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Horrible, blasphemous Mass in Germany October 16, 2013

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, disaster, error, Eucharist, foolishness, General Catholic, Holy suffering, horror, scandals, shocking, the return.

The Church in Germany is such a wreck.  Informed by the disastrous modernist theology, it has been for a century or more a bastion of all manner of wickedness, heresy, and dissent.  And not just Germany, all the Germanic countries have embraced modernism to a greater extent than essentially anywhere else in the world.  I read of a Mass in the Netherlands recently where there was NO formula of consecration, at least not one that was recognizable, NO readings from Scripture (but instead readings from left wing authors by groups of women and men gathered around what passed for the altar), NO formal consecration by the priest (the laity pretended to do it instead), NO recognizably Christian hymns (instead pop tunes from 40 years ago were sung)…….it was a nightmare.

And that is hardly a standout.  The “pastor’s initiatives” in Austria, Switzerland, and now Germany are attempts by aging progressives in the clergy to finally, definitively implement aspects of the revolution in the Church that have not yet been formally implemented.  Things like pretending to ordain women to the priesthood, abolishing the discipline of priestly celibacy, rejection of the plain injunction of Our Savior’s Word – His very own words, from His very mouth! – regarding the sin of adultery committed by those who divorce and remarry, on and on with the whole panoply of unfulfilled progressive dreams to complete the work of transforming the Church into just another demi-pagan anthropocentric feel good society.  I should not have to say, that if acted upon, even the ruined, dying remnants of the Church in these countries would quickly collapse into pointless nothingness.

The Mass below has already generated some scandal.  It appears there was a fundraising Mass (or “Mass) held for a children’s hospital operated by Catholic charities/Caritas.  A noble goal, perhaps, but the implemenation was disastrous.  A circus was mixed in with the Mass, and the Mass was offered not in a proper church but in a dining hall of some kind, with the Blessed Sacrament brought around to the almost entirely elderly participants seated at their tables.  This seems to be a common thing in Germany, the mixing of the sacred and profane with Masses offered at outdoor beer festivals and the like, with people literally going from sucking on a cigarette, or a stein of beer, or from eating a bratwurst one second, and then turning around and receiving Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament the next.  Or, they rather indiscreetly place the Blessed Sacrament in their pocket.

The point being, this kind of thing is far from rare.  We have even seen the hierarchy seem to support such scandalous Masses, with cardinals participating at balloon Masses.  “Highlights” from the Mass below:

Good Heavens…….nothing says solemn glorification of the Lord like having belly dancers at your Mass.  Or mixing in some pagan snake dancing.

This is the fruit of modernism run rampant in the Church. This is the fruit of the philosophy of Hegel, Kant, Heidigger, and so many others which were embraced by the, ahem, Catholic modernists, which unleashed the thinking of Rahner, de Lubac, Alfrink, et. al., on the Church.

The thing is, even aside from the sacrilege and even blasphemy inherent in such celebrations, they are singularly ineffective on both the natural and supernatural levels.  They don’t attract people to the Faith.  They don’t change people’s lives, or put them on a path of salvation.  What they do, is show an exhausted Church turning to desperate tricks in a bid to draw a few people in.  But such efforts are always doomed to fail, as the Church and especially the Mass are not forms of entertainment, and fully secular entertainments will always be a far more attractive alternative for those looking for a secular-type good time.

Such a scandal. It is to weep.

h/t to multiple sources for the video link


1. TG - October 16, 2013

Terrible – and I thought joking during the homily and clapping was bad. I’ll have to watch the video at home – would be ashamed for my Protestant friends to hear this.

2. Dismas - October 16, 2013

Wouldn’t it be neat to sort of drop the whole “who’s in ‘full communion'” blather?

3. RC - October 16, 2013

You beat me to it Dismas! lol
I was gonna say, but they’re in “full communion”

4. Rebecca - October 16, 2013

This terrible mass was’nt in Germany, but in Switzerland. This priest is a Circus-priest and lives in the near of Luzern. He is known to making such masses. His bishop (Basel) says nothing! Horrible!

5. Barry - October 16, 2013


6. Sir Louis - October 16, 2013

I don’t understand why we continue to call these things “Mass.” Homosexual “marriage” is nothing of the sort and we shouldn’t get trapped by our language into implicitly conceding that it is in any relevant sense the same as real marriage. Similarly with these events. We ought not, by using the word “Mass,” allow the idea that it is even relevant to argue about the validity, liceity, and so on of these “happenings.” The other side purports that these are Masses, but we ought to be clear that they are talking nonsense. It is childish even to pretend that these are Masses. I am less exercised about them than I am dismissive.

tantamergo - October 16, 2013

Hey, I did say “Mass.” But I don’t know if it’s valid or not. It’s hard for me to understand how it could be, but if the words were right and the intention was there, maybe. I really don’t know. But I hate to start judging what is a valid Mass or not based on partial video evidence.

