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Kind of non sequitur, but what kind of country are we living in? November 6, 2013

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A man was pulled over in rural New Mexico for allegedly failing to come to a full stop at a stop sign outside a local Walmart.  What developed from there is one of the worst travesties of “justice” I’ve ever encountered in my 42 years on this earth.  This isn’t just a nightmare, it’s beyond comprehension that such a thing could occur.  But such is the fruit of the “war on drugs,” over which I am terribly conflicted, having endured the nightmare of drug abuse (but fully legal, prescription ones), but also recognizing that this war has turned civil liberties upside down and many police forces into overly aggressive militarized dens of power-hungry abusiveness.  I don’t like to say that kind of thing about police, but when one realizes that standard police procedure around the country seems to be to shoot any dog they encounter when executing a search warrant, one has to wonder what is going on.

But this story from New Mexico goes far, far beyond anything like shooting a dog. I warn you, this story is graphic and extremely upsetting:

The incident began January 2, 2013 after David Eckert finished shopping at the Wal-Mart in Deming.  According to a federal lawsuit, Eckert didn’t make a complete stop at a stop sign coming out of the parking lot and was immediately stopped by law enforcement.      

Eckert’s attorney, Shannon Kennedy, said in an interview with KOB that after law enforcement asked him to step out of the vehicle, he appeared to be clenching his buttocks.  Law enforcement thought that was probable cause to suspect that Eckert was hiding narcotics in his anal cavity.  While officers detained Eckert, they secured a search warrant from a judge that allowed for an anal cavity search.  

The lawsuit claims that Deming Police tried taking Eckert to an emergency room in Deming, but a doctor there refused to perform the anal cavity search citing it was “unethical.”

But physicians at the Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City agreed to perform the procedure and a few hours later, Eckert was admitted.

While there, Eckert was subjected to repeated and humiliating forced medical procedures.  A review of Eckert’s medical records, which he released to KOB, and details in the lawsuit show the following happened:

1. Eckert’s abdominal area was x-rayed; no narcotics were found.  

2. Doctors then performed an exam of Eckert’s anus with their fingers; no narcotics were found.

3. Doctors performed a second exam of Eckert’s anus with their fingers; no narcotics were found.  

4. Doctors penetrated Eckert’s anus to insert an enema.  Eckert was forced to defecate in front of doctors and police officers.  Eckert watched as doctors searched his stool.  No narcotics were found.

5. Doctors penetrated Eckert’s anus to insert an enema a second time.  Eckert was forced to defecate in front of doctors and police officers.  Eckert watched as doctors searched his stool.  No narcotics were found.

6. Doctors penetrated Eckert’s anus to insert an enema a third time.  Eckert was forced to defecate in front of doctors and police officers.  Eckert watched as doctors searched his stool.  No narcotics were found.

7. Doctors then x-rayed Eckert again; no narcotics were found.  

8. Doctors prepared Eckert for surgery, sedated him, and then performed a colonoscopy where a scope with a camera was inserted into Eckert’s anus, rectum, colon, and large intestines.  No narcotics were found.   [They performed surgery, of a type, without his permission!  Why didn’t they just take his kidneys while they were at it!  I know what happened here – in each step, the cops involved were looking worse and worse, and getting in more and more trouble. They had gone so far, broken so many rules, they HAD to find drugs on this guy. He’s lucky they didn’t plant any on him.  Failure to find drugs would expose them to just what they are about to get – worldwide condemnation, intense investigation, lawsuits which may break them financially forever, and even criminal prosecution.  But since the man was innocent, there were no drugs to find, and they were only heaping condemnation on themselves with these tortuous procedures.]

Throughout this ordeal, Eckert protested and never gave doctors at the Gila Regional Medical Center consent to perform any of these medical procedures.  

But wait! If you think that’s bad, wait until you find out that ALL of the above, which I think under any reasonable measure would count as cruel and unusual punishment, was done without a valid warrant!

There are major concerns about the way the search warrant was carried out.  Kennedy argues that the search warrant was overly broad and lacked probable cause.  But beyond that, the warrant was only valid in Luna County, where Deming is located.  The Gila Regional Medical Center is in Grant County.  That means all of the medical procedures were performed illegally and the doctors who performed the procedures did so with no legal basis and no consent from the patient.  

