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Cardinal Sepe of Naples: “polluters” cannot present for Holy Communion? November 8, 2013

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Wow, this seems really nebulous.  Am I a dangerous polluter, ravaging Gaia, for having six kids?

Polluters may not receive holy communion as they do not enjoy God’s “grace”, the archbishop of Naples, Crescenzio Sepe said on Wednesday.

“Those who pollute are not in the grace of God and can not take communion,” Sepe told journalists. [Wow, does the Cardinal feel the same way about fornicators, blasphemers, indifferentists, homosexuals, etc?  Mind you, the Cardinal has not just made causing environmental pollution (what of moral pollution?) a sin, but a MORTAL sin.  Does that mean polluters go to hell?  I better get to work updating the population of hell.]

His remarks came after cases of the local mafia burying cancer-inducing toxic waste around the city recently made headlines.  [What was the intent?  The motives?  Doesn’t that have a bearing on commission of sin?  Look, in all seriousness, if the intent was to buy 20,000 tons of poly-chlorinated biphenyls and dump them in the public water supply just to kill, that’s one thing. But a blanket statement that “polluters” are in a state of mortal sin is incredibly problematic, and even foolhardy. But current environmental zealout definitions, carbon dioxide is a major pollutant. It’s “destroying the world” via global warming cooling climate change weather. Everyone exhales carbon dioxide with every breath they take. So, everyone is a “polluter.”]

“We need to tell the truth to people about what happened. But we also need to stress the positive action that has already been taken. It’s time for us all to work together and keep freeing our land of poisons,” Sepe said.

He said he had ordered local priests, deacons and lay brothers to be aware of the Church’s role in public ethics. [That’s actually a good thing.  But I pray it goes far beyond worldly, secularist concerns over making this an earthly “paradise” or heightening the environmental consciousness.]

Sepe was speaking on the sidelines of Christian environmentalist group Greenaccord’s annual meeting in Castel dell’Ovo, Naples.

You heard it here, from a Prince of the Church.  Stop driving that car or stop presenting for Holy Communion. And recycle!  And set your thermostat at 68, or go to hell!

Proof of Purgatory…… November 8, 2013

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……via the good Fr. Peter Carota, evidence from the Purgatory Museum at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Sufferage in Rome for the real existence of Purgatory, including lots of things somehow burned by a human hand.  He has divided his coverage into two posts, here and here.

In Rome there is a room that is filled with scientific evidence of Purgatory.  Go see for yourself and believe.  It can be found (a long (but possible) walk from St. Peter’s Basilica) just east of the Palazzo di Guiustizia (Palace of Justice).  The church is along the Tiber River and is called “Chiesa del Sacro Cuore del Suffragio” or in English, the “Church of the Sacred Heart of Suffrage”.  The church is one of the very few neo-Gothic churches in Rome and was finished in 1917.  It’s official name is “Sacro Cuore de Gesu in Prati”.

Below are some individual examples of evidence of Purgatory:

For 11 nights, Joseph Leleux, in Belgium, had been awakened by frightening noises.  On the 12th night, June 21, 1789, his mother Mrs. Leleux appeared to him and burned her hand mark on his night shirt.  She also reproached him for his way of life and implored him to practice his Catholic faith. He was converted and started a pious congregation for the laity.  You can see this bed shirt in the museum.

E048_nightshirt (1)

Another thing contained is the prayer book of George Schitz which bears the fingerprints of his deceased brother Joseph.  This happened on December 31, 1838 in Lorraine, France.  He asked for prayers because he was making expiation in purgatory for his lack of holiness before he died.


On November 1, 1731, the deceased Abbot Panzini (Benedictine Olivetan Order in Mantua Italy) appeared to Mother Isabella Fomari (Poor Clare nun in Todi) as she sat at her work desk. He explained to her that he was suffering in Purgatory.  He then placed his burning hand on the work desk and left his hand mark.  Then he burned a cross on it with his finger.  He also touched the sleeve of her habit.  This burned all the way to her flesh and caused her to bleed on her arm.  Her habit and the blood are not in the museum, but a piece of the wood from her work table is.



