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Pope Benedict is out and about…… October 17, 2013

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…….and looking rather well.  I wonder if the Pope Emeritus has any regrets?  Strictly a rhetorical question.

Nevertheless, here is Pope Emeritus Benedict greeting the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, and offering some prayers…….:

I think I said at the time he abdicated, if he lives another 5 or 10 years, it’s going to look rather strange.  Not that I don’t wish him a long life, I certainly do especially if that is his desire.  But would continuing on in life for a number of years tend to undercut the stated reasons for abdication, those of failing health and diminished powers?  In the words of my favorite fake British Prime Minister:

Traddy has an outburst on the floor of the US House?-UPDATE! October 17, 2013

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A woman stenographer at the US House of Representatives strode up to the rostrum and proceeded to inform the House that the United States is a divided, failing nation because it was not founded on Jesus Christ (or “God”) as its visible head and that its founding documents were written by freemasons.  Who besides a traditional Catholic would go there?

U.S. Capitol Police told ABC News that the stenographer, who helps keep the record of the proceedings of the House, was interviewed by officers before being transported to a hospital “for evaluation.”

The woman was Dianne Reidy, an official reporter with the Office of the Clerk, two sources told ABC News.

She was not arrested or charged and it remains unknown whether she will keep her job. Since last night, the Office of the Clerk has not responded to inquiries seeking comment.

As members cast their votes Wednesday evening on legislation to end the 16-day government shutdown, Reidy was seen calmly ascending the rostrum before unleashing a verbal tirade at members of Congress.

She was heard shouting “the House is divided,” according to one congressional source. After about 30 seconds, Reidy was pulled off the rostrum by two people from the House chamber security staff.

“He will not be mocked,” the woman said, according to an audio recording of the incident posted online by Public Radio International reporter Todd Zwillich. “This is not one nation under God. It never was.”  [Well, that’s true enough]

“The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under god! It never was. Had it been, it would not have been! The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons!” she added. [Knowing the inevitable claims that I’m crazy, these are not necessarily incoherent ramblings. They are actually something of a reasoned critique.  It’s very similar to Christopher Ferrara’s critique in Liberty: The God that Failed. This nation was founded by freemasons. The Constitution was written by men smitten with enlightenment ideals that were tightly associated with the lodge, especially the European lodge. I think she’s saying that this nation, as it is now known, would not exist had it been founded on Jesus Christ. The Constitution would not have been written by freemasons, but by Christians, etc.  It’s actually kind of interesting]

I’m curious what happens to this woman.  Will we be told she had a little breakdown and, after a period of deprogramming, be “back to normal?” Is she a traddy or another convicted Christian?  Am I nutty for taking this seriously?

h/t reader DDLG

UPDATE:  We get some more data via this piece.  I’d say she’s a devout Christian, not a nut:

This is what I recorded of what she said: “This is not one nation under God. It never was. Had it been, it would not have been – no – it would not have been – the Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons! They go against God. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve two masters. Praise Jesus [recording unclear]. Lord Jesus Christ!”

Representative Joaquin Castro (D., Texas) told reporters shortly afterward that the woman had been working in the House as a stenographer for at least a few months.

“It was very disturbing for the members of Congress,” Castro said.

I’m sure it was very disturbing for Congress, especially the part about Praise Jesus Christ and you cannot serve two masters.

She also apparently also said God will not be mocked.  I think we have a potential internet sensation, here, if they don’t keep her drugged up for 6 months.

Celebrate 25th anniversary of the FSSP October 17, 2013

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Unless you are tightly associated with the SSPX, in which case, you might not!  But I will.  There may be indulgences attached for assisting at Mass tomorrow at an FSSP parish.  Tomorrow, Oct. 18 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, an event which has helped bring the TLM and traditional Catholicism to many souls.  Rorate Caeli has details on the Roman celebrations:

tomorrow, October 18, 2013, Feast of St. Luke, is the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP). The main celebration will be in Rome, in the personal parish under their care, Trinità dei Pellegrini – early in the morning for those in the Americas

LiveMass will be broadcasting that Holy Mass LIVE from Rome, on LiveMass.net and the iMass apps.
The Solemn Mass celebrated by Fr. Berg will be broadcast LIVE on October 18, 2013, at 11:30 AM Rome Time, which will be 5:30 AM Eastern US Time, and 7:30 PM Eastern Australian Time.
Later that day we will broadcast Vespers and Benediction from Rome at 4:30 PM Rome Time, 10:30 AM Eastern US Time, and 12:30 AM (Oct 19) Eastern Australian Time.
If you don’t have the opportunity to assist at the traditional Mass often, this would be a very fine time to check it out in all its glory!  Times not so good for most readers, but I do have some European folks who drop by.
Now, about that long promised bishop……….