In addition, even if the search warrant was executed in the correct New Mexico county, the warrant expired at 10 p.m.  Medical records show the prepping for the colonoscopy started at 1 a.m. the following day, three hours after the warrant expired.

“This is like something out of a science fiction film, anal probing by government officials and public employees,” Kennedy said.

To add insult to injury, the hospital where this torture was carried out is trying to charge Mr. Eckert for the unwanted “services” they performed, and are threatening to take him to a collections agency for failure to pay.

I would suspect, in a year or two’s time, Mr. Eckert will be a very, very wealthy man. And rightfully so.  Perhaps mere monetary remuneration is not enough in this case. Perhaps some doctors need to lose their licenses and some police officers their jobs, if not face criminal prosecution.

These are tactics that would have made much of the Gestapo blush.  What is that about “land of the free, home of the brave,” again?

That is a key point Christopher Ferrara argues in his book Liberty: The God That Failed, that we actually have far fewer freedoms, pay much higher taxes, and in general have our lives far more dominated by government under our regime of libertine democracy than any of the peoples living under the old, “tyrannous” monarchies ever did. The US Constitution was ostensibly created to put checks and limits on governmental power, but centuries of liberal interpretation of that document have made a lie out of almost all of its provisions, which, history has shown, were really inadequate to begin with.

Perhaps the Church, in Her wisdom, knew what she was talking about in denouncing liberal democracy founded not upon the Reign of Jesus Christ, but an illusory “consent of the governed,” after all.


1. TG - November 6, 2013

Wow. Made my blood boil reading this. I can’t believe the doctors did the procedures. New Mexico is sounding like Old Mexico. I hope that guy gets millions.

2. JLG - November 6, 2013

They should all be charged with rape. They should be pursued in both a criminal and civil manor.

3. Terry Carroll - November 6, 2013

See today’s Vortex “Not a Christian Nation” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6_zHgELEk0

4. MMC - November 6, 2013

Even if this man had a previous record of drug “muling” (which I have no idea if he ever did or not), that still does not give the police any “right” to search bodily cavities. What ever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”. Good for this man that he is getting the word out about this out of control episode. God bless~

5. DiscipleoftheDumbOx - November 6, 2013

We have arrived at the police state. Did you read about the SWAT team in Arkansas which gunned down a 107 year-old man? I simply do not recognize the Union I grew up in. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/09/08/107-year-old-man-killed-by-swat-team-in-arkansas/

Oh, and don’t forget Waco. If ever there was a watershed moment in these latter days. Regardless of what you thought about Koresh, the feds had no business doing what they did and in the manner in which it was done.

tantamergo - November 6, 2013

Concur. And an 80 year old man in LA was killed a day or two ago when cops busted in his house at 3am on an unwarranted (no search warrant) operation because they thought – THOUGHT – they smelled meth. They claim the guy went for a gun, but he was 80 and half blind, his wife thinks they just gunned him down.


6. Dismas - November 6, 2013

Not sure whether to laugh or pack my bags.

I say “laugh” because you are correct. This guy, after some humiliation and suffering, may have just achieved a neat little immediate annuity.

But…seriously….are you kidding me….

Unfortunately, no.

7. Hannah - November 7, 2013

Poor man. They treat him like an animal!

8. Baseballmom - November 7, 2013

Oh no Hannah! If they treated an animal that way they’d be gone by now…. Oh wait, the vets would refuse to perform such a cruel procedure….

9. rosa - November 7, 2013

I read that this was a hate crime committed by so-called hispanic officers against a so-called white man because they don’t like whitey in their neighborhood. Satan’s minions have succeeded in convincing every knucklehead with a room temp IQ that there is more than one race. Funny thing. The human race includes all of mankind with lots of ethnicities (another word for variety). And all men (meaning: mankind) are created in the image and likeness of God. But truth doesn’t square with science fiction, which is what the knuckleheads with room temp IQs eat up, spood fed by their masters with the Mensa level IQs and of much higher rank in Satan’s army. Darwin called evolution the devil’s gospel. Need I say more?

tantamergo - November 7, 2013

Interesting points. I had not heard the racial aspect. If true, will there be a whitewash, maybe with a quiet payout?

All you said about satan’s efforts to turn us against each other are true.

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11. Michael Minnis - November 13, 2013

Do you know of a good DVD o Catholic Social Teaching?

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