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A nice, brief bio of Blessed Karl von Hapsburg November 5, 2013

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The final ruler of a family that at various times ruled half of Europe, Blessed Karl (Charles) von Hapsburg was the very model of a Catholic prince.  Would that we would have more leaders like him, men of true virtue and Christian concern for not only their own citizens, but for the entire world!  Like so many virtuous men in our endlessly unvirtuous times, he was coldly and cruelly treated by the brutal terms imposed by the “victorious” allies (if you count tens of millions more having to die to basically refight the same war 20 years later as victorious) after the war. He was, in a sense, murdered by cold, liberal, anti-Catholic and anti-monarchical neglect, as someone inconvenient to be quietly gotten rid of in a world that didn’t want to be reminded of such things as Christian duty and national societies founded upon the Reign of Christ the King.

But Fr. George Rutler can eulogize the Blessed Karl much better than I can, via Bishop Rene Gracida:

May our two splendid parishes, Holy Innocents in the Garment District and Saint Michael in Hell’s Kitchen (gradually becoming Heaven’s Kitchen), grow ever closer in strengthening their witness to the power of the Resurrection. In these days of the Octave of All Saints, do bear in mind that Karl-I_02countless saints, mostly unknown, have walked through these troubled and challenging streets. Last Monday His Excellency, Dom Teodoro de Faria, Bishop Emeritus of Funchal, on Portugal’s Island of Madeira, celebrated Holy Mass at the altar of the Church of the Holy Innocents. It was in his diocese that Blessed Karl [Charles] von Habsburg, the last emperor of Austria-Hungary, died. With today’s medicine, Blessed Karl [Charles] might well have survived the pneumonia that afflicted him, but instead he died at the age of 34 in penurious exile, a victim of the bigotry of many, including—sad to say—our own country’s Calvinist president, Woodrow Wilson. The novelist Anatole France said, “No one will ever persuade me that the war could not have been ended long ago. The Emperor [Karl] Charles offered peace. There is the only honest man who occupied an important position during the war, but he was not listened to.”

Blessed Charles von Hapsburg, beatified by Pope John Paul II whose father had served under Emperor Charles and who bore the Emperor’s name. Blessed Charles was shocked to inherit the imperial throne, as he was remote in the line of succession. It was the worst time in history, and by the end of the First World War more than half of his fellow countrymen had died in battle. In his brief two years of reign, Charles instituted many reforms of ww_karl_01the army and the nation, even using imperial carriages to transport food and fuel to the poor, modeling himself after the social teachings of Pope Leo XIII.

His love was boundless for his wife, the Empress Zita, whom he told on the day after their glittering wedding, “Now we must help each other to get to Heaven.” His feast day is not on the anniversary of his death or birth, but on the anniversary of their wedding. In cruel exile after the war, he was not allowed firewood, and the family shivered in the cold on the island of Madeira. Before his death, Charles blessed his eighth child, still in the Empress’ womb, young enough legally to be “eliminated” in our present society. The young father was reluctant to let his eldest son Otto, who would be a principal figure in the collapse of European Communism, watch him die, but he did, saying that the son must see how a Christian king goes to God.

The Empress and her eight children removed to various lands, most recently living in Tuxedo Park, New York in our own archdiocese. In Quebec she and the children were so neglected that she had to comb the public park for dandelions to feed the royal family.

We rejoice in the heroism of these saints and pray that, whatever our state in life, we may serve the King of the Universe as they did.

Blessed Karl was a true martyr


Happy Days! 1/3 of Texas abortion mills closed, over 100 babies saved by Texas pro-life law!! November 5, 2013

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God be praised!  This is glorious!  The pro-aborts are in a panic, over a third of mills statewide are closed and hundreds of abortions have been prevented between last Friday and today!  Let us pray this continues!  The pro-aborts have asked the US Supreme Court to issue an injunction, preventing actuation of the Texas law until the final appeals cases are decided (the case before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals is set for January), but for now, the Appeals court temporary ruling remains – the Texas law remains in force until it is overturned at the Appeals or Supreme Court level.  Hundreds or thousands of babies could literally be saved by this:

Abortion providers on Monday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate a lower federal court’s injunction that blocked Texas from implementing strict new abortion rules.

