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It’s amazing what a little Catholicism can do…. November 11, 2013

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……I saw this story at Tancred’s about the Mayor of Fontgombault in France refusing to perform weddings between people of the same sex.  Fontgombault is also, of course, the location of a famous and traditional Benedictine Abbey.  Coincidence?  I think not. Even if the mayor himself is not a faithful Catholic, we can be assured that the presence of all those who are, and especially the Benedictines, pour such torrents of Grace into the area that there is a carryover effect into so much of what goes on in the vicinity:

In France the mayor wrote a letter to the citizens of his town in which he told them: “I can not believe in gay marriage. Should I be forced, I am resigning.” The community is Fontgombault. There is a world-famous Benedictine abbey, which maintains the traditional rite of the Catholic Church and is bound to tradition.

In late spring, the socialist parliamentary majority decided for the legalization of “gay marriage” despite massive resistance from a broad civil rights movement. Since then, the mayors of France are under pressure. If a gay couple wants to get married, they have to make a fundamental decision. To break any resistance, the government of President Hollande has issued corresponding penalties for the same. Should a mayor refuse to honor a sodomite couple, it threatens him not only impeachment and a fine of 75,000 euros but even five years in prison[I’m sure we’ll have similar in this country before long. And thus, how “liberalism” works.  Yes, we have so very many liberties, until our government decides to take some away, or prescribe others that are gravely offensive to the moral order.  Then, opposition is crushed, must be crushed, with ruthless efficiency.  Socialism may be a more extreme, or “pure” form of liberalism than what we currently have in the (though we are well on our way…….), but the same basic principles are in operation here.  BTW, did you know that three other people have come forward to claim they have been anally raped in fruitless LEO searches for drugs?]

Jacques Tissier, the Catholic mayor of Fontgombault has made his decision. He wants to withdraw: “There is a natural law that stands above the laws of man.” The decision of the mayor is shared by the entire council. Municipal Government and council want to resign, should the community be forced to have to perform a “marriage” of two homosexuals. A similar decision has been taken by the entire council on this last 24th of October.

Since the legislature has expressly denied the mayors of the freedom of conscience, there are only two options: either to be dismissed and face a fine or go to jail………

…..Tissier, has been the mayor of Fontgombault since 1977, hit the headlines in 2010. After the earthquake in Haiti, he asked the council to pray the Our Father and a Hail Mary with him before the meeting for the victims of the earthquake. In the country where for over 100 years, the secularism is the official state doctrine, it was an outrageous affront. [God bless him. Sounds like being near Fontgombault has done some good!  We should applaud and pray for those willing to suffer for the Faith like this!  There will be many more martyrs soon!]

Church opponents and proponents of “gay marriage” already called to the fact that gay couples are moving especially to Fontgombault and there are to force the mayor and the council to resign by the requirement of “marriage”.  [That is how the enemies of the Faith work.  They do all they can to crush the faithful, to make them suffer and pay for their faith, both to try to break them and as a warning to others.  That is why popes spoke of enemies of the Faith for so long, especially during the period of 1780-1940 when liberalism was so strongly opposed by popes. But now, the Church just wants to be everyone’s friends, the Church has no enemies.  Her enemies surely appreciate how She has laid down her arms and destroyed her defenses.]

Gird your loins and get prayed up.  Rough times ahead for all, I fear.


1. Baseballmom - November 12, 2013

Oh, the Church of Nice has enemies…. Look in the mirror…. And sadly, the Institutional Church IS the Church of Nice….

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