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Please keep praying for the Christians of Syria – 45 murdered recently November 1, 2013

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Plus what is described as hundreds of thousands of refugee Christians in Jordan and Lebanon.  Some more bad news from a recent news report:

There were some two million Christians living in Syria at the beginning of the Civil War. At least 450,000 Christians have fled the country since March 2011 because of the war. According to Gregory III. Laham, Patriarch of the Melkites Greek Catholic Church united with Rome, every fourth Christian has been expelled from his home. The violence of the Islamists exaggerating the Christians to flee, the Patriarch of Antioch and the whole East told the BBC.

There is not an exact number of Christians who’ve fled. According to Open Doors there are even many more Syrian Christians on the run. Patriarch Gregory III. Laham still firmly believes that “the Christian community will survive.” As mentioned on an earlier occasion repeated the head of the Melkite that Christians are an important part of Syria for two thousand years. “They will again be an important building block for the country’s reconstruction after the war, and do not need Assad to survive in Syria.” [Now that is an interesting statement. At the beginning of the conflict, anyway, Christians were pretty openly aligned with Assad, because they knew what an islamist government would mean.  But with the islamists now dominating half the country’s area, perhaps the Christians are having to be more circumspect. Or perhaps they have learned that Assad is not really their friend.  He seems happy to kill whomever he has to to remain in power, not that his opponents are any better.]  Words with which the church leader wants to indicate to all warring parties that Christians are not a party in this conflict.

In the Syrian Civil War 115,000 people have so far been killed, mainly civilians, including many Christians. The Christians are a favorite target, especially for the Islamists and al-Qaeda terrorists. The latest example is the attack on the Christian city Sadad. Today, Archbishop Boutros Selwanos Alnemeh, the Metropolitan of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Homs and Hama announced that “perpetrated the greatest massacre of Christians since the outbreak of the war” by the Islamists in Sadad. In the city of “innocent civilians were murdered simply because they are Christians. A total of 45 Christians were killed, including women and children. Most were buried in a mass grave,” said the Archbishop.

And Obama’s foreign policy has been so amateurishly run, he actually sends arms to the radical islamists, arming the very same groups we fight in Afghanistan. His vacillating, ignorant policy has managed to turn off and repel pretty much every country in the Mideast.

Prior to the US getting involved in the Mideast, millions of Christians still lived peaceably in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, etc.  Now, all are under threat and tens of thousands of Christians from the most ancient Christian communities in the world have had to flee for their lives.

Worst president in American history.  He makes Carter look like a Medici.

And as far as “ecumenism” with muslims is concerned, how do you ecumenize with a religion so totally antithetical to ours?  Unless we’re just going to continue apologizing ad infinitum for alleged slights, insults, and outrages Catholics supposedly committed against muslims.  Tell that to the reconquistadores of Spain!


1. Janet Baker - November 1, 2013

Dear Tantumergo, Yes, Muslims are killing us. Does that mean we must align ourselves with secularism in secularism’s war to dominate them, to turn them into commodities as it has done to us? If we, especially the Vatican, would denounce the forces that Islam is fighting–which is not us, the Gallup Poll of a billion Muslims found that Islam respects Christianity in huge majorities, in some Muslim-background countries 90%, even the lowest was 60%–but secularism, capitalism, homosexuality, and for at least many Muslims abortion (Iran is more staunch in fighting abortion in the UN than Rome), they would not be killing us. As it is, we’re stalk horses for secularism throughout the Middle East, just go read the minutes of the Syod on the Middle East from a couple of years back, Rome is urging upon Islam the same deal we made with the devil at Vatican II: shut up on your religion, go indoors, and pretend to be happy. Stop making waves! Get with the program!

Back in the sixties there was a movement in this country for a Catholic confessional state, people around Triumph magazine. It got compromised. It chose to ally with secularism against communism rather than to continue its political push for the Reign of Christ in the US. Do you think that got us one darn thing? I don’t want us to make the same mistake regarding Islam. Yes they’re heretics. Yes they’re killing us. Because we’re standing mute in front of secular lines–because Catholics are among the staunchest military, just as they were in the fight against communism, and everywhere else. We should denounce secularism already! And we should say that where Islam is in the majority, they could have their religious states as long as they permit us to worship in peace, and we will do the same for them in the places where we are in the majority and are working to win our own religious state. Secularism is our common enemy. Religious liberty, the words ought to gag us. We must stop being frontmen for the enemy!

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