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday lifted a lower court’s injunction, allowing the state to implement two provisions in House Bill 2 that require abortion providers to obtain hospital admitting privileges nearby the facility and follow federal guidelines, rather than a common, evidence-based protocol, when administering drug-induced abortions.  [Hospital admitting privileges are not overly difficult to get.  But if you are a quack doctor whose only real alternatives are peddling painkillers semi-illegally (or totally illegally) or butchering babies, they might be.  What does it say about the quality of these doctors that they can’t even get the barest privileges at local hospitals?  And yet these are the purveyors of “safe, legal, and rare (if rare happens every 3 seconds) abortions?]

The plaintiffs argue that a third of abortion providers in the state have been unable to obtain hospital admitting privileges and that, as a result, more than 100 women had their abortion procedures canceled on Friday and many more are unable to schedule appointments. The Tribune has confirmed that at least nine abortion facilities have stopped performing abortions due to the new law.

If you want to see one of the saddest, most tragic episodes of denial you’ll ever witness, watch this (note, the Texas Tribune is very lefty, so you’ll hardly get a dispassionate look at the issue):

That poor, sad, deluded woman.  She does not know the world of hurt she is about to bring down on herself, and her “fiancee.”

Statistically speaking, most women will develop horrendous guilt and remorse after the murder of their child.  Most relationships that caused the murder to take place terminate in a wave of bitter recriminations.  Even if the relationship survives (and it might, this women appears to have turned the murder into an ideological event), and 5 years from now Marni feels “capable” of having a child at the age of 42, due to the adverse effects of surgical abortion, conceiving may be very difficult. Will she then demand heroic efforts to achieve conception at an advanced age?  Will there then be dozens of embroyos frozen, the fate of which is also to be eventually discarded? Is there not a wicked sense of irony in all this?

I also find some nasty irony in this couple’s complaints that government is “intruding” into a very private matter.  So, do they oppose all the other ways government intrudes into private matters, from telling people what kind of food they can eat to demanding all citizens purchase incredibly expensive and often highly unnecessary health insurance policies, or do they only oppose it when it happens to complicate their sex life? 

You can also see the complete disregard for the rights of the child, which is simply a de-humanized, inconvenient thing to be gotten rid of. 

One other thought – I thought contraception never failed?  I don’t doubt they were using it, but every form of contraception fails, and quite often, over the course of years.

Wow. The banality of evil, indeed.  This couple needs a lot of help.  I pray God touches their hearts, and softens them.  I pray they repent and have true contrition, and become powerful advocates against the murder of children.

Nevertheless, good days. At least until Nov. 12, the Appeals Court injunction will remain in place and abortions will be a lot harder to get in Texas.  Let us pray the Supreme Court chooses to let the Appeals Court decision stand!  Thousands of children could be saved in that case.

Italian priest – post-VII Church a return to the corruption that reigned prior to Trent November 5, 2013

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Wowzer.  That’s an interesting claim, but one that, on the surface, might be shocking to some.  Let’s see what this Don Ariel Levi di Gualdo has to say, via Rorate (I add emphasis and comments):

