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The false gods in today’s Church November 1, 2013

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Via Fr. Peter Carota, a very thought-provoking post on the idols in today’s Church. I add some emphasis and comments:

Throughout the Old Testament in the Bible, the constant sin, that God punished the Israelites for all the time, was worshiping and sacrificing to false gods.  This theme dominates the whole Old Testament.  [And that was somewhat the point of the sermon I posted on Tuesday.  That we as a Church are being chastised for how unfaithful we have collectively been.[

Since we are still the same human race and under the same propensity to sin (because of Adam and Eve’s sin and concupiscence), we need to see if we are falling into idolatry today as did God’s chosen race did before.

It all started with Descartes when he taught that to prove the existence of God, one needs to begin with the undeniable experience of one’s self.  Then you go from there to prove the rest from your subjective reality.  This put man in the center of the universe rather than God.  [And Cartesian philosophy was derived from protestant private interpretation/judgment]

The French Revolution soon followed and the humanist replace God with man.  The “Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen” proclaimed liberty, equality, the inviolability of property and the right to resist oppression.  Man became the judge over what is good and bad and left God out of the equation.  During the French Revolution, Robespierre placed a prostitute on the altar of the Cathedral of Notre Dame and called her the goddess of reason or liberty.

Since Vatican II, it seems that Catholics have tended to fall into the idolatry of self worship, where man puts all the emphasis on himself rather than God.  Before you get all excited, read and judge for yourself.  I do not think this was necessarily planned out that way, but you can see this tendency in how Catholics view the Sacred liturgy, the Bible, morals and themselves.  [Oh, I think to men like Congar, de Lubac, Rahner, and others, it was certainly planned out that way.  They were trying to execute a revolution in the Church.  There was pushback. Documents were released at an ecumenical council. Did they succeed?]

With the new mass said by the priest facing the people (even though it was not written that way), [that is to say, none of the documents of Vatican II stipulate Mass facing the people. But Bugnini’s Concilium, charged with implementing Sacrosanctum Concilium, and with Pope Paul VI’s direct support, produced regulations that gradually morphed over time into first permitting, then directing, Mass facing the people.]  the people have become more so the center of the mass, and God secondary With the Tridentine Mass where the priest and people face God, God is always adored and there is no danger of focusing on the people.  [I’m not sure there is NO danger, but it is miniscule in comparison]

Every Catholic has his own subjective taste as to what liturgy should be like or what kind of liturgy they like.  This is evident in every parish where there is a youth mass, quiet mass, organ mass, guitar mass, charismatic mass and Spanish mass.  Everyone goes to the mass they like.  And if they do not like a mass, they go somewhere where they find their kind of mass.  It is all self centered.  Does anyone ask God what kind of mass He wants?  [Now that, is a great question.  Is the Mass foremost for us, or for God?]

When I was young and traveled with my parents all over the world, Holy Mass was the same everywhere no matter what country or time of the day and always in the same language (Latin).  Masses were full of large families with children on Sunday all over the world.  Today with our self-adulation masses where everyone goes to the mass they like, we are losing more and more Catholics every day.  [And Catholics have even fewer children than the general population. The data strongly suggest Catholics are more worldly and more secularized than the general population, a far cry from even a few decades ago, when Catholics were still faithful and demonstrably different from the culture around them.]

I was very involved in Life Teen Masses before discovering that the Holy Mass was the Sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary.  I would hear the confessions of these youth and be amazed at how much sin dominated their lives.  I did not see conversions.  Yes, some converted, but most enjoyed the show and stayed the same afterward……..

…..It is not only in the area of liturgy where we can worship ourselves as gods.  As a priest all these years, I have experienced that most Catholics have their own personal belief in what is right and wrong.  When we decide what is right or wrong on our own, we have replace God and become gods.  So when every you decide you do not agree with the Bible or the Church’s teachings over the last 2000 years, you have made yourself god.

—————–End Quote——————-

That last bit is a good definition for what modernism did to the Church – the religion of man worshiping God became that of man worshiping himself as “god.”

Fr. Carota’s analysis certainly matches much of what I’ve read over the last year or two.  He seems to have hit the nail on the head.

It’s also an interesting rebuttal of other claims of “idolatry” we’ve heard of late from certain quarters.