7. Hannah - October 16, 2013

I’ll tell you what changes people’s lives.

It’s the Traditional Latin Mass. It’s changed mine.

How you worship says a lot about what you think about God. Look at how these poor souls treat God. There’s a judgment and I shudder to imagine it.

Modernism has destroyed the vineyard for far too long. Just look at the state of the Church and even the Vicar of Christ is saying things couldn’t be better. I wish that were true. When Our Lady triumphs, it will be true, but we have to keep fighting the fight for a while longer.

I weep for you all who have had to live during and after the Council, during the darkest days. I can only imagine the suffering of that time. I wasn’t there. I’m only 16 and I LOVE Holy Mother Church with all I’ve got. We must make reparation for this sacrilege. How much longer will Our Lady hold back the arm of Her Son? How much longer?

Don - October 16, 2013

The Novus Ordo is just as valid as TLM. of course it must be properly said, that is the priest’s duty, not the fault of the Mass. I’m sure that years ago when it was only TLM some priests were slovenly in saying the Mass, and by no means were they all great linguists comprehending all that they were saying. So lumping in that thing above (from Switzerland, or Mars for that matter) as an either or is silly. Many Novus Ordo Masses are well said, where I live they almost always have been, Deo Gratias) Which I know you did not say but what you intimated.

I am glad that you enjoy the TLM and if that is necessary for your faith then that is fine Just making certain we don’t go off into the Novus Ordo isn’t valid. That is my first point.

The second point is not to turn into a narrow minded hater of the Novus Ordo which many in certain communities are. Who consider that they have the whole truth and everyone else is in error.

So please, enjoy the TLM by all means, and pray that more priests will offer it for those who will be helped by hearing it.



Dismas - October 16, 2013

Mmmm….maybe not.

You like butterscotch, I like vanilla?

What if the NOM is intrinsically flawed? After all, it is a de novo creation of a committee headed by a man who had previously been censured and who was subsequently censured as well. Participating on that committee were six public heretics, not even pretending to be Catholic. It was lauded as posing no obstacle to heretics. Its promulgation is at least open to question as is the very real possibility that it flies in the face of a dogmatic council and an anathema pronounced in a papal bull. And we are just getting warmed up here.

Now Catholics, in general, if they understand their Faith, “consider that they have the whole truth and that everyone else is in error.” Does that make Catholics “narrow-minded haters?”

Valid? Maybe. Licit? Maybe not. Destructive? Appears so.

Anticipating that I might be called upon to substantiate some of this, most of which is history readily available to anyone, I’ll just suggest some reading. As to answering the question of validity and liceity, I’m not qualified. As to answering the question of the effect the NOM has had on the Church, res ipsa loquitur.

We are all at different stages of realizing the tremendous damage done to Holy Mother Church by the Novus Ordo Missae.

Dismas - October 16, 2013

Dear Hannah:

How much Grace has been bestowed upon you! Never, ever, take a single step back from this tremendous truth that you possess at such a tender age. You have been given the greatest of all treasures. Your comments are quite edifying and they give us great hope.

tantamergo - October 16, 2013

I must say, young lady, you are incredible. Pray you keep that fire, as I said, you will be sifted when you grow a little older! Perhaps a vocation is in store for you. You certainly seem to have the knowledge and conviction.

Hannah - October 16, 2013

Thank you for the kind words, Dismas and Tantamergo! I am just doing my best to stay faithful to what the Church has always taught, believed and practiced. It’s my duty.

On the topic of the Novus Ordo, I would take a look at this video if you have the time and patience to watch it. It’s a complicated matter for me to get into here.

I will say, the Novus Ordo is a man-centered Liturgy, without a doubt. That should be plainly obvious to any faithful Catholic. We are NOT supposed to make the Liturgy into a community gathering about us and yet that’s what most Catholics are subject to in their parishes.

As Michael Voris’ father says, the difference between the Church before the Council and the Church now is the difference between night and day. I can believe that, even though I wasn’t alive. Hey, even I can see there’s something terribly wrong and many Catholics don’t want to even open their eyes to see it. The difference between the Novus Ordo and the Traditional Latin Mass is the difference between night and day, too. I mean, think about it. The Latin Mass is focused on God and the Priest and people are turned towards God together, whereas that isn’t the care at the Novus Ordo. There’s silence, reverence at the Latin Mass. How often do you see that at the Novus Ordo. People actually dress appropriately at the Latin Mass (Hey, that’s huge! You’d think Catholics would know better than to come to Church dressed like..I’m not going to say, but you’d be scandalized by what I’ve seen). All in all, it’s ALL about God, as it should be.

