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Papal condemnations of liberalism Vol. 1 November 12, 2013

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Last week, I summarized the key elements of papal opposition to liberalism in general, and the concept of “religious liberty” or “freedom of conscience” in particular.  I promised at that time to include the direct papal condemnations themselves.  The denunciations stretch from 1791 to 1950.  They are pointed and very clear.  There are far too many to place in one post, even restricting myself to the top highlights.  I’ll work in rough chronological order from earliest to latest.

The first statement comes form Pope Pius VI in the Apostolic Letter to the French bishops and dates from 1791. It is entitled Quod aliquantulum and is not available online in English, to my knowledge.  I am taking the text from +Lefebvre’s They Have Uncrowned Him. I add emphasis and comments.

The necessary effect of the Constitution decreed by the assembly [the National Assembly of France, a meeting of the Estates General called by Louis XVI in 1789 that rapidly spun out of his control and turned into a revolutionary body] is to annihilate the Catholic religion……It is with this purpose that there is established, as a right of man in society, that absolute liberty which not only assures the right of not being disturbed about one’s own religious opinions, but grants besides that license to think, to speak, to write, and even to have printed with impunity in matters of religion everything that the most lastjud1unregulated imagination can suggest; a scandalous right that nevertheless seems to the assembly to result from the natural equality and freedom of all men. But what could there be that is more senseless than to establish among men this equality and this unrestrained liberty which seems to stifle reason, the most precious gift that nature has given to man and the only one that distinguishes him from the animals?

The next papal statement is from Pope Pius VII, an Apostolic Letter again to the bishops of France (where all the trouble was originating at that time) entitled Post tam diuturnitas, and dating from 1814.  This apostolic letter condemns the new, post-revolutionary constitution granted by the reinstated Louis XVIII. I could again not find this letter in English save for a sedevacantist site, so no link.

A new source of pain, with which Our heart is afflicted still more sharply and which, We acknowledge, causes us an extreme torment, dejection, and anguish, is the twenty-second article of the constitution. Not only is the freedom of forms of worship and of conscience permitted there, to use the very terms of the article; but there is promised support and protection to this liberty, and besides to the ministers of what are called the cults. There is to be sure no need of long discourses, addressing Ourselves to such a bishops as you,  to make you recognize clearly with what a mortal wound the Catholic religion in France finds itself struck by this article. By the fact itself that the liberty of all the cults [what we would call religious liberty]  without distinction is established, truth is intermingled with error, and the holy and immaculate Spouse of Christ, the Church outside which there can be no salvation, [I added the italics, because this is so key. This is what ALL this entire issue comes down to – is the Church what She always claimed to be, the ONE vehicle instituted by Jesus Christ for the salvation of all St John Laterano aspe_cervusmen, outside of which there is no salvation, or is it not?  Liberty screams no and assaults the Church and this Dogma a thousand ways, but it remains, even if ignored for decades – and much longer in this country, where it has never, ever been strongly proclaimed by any major prelates – because it so offended against the “goddess” liberty.] is put into a class with the heretical sects and even with the Jewish perfidy. Moreover, by promising favor and support to the sects of the heretics and to their ministers one tolerates and favors not only their persons but also their errors. It is implicitly the disastrous and forever deplorable heresy [thus, even granting equal status to other religions, even endorsing the state adopting a “hands off” approach to religion and ostensibly not endorsing ANY religion (which is, in fact, an endorsement of NO religion, or atheism, which is why all the liberal countries are headed so rapidly towards mass atheism) is a FOREVER DEPLORABLE HERESY.