Catholica – In your last work, you suggest the role of certain Roman dicastries behind the denunciations of many grave scandals. Could you clarify this, above all, in explaining what the lack of seriousness in some Curia services consists of and what the most troubling compromises would imply?
Don Ariel – In this book, I explain that we did have the Second Vatican Council, but, in practice, during the following years, we returned to the period that preceded the Council of Trent, with its corruption and alarming internal struggles for power. After abundant discourses ad nauseum about dialogue, collegiality – for nearly half a century now – new forms of clericalism and authoritarianism have emerged [Having had some experience in dealing with certain parts of Church administration, I can attest to this new clericalism and authoritarianism, which I think is much worse than anything before the Council.  But “liberals” have always used a first recourse to authoritarianism to squash any opposition to their rule, be it secular or ecclesiastic.]  The progressive champions of dialogue and collegiality use aggression and coercion against anyone who thinks outside of the “ religiously correct.” It is always possible to make light of the dogmas of the Faith, to deconstruct them according to an anthropological logic, but woe to those who dare place in doubt the “sacred” and “infallible” character of the magisterium exercised by some theologians imbued by Hegel and the theology of Karl Rahner – thoughts that lead them alongside modernism and heterodoxies of every type: that [type of] man will be banned from this united and powerful “clique” in the Roman Curia as well as from the Pontifical Universities. [Or, they will be brushed aside as “crazy,” “uncharitable,” “judgmental,” “triumphalist,” and/or “restorationist.” Or, they will be told they adhere to an “outdated ecclesiology” – as if the Church’s understanding of Herself can ever change! Again, there is none so utterly intolerant of dissent than a doctrinaire progressive.]
To this we need to add that from the 1970s onwards, there has been the insertion of homosexual ecclesiastics in which the number, by cooptation, [interesting, and disturbing, choice of word. It means people in the hierarchy have been co-opted by the homosexual lobby. Does that mean REALLY coopted, to the point of sharing the same disordered inclinations, or does it simply mean they have been co-opted effectively, through blackmail, concern over scandal, intimidation, etc?  Some hard examples would be really valuable, but that’s the whole point, the entire system is organized to prevent such.]  has increased considerably over the years. Today these constitute a veritable lobby – mafia-style – powerful and ready to destroy whoever stands in their way. Processes in the inversion of values have emerged – good becomes bad, virtue is changed into vice, and vice-versa. They have gone as far as transforming sound doctrine into heterodoxy when one of these ecclesiastics is denounced to the authorities, with proof and testimonies to support it; given that the condemnation of one alone would be enough to place the whole system in danger. [Scary, scary stuff. Doctrine is turned upside down, in practice if not formally, in order to protect and justify those guilty of the worst immoralities, in order to protect and advance ecclesial careers?  Quite a claim.]  We have seen then, in many cases, the innocent punished and marginalized and the culprits of grave moral conduct, protected. [Like Msgr. Ricca, formerly at the Papal guest house cum residence and now head of the Vatican Bank?[  When it was seen opportune to expel someone from the Roman Curia, they were welcomed and protected by bishops in those dioceses where circles of influence have been installed, surrounded prevalently by homosexuals. Once again, corrupt as this system is, it is not possible to act in any other way, since if one culprit is punished, he would vindicate himself by dragging down all of the other members of this mafia: it is necessary therefore, to protect him despite the costs.
The overall impression is that of incoherence in the governing of the Church: this appears to demonstrate the promotion of some prelates.
————-End Quote—————–
Don Ariel then goes on to discuss why Pope Benedict may have been compelled to name as bishops many men who seemed to have widely divergent theological and ecclesiastical views from the Pope.  That is more speculative, and I won’t get into it.
He also notes that the Pope now seems far more powerless than any time in modern memory.  The changes in favor of “collegiality” transferred power not to bishops, but to largely unknown bureaucrats and functionaries, both in the Curia and in the national episcopal conferences. The net effect is that “collegiality” did not “restore” power “taken” from the bishops at Vatican I back to them – it created a whole new structure that has wound up – according to many – dominating both popes and bishops.
I’ll try to post something happy fun fun to change the mood next.

What do you know about Brother Carmelo Cortez? November 5, 2013

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A reader queried me over the weekend about a Filipino Brother Carmelo Cortez and his – it is said – miraculous rose petals. Apparently, Brother Cortez has been given some special Grace by God, so that when he is present and rose petals are distributed, miraculous images of the Crucifixion, or of Our Blessed Mother, or of angels, form on the rose petals.  See the video below. I have to say, even if these images were made by human hands, their clarity and composition would appear to be virtually miraculous in themselves, for being able to impose such an image on something as delicate as a rose petal.  From what is claimed, the rose petals are just handed out, bearing no image, and then the images form over time during prayer?  Some evidence (the images come around halfway through the video):

This video perhaps describes the “process” in action a little more directly:

When it comes to this kind of thing, I have to admit, I am normally rather skeptical.  I have seen a lot of alleged “images” of the Blessed Mother, for instance, that are just so blurry or vague they could be anything.  But these images are very clear. You can really see Joseph and the Child Jesus, or Our Lady, or the Crucifixion.  Those giving testimonies in the videos state they are just regular old rose petals, but through some undefinable action in Brother Cortez’ presence, they reveal amazing images.  From what I gather, the roses are brought by participants, not by Brother Cortez.

But as the priest points out in the first video, and I thank God he did, the REAL miracle that is so beyond our understanding and also the very Font, the Source and Summit of our Faith, resides every day in the Tabernacle – God willing!  That is why the Tabernacle should always have “pride of place” in every church!

Nevertheless, if these miraculous rose petals be real, they are certainly a great testimony to Our Father and Our Savior, giving us these external signs of Their reality, a reality that is in fact much more real than all the stuff we see around us and occupy ourselves with.