———-End Quote———-

I held back some of the best stories, so be sure to visit Fr. Carota’s site.  Very interesting, and a bit chilling!

Urgent pro-life action needed November 8, 2013

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Due to the recent abortion limitation law going into effect last Friday, November 1, which has resulted in the shut down of 30-40% of all abortion mills in Texas, the remaining abatoirs are experiencing unprecedented activity.  Apparently, Routh St. mill on Central Expressway in Dallas is seeing over 60 women a day now.  Pro-life volunteers and sidewalk counselors are urgently needed outside these mills in order to try to stop women from participating in the murder of their own child.

In addition, the White Rose crisis pregnancy center next door has an Adoration Chapel.  They are hoping to get faithful souls there to adore our Blessed Lord and offer reparation for the horrendous sin of mass murder going literally feet away.  They need volunteers to come and offer Adoration all the hours Routh Street baby slaughterhouse is open, 7:30a-3:30p.  White Rose is located at 4313 N. Central Expy in Dallas, 75205.  PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE WHITE ROSE PARKING LOT, THEY NEED THE SPACE FOR WOMEN WHO UNDERGO COUNSELING AND PRE- AND POST-NATAL CARE.  Park on Lee St., Oliver St., or McKinney Ave.

You can sign up for the Adoration here.  God bless you!  I may try to come myself, even though I have ten bazillion things to do around the house.

As a sort of rebuttal to not only abortion but the entire materialist/rationalist/evolutionist conception of humanity, the video below is a 14 minute representation of the miracle of the creation of human life.  It’s very scientifically accurate, but maybe a bit too explicit at the beginning, so be careful.  But as it goes, it’s amazing.  How people have convinced themselves human life just spontaneously, magically developed from sea sludge is beyond me.  The organization and plan is radically apparent, and simple statistical analysis reveals the infinitesimal likelihood of random chance leading to this glorious creation.


Summation of Papal opposition to religious liberty in the 19th century November 8, 2013

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I’ve been reading some works by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre based on some reader recommendations, and I have found much of value.  In what is probably his most important work, They Have Uncrowned Him, Archbishop Lefebvre very helpfully outlines formal doctrinal statements from various popes ranging from Pius VI to Benedict XV, highlighting the most important formal denunciations of liberalism during a century of vehement papal opposition.  I must say, these papal statements, some of which I had a dim understanding of previously, and some of which were entirely new to me, stand in extremely stark contrast to the post-conciliar _pablo_VIapproach of the Church.  To put it bluntly, it seems extremely difficult to reconcile these formal doctrinal statements from numerous popes between the late 18th to the early 20th century, and portions of Vatican II (and even more, the implementation of those portions of Vatican II).

Next week, God willing, I will provide some of the excerpts themselves from the major doctrinal condemnations of generic liberalism, and the popular concept of religious liberty in particular.  For now, an excerpt from Chapter X pp. 78-79, which gives a summation of the three main underlying reasons for these denunciations via Archbishop Lefebvre:

For the moment, here are the true, immediate, and concrete motives for the condemnation of religious liberty by the Popes of the nineteenth century, motives that are always valid, as we can judge: it is absurd, impious, and leads the peoples to religious indifferentism. I take up again the very words of the popes:

Absurd, religious liberty is this, because it grants the same rights to truth and error, to the true religion and to the heretical sects. Now, as Leo XIII says, “Right is a moral faculty; and, as we have said and as cannot be repeated too often, it would be absurd to believe that it belongs naturally and without distinction or discernment to the truth and to a lie, to good and to evil (Encyclical Libertas).  [The more I read of Pope Leo XIII, the more stunned I am that he has no cause of canonization underway]

Blasphemous, religious liberty is also this, because it “concedes to all religions equality under the law” and “puts the holy and Pope Gregory XVIimmaculate Spouse of Christ on the level of the heretical sects and even of Jewish perfidy,” Furthermore it implies “the religious indifferentism of the State,” which is equivalent to being its “atheism:” that which is the legal impiety of societies, the forced apostasy of the nations, the rejection of the social royalty of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the negation of the public law of the Church, its elimination from society or its subjugation to the State.

