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Russian President Putin to meet with Pope Francis Nov. 25 November 7, 2013

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Putin is certainly a hard man to read. He speaks of the Christian Faith a great deal, but he doesn’t often seem to live it in areas of policy.  He has done a great deal to bolster the position of the Russian Orthodox Church, using close Church-state relations in much the same manner as the Tsars once did.  Putin definitely seems to believe Russia needs a strong, Tsar-like leader, and perhaps they do. Democracy in Russia is nascent, and he may be manipulating election results in his own favor.  He’s also insured major business interests and near-mafia like organizations stay very, very rich.  Socially, he’s been about as conservative a leader as there is on the world stage, at least among developed nations.  That has not been entirely bad, even though it drives Western liberals (which is pretty much everybody) nuts.

Nevertheless, Putin has made meeting Pope Francis a priority, and such will occur on November 25:

President Vladimir Putin will pay a visit to Pope Francis. The audience is set for Monday, the 25th of November. The meeting was strongly desired by the Russian head of state. The diplomats of the Kremlin made inquiries a few weeks ago at the Vatican to include a trip to Rome during Putin’s trip to Italy, which leads him to Trieste. The wish was granted immediately by the Vatican. On the same day, the man in the Kremlin will also pay a courtesy visit to the Italian Head of State, as required by diplomatic convention. But the real destination is Pope Francis.

Putin is not just seeking a photo-op, which would immortalize him next to the head of the Catholic Church. Russia seeks to establish a new network of strategic partnerships for several years. This was exemplified with the rapprochement between the Russian Orthodox and the Catholic Church under Pope Benedict XVI., an approach that is reinforced by the reigning Patriarch of Moscow, Kirill. However, the approach involves not only the Church but also the political level. And reveals that this is not just a purely political question.

In Moscow there is a quest for similarities and potential allies for a counterweight to the United States. A power struggle under very different circumstances. It’s about national interests, geopolitics, and influence. But it is also a dimly recognizable counter-model to the new Western state doctrine of relativism. At this level, Putin calls out to the West. He did this by supporting the opponents of gay marriage in France and by Russia’s refusal to fall under the U.S. Cartel….

…..Syria will only be a topic of discussion to demonstrate similarities. Russia has signaled in the Middle East it is ready to take on the role of protector of the Christians, whom the West seems to be willing to give up on other interests. [The United States, in particular, has never been interested in defending the interests of Christians as such.  Occasionally the US defends Christians as an incidental to other policy, but overall, in foreign lands, the US generally has been neutral to coldly hostile to Christian communities, especially traditional ones.]

……In Russia, there is quite an interest to forge a kind of “Holy Alliance”. Moscow has set aside a lot of the old resentment against the West and its representatives. What seemed unthinkable for the Moscow Patriarch with a Polish Pope, was already possible under a German pope. Then a Pope from Argentina is definitively not in the old East-West logic in which the Catholic Church was seen as part of the North Atlantic Alliance by Russia. This is also why new opportunities of approach are seen in the East…….

Yes, well, possibly. I’m still not convinced that Russia’s interest in Christian communities outside Russia proper has much to do with defending the Faith. I think it may still have much more to do with Russia’s geopolitical interests, especially their interests to develop a counter-balance to the rapidly decaying US hegemony and create a “multi-polar” world with numerous rival nations of more or less similar power, ending the superpower dynamic.  I daresay, Obama’s policies to bankrupt the US and implode US military supremacy are doing more to advance Putin’s agenda than anything Putin himself could do.

But, on the margins, Putin does, even if for selfish purposes, take stands that do fairly often defend traditional Christian interests. His stands against homosexuality in Russia, in particular, were refreshing if only to see the reaction of American and Western European sexular pagans.  It’s nice to know there is one country not completely gone over to the embrace of the worst forms of hedonism. Whether that means Putin and Pope Francis can come to any kind of an accord – that is more than just empty words – remains to be seen.  It could be the start of interesting developments, nonetheless.

On the glory of the cassock….. November 7, 2013

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…..or any religious habit, for that matter.  Some may think the cassock simply an article of clothing, perhaps out of date.  But that is completely missing the point, according to the author quoted below:

Another external sign against which opinion has solidified is the wearing of the cassock – not so much in the church or in visits to the Vatican as in everyday life. The question is not of the most fundamental importance, yet it has great symbolic value………I read in the Paris newspaper this statement from an avant-garde priest: “This is childishness…in France, wearing a recognizable uniform is meaningless, because there is no need to recognize a priest on the street.  Quite the contrary: the cassock or Roman collar creates a barrier…….the priest is a man like anyone else. Of course he is president of the Eucharistic assembly!” [I think a fair translation 2013-tonsure37would be: “identifying visibly as a priest makes those in my avant-garde circle uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable. I don’t want to be recognized as a priest, because the “barriers” that creates serve to undermine the new church I want to see created. A church that sees no essential difference between the lay participants at Mass and those who preside over it.”  Such an impoverished understanding of the priesthood!]

……The habit identifies the cleric or the religious, as a uniform identifies a soldier or a policeman. But with a difference: these latter, in representing the civil order, remain citizens like other people, whereas the priest is supposed to keep his distinctive habit in all phases of his life. In fact, the sacred mark he received at ordination means that he is in the world but not of the world. WE know this from St. John: “You are not of the world; I chose you out of the world (Jn 15:19). His habit should be distinctive and at the same time reflect the spirit of modesty, discretion, and poverty.

Secondly, the priest has the duty to bear witness to Our Lord. “You are My witness….men do not put a lamp under a bushel.” Religion should not be confined to the sacristy – as the powers in the communist countries declared it should be. Christ commanded us to spread Picture 002our faith, to make it visible by a witness which should be seen and understood by all. The witness of the word, which is certainly more essential to the priest than the witness of the cassock, is nevertheless greatly facilitated by the unmistakable sign of the priesthood implicit in the wearing of the soutane.

Separation of Church and state, which is accepted and sometimes considered preferable, has helped the spirit of atheism to penetrate little by little into all the realms of activity, and we must admit that many Catholics and even priests no longer have a very clear idea of the place of the Catholic religion in civil society. Secularism is everywhere [and this was written almost 30 years ago!].

The priest who lives in a society of this type gets the ever increasing impression of being a stranger in this society, an embarrassment, and finally a symbol of a past age, doomed to disappear. His presence is barely tolerated. At least that is the way he sees it. Hence his wish to identity with the secular world, to lose himself in the crowd……..

…In communist countries the first act of the dictators is to forbid the cassock; this is part of a program to stamp out religion. And we thCAERSZHXmust believe the reverse to be true too. The priest who declares his identity by his exterior appearance is a living sermon. The absence of recognizable priests in a larage city is a serious step backward in the preaching of the Gospel. It is a continuation of the wicked work of the Revolution and the Laws of Separation.

It should be added that the cassock keeps the priest out of trouble, for it imposes an attitude on him, it reminds him at every minute of his mission on earth. It protects him from temptations. A priest in a cassock has no identity crisis. As for the faithful, they know what they are dealing with; the cassock is a guarantee of the authenticity of the priesthood.

————-End Quote————-

I should note that the predominate form of clothing worn by American priests today, the black suit with Roman collar, was more or less an American invention.  There were questions back in the 19th century when its wear became common, whether it was appropriate or not, whether it gave sufficient witness to the identity of the priest and his glorious, mystical, supernatural vocation.

I think it interesting, and revealing, that when the popular culture portrays a priest or religious, they almost always put them in a cassock and/or easily discernible habit. Some of the more discerning movie directors, etc., do put them also in the suit and collar, but the cassock and traditional habit predominate in popular presentations on the Church far more than they do in real life. Movie or TV show producers want their audience to be able to quickly identify who and a given character is.  The fact that they choose to visibly identify priests and religious in the traditional manner underscores how people still respond to these traditional identifiers. I think that significant.

But far more significant is the need for priests (and religious) to visibly witness to the Faith they represent. Especially priests, who have such radically supernatural vocation. The cassock for centuries clearly identified this vocation, creating priests as those “set apart” like Paul and Barnabas. I encourage all priests to re-embrace the cassock to the extent that my standing offer remains, to buy any priest who will wear them on a regular basis a set of cassocks (and biretta) necessary for their vocation.  If we see a priest in public wearing the cassock particularly, but even the Roman collar, we should thank them for their witness and the giving of their lives in the service of Holy Mother Church.  That might encourage more priests to give such wonderful witness – even on their day’s off.