Not to mention, the Novus Ordo was put together by a bunch of Protestants and a supposed freemason. It’s as Our Lady of Good Success said, freemasonry would ravage the Church. Well, it did and we’re still suffering the consequences. Modernism is still attacking the Church and Satan is firing out his last darts against the Church with the little time he has left. He sure did manage to put an end to Faith little by little. Now, he’s attacking in full force the Papacy and all it stands for, as Fr. Michael Rodriguez said.

Sorry for rambling. Just want to get my thoughts out there to my fellow faithful Catholics. God bless you all.

RC - October 16, 2013

I 100% agree with you about the NO being man centered, I have noticed this since the period when I was converting to the Church, to me there is very little difference between episcopal and lutheran services I used to attend. I went to a parish in Denton a couple of Sunday’s ago and it was like the priest was entertaining the people, making jokes during the homily, walking around the steps of the altar. I’m sure there are good NO Mass’ celebrated, but in my entire time of being Catholic (2 years) I’ve never seen one, so I exclusively attend an Eastern Rite parish now to get away from the shenanigans.
I really have been praying lately as the whether or not I should start attending the SSPX chapel near me, not out of disobedience, but out of preference for the TLM, but I have not been able to make that leap yet. I cannot read the future obviously, but I just feel that in some way the SSPX is going to play a big part in the restoration of the Church, whenever that comes.
I wonder if in the future, us or future Catholics will look back at the society as being the ones who fought against and defeated modernism, like St. Athanasius was in defeating the Arians. After all, “The world woke up and groaned to find itself Arian,” something around 80% of the clergy at the time was Arian, sound familiar . Also, wasn’t St. Athanasius at one point excommunicated, and he was trying to preserve the faith. If I were to say any of these things to the Catholic’s I know, I would be called crazy..bc the Church is “booming” and they love “full and active participation.”Just ramblings and thoughts…

Hannah - October 17, 2013


It’s encouraging to actually hear something good said about the SSPX.

I agree with you, though. The SSPX will play a major part in the restoration.

I love going to the SSPX and I’m not a disobedient Pope-hater or what not. I love the Pope and pray for him.

Today, the SSPX are treating like lepers by people who don’t know what they’re saying. We’lll be thanked one day. One day, Archbishop Lefebvre will be canonized. I have no doubt about that. He saved tradition.

8. John - October 16, 2013

Good grief! What is going on over there?! It actually makes me angry to see things like this, and I find it quite disturbing that the local bishop allows it. Heck, I’m surprised that nobody from Rome comes down on this crap! I’ve never seen a mass that bad, but I know I wouldn’t be able to stay quiet if I ever saw that insult to our Lord. I’d be the first guy to stand up in the back pew yelling at the top of lungs that what they are doing is blasphemous.

A related note, I have an uncle who is a priest over in Denmark and he was *forbidden* to offer the TLM by his bishop. This is a DIRECT violation of Summorum Pontificum, but he needs to be obedient to his bishop. I have fond memories of this man when I was young and living in Denmark as a young child, and it pains me to think of how he and other holy priests are being treated in the Church of Progressive Europe.

After seeing this I must look at something that addresses it nicely, wondering how any priest can do that in good conscience.


9. john - October 16, 2013

I really like to read young folks like Hannah who are ON FIRE regarding their Catholic faith! Hold onto that, Hannah. I wish I had 1% of your zeal when I was in high school. Another proof for lex orandi lex credendi. Remember to share your love and knowledge with others your age, and know you will be persecuted for it. Our Lord promised us this but its worth it. I was your age in the 1990s and there is no doubt that the liturgical abuses in the People’s republic of Massachusetts didnt help my faith. Thanks to pope Benedict, we were graced with the old mass and you guys are the future to ensure your prayers and actions are directed to expose the synthesis of all heresies. Dominus vobiscum!

Hannah - October 16, 2013

Thank you, John!

Please keep me in prayer and I’ll do the same for you. I’m no one special. I’m just a Catholic trying to be faithful to what she has received (borrowing the phrase from Archbishop Lefebre there!). This glorious Catholic Faith of ours is my heritage. It’s yours too and it’s a shame you were deprived of it.

May God bless you and keep the Faith!

RC - October 16, 2013

I agree, I’ll be praying for you that you keep this fire! And I also ask that you please pray for me as well.

Hannah - October 17, 2013

Thank you, RC.