Finally, it leads the peoples to religious indifference, as the Syllabus declares in condemning proposition 77. This is evident: if now in these times, the conciliar Church and the majority of Catholics are coming to see the ways of salvation in all religions, it is because this venom of indifferentism has been administered to them, in France and elsewhere, by almost two centuries of this diet of religious liberty.

———-End Quote———-

Before anyone gets too excited, no, my quoting Archbishop Lefebvre does not constitute an endorsement of the Society.  Nor do I condemn them.  I have great sympathy for their position, and I think their existence makes the TLM much more available than would be otherwise. But their situation is irregular, and certain problems remain. Nevertheless, the Society in general and Archbishop Lefebvre in particular present insights into the crisis that are vitally important, and thus worthy of dissemination.

In addition, some may say that pointing out the marked difference between pre- and post-conciliar approaches by popes and others on the issues of liberalism in general and religious liberty in particular may cause scandal in some.  That is certainly not my intent.  I feel itleo_xiii absolutely critical to reveal these differences because these are the very factors that are the direct underlying causes of the current crisis in the Church.  I cannot, in conscience, simply bury my head in the sand, focus on my personal sanctity, and pretend these matters of critical import do not exist.

I cannot do so, because it is the promotion of errors, real and potential, that is currently leading so many souls to perdition.  If this blog can help lead a few people, or even one, out of the acceptance of error and into an embrace of Truth, it will have accomplished its purpose. I have good evidence it has done so, and for more than a few.  Numerous people have approached me over the last several years, seeking to understand why the Church today seems so wounded, why action so rarely lives up to rhetoric, or why the focus of so many priests, prelates, and laity seems so off from what their sensus fidei tells them it should be. These souls, many of which are profoundly troubled by what they perceive, have a right to understand how and why the present crisis has developed, and how it might be resolved.

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” (Jn 8:32) The Church has always believed and counseled that we have a solemn duty to form ourselves in the Faith.  Given that the crisis afflicting the Church is so massive and all-encompassing, it is veritably impossible not to address it in some form or fashion. And I will continue to do so, as I have always believed more knowledge is better than blissful ignorance. I pray some of you find my efforts useful.



Non sequitur for Codgitator November 8, 2013

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Someone named Codgitator liked the blog recently. They had as their avatar a photo of my favorite non-human movie character of all time, the Heuristically-programmed ALgorithmic computer model 9000, or HAL 9000.  I just had to post a few videos:

After HAL murdered 4 members of the crew of USS Discovery XD-1, he was de-activated by mission commander Dr. Dave Bowman:

There has still never been a fiction movie (thus, I’m throwing out Apollo 13) that has come even close to so accurately representing a future space environment.  I don’t love 2001: a space odyssey for the story, or the vision of man “evolving,” and certainly not for its religious message – I love it because it still shows a potential future progress of man in space, even if that progress, which looked so inevitable in 1965, is today, almost 50 years later, an even more distant dream than anyone back then could have imagined.  I love it for the engineering details, even if a few were gotten wrong (the Discovery was supposed to have massive fuel tanks and large radiators to dump excess heat from its nuclear reactor into space, but Kubrick for various reasons deleted those for aesthetic reasons).

There is enough good in it that it remains my favorite movie of all time, over 30 years after first seeing it.

Early model of Discovery One with fuel tanks and radiator "fins" for reactor cooling

Early model of Discovery One with fuel tanks and radiator “fins” for reactor cooling