We must have great faith that Our Savior will answer our prayers October 17, 2013

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I felt since there has been much to disconcert Catholics in recent days, a reminder via Fr. Nicholas Gihr of Our Savior’s promise never to leave us would be helpful. Good Fr. Gihr makes clear that Christ is waiting to answer our prayers and to favor and bless us in our needs.  We mustn’t ever forget that, no matter how much we may perceive things may be going against what our sensus fidei tells us is right and good. God’s ways are not our ways.  But all will occur according to His Will in the end.  From The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Dogmatically, Liturgically, and AsceticallyExplained, pp. 423-4:

The Church prays with a lively faith in the mediatorship of Jesus and an unshaken confidence in His merits ; as Christ has merited for us all  grace, He has, therefore, secured a favorable answer also to our prayers[That’s not to say every prayer will be answered. I might pray to win the lottery (I don’t), but God may know that winning $100 million would cause me to fall into terrible sin, even lose my marriage or faith.  So, that prayer goes “unanswered,” or, I don’t get the answer I want.  But if we pray for the right things – sanctity, virtue, faith, these WILL be answered, always.]  For Christ’s sake we are favored and blessed by God. Whenever God looks upon the face of His Anointed, in whom He is eternally well pleased, He will through Christ  and for the sake of Christ graciously receive our petitions and graciously hear them, by pouring out upon us His abundant mercies and blessings.

All life of grace and truth in souls proceeds from Christ, the “living foundation-stone” of holy Church.  But Christ not only lives, but He reigns and rules as the “Blessed and the only mighty One, as the King of kings, and the Lord of lords” (i Tim. 6, 15). All power has been given to Him in heaven and on earth : He possesses plenitude of power, to lead men into the kingdom of grace and glory. The Heavenly Father said to Him on the day of His Ascension: “Sit Thou at My right hand, until I make Thy enemies Thy footstool” (Ps. 109, 1-2). After Christ had drunk from the fountain of suffering and humiliation, He raised His head aloft, and He now possesses triumphantly in glory the throne and the kingdom of eternity, He reigns as King of glory, in order to favor and make happy those who are His own, but the enemies of His Church “to rule with a rod of iron and to break in pieces like a potter’s vessel” (Ps. 2, 9).  [That is to say, our Lord is not a cosmic candy dispenser. He is all mercy, but also all justice.]  The greatness of the Lord is a warrant to us of the terror of His judgment, but it is also a guarantee to us of the bounty of His goodness and the fulness of His grace. Hence, as often as we conclude the petitions which we address to the Father of mercies, and the God of all consolation, with the overwhelming expression of our formula, [ahhh, this is an exegesis on the conclusion to many prayers of the Liturgy, Per Eumdum Christum Dominum Nostrum, qui tecum……..that is the “formula”]  we are reminded of the infinite power, the eternal sovereignty and glory of Jesus Christ which He possesses with the Father and the Holy Ghost ; and is not this thought well calculated to raise up our spirits and console us, to strengthen and encourage us, as well as to fill us with humility and holy fear!……

…….Jesus Christ is, moreover, the King of hearts: may His kingdom, the kingdom of grace and love, become daily more firmly established within us ! With the most intimate and the most self-sacrificing love we will give ourselves to Jesus and cling to Him : He is indeed infinitely  amiable and full of love. May Jesus live and reign in our hearts!

————-End Quote————

Gotta love Father Gihr.  A good German!

How did cigarette smoking become a greater sin than sodomy? October 17, 2013

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Or, what happens when the culture detaches itself from reason and the Faith, and makes will to power and radical, feel-good definitions of liberty its basis.

Ed Driscoll notes below that the old sins have been virtually expunged from our society, but that in their place, new sins are being raised up to replace the old.  Today, there are tens of millions of people in the US and Europe who know, KNOW, that intoxicating marijuana use if far, far superior, morally, to smoking a cigarette. Sodomy is far, far more moral than “judgin.”  The collapse of Western Civilization, item # 998,245:

So now there is no such thing as a sexual sin, and we have replaced real sins with other infractions.   There is a rational basis for the opprobrium for smoking, [I disagree, there is no rational basis in the ludicrous bans on smoking that now require smokers to be 25 feet from a building entrance, ludicrously inflated claims regarding “second-hand smoke,” etc.  There is a rational basis in counseling people not to smoke, but not in the hysteria that surrounds the matter now]  but the depth of feeling surely indicates that there is a social craving for rules and bounds, so that we elevate minor infractions to the level formerly reserved for real serious sin. [Indeed.  And I fear very soon, publicly being and acting Christian will be an intolerable offense, because the only moral sins left in the universe are “intolerance” and “judging.”]

But of course there is no longer any such thing as sexual sin.   To the modern cultural mavens, the only sins remaining are hypocrisy and intolerance.   And transgressions against the planet, such as failing to recycle.

Or, as Driscoll notes Dennis Prager observed in 2003:

Decades of lecturing around America and of speaking with parents on my radio show have led me to an incredible conclusion: More American parents would be upset with their teenage children if they smoked a cigarette than if they cheated on a test. [And many would be more upset about smoking than their child fornicating, or certainly abusing themselves….]

How has this come about? This is, after all, an entirely new phenomenon. Almost no member of my generation (those who became teenagers in the 1960s), let alone a member of any previous generation, could ever have imagined that parents would be angrier with their teenage child for smoking than for cheating.

There has been a profound change in American values. In a nutshell, health has overtaken morality. Or, if you prefer, health has become our morality.

I think that’s true. And I think it’s true because people either have no faith, or have that really wishy-washy modern-type faith-i-ness that says all dogs go to Heaven.  So, if there either is no God, and we just die and that’s it, then it’s all about this life. Or, if everyone goes to Heaven, then it’s all about this life.  So, the main point of existence becomes living the funnest, best, most glamorous, thrill-filled, intoxicated, Botoxed, cult of youth life possible.  If you smoke, you have a strong chance of getting addicted, and it could ruin your health, which so many people say is the most important possible aspect of their lives. If you fornicate and are heterosexual, you might get an STD but most of those can be taken care of easily and there is always abortion to deal with any unintended “products of conception.”  Nice and easy. Much safer to fornicate than to smoke, then. I think in my personal experience growing up most of the parents of friends I knew would have made just exactly that calculus.  Especially the Catholic ones.

Note, not a single thought of morality enters in.  Those who either believe in no God, or believe in an entirely anthropocentric vision of a God that would never judge anyone enough as to send them to hell (ok, maybe a few, like Stalin, at most) probably accounts for at least 80% of the American population.  It could be much higher.  I don’t look for that to improve until we can start to get at least a large number of Catholics believing in hell again, and correcting the errors propagated by men like Fr. Robert Barron.  I pray Dr. Martin’s book on the subject is a good, serious start at correcting this error.

This denial of hell is one of the modernist’s greatest coups.  Psychologically, as an argument, it’s brilliant. It’s a great means to bring people over to their side. What is the famous saying……the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was to convince people he doesn’t exist?  Indeed.

People love to hear there is no hell.  It plays to our pride and vanity.  Or if there is one, God certainly wouldn’t damn me.  Maybe my jackace neighbor, but not me, or anyone care about.  So drawn in, subtly, often unknowingly, formerly faithful Catholics gradually accepted more and more of the modernist ethos that flows from this anthropomorphism of God into a tame little creature of our own making that would never do anything so mean, so intolerant, as to judge and damn someone!

This is one of the key errors we have to fight.  And it’s a tough sell, convincing people that there IS a hell, that Dogma can never change and that what the Church once believed, it must always believe.

But it’s a fight we have to engage in.  Quoting Church Fathers, popes, Saints, great theologians, etc., is one means, but I think an even better method is trying to get people to at least consider assisting at the traditional Mass.  There, all the pieces fall into place and Grace really does our work for us.  Nevertheless, I will continue writing on this subject on my blog, hoping to reach more souls.