I will note there are some sites out there purporting to “debunk” the rose petal images, but I do note that almost all the critical claims were pretty easily refuted by those stating they had eye-witness testimony – that Brother Cortez did not even handle the rose petals personally, they were brought in my random people participating so that Brother Cortez had no means to manipulate them beforehand (perhaps tracing a very light image, which then showed when the petals were immersed in water), that the images appeared suddenly, after prayer, and that they showed absolutely no evidence of an image under close examination before the claimed miracle.

Anyone have any personal experience of Brother Cortez, the rose petals, and the miraculous healings that are supposed to be associated with both?  That is another aspect I completely failed to mention above, participants in these events claim miraculous healings occur, as well.

I will say one thing: I think it is sad the degree to which Catholics often feel ashamed about the mystical, as if we have to be embarrassed about it. We have been indoctrinated, by the culture, to disbelieve such things as “unscientific” and even medieval.  That is a great shame, and it’s had a big impact.  The Church’s claim to authenticity is based on miracles!  Miracles by Christ, the Apostles, Saints, martyrs, etc.  It was the plethora of miracles fired by great faith that caused the conversion of a worldly, pagan empire.  We do a great disservice to God, the Church, and ourselves if we take an overly skeptical attitude towards the miraculous. I am not endorsing or claiming that Brother Cortez’ images are miraculous, only that miracles certainly DO occur, and on a regular basis.  Most are mundane and hidden.  But that doesn’t make them any less real.

Liberal protestantism is even deader than I thought….. November 5, 2013

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……..which is like, mouldering in the ground for decades dead, but, I was wrong. It’s crumpled into dust so that there is no longer even any measurable remain.

What am I on about this time?  A little article reader Dismas sent me, highlighting a lesbian  (“Lesbian” was in the lede. It seems she married a man in 1996.  But she still goes on as lesbian?  Once a lesbian, always a lesbian, even after 17 years of marriage and, of course, 2 kids.  Wait, I thought homosexuals were “born that way,” that their sexuality was the utterly dominant and unchangeable aspect of their personality to which all other aspects, and all of human society, must kneel in quivering obeiscance?) wiccan tattooed potty-mouth as being the savior of the geriatric liberal protestant set.  Even the wiccan seems ashamed at what she’s sunk to for some fat remuneration. The whole thing is so obviously contrived, so obviously carefully calculated to appeal to that very elderly and very sad remnant of liberal protestantism that wants more than anything else in the world to be told they are not only right, but also still somehow, in their sensible shoes and decaffe soy lattes, hip:

Nadia Bolz-Weber bounds into the University United Methodist Church sanctuary like a superhero from Planet Alternative Christian. Her 6-foot-1 frame is plastered with tattoos, her arms are sculpted by competitive weightlifting  [eh. Not so “sculpted.”  If she’s “sculpted,” I’m “ripped.”] and, to show it all off, this pastor is wearing a tight tank top and jeans.

Looking out at the hundreds of people crowded into the pews to hear her present the gospel of Jesus Christ, she sees: Dockers and blazers. Sensible shoes. Grandmothers and soccer moms. Nary a facial piercing.

To Bolz-Weber’s bafflement, this is now her congregation: mainstream America.  [Perhaps not so mainstream.]

These are the people who put her memoir near the top of the New York Times bestseller list the week it came out in September. They are the ones who follow her every tweet and Facebook post by the thousands, and who have made the Lutheran minister a budding star for the liberal Christian set.

And who, as Bolz-Weber has described it in her frequently profane dialect, “are [mess]ing up my weird.” [Yes, weird, in a very conformist way.  This is the “weird” that presently gets the most cultural approbation, especially the sexuality aspect, so it’s all good for this charlatan. Nothing to threaten the wealthy libs who constitute her fans.  Now, try trotting out some hardcore Liguori or Peter Damian for these folks, and see how they react.  All that peace and love will go out the window, in a heartbeat…..]

