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Proof of Purgatory…… November 8, 2013

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……via the good Fr. Peter Carota, evidence from the Purgatory Museum at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Sufferage in Rome for the real existence of Purgatory, including lots of things somehow burned by a human hand.  He has divided his coverage into two posts, here and here.

In Rome there is a room that is filled with scientific evidence of Purgatory.  Go see for yourself and believe.  It can be found (a long (but possible) walk from St. Peter’s Basilica) just east of the Palazzo di Guiustizia (Palace of Justice).  The church is along the Tiber River and is called “Chiesa del Sacro Cuore del Suffragio” or in English, the “Church of the Sacred Heart of Suffrage”.  The church is one of the very few neo-Gothic churches in Rome and was finished in 1917.  It’s official name is “Sacro Cuore de Gesu in Prati”.

Below are some individual examples of evidence of Purgatory:

For 11 nights, Joseph Leleux, in Belgium, had been awakened by frightening noises.  On the 12th night, June 21, 1789, his mother Mrs. Leleux appeared to him and burned her hand mark on his night shirt.  She also reproached him for his way of life and implored him to practice his Catholic faith. He was converted and started a pious congregation for the laity.  You can see this bed shirt in the museum.

E048_nightshirt (1)

Another thing contained is the prayer book of George Schitz which bears the fingerprints of his deceased brother Joseph.  This happened on December 31, 1838 in Lorraine, France.  He asked for prayers because he was making expiation in purgatory for his lack of holiness before he died.


On November 1, 1731, the deceased Abbot Panzini (Benedictine Olivetan Order in Mantua Italy) appeared to Mother Isabella Fomari (Poor Clare nun in Todi) as she sat at her work desk. He explained to her that he was suffering in Purgatory.  He then placed his burning hand on the work desk and left his hand mark.  Then he burned a cross on it with his finger.  He also touched the sleeve of her habit.  This burned all the way to her flesh and caused her to bleed on her arm.  Her habit and the blood are not in the museum, but a piece of the wood from her work table is.



———-End Quote———-

I held back some of the best stories, so be sure to visit Fr. Carota’s site.  Very interesting, and a bit chilling!


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