Please keep praying for the Christians of Syria – 45 murdered recently November 1, 2013

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Plus what is described as hundreds of thousands of refugee Christians in Jordan and Lebanon.  Some more bad news from a recent news report:

There were some two million Christians living in Syria at the beginning of the Civil War. At least 450,000 Christians have fled the country since March 2011 because of the war. According to Gregory III. Laham, Patriarch of the Melkites Greek Catholic Church united with Rome, every fourth Christian has been expelled from his home. The violence of the Islamists exaggerating the Christians to flee, the Patriarch of Antioch and the whole East told the BBC.

There is not an exact number of Christians who’ve fled. According to Open Doors there are even many more Syrian Christians on the run. Patriarch Gregory III. Laham still firmly believes that “the Christian community will survive.” As mentioned on an earlier occasion repeated the head of the Melkite that Christians are an important part of Syria for two thousand years. “They will again be an important building block for the country’s reconstruction after the war, and do not need Assad to survive in Syria.” [Now that is an interesting statement. At the beginning of the conflict, anyway, Christians were pretty openly aligned with Assad, because they knew what an islamist government would mean.  But with the islamists now dominating half the country’s area, perhaps the Christians are having to be more circumspect. Or perhaps they have learned that Assad is not really their friend.  He seems happy to kill whomever he has to to remain in power, not that his opponents are any better.]  Words with which the church leader wants to indicate to all warring parties that Christians are not a party in this conflict.

In the Syrian Civil War 115,000 people have so far been killed, mainly civilians, including many Christians. The Christians are a favorite target, especially for the Islamists and al-Qaeda terrorists. The latest example is the attack on the Christian city Sadad. Today, Archbishop Boutros Selwanos Alnemeh, the Metropolitan of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Homs and Hama announced that “perpetrated the greatest massacre of Christians since the outbreak of the war” by the Islamists in Sadad. In the city of “innocent civilians were murdered simply because they are Christians. A total of 45 Christians were killed, including women and children. Most were buried in a mass grave,” said the Archbishop.

And Obama’s foreign policy has been so amateurishly run, he actually sends arms to the radical islamists, arming the very same groups we fight in Afghanistan. His vacillating, ignorant policy has managed to turn off and repel pretty much every country in the Mideast.

Prior to the US getting involved in the Mideast, millions of Christians still lived peaceably in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, etc.  Now, all are under threat and tens of thousands of Christians from the most ancient Christian communities in the world have had to flee for their lives.

Worst president in American history.  He makes Carter look like a Medici.

And as far as “ecumenism” with muslims is concerned, how do you ecumenize with a religion so totally antithetical to ours?  Unless we’re just going to continue apologizing ad infinitum for alleged slights, insults, and outrages Catholics supposedly committed against muslims.  Tell that to the reconquistadores of Spain!

Obamacare makes single men pay for maternity coverage, but not 25 year old women! November 1, 2013

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Yes, you read that right.  Under the rules of Obamacare, pretty much everyone, except those most likely to use it, are required to pay for maternity coverage under Obamacare.  82 year old widows?  Yep, gotta pay for it.  33 year old single males?  Gotta pay for it.  21 year old woman – nope, “free!”  In other words, all others, including faithful Catholics, now get to subsidize the “free” contraception that was such a huge selling point for Obamacare among his voters, and I would imagine abortions, too (I have not confirmed this), while those most likely to use these services don’t have to pay a dime.  Maternity care is one of the numerous “mandated services” that is forcing most people’s insurance plans to be cancelled, making them sign up for the extremely expensive (almost all premiums are increasing 50-300%, to pay for all these extra services AND the huge risk pool added through Obamacare’s diktat that pre-existing conditions be covered).

Reward your friends, punish your enemies – or even innocent bystanders who aren’t “friendly” enough. No wonder the demonrats made abortion and contraception the central pillars of their 2012 presidential election campaign:

One of the things that make a health plan not a health plan under ObamaCare is if it doesn’t include coverage for maternity care. That’s what the president means when he asserts that insurance companies “can’t use . . . the fact that you’re a woman to charge you more.” If you’re a man buying insurance only for yourself, or for yourself and your sons, you have to buy maternity coverage so the ladies can have a price break.

…..it’s not only men who are forced to buy maternity coverage they are physically incapable of using. So are women in the stage of life between childbearing age and Medicare eligibility.

