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The Church has got to stand stronger against the nightmarish scourge of porn November 12, 2013

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Pornography is one of the most widespread and corrosive sins destroying the tattered fabric of our culture today.  Pornography is such an incredible evil, but decades of slow acceptance and now its universal and almost totally private availability over the internet has made it a huge factor in the lives of a large majority of people.  This porn use, which so depraves a soul its effects can hardly be reckoned, is responsible for widespread acceptance of formerly totally unacceptable behaviors, such as public glorification of sodomy, serial divorce or shacking up among the famous, and the collapse of marriage as the bedrock institution of society.

With all that, one would think that the Church would be taking a very public, very outspoken stand against this incredibly pervasive evil.  Instead, we hear crickets. Even more than contraceptive use, porn use and the accompanying self-abuse seem to be topics that the vast majority of priests simply will never, ever discuss. Even in the confessional, many priests try to downplay the seriousness of this moral cancer rapidly destroying the few remaining threads in the fabric of Christian culture.  What is even more amazing, while more and more people seem to find no problem at all in the government increasingly insinuating itself into more and more personal aspects of their lives, as Patrick Archbold notes below, sex seems to be the one area that government, especially when run by democrats, has no interest in setting reasonable limits.

But that’s always been the great liberal tradeoff – give me unlimited license for sexual gratification, and I’ll give you, Mr. Government, total control over every other aspect of my life.  That was the creeping mode of joyfully willed totalitarianism that Aldous Huxley foresaw in Brave New World.

Pat Archbold looks at some things that could be done to help stop porn from completing the corrosion of personal morality:

I believe the omnipresent porn industry, which in many ways is being mainstreamed today, [it’s way beyond being mainstreamed, it is mainstream. It’s as American as apple pie, which hardly anyone bakes anymore.]  is one of the most destructive forces in our culture. It is a destroyer of souls, a destroyer of relationships, and destroyer of lives.  To not recognize these facts requires copious amounts of willful blindness or an Ivy league education. (See department of redundancy department.)

More must be done from top to bottom to end the scourge of pornography.  This does not begin with law, but it should end there.  The production of pornography is prostitution, plain and simple.  The presence of digital video and voyeurs with credit cards does not change that fact.  It makes it worse.

But law comes last, when a society has recognized and evil and called it by name.  Law can only come after preachers of every denomination have preached on its evils relentlessly for a generation. [But since the Catholic Church is the only Church instituted by Christ for the proclamation of the Truth in Faith and Morals, it should and must take the lead role. There was a time when a bishop would take it as a crisis of the first order that a porn shop or strip club had opened in his town. A good bishop, a bishop in the mode of St. Charles Borromeo, would have galvanized his priests and laity to protest and shut the place down.  Such things used to happen on a regular basis. But now, here in Dallas, recognized around the country as Strip-town USA, we’ve never heard a single call to fight against these places. If I had more time, I would picket outside the joints along 35, which are such an eyesore and such an occasion of sin for so many.  But I know I would be alone.]  Pornography and related industries need to be targeted by every legal means in order to disrupt their business and make it increasingly difficult to operate. [I agree.  Instead, we have meekly caved, throwing up our hands and pretending there is nothing we can do.]

And last but not least, the purveyors and yes maybe even the consumers of porn need to be exposed and shunned at all levels of society. [I totally agree. There was a time when a man caught with one of those little brown bags, or coming out a strip club, would be disgraced.  That was not a bad thing.  Now, even women are lost in this stuff in their millions.  When will it stop?]  Let’s have everyone look at the producers and consumers of porn the same way we look at somebody who lights up a cigarette in a restaurant. [Which shows how sick and upside down our culture is.  More people freak out about someone smoking – not a sin, necessarily – or drinking a soda than they do about someone producing porn.  We’ve turned non-sins into sins in order to replace our apathy towards the real ones.  That’s the sign of a messed up culture.]  Then we will be getting there.

We also need to give the porn industry the Upton Sinclair treatment and expose its disgusting underbelly. [It’s been tried. There are lots of expose’s out there. But hardly anybody cares.]

All these things combined may begin to make a difference, make people understand what they are contributing to, make them understand it is not a victimless sin, make them understand that it indeed is sin. We must try, souls and society are at stake.

I totally agree.  This is a scourge that is wrecking lives and marriages in their millions.  It is corrupting young souls.  It gives the darkest forces free reign in people’s lives, leading them deeper and deeper into unimaginable depravities. I would never give a teen a private computer or smart phone, at least not without a filter and reporting software that goes straight to mom’s e-mail. But kids are getting exposed to this filth at younger and younger ages.