Bolz-Weber’s appeal is unquestionably part packaging: dramatic back story, cool appearance, super-entertaining delivery. She launched a successful church for disaffected young people and has headlined youth gatherings tens of thousands strong. For a part of American religion that’s been in a long, slow institutional decline, this gives her major credibility. [These same gimmicks have been tried for decades, and they have all, virtually universally, proven not to generate true converts, people who will go to church week after week and support these dying sects over the long term.  What they do is generate a whole bunch of surface-level emotion, which dissipates as fast as it came.  It is not true conversion, and of course it’s not, because it’s based on complete error………]

Her message: Forget what you’ve been told about the golden rule — God doesn’t love you more if you do good things, or if you believe certain things. God, she argues, offers you grace regardless of who you are or what you do[The essence of protestantism. It was Luther who said “sin boldly, but have faith all the more boldly,” completely trashing 1500 years of Christian theology.  But this is what these people soooo want to hear, they want so very much not true conversion, but to be confirmed in their sins, and told they are “good.”]

Christianity, Bolz-Weber preaches, has nothing to do with rules; it is the process of things constantly dying and then being made new[Straight up Hegelian modernism, thesis-antithesis-synthesis.  This is the program the moderThis woman gives quite an education, but not the one she intends. She appears to be a compendium of modern self-serving liberal “Christian” error.  The same error that has left these liberal protestant sects utterly broken and prostrate.  All the tattoos and piercings in the world can’t convert error into Truth.]  Those things, she says, might be the alcoholic who emerges into sobriety, some false narrative we have about ourselves, religious institutions that no longer inspire. [So don’t give your money to your boring old Unitarian church, give it to ME!]

All these articles regarding the great “future” of liberal protestantism are just fantasy.  There is no future. It died a very long time ago, it is just inertia carrying them on now.  Even this great “savior” of liberal protestantism?  Her church attracts a whole 180 people on Sunday, which some local parishes exceed on a Monday morning Mass.

There is no future in error.  Rejecting works as efficacious of Grace is, alongside private interpretation/rejection of authority, the foundational error of protestantism.


Progressives all atwitter – first “female cardinal” to be Pelosi’s BFF? November 5, 2013

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They just can’t contain themselves anymore.  There are so many ifs, maybes, and might be’s built into this article, I can’t believe it was printed by an ostensible “serious” news organiztion.  This is nothing but a puff piece, and an opinion puff piece at that, masquerading as news.  Incredible:

She’s married and a feminist to boot, but Irish theologian Linda Hogan is being  touted as a candidate to become the first female “prince” of the Catholic  Church.

Hogan, 49, has become the subject of widespread speculation that Pope Francis will  someday choose her to break the Holy See’s stained-glass ceiling. [This is just so stupid a comment it’s unworthy of a response.  Yet I’ve seen it dozens of times, from worldlings who are only able to think in terms of money and power.]

The reformist Argentinian Pope, considered liberal on social issues, has made  one of his top goals boosting the role of women in the Church, saying it needs  to develop “a truly deep theology of women.” [He has said that. I’ve seen it.  But the Church already has a “truly deep” theology of women. Or Woman. As if women need a “different” theology from men.  That’s a rather materialist conception right there.  But these people all forget that the greatest pure human to ever live is a woman.  The Church venerates a woman like no other person. The Church has an enormous theology surrounding Her. Our Blessed Mother was, however, denied by the progressives Her own document at Vatican II, due to “ecumenical concerns.”  The bit on Our Lady was appended onto Lumen Gentium.  She was not proclaimed by the Council, formally, Mediatrix of All Graces, again due to progressive opposition.  I would say the “truly deep theology of women” (ever read St. Teresa of Avila?  St. Catherine of Siena?  St. Therese?) already exists, but perhaps the progressives don’t like what it says, because it’s not marxist-feminist power dynamics agitprop.]

Catholic scholar Juan Arias, a former Brazilian priest, was among the first to  say the possibility of a woman cardinal was “not a joke……..”  [That’s it. A disgraced progressive former priest is the only source they have for this inanery. 

…..A Catholic canon law of 1917 restricts the Pope to appointing only ordained men  to cardinals. But Pope Francis has the authority to ignore the law and select  whomever he wants.  [He has the authority to do many things. But that doesn’t mean it would be prudent to do so.  Even Karl Rahner stated it would be sinful – mortally sinful! – for a Pope to abrogate a time honored and venerable Rite of the Mass, but of course, he said that several comfortable years distant from the installation of the Novus Ordo, and we all know progressives only ever look forwards, never back. To do so might reveal to them the wreckage of their actions.]

I really don’t think this is a serious issue, but who knows.  I really don’t think this poor Hogan and Pelosi know each other very well, but whatevs. The whole thing is a progressive day dreaming: