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Radical homosexual activist – impose mandatory abortion for 30 years November 7, 2013

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To call Dan Savage a radical homosexual propagandist is a massive understatement. Through his very widely read column of “sex advice,” he routinely endorses and attempts to normalize every diabolical form of sexual deviancy you can possibly imagine, and probably a huge amount you, being a good, pious soul, never would.  Unfortunately, back before my conversion, when I was lost in sins of lust, I read Dan Savage’s column. What I was exposed to – what I learned – I can tell you, it makes being a virtuous soul much, much harder.  There is no limit to the depravity human beings will engage in, absent God.  Thank God, I never fell into many of the disgusting kinks Savage gave at least tacit approval to in his column (and these were both opposite-sex and same-sex things), but millions more have, and he tells them how wonderful all that is.

So what would we expect from a man like this, but that he would advocate for the murder of every child “accidentally” conceived over a period of 30 years, in order to control “population growth.”

And the crowd applauded.  We are so beyond lost it’s not even funny.  Really, it’s time to start digging the catacombs, if this is what even a small proportion of people think.

Duty requires me to rebut this insanity.  First of all, the economic effects of such a plan would be so incredibly devastating they are incomprehensible. Already, the world economy in developed countries is in a state of near collapse, and the primary cause is LACK of population growth. Outside the undeveloped world, fertility rates are already so low that there will be negative population growth – that is, shrinkage – in almost every developed country absent mass immigration.  In the US, the native fertility rate has hovered just under the replacement rate for over 40 years.  Low population growth means low productivity increases, which helps explain why wages have been stagnant for the lower 90% of incomes over the past 20 years.  A thirty year period of zero birth would mean complete and total economic collapse.  The fact that this idiot (have mercy) made this proposal, even in an offhand sort of way, shows what an unthinking agendized intellectual dilettante he is.

That doesn’t even get into the moral or social dimensions.  Who would care for the huge group of elderly that would have no follow-on generation? If you wipe out a generation through a period of no births (and has there ever, in the history of the world, been a more totalitarian, murderous proposal than this?!?  This is literally psychotic antisocial personality disorder manifesting itself), who on earth would then have the babies 30 years on?  Yes, those over 30, but there would be mass infertility due to decades of abortion and contraceptive use, so that the resulting population would be in a death spiral from which it never could recover. Morally, I don’t think I even have to say anything but this is the most satanic idea I’ve ever heard, even if somewhat “lighthearted.”

One final thought – in my experience, the more leftist a person is, the more misanthropic they tend to be. Leftists don’t like themselves, so they don’t like other people, either.  This is the fruit of centuries of endarkened rationalist materialist self-serving belief slowly seeping its way into the consciousness of millions.  This idea of ultimate evil is the fruit of hatred of God.

During the French Revolution, many of the chief revolutionaries barfed forth sick fantasies involving their hatred of God. One man even wrote a very popular book which involved human armies storming Heaven and casting God down like satan.  I fear we see much the same mentality on display today. There is a growing proportion people which are not just agnostic or atheistic, they hate God and His believers with a white hot passion.  I’m certainly far from the only one looking around, judging the signs of the times, and feeling a mass persecution in the works.

But such persecutions have always backfired, because the testimony of faith given by even a small number of truly faithful converts millions.  Pray for final perseverance every day of your life!


1. manny - November 7, 2013

She may not be your cup of tea (nor mine), but I think The Anchoress nails this. Savage is tool saying things to get applause lines. The soon to be mayor of New York is a real problem.

2. manny - November 7, 2013

Having said that, the fact that what he said would be considered an ‘applause line’ by anyone anywhere is horrifying.

3. Woody - November 7, 2013

If he, and those like him, are so concerned about population control, I suggest they start with themselves and leave. The sooner the better.

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