Second, under-30s are exempt. That’s right, the geniuses who wrote ObamaCare are forcing everyone to buy maternity care except the age cohort that includes women at peak fertility.

“If you like your coverage, you can keep your coverage” will go down as one of the biggest political lies ever foisted on the American people.  Bring on the collapse……

Welcome to socialism. I expect we’ll have a national single-payer (and incredibly broken) health care system within 5-10 years, especially since the stupid party can’t seem to do anything but roll over.

With respect to the Church, the US bishops did not oppose Obamacare wholeheartedly.  One of their cherished goals is health care for all, preferably paid for by somebody else, maybe Martians.

There were strong opponents of Obamacare in the US episcopate – Bishops Naumann and Finn were particularly stalwart in opposition.  But overall, the bishops were lukewarm in their approach to Obamacare, while the Catholic bureaucracy was lobbying extremely heavily in favor of it (and more, they wanted to go straight to a socialist single payer system).

The effect was such that so-called pro-life Katholyc dems like Bart Stupak played – once again! – the decisive role in inflicting this disaster upon the unwilling people of the United States.  Obamacare has never enjoyed majority support.  But even though those pro-life dems almost all lost their jobs, Obamacare has kept rolling along.  Wait until the employer mandate kicks in next year – about a year from now, millions more Americans, that near-majority who get their health care coverage through employment at large corporations, start getting their cancellation letters.  I fully expect to get one.  My private employer will probably dump coverage next year.  Then there will be hell to pay, but it will be too late.  Never in the history of this nation has a major social welfare program been rolled back and eliminated.

Obamacare passed by such a narrow margin, even though the demonrats owned both Houses of Congress and the presidency, had the bishops truly mounted a full court press in opposition, I don’t think it would have made it. But there are still many, many bishops in this country who support socialist wealth transfer schemes as one of the greatest possible “goods.”  That was the reason for the half-hearted opposition, even with Obamacare funding abortion and contraception.

I know that’s all sort of old news, but people have a tendency to forget.  We need to remember.

Michael Voris – Fr. Barron is wrong November 1, 2013

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I’ve covered Fr. Barron and his Baltasarian “hope” that none are damned here and here and here.  Michael Voris rightly notes below that our Blessed Lord several times in Sacred Scripture informed us that souls have gone, do go, and will go to hell.  The Church was not given the competency to know which souls those are.  But we can be quite reasonably – I would even say completely – assured by the Word of God Himself in the 2nd Person of the Trinity that souls are damned, and not just rebellious angels.

After watching Michael’s video, and all the great proofs of souls being in hell he provides, how much disbelief does a man like Barron have to have to maintain his “pious hope?”

This pretension of no, or essentially no damnation has enormous implications and effects.  This belief has certainly trickled down to many lay faithful.  It could well be – I only say could because these things are difficult to establish – one of the prime drivers in the collapse in the practice of the Faith.  If All Dogs Go To Heaven, why bother with Mass?  If God is just a groovy godaluv, why do I need to drag myself out of bed on Sunday morning to go to Mass?  Why not stay in and watch the NFL pregame shows?  Why should I pray? Or form my kids in the Faith?  Just for some ethereal connection with God?  But I’m saved, anyway?  No thanks, I’ll watch Fistful of Dollars for the 47th time.

Is that the calculation millions of Catholics and former Catholics have made?  Why on earth would the Church be all hung up on “rules” and “regulations” when everyone, save maybe a few evil right wingers like Hitler (not a right winger) and George W. Bush, is saved?  Shouldn’t we all just be gathered around the campfire singing kumbayah?

Yes, just rhetorical questions. I am solidly convinced that this dimunition of the Dogma of Hell has played a leading role, perhaps the leading role, in the practical collapse of the Faith.  But among the beliefs modernists tried to inculcate the most, disbelief in hell was chief among them.  Unfortunately, outside a few faithful Catholics, they have almost totally succeeded.

As an aside: apparently, at their big debate at the Argument of the Month Club, the issue of Fr. Barron came up.  Not sure how, but when Michael tried to lay out this very cogent argument, apparently Shea zapped him with a one liner about “we don’t have to worry about Fr. Barron.”  So, we now apparently have infallible seminary rectors. Who knew the charism of infallibility extended so far!