You also shall be in my prayers. God bless you.

10. Don - October 16, 2013

The Novus Ordo is perfectly valid. That priests botch it is their fault, or turn it into what it is not, it is not the NO’s fault. Bad Bishops? Yes.

Again, if you went back 60 years ago do you actually believe all Latin Masses were wonderfully done? Of course they were not. And many priests did not know the words they were saying as they may have ‘known’ the Latin but did not know it. Blaming the NO is silly when what we have are bad seminaries turning out performers rather than actual priests. Where I live this has not been too much of a problem, Deo Gratias.

The clowns doing what they were doing in Switzerland could just as well be doing it in Latin. It isn’t the Latin, it is the priests et al.

RC - October 16, 2013

I also believe the NO is valid, however, I also think that it is extremely theologically deficient compared to the TLM. I feel the same way about the formula used for Last Rites and for funerals as well. Is it valid, yes; is it as beneficial for the soul, I’m not sure. All I know is that I have requested my Last Rites and funeral to be in the Tridentine Form.

Dismas - October 17, 2013

In the end it is not what we like or what we do not like. Leave that to the protestants. Nor is it about “understanding” the words. St. Thomas himself says that great benefit comes from the Mass even when one does not understand Latin.

The whole discussion about “understanding the words” is a Novus Ordo canard. Please do not buy into that. Today most of the folks attending their vernacular Mass “understand the words” but go up and ask them what the Mass is. See how many of them give you the right answer. They may “understand the words” but they do not understand the Mass, and that is reflected in behavior at Mass.

Lex orandi, lex credendi. We believe as we pray. The adulterated, man-made liturgy shares a significant portion of the responsibility for the crisis in the Church. Bad seminaries are an effect, and only secondarily a cause.

All faithful Catholics would benefit from studying all of the details related to how we arrived at this point in the liturgy. From thence proceeds discussion based upon fact.

11. Richard - October 17, 2013

This looks worse than the parish in California that did a “Halloween Mass” several years ago.

I’ve been to a few Life Teen Masses. I don’t mind the music, as long as things like dancing, hand motions, and clapping are eliminated, and the teens do not gather around the altar during the consecration, particularly if the teens are not kneeling during the consecration.

I’ve seen people leave during the middle of a Life Teen Mass, because of things like dancing, hand motions, applause, lack of modesty, standing during the consecration, etc.

Hannah - October 17, 2013

It’s the Life Teen Masses that really disgust me and I AM a teenager.

I went to one once, in my Diocese here, and I was absolutely horrified by the music, the immodesty (don’t ask), the homily, and the rest of it. And THAT is what’s supposed to appeal to me? You gotta’ be kidding me! It’s an insult to Our Lord is what it is.

RC - October 17, 2013

My first Mass was a LifeTeen that I walked in on, I thought it was the (sorry for saying this) cheesiest thing I had ever seen, and it used to be protestant 🙂 As someone who was 22 when this happened, I don’t know any 22 year old male in college who would have taken LifeTeen seriously.
Going to this actually set me conversion back a little.

RC - October 17, 2013

“I” used to be protestant**

12. DJ Katholish - October 17, 2013

well, I wonder what is actually going on, and what this really is. It isn’t at all clear from the vid.

Here is what I have found.

It was a Christmas fundraising event for a Children’s Hospital in Bethlehem. It was held at a circus-themed restaurant (think Medieval Times, but with the circus) in Switzerland near Zurich (this is their website: http://www.circus-restaurant.ch/ )

The priest who celebrated, Canon Paul Rutz seems to be involved in the pro-life movement, at least such that we recently did an event with Human Life International when their traveling icon came through Switzerland. Story here: http://www.fromoceantoocean.org/node/328

The other priest is Fr. Ernst Heller. He is the chaplain for the circus performers, full time. Here is his website: http://www.pfarrerheller.ch/news/ I dare say in that line of work, he has developed a poor liturgical sense, and I suspect he is personally to blame for whatever problems there might be.

I hate to base anything off of that terribly edited video. Though I am of course not saying that anything was kosher that went on.

tantamergo - October 17, 2013

Thank you for the update. This is good information. It’s hard to tell based off one heavily edited video just what’s going on, but I think I would just draw a line and say Mass should probably not be offered in a restaurant, with circus acts taking place at various times, with the consecration being performed so informally, with an irregular (or no) altar, etc. It’s just a grave abuse of the sanctity of the Mass, no matter the intention or the “good” that may come of it.

