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Urgent pro-life action needed November 8, 2013

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Due to the recent abortion limitation law going into effect last Friday, November 1, which has resulted in the shut down of 30-40% of all abortion mills in Texas, the remaining abatoirs are experiencing unprecedented activity.  Apparently, Routh St. mill on Central Expressway in Dallas is seeing over 60 women a day now.  Pro-life volunteers and sidewalk counselors are urgently needed outside these mills in order to try to stop women from participating in the murder of their own child.

In addition, the White Rose crisis pregnancy center next door has an Adoration Chapel.  They are hoping to get faithful souls there to adore our Blessed Lord and offer reparation for the horrendous sin of mass murder going literally feet away.  They need volunteers to come and offer Adoration all the hours Routh Street baby slaughterhouse is open, 7:30a-3:30p.  White Rose is located at 4313 N. Central Expy in Dallas, 75205.  PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE WHITE ROSE PARKING LOT, THEY NEED THE SPACE FOR WOMEN WHO UNDERGO COUNSELING AND PRE- AND POST-NATAL CARE.  Park on Lee St., Oliver St., or McKinney Ave.

You can sign up for the Adoration here.  God bless you!  I may try to come myself, even though I have ten bazillion things to do around the house.

As a sort of rebuttal to not only abortion but the entire materialist/rationalist/evolutionist conception of humanity, the video below is a 14 minute representation of the miracle of the creation of human life.  It’s very scientifically accurate, but maybe a bit too explicit at the beginning, so be careful.  But as it goes, it’s amazing.  How people have convinced themselves human life just spontaneously, magically developed from sea sludge is beyond me.  The organization and plan is radically apparent, and simple statistical analysis reveals the infinitesimal likelihood of random chance leading to this glorious creation.


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