Lovely video on new FSSP apostolate in Minneapolis November 7, 2013

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My man Fr. Bauknecht is in there a little bit.  God bless him!

Via The Remnant, a video of Fr. John Berg, Superior General of the FSSP, and others offering a Solemn High Mass in the new FSSP mission parish of All Saints in Minneapolis. Enjoy!

I have heard a rumor that a certain Diocese in Texas (not Dallas or Ft. Worth) is going to request the FSSP to expand there as soon as possible. I believe there is currently a “waiting list” of many dioceses seeking an FSSP mission, but I pray this request is answered soon. Such an apostolate is desperately needed in this particular Diocese, where the faithful have undergone many trials associated with the Traditional Latin Mass.

But Deo Gratias for this new mission in Minneapolis!  And of course it’s easy to follow along at the Traditional Latin Mass, people have been doing so for centuries!  The whole language issue is a chimera!  In fact, there are powerful arguments against the use of the vernacular in the Liturgy, but I’ll forego those for now.

Dominus vobiscum!

Radical homosexual activist – impose mandatory abortion for 30 years November 7, 2013

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To call Dan Savage a radical homosexual propagandist is a massive understatement. Through his very widely read column of “sex advice,” he routinely endorses and attempts to normalize every diabolical form of sexual deviancy you can possibly imagine, and probably a huge amount you, being a good, pious soul, never would.  Unfortunately, back before my conversion, when I was lost in sins of lust, I read Dan Savage’s column. What I was exposed to – what I learned – I can tell you, it makes being a virtuous soul much, much harder.  There is no limit to the depravity human beings will engage in, absent God.  Thank God, I never fell into many of the disgusting kinks Savage gave at least tacit approval to in his column (and these were both opposite-sex and same-sex things), but millions more have, and he tells them how wonderful all that is.

So what would we expect from a man like this, but that he would advocate for the murder of every child “accidentally” conceived over a period of 30 years, in order to control “population growth.”

And the crowd applauded.  We are so beyond lost it’s not even funny.  Really, it’s time to start digging the catacombs, if this is what even a small proportion of people think.

Duty requires me to rebut this insanity.  First of all, the economic effects of such a plan would be so incredibly devastating they are incomprehensible. Already, the world economy in developed countries is in a state of near collapse, and the primary cause is LACK of population growth. Outside the undeveloped world, fertility rates are already so low that there will be negative population growth – that is, shrinkage – in almost every developed country absent mass immigration.  In the US, the native fertility rate has hovered just under the replacement rate for over 40 years.  Low population growth means low productivity increases, which helps explain why wages have been stagnant for the lower 90% of incomes over the past 20 years.  A thirty year period of zero birth would mean complete and total economic collapse.  The fact that this idiot (have mercy) made this proposal, even in an offhand sort of way, shows what an unthinking agendized intellectual dilettante he is.

That doesn’t even get into the moral or social dimensions.  Who would care for the huge group of elderly that would have no follow-on generation? If you wipe out a generation through a period of no births (and has there ever, in the history of the world, been a more totalitarian, murderous proposal than this?!?  This is literally psychotic antisocial personality disorder manifesting itself), who on earth would then have the babies 30 years on?  Yes, those over 30, but there would be mass infertility due to decades of abortion and contraceptive use, so that the resulting population would be in a death spiral from which it never could recover. Morally, I don’t think I even have to say anything but this is the most satanic idea I’ve ever heard, even if somewhat “lighthearted.”

One final thought – in my experience, the more leftist a person is, the more misanthropic they tend to be. Leftists don’t like themselves, so they don’t like other people, either.  This is the fruit of centuries of endarkened rationalist materialist self-serving belief slowly seeping its way into the consciousness of millions.  This idea of ultimate evil is the fruit of hatred of God.

During the French Revolution, many of the chief revolutionaries barfed forth sick fantasies involving their hatred of God. One man even wrote a very popular book which involved human armies storming Heaven and casting God down like satan.  I fear we see much the same mentality on display today. There is a growing proportion people which are not just agnostic or atheistic, they hate God and His believers with a white hot passion.  I’m certainly far from the only one looking around, judging the signs of the times, and feeling a mass persecution in the works.

But such persecutions have always backfired, because the testimony of faith given by even a small number of truly faithful converts millions.  Pray for final perseverance every day of your life!