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Non sequitur for Codgitator November 8, 2013

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, fun, non squitur, silliness, Society.

Someone named Codgitator liked the blog recently. They had as their avatar a photo of my favorite non-human movie character of all time, the Heuristically-programmed ALgorithmic computer model 9000, or HAL 9000.  I just had to post a few videos:

After HAL murdered 4 members of the crew of USS Discovery XD-1, he was de-activated by mission commander Dr. Dave Bowman:

There has still never been a fiction movie (thus, I’m throwing out Apollo 13) that has come even close to so accurately representing a future space environment.  I don’t love 2001: a space odyssey for the story, or the vision of man “evolving,” and certainly not for its religious message – I love it because it still shows a potential future progress of man in space, even if that progress, which looked so inevitable in 1965, is today, almost 50 years later, an even more distant dream than anyone back then could have imagined.  I love it for the engineering details, even if a few were gotten wrong (the Discovery was supposed to have massive fuel tanks and large radiators to dump excess heat from its nuclear reactor into space, but Kubrick for various reasons deleted those for aesthetic reasons).

There is enough good in it that it remains my favorite movie of all time, over 30 years after first seeing it.

Early model of Discovery One with fuel tanks and radiator "fins" for reactor cooling

Early model of Discovery One with fuel tanks and radiator “fins” for reactor cooling


1. Janet - November 8, 2013

Why, Tantumergo, perhaps my ‘Run,’ soon to be available, will live up to your expectations! I only have three chapters to go!

tantamergo - November 8, 2013

Please do send me a copy. I’d like to read it.

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