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CDF: faithful may not participate in Medjugorje confabs November 6, 2013

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I’ll admit, I’ve never been a Medjugorje guy.  There are plenty of fully approved Marian apparitions to get out there and enjoy, especially the greatest of them all, Fatima.

Cardinal Gerhard Muller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has issued a statement to US bishops directing that Medjugorje has not been approved by the local bishops and thus all clergy and faithful are forbidden to participate in all meetings, conferences, or public celebrations during which the Medjugorje phenomenon would “be taken for granted.”  A copy of the letter:


A few things: I saw a commenter at CMR claim that it took the Church 40  years to “approve” Fatima. That’s really not true, it was approved locally very quickly, and for the entire Church some time later. Not sure if that latter process took 40 years, but the local bishop never stated, as with Medjugorje, that the apparitions were NOT supernatural in character.  It is also pretty unprecedented for the Vatican to take the step of saying an apparition under investigation is unworthy of public acclaim.  That indicates a negative response may be forthcoming, as the usual approach is to allow public “celebration” while under investigation, at least to a point. Maybe that point’s been reached, I don’t know.

As I said, I’ve never been a Medjugorje guy, it just never resonated with me.  There are many fully approved apparitions, including tons of ones from the Middle Ages that have been largely forgotten. I’d rather stick with those. I know Medj supporters tend to get pretty vociferous – I’m not claiming any position myself either way, I really haven’t followed it very closely and don’t plan to – so I’m sorry if you feel disappointed, but like all private revelation we really shouldn’t cling to it too tightly.  Cardinal X or even Pope Y may have said he thinks Medjugorje is great, but that really doesn’t mean a thing.

Look, I know the Church has grave problems right now. That may even have a bearing on the Medjugorje findings.  Medj may be inconvenient in a climate of out of control ecumenism and episcopal hucksterism. But don’t let this derail you!  As St. Peter said when ALL but the 12 Disciples left Jesus after the Bread of Life discourse in John chapter 6, “Master, where else shall we go? You have the words of everlasting life!”

Apparently, the recently scheduled events involving some of the seers from Medjugorje have already been cancelled.

If the comments get out of hand, I’ll shut them down for this post.


1. Brad - November 6, 2013

well I so glad the seers don’t have to go through all the stuff of what was going on for so many years. In testing issues. Its would be very painful for them. May they lived in peace. Pope need to have those other private revelations to become hard even facts of divine revelations. So Pope want and us all will know what God want us to do.. Most revelation is about restoring traditional Roman Catholic and the mass of Pope Pius V. But the Pope need prayers to get this stage in the holy path of God’s holy will. Thank you… prayer need on this issues

2. Lorra - November 6, 2013

Hahahaha! You’re a brave man! The adherents to this alleged apparition have antennae that goes up whenever anyone, anywhere, mentions the name.

3. Catholic Glasses - November 6, 2013

Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
Bingo! I have been wanting to see this proof for a long time! Grateful to GOD.

4. Baseballmom - November 7, 2013

Once the seers were disobedient to the local Bishop I lost interest in this apparition. Sadly, so many souls were clinging to this and other so called apparitions because of the sorry state of the Church and Her leaders.

5. Hannah - November 7, 2013

The Vatican is finally doing something about this diabolical nonsense.

I don’t get why people don’t just ignore Medjugorje since the BISHOPS say there’s no supernatural validity. What happen to listening to the Successors of the Apostles for pete’s sake? So what if you had some sort of religious experience there. It doesn’t mean the apparitions are supernatural.

God bless Bishops Vigaro and Muller! Deo Gratias!

BTW, did anyone notice Medjugorje is misspelled in the document? I wonder why??

And funny that Jorge is in Medjugorje. The Pope’s name is Jorge.

6. Marietta - November 7, 2013

Things that pretty quickly turned me off on Medj:
1. According to one seer, the apparition told her that “all religions are pleasing to her “son.” (Well, there go the blood of the martyrs.)
2. The apparition told them that her real birth date is Aug. 4 – and not as the Church celebrates, Sept. 8 – the Nativity of BVM. (So once approved, the Church will have to move the feast to August? I’m sure the Eastern Churches will raise an uproar over this).
3. According to the apparition, the holiest woman in the area is an old Muslim woman. (What? Not even a disciple of the Lord? Give us a break!)
3. The numerous messages are so inane, so shallow – a point even Jesuit Fr. Mitch Pacwa has pointed out. (Authentic words by the Blessed Mother are wiser, more profound, as in the “Magnificat” in the Gospel of Luke. She is the Seat of Wisdom!)
All said, I don’t doubt something or someone is appearing to the seers at Medjugorje. But it ain’t the Blessed Mother, sorry.

tg - November 7, 2013

You state perfectly reasons I don’t believe in Medjugorje (probably misspelling too).

Dismas - November 7, 2013

oooh. good post.

7. Anonymous - November 9, 2013

Pedro Regis of Brazil (approved by local Ordinary)
message stated something along these lines i have been expecting this. “A sad event will happen in Yugoslavia for the faithful. Courage.”

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