Let us pray that we get some direction and leadership to oppose this nightmare.  It’s so very, very sad.

Pray and offer support for the suffering Catholics in the Philippines November 12, 2013

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I’m so glad Michael did this. I have been meaning to do a post on the suffering souls in the Philippines, but now here is an even better reason to do so. If you want to help those in the Philippines afflicted by the typhoon in a material way, you can do so through two ChurchMilitant recommended charities:



Video below provides a few more details. And if you would, in your charity, say some prayers for those suffering in the Philippines and for the Church there, which is falling somewhat into the same crises that have stricken the Church in the West.  And as Michael notes below, Western aid agencies will use monies intended to help recover from this disaster as a means to force the Philippine state to embrace even more grave western immoralities, like the legalization of abortion and sodomy.  They have already gotten it to embrace contraception.  So please consider helping these faithful Catholic charities above to provide material assistance with an even greater blessing, the Truth Christ has revealed through his Church.

I thank Michael and CMTV for putting this video together.

Big changes for this years Dallas March for Life November 12, 2013

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It appears Bishop Farrell has realized that the Cathedral, incredibly important seat of his office that it is, is simply too small to continue to hold the thousands who would like to assist at the annual Roe Memorial Mass and subsequent March for Life. As such, Bishop Farrell has decided – as I hoped he would! – to move the Mass to the Dallas Convention Center.  A secular structure may not be ideal, but when several thousand people desire to assist at the same Mass, there is simply no alternative in this Diocese.

All the details are here.  There are other changes as well, including the times for all events. The Mass will again be sort of  youth-centered, and you know that means – large doses of pop music.  Uff da, I pray the souls come anyways.  It also appears they are doing away with the Rosary led by the Bishop in front of an abortion mill, which is kind of sad but was logistically getting highly complicated and probably more than a bit expensive.   See below for the details:

Stand4Life with Bishop Kevin Farrell and thousands of Dallas faithful on Saturday, January 18, 2014, in prayerful remembrance of the over 50 million unborn children lost to abortion since Roe v. Wade and in celebration of the many victories for life in 2013!

We are thrilled to announce that Bishop Farrell has made a major change: he is moving the Roe Memorial Mass to the convention center in Dallas to ensure enough room for everyone to participate — in the same room! (no more overflow rooms and tents!) Bishop Farrell and diocesan clergy will celebrate the Mass at 1 p.m. (new time!), with homilist Father Alfonse Nazzaro.

And that’s not all… before Mass (12:30 p.m.), there will be a Youth Rally featuring World Youth Day musician Steve Angrisano, who will also be the lead music minister for the Mass!  The Dallas March for Life & Rally will follow the Mass, with a closing reception and Pro-Life Ministry Fair at the Convention Center.

Mark your calendars, save the date, and bring your family and friends to Stand4Life with Bishop Farrell in 2014!


Schedule of Events*:

12:30  Youth Rally at KBH Convention Center Dallas


1:00   Roe Memorial Mass at KBH Convention Center Dallas


3:00   Dallas March for Life & Rally outside Earle Cabell Federal Courthouse


4:30   Reception and Pro-Life Ministry Fair at KBH Convention Center Dallas

Awful – smoke of satan at “Catholic” Georgetown November 12, 2013

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I got this via TFP Student Action, and it is tragically about what you would expect – young minds at an ostensibly Catholic universities unalterably convinced of error and unalterably ensconced in the worst of sins, being coddled and supported by university administration up to an including members of a fallen religious order to continue in those errors and sins.  In brief, the whole tragedy of the former Catholic universities in the United States and around the world:

It’s amazing how liberals for over two centuries have managed to convince themselves that Dogmas that have never changed will somehow change for them.  Because they are sooo special.


The Catholic university, including the seminary, was the focal point of the revolution against the Church.  That is where the modernist mentality first got inculcated in large numbers of influential people.  It was a largely underground phenomenon, but an effective one nonetheless.  Even before the Council concluded, the Catholic – or Katholyc – universities were in full and open revolt.  Within a few years of the Council, all but a handful in this country, anyways, had ceased to be Catholic in any meaningful sense, and that situation persists to this day.  That is why so many youths who go off to Catholic college lose whatever faith they had, and often very quickly.

Venerable Fulton Sheen said that Catholic parents were better off sending their children to a secular university than a Catholic one, and that was around 40 years ago.  I can’t imagine what he’d say today.


Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos says Pope won’t touch Traditional Mass… November 12, 2013

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……and that the FFI situation was simply an aberration due to internal matters.  It is known that Cardinal Hoyos met with Pope Francis recently, perhaps to discuss this very subject.  The report via Rorate:

The former prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy has told a traditionalist group that Pope Francis has no intention of restricting access to the Extraordinary Form of the Latin liturgy.
“I met Pope Francis very recently and he told me that he has no problem with the old rite, and neither does he have any problem with lay groups and associations like yours that promote it,” Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos told members of Una Voce International (FIUV), who were in Rome for a general assembly.
Responding to questions from FIUV members about tensions within the Friars of the Immaculate, the Colombian cardinal said that the Pope moved to insist on the use of the Novus Ordo in that religious community only because of internal dissension, and not because of any negative judgment on the traditional liturgy. [Will then, the Holy Father accede to the request of what I understand now to be about 2/3 of the FFIs to form a new religious order centered around the traditional liturgy?  If this is their desire, and there is no problem with the traditional liturgy, isn’t such a request legitimate and worthy of a positive response?]
At its general assembly, FIUV elected a new president: James Bogle, a lawyer, author, and chairman of the Catholic Union of Great Britain. “We are very grateful to His Eminence Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, His Eminence Cardinal Brandmüller, and to Archbishop Pozzo for taking part in our General Assembly of the International Federation Una Voce,” Bogle said in a brief statement to CWN. “We are very pleased with the way the celebration of the traditional Mass is now going worldwide. We are obviously very grateful to Benedict XVI and also our present Pope Francis for all the support that they have given us in our right to worship in the traditional Roman rite.”

This is certainly reassuring to hear.  I have been so gratified and edified to see the spectacular growth of interest in and attendance at the TLMs offered locally.  I think there is much more latent desire in this Diocese for the TLM, but the location is not convenient for many, so they don’t come, or at least not often.  In the broader Church, growth in the TLM seems steady if not as spectacular as locally.  I cannot help but think that it will continue to grow, and this is a tremendous Grace.  If this growth continues, in several decades the Church will be very, very different, irrespective of what occurs at the highest levels.  A full-on restoration of the Faith as it was, say, 200 years ago may not occur in my lifetime as a response to the growth of the TLM, but it will certainly be a great start in that direction.

The crisis in the Faith is a crisis centered on the Mass.  Yes, there are numerous other critical factors, including failures of leadership, acceptance of error as “truth” by tens or hundreds of millions, but the Mass is really the heart of it all.  Get the Mass right, and everything else will start to fall into place. It is no coincidence that the countries whose episcopal leaders helped execute the revolution in and against the Church in the mid-2oth century (Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, a few others) were the same countries where abusive “experiments” with the Mass were the most prevalent before the Council.

Dominus vobiscum!




Papal condemnations of liberalism Vol. 1 November 12, 2013

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Last week, I summarized the key elements of papal opposition to liberalism in general, and the concept of “religious liberty” or “freedom of conscience” in particular.  I promised at that time to include the direct papal condemnations themselves.  The denunciations stretch from 1791 to 1950.  They are pointed and very clear.  There are far too many to place in one post, even restricting myself to the top highlights.  I’ll work in rough chronological order from earliest to latest.

The first statement comes form Pope Pius VI in the Apostolic Letter to the French bishops and dates from 1791. It is entitled Quod aliquantulum and is not available online in English, to my knowledge.  I am taking the text from +Lefebvre’s They Have Uncrowned Him. I add emphasis and comments.

The necessary effect of the Constitution decreed by the assembly [the National Assembly of France, a meeting of the Estates General called by Louis XVI in 1789 that rapidly spun out of his control and turned into a revolutionary body] is to annihilate the Catholic religion……It is with this purpose that there is established, as a right of man in society, that absolute liberty which not only assures the right of not being disturbed about one’s own religious opinions, but grants besides that license to think, to speak, to write, and even to have printed with impunity in matters of religion everything that the most lastjud1unregulated imagination can suggest; a scandalous right that nevertheless seems to the assembly to result from the natural equality and freedom of all men. But what could there be that is more senseless than to establish among men this equality and this unrestrained liberty which seems to stifle reason, the most precious gift that nature has given to man and the only one that distinguishes him from the animals?

The next papal statement is from Pope Pius VII, an Apostolic Letter again to the bishops of France (where all the trouble was originating at that time) entitled Post tam diuturnitas, and dating from 1814.  This apostolic letter condemns the new, post-revolutionary constitution granted by the reinstated Louis XVIII. I could again not find this letter in English save for a sedevacantist site, so no link.