13. Woody - October 17, 2013

Yes, Don, if you go back 60 years all the Masses were wonderfully done. Did the priests know what they were saying? How ridiculous an assertion! Do you think when I say the rosary in Latin that I don’t know what I’m saying? Did I have to go out and learn how to speak, read, converse in Church Latin to “know” what I am saying? Nope, and I know exactly what I’m saying in English as I say it in Latin. It just takes practice. The only abuse I’ve heard of priests committing 60 years back was when a priest said the Mass “quickly.” An abuse? How “slow” are you suppose to go? I’ve been to NO vernacular Masses said in English in 20 minutes, and that included communion. Was the priest rushing through it? Maybe so but I understood every word he said. And when I go to a TLM and the priest says the Mass in 20 minutes, I know what he said…in English because I can read it in the missal! Point is, you never saw a clown mass during a TLM. But when it comes to the NO mass, you think you’ve seen it all but you haven’t. They just keep coming up with new ways to insult God.

14. Dismas - October 17, 2013

Of course that video was an outlier, as are many that depict a circus-like atmosphere at the “celebration” of this rite.

Many! Did I say, “many?” Yep.

Sure, the NOM can be celebrated with dignity and reverence. I doubt anyone would deny that. The lutheran rite can be celebrated with dignity and reverence. The fact that, in extraordinary circumstances the NOM can be celebrated “properly” does not speak to the question. The fact that the NOM frequently lends itself to this sort of abuse points to the heart of the matter.

Listen to the young lady describe for you how the NOM was crafted. She tells the truth. At some point, for the good of Holy Mother Church, we need to pull our heads out of the sand and stop defending the indefensible. Souls are at stake as is the welfare of the Church. We need to stop fearing to speak plain truth in some sort of effort to be charitable.

There is a rite of Mass that is wedded to the Roman Catholic Church by Tradition and by edict. No impromptu “commission” of unbelievers can change that fact, although they have made a darn good run at it.

For how many years were we lied to? For how many years were we told that the authentic liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church had been abolished? How many other lies followed this one right into the big middle of the Church?

Folks, the only thing that is frowned upon by the vast majority of the hierarchy today is authentic Catholicism. Last I heard we are not to be obsessed by the same Catholic truths that most Catholics are anything but obsessed by and in fact favor. Our Holy Father cannot bring himself to “judge” intrinsic evil, but he can bring himself to judge Franciscans practicing Catholicism.

Lex orandi, lex credendi. If the “priests” in this video, or your parish priest, or your bishop just seems to really not be expressing the same religion that was expressed by the Church a few decades ago or by those who have conserved those beliefs, the most likely explanation is that they do not embrace that same religion. There might not be a whole lot we can do about that, but we can at least start by recognizing it, admitting it, and protecting ourselves and our families from this phenomenon and stop providing them cover for their apostasy.

The emperor is naked, folks, and it serves no good purpose to deny the obvious.

15. Socon or Bust » Rock on, baby - October 17, 2013

[…] The thing is, even aside from the sacrilege and even blasphemy inherent in such celebrations, they are singularly ineffective on both the natural and supernatural levels.  They don’t attract people to the Faith.  They don’t change people’s lives, or put them on a path of salvation.  What they do, is show an exhausted Church turning to desperate tricks in a bid to draw a few people in.  But such efforts are always doomed to fail, as the Church and especially the Mass are not forms of entertainment, and fully secular entertainments will always be a far more attractive alternative for those looking for a secular-type good time. (Source) […]

16. Aloysius Gonzaga - October 18, 2013

WOW. I thought I had seen everything, until I saw the dancing gypsy ladies at 3:00. What bishop in Germany do we have to thank for this sacrilege?

17. WARNING! The following post contains graphic and disturbing images! NSFW! | FideCogitActio : omnis per gratiam - October 18, 2013

[…] HT to this blog for the lead! […]

18. wulfranoruizsainz - October 18, 2013

No wonder we have only a few more years left before The End of the World.

19. John Madison - October 18, 2013

The “mass” in the video is not very different than the many masses celebrated at countless World Youth Days. It’s no wonder that younger Catholics see nothing special in the Sacrifice of the Mass. From popes on down we see nothing but disrespect for the Mass, no sense of the sacred and profane vulgarity. The Church, in my estimation, will not even begin to exit this dark night until the Holy Father himself celebrates the Rite of the Ages at the high altar in St. Peter’s. I’m not holding my breath, especially with the current occupant of the Chair of St. Peter.

20. Dan Crowley - October 21, 2013

Why haven’t these disgusting blasphemes been excommunicated?!

I swear, our church is a joke! In days gone by, these creatures would be dragged out into the streets and beheaded for their most wicked crimes!

Don’t complain about the novus ordo shambles, simply give these scumbags a slap and stop their desecration. Righteous anger is no sin.

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