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Progressives all atwitter – first “female cardinal” to be Pelosi’s BFF? November 5, 2013

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They just can’t contain themselves anymore.  There are so many ifs, maybes, and might be’s built into this article, I can’t believe it was printed by an ostensible “serious” news organiztion.  This is nothing but a puff piece, and an opinion puff piece at that, masquerading as news.  Incredible:

She’s married and a feminist to boot, but Irish theologian Linda Hogan is being  touted as a candidate to become the first female “prince” of the Catholic  Church.

Hogan, 49, has become the subject of widespread speculation that Pope Francis will  someday choose her to break the Holy See’s stained-glass ceiling. [This is just so stupid a comment it’s unworthy of a response.  Yet I’ve seen it dozens of times, from worldlings who are only able to think in terms of money and power.]

The reformist Argentinian Pope, considered liberal on social issues, has made  one of his top goals boosting the role of women in the Church, saying it needs  to develop “a truly deep theology of women.” [He has said that. I’ve seen it.  But the Church already has a “truly deep” theology of women. Or Woman. As if women need a “different” theology from men.  That’s a rather materialist conception right there.  But these people all forget that the greatest pure human to ever live is a woman.  The Church venerates a woman like no other person. The Church has an enormous theology surrounding Her. Our Blessed Mother was, however, denied by the progressives Her own document at Vatican II, due to “ecumenical concerns.”  The bit on Our Lady was appended onto Lumen Gentium.  She was not proclaimed by the Council, formally, Mediatrix of All Graces, again due to progressive opposition.  I would say the “truly deep theology of women” (ever read St. Teresa of Avila?  St. Catherine of Siena?  St. Therese?) already exists, but perhaps the progressives don’t like what it says, because it’s not marxist-feminist power dynamics agitprop.]

Catholic scholar Juan Arias, a former Brazilian priest, was among the first to  say the possibility of a woman cardinal was “not a joke……..”  [That’s it. A disgraced progressive former priest is the only source they have for this inanery. 

…..A Catholic canon law of 1917 restricts the Pope to appointing only ordained men  to cardinals. But Pope Francis has the authority to ignore the law and select  whomever he wants.  [He has the authority to do many things. But that doesn’t mean it would be prudent to do so.  Even Karl Rahner stated it would be sinful – mortally sinful! – for a Pope to abrogate a time honored and venerable Rite of the Mass, but of course, he said that several comfortable years distant from the installation of the Novus Ordo, and we all know progressives only ever look forwards, never back. To do so might reveal to them the wreckage of their actions.]

I really don’t think this is a serious issue, but who knows.  I really don’t think this poor Hogan and Pelosi know each other very well, but whatevs. The whole thing is a progressive day dreaming:



1. TG - November 5, 2013

Yeah, who knows. I read someone that a cardinal doesn’t have to be a bishop or priest, something like that.

tantamergo - November 5, 2013

It’s theoretically possible for a woman to become a Cardinal, but it would be counter to 1500 years of Sacred Tradition.

No minor thing, that.

2. pribadiworo - November 6, 2013

With God nothing is impossible

3. John - November 6, 2013

This is embarrasing

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