A new source of pain, with which Our heart is afflicted still more sharply and which, We acknowledge, causes us an extreme torment, dejection, and anguish, is the twenty-second article of the constitution. Not only is the freedom of forms of worship and of conscience permitted there, to use the very terms of the article; but there is promised support and protection to this liberty, and besides to the ministers of what are called the cults. There is to be sure no need of long discourses, addressing Ourselves to such a bishops as you,  to make you recognize clearly with what a mortal wound the Catholic religion in France finds itself struck by this article. By the fact itself that the liberty of all the cults [what we would call religious liberty]  without distinction is established, truth is intermingled with error, and the holy and immaculate Spouse of Christ, the Church outside which there can be no salvation, [I added the italics, because this is so key. This is what ALL this entire issue comes down to – is the Church what She always claimed to be, the ONE vehicle instituted by Jesus Christ for the salvation of all St John Laterano aspe_cervusmen, outside of which there is no salvation, or is it not?  Liberty screams no and assaults the Church and this Dogma a thousand ways, but it remains, even if ignored for decades – and much longer in this country, where it has never, ever been strongly proclaimed by any major prelates – because it so offended against the “goddess” liberty.] is put into a class with the heretical sects and even with the Jewish perfidy. Moreover, by promising favor and support to the sects of the heretics and to their ministers one tolerates and favors not only their persons but also their errors. It is implicitly the disastrous and forever deplorable heresy [thus, even granting equal status to other religions, even endorsing the state adopting a “hands off” approach to religion and ostensibly not endorsing ANY religion (which is, in fact, an endorsement of NO religion, or atheism, which is why all the liberal countries are headed so rapidly towards mass atheism) is a FOREVER DEPLORABLE HERESY.] that St. Augustine mentions in these terms: “It affirms that all the heretics are on the right path and speak the truth, an absurdity so monstrous that I cannot believe that any sect really professes it.” [This is an amazing quote from St. Augustine and I’m so edified by seeing it.  Modernists, almost to a man, despise Augustine for his clarity.  Teilhard de Chardin claimed St. Augustine, perhaps the greatest Doctor of them all, “ruined” Catholicism by his defense of the Apostolic Doctrine he had received.]

This post is getting a bit long, but bear with me, I have one more for today, and that is the doctrinal Encyclical Mirari Vos by Pope Gregory XVI (1832).  This encyclical specifically condemned the liberal “Catholicism” of de Lamennais:

Apocalypse_ALBEREGNO, JacobelloFrom this poisoned source of indifferentism is derived the false and absurd maxim or rather that delirium, that liberty of conscience must be procured and guaranteed for everyone. This is an error among the most contagious, to which the way is smoothed by this liberty of opinions, absolute and without restraint, which, for the ruin of the Church and the State, goes on spreading itself everywhere and which certain men, by an excess of impudence, do not fear to represent as advantageous to religion. “What death more fatal for souls than the freedom of error!” said St. Augustine. [From St. Augustine’s commentary on Psalm 124. No wonder the modernists so despise him!]  By thus seeing removed from men all restraint capable of keeping them on the paths of truth, drawn along as they are, already to their loss by a natural inclination to evil, we say in truth that this shaft of the abyss is open, from which St. John saw smoke come up which obscured the sun, and locusts come out for the devastation of the earth. [Apocalypse 9:3]

———-End Quotes———–

It is obviously extremely difficult to reconcile the above statements, and more to come, with so many ideas that are currently being presented in the Church as both conciliar and somehow “necessary” in our always modern culture.  But man does not change. His needs do not change. Nor does his tendency to error, to glorify himself, to even pretend that he is “god,” and to render worship to requiem-Mass-2himself.  Liberalism is the up-ending of Christendom and its replacement with a neo-pagan construct built upon a vision of man-as-god and his inalienable “rights.” What gets totally abandoned in this idolatry – the same idolatry that led to the utter destruction of ancient Israel, and Sodom and Gomorrah, and so many others – are the rights of God, the worship and love that is due to God. That is what the popes quoted above saw clearly, they saw in this error of liberalism the destruction of Christendom, that glorious culture built up so painstakingly over many centuries.

Now, the destruction appears all but complete.  I fear that all that awaits us is the chastisement.  We must pray more and more and more.  Pray that God stays His Hand. Pray for the conversion of so many lost souls. Pray for the conversion of this sick culture. And pray that God be merciful on us and all the Catholics whose lack of prayer has brought this civilization-ending calamity to near-fruition.