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Two great entries by Michael Voris October 29, 2013

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any Michael Voris content, but a reader tipped me (thanks, Dismas) to these, and I thought them worth sharing.  The takeaway from the first is something I’ve said many times on this blog – due to God’s Law written on their hearts, constantly tearing at carefully constructed but brittle walls of denial and self-serving perversion – many homosexuals have a powerful urge to see not just toleration or even acceptance of their destructive, amoral actions, but even embrace, trumpeting, and glorification of them, especially from traditional sources of oppostion like the Church.  In short, they will not stop until you are made, as people are today in Canada, either to utterly shut up on the subject, or to constantly reinforce for them how “wonderful,” “good,” and “holy” their lifestyle is:

Next up is an interview with Peter B. Kelly on the modernist crisis in the Church.  Some good points are made, one of which my friend and commenter Steve B has brought up a number of times: one of the main reasons for the crisis in the Church is simple laziness.  Being holy is hard work.  It’s much easier to pretend “all dogs go to heaven,” that God is just all love and sunshine and unicorns, that it’s much easier for women religious to live 2×2 in a luxury condo and watch TV together in bed at night rather than pray the Hours, etc., etc.  Steve B has long maintained that the Church got into crisis long before the Council because the bishops, priests, pastors, and even some laity stopped teaching the “hard” truths of the Faith, that they took the easy road.  I wasn’t there, but there is quite a bit of evidence to support that claim.  There’s much more below:

The main thrust of the interview concerns Kelly’s new book Cleansing Fire, which is a Catholic Parousia novel that also incorporates the 20th century fight against, and ultimate surrender by the Church to, modernism.  Lots of good data, but much of it has been discussed previously on this blog.


Powerful sermon on the crisis afflicting the Church October 29, 2013

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Is the present crisis afflicting the Church – what this amateur student of Church history believes is the gravest, deepest, and most diabolical series of events in the entire history of the Church – a Divine chastisement on the Church for Her unfaithfulness?  Or is it merely the actions of lost and fallen men who have embraced the errors of the world and somehow, through some open window, loosed the smoke of satan in the Church?  My personal view is that the answer is yes, that is both, but the priest in the sermon below presents a strong argument that what the Church is experiencing is a Divine chastisement and thus God’s Will, just as the ancient Hebrews were afflicted with various setbacks and then the final Babylonian devastation of their land, for their unfaithfulness.  This is a sermon very much worth listening to, even though I would counsel that sometimes, to get out of the forest, one does have to mind the trees:


I think the points about focusing on our personal sanctification, and not complaining so much or, God forbid, losing hope and giving up, are very valid, but I do think the priest might have inadvertantly lost sight of the understanding that there are millions upon millions of Catholics out there who have no conception of the crisis presently devastating the Church.  It is easy to get too focused on blaming the hierarchy or the Council or whatever, and turn into a bitter unvirtuous person, but at the same time I have learned that the vast majority of Catholics have no idea that there might be problematic aspects to Pope Y, or Bishop X, or, especially, the most recent Council.  Most Catholics don’t even know the Precepts of the Faith or the works of mercy anymore, how are they going to know which theological currents are dangerous and need opposing, or at least rejection?

As I said, the answer is really both – there have been men, perhaps even of the best will, who have inflicted horrific errors on the Church through various means, errors which have caused the crisis we see.  Those errors must be pointed out and opposed.

But at the same time, I cannot argue with the main conclusion, which is that what the Church needs now more than anything, is Saints.  In point of fact, recent pontiffs have worried about the lack of Saints the Church has produced in the past century or so, and that is partially why we have seen the evaluation process for sanctification so watered down in recent years.  Even with that, there is a dearth of recent Saints.

But perhaps what the Spirit intends, is that great Saints be raised up through Grace and the traditional practice of the Faith.  Nothing would serve to restore the Faith better than several dozen very good, holy, traditional Catholics giving witness to the world.  So, the focus on virtue and personal sanctification is definitely well needed, but at the same time, we must also reach out to our brethren in need and continue to oppose what we know to be the first causes for the crisis.

Your thoughts?

Large group of Franciscans of the Immaculate ask for new religious congregation? October 29, 2013

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I have not seen this reported elsewhere, but, then again, I’ve been completely out of it for a week and a half.  So, maybe take this with a grain of salt, though I’ve never known Mundabor to be incorrect in reporting in the past.

In a nutshell, it appears that a large fraction of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, which order had its founder and superior forcibly removed and its orientation towards the TLM significantly reduced through direct papal intervention (Francis) earlier this year, has appealed to the Holy See for the formation of a new body of religious intentionally focused on the Mass of All Ages and the whole traditional Liturgy.  One bit of extraneous data I did see is that the number of religious Mundabor quotes may be low – it could be well over 200, even closer to 300, which would be about half the FFIs:

Very interesting development in the matter of the FFI.

Apparently……between 150 and 200 friars have asked the Bishop of Rome permission to create a separate congregation, which would be exclusively devoted to the Traditional Mass.  [This is extremely revealing.  The FFIs, and most who entered that body, had little or no experience of the TLM.  But after embracing it in the wake of Summorum Pontificum, the entire order – or nearly so – was transformed by the experience. Now, that is all these many faithful, devout religious souls desire.  They crave the traditional Liturgy.  It is so mystical, transformative.  And they are willing to go to great lengths, even enduring persecution and discomfort, to be able to liberally embrace the whole traditional Liturgy again.  This also shows that whatever permissions are being given for offering the TLM, problems of lack of focus or access remain, or else this request would not have been made.  Also, we need to remember that one of the tiny dissident faction that opposed the focus on the TLM was appointed as the new superior of the order.  Incredible.]

……Here we have a Pope profiting from a small number of opponents to the clearly conservative (also liturgically) character of the organisation to stage a coup and install at its head the leader of the six (six; sei; sechs) dissidents, and what is happening now is the result of another of Francis’ inconsiderate actions. [Whether the number of opponents of Tradition, let us call them dissidents for convenience, is 6 or 10 or 12, it is very small.  All indications are that the vast, vast majority of the FFIs were perfectly fine with the direction the order had taken, wanted it to go further along those lines, felt very edified by the process, and are now heartbroken at the termination of its natural growth.]

The sheer number of those who made the request should prove to the blindest Pollyanna that Francis did not try to (and did not have any need to) “pacify” an organisation torn by “internal strife”. On the contrary: the organisation was and is extremely compact, and Francis used a very small number of troublemakers to subvert the organisation’s spirit.  [Well, the driver behind the move was Cardinal Bras de Aviz of the Congregation for Religous, a very liberal Brazilian.  Braz de Aviz has opposed the traditional Mass and the whole traditional practice of the Faith in the past, and has made some derogatory comments regarding the Society of St. John Marie Vianney in Campos.  Normally, I would say that Pope Francis simply acquiesced in the request of his inferior, but in this case he got directly involved in the repeal of Summorum Pontificum for the FFIs, and made the determination of making this action truly final, limiting any appeals of this situation to himself, which is why the FFIs are now making this appeal directly to the Holy See.]

…Notice, though, what is happening: the Mass Of The Ages is such a beautiful patrimony that once a sound religious order has been allowed to enjoy it, its members will do whatever they can to keep it…….

I will keep watching this.  I think it is very significant.  Somehow or other, a coup was executed against the leadership and mass body of the FFIs by a few disgruntled liberals (liberal being a relative term).  The extent of Pope Francis’ involvement is not clear, save that he made the determination to oust the founder/superior Fr. Manelli, and reserved judgments on this matter for himself alone. We shall see what develops, but we are sure to learn more in the future.

What a martyr looks like October 29, 2013

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Czeslawa Kwoka was a young Polish Catholic girl butchered – along with millions of other Catholics, mostly from Poland – during the reign of the enlightenment-inspired Nazi psychopaths. Nazism, along with communism, is simply the philosophy of enlightenment rationalism taken to its logical, murderous end. But let me not get derailed by the evil philosophy that is rapidly drawing the world towards a new barbarism (or maybe we’re already there).  There is no indication that Miss Kwoka possessed any special virtue.  She is remembered because of the photographs taken of her upon entry into Auschwitz, showing the effects of the beating she had just taken from a German woman who apparently just needed to take out some aggression on somebody that day.

Czesława Kwoka, a 14-year-old Polish Catholic girl (prisoner number 26947) from the small village of Wólka Złojecka is photographed upon her arrival atAuschwitz concentration camp in December 1942. Wilhelm Brasse, an inmate who served as the camp identification photographer, recalled photographing Kwoka:

“She was so young and so terrified. The girl didn’t understand why she was there and she couldn’t understand what was being said to her.

So this woman Kapo took a stick and beat her about the face. This German woman was just taking out her anger on the girl. Such a beautiful young girl, so innocent. She cried but she could do nothing.

Before the photograph was taken, the girl dried her tears and the blood from the cut on her lip. To tell you the truth, I felt as if I was being hit myself but I couldn’t interfere. It would have been fatal for me. You could never say anything.”

Kwoka died in the camp in March of 1943.



Her mother died a month before the girl.  Most prisoners in the Nazi death camps did not last more than a few months, if even that long.  The circumstances of Miss Kwoka’s death are not known.

It is amazing how much liberalism colors our lives, and our view of events.  The Nazi death camps are infamous world wide, supposedly a symbol for right wing hatred and power-mad butchery.  This is completely right but also completely wrong, as the Nazi party was socialist all along and was deliberately constructed along the lines of its greatest, mortal nemesis – the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.  What is even more amazing, is that while virtually everyone with even a rudimentary education around the world today knows of the Nazi death camps, very few know that Stalin’s death camps killed many millions more, and were in operation far longer.  In fact, the GULAG system of state prisons/forced labor camps continued up to the moment of the Soviet Union’s implosion in 1991.  The Soviet economy literally could not function without millions laboring in conditions of slavery and near starvation, which output Solzhentisyn estimated made up to 1/4 to even 1/3 of the total Soviet economic output, especially in terms of hard value assets like the nightmarish gold mines of the Kolyma and the nickel and other rare metal production facilities around Norilsk, where Servant of God Fr. Walter Cizsek suffered.

But because the culture has labeled Nazism “right wing,” and Stalinism was undeniably (even for today’s media) left wing, one is remembered around the world, while the other, equally if not more evil system, is almost totally forgotten in the mass memory.  But there were millions of Czeslawa Kwoka’s in the GULAG, too.  And there is absolutely no denying that the same modernist, rationalist, endarkened philosophy of “liberty, equality, and fraternity” that produced Auschwitz and the GULAG is presently driving our culture to ruin.

That is why, all theology aside (and there are mountains of it), the Church must oppose and set Herself apart from this culture, and not seek (never seek) to reach some accomodation with it.  There are tens of millions of beautiful little Kwoka’s dying every year who never even get the chance to be born.  We have so advanced and industrialized our murder factories that today the murders occur out of site, with absolutely no historical record, and with the remains of the vessels of immortal human souls left to the medical incinerator or, often enough, the trash bin.  Our Blessed Lord knew this world and its prince, and that is why He directed His Church to be in the world but not of it, to remain apart.

Sadly, that is not a direction the Church has carefully observed over the past several decades, and Her influence on the world has suffered dramatically as a result.  We desperately need more Saints.  Saints are the only influence that can turn this rapidly decaying culture around.  So pray!  And perhaps remember Czeslawa Kwoka – and millions like her –  on All Souls Day in your prayers.



First Friday at the Carmelites this Friday! October 29, 2013

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This Friday is also the great Feast of All Saints, a Holy Day of Obligation.  You can satisfy your obligation by assisting at Mass (TLM) with the Carmelites!   There are also TLMs at Mater Dei at 6:45a, 12:10, and 7pm (High Mass).

December dates at the Carmelite Monastery are on the attached flyer. —->>>Allnightcarmelites_NOV2013

First Friday All Night Vigil   Nov. 1/2 Chapel opens at 5:00 PM.  Adoration, Masses (8PM – 3AM – 7AM), Confession before and after the 8:00 PM Mass. Rosaries led by the Cloistered Carmelites. November 1 is All Saints Day, a holy day of obligation.

Carmelite Monastery of the Infant Jesus of Prague and St. Joseph, 600 Flowers Ave., Dallas 75211

Holy Face Devotions and Benediction is this Sunday, Nov. 3- starting at 3:30 PM.  Join us!

Don’t forget to go to Mass also on Saturday for All Souls.  Visit a church, oratory, and/or cemetery and pray for the souls in Purgatory and you can obtain a plenary indulgence for them!  Free a soul from the torments of Purgatory, what an enormous spiritual work of mercy!  If you stay late at the Carmelites, you could easily do so!


Finally back after a looong absence October 29, 2013

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Sorry, folks, I think this latest break is the longest I’ve ever taken in the four year history of this blog.  Even when I go on vacation, I usually try to sneak in a post or two,  but this time I was waaay to busy to do so. But, I had a good reason.  We moved!  We now live about 5 minutes from Mater Dei in Irving.  On the converse, the 5 minute commute to work I’ve enjoyed for the past 15 years is now a 30 minute commute, but I was happy to take one for the team on that front. We’ve gone through most of the excrutiating part of packing up 16 years of living and all the stuff people with numerous habits, interests, and kids tend to acquire (including two storage units) and have gotten a pretty good start at settling into our new home. My wife and daughters are facing the thankless task of cleaning our old house.

I am of course also behind in just about every other aspect of my life, but I hope to get some blogs out today!  I have to say, I feel I’ve worked harder, physically, with this move than I have………..since the last one!  Or at least since we were doing some huge landscaping projects on our old house about 10 years ago.  It’s been a while.  It was actually beneficial, in a sense, I really needed some time to decompress from the stress of selling and buying a house, the job, the status of the Church, our challenging Holy Father, etc., and just focus on something entirely different while getting some heavy exercise in, which I did.  I feel very good today, better than I have in quite some time. It was awesome spending the past 10 days with the kids, actually working together.  That was the best part.

Anyway, I should have some non self-indulgent posts out in a bit.

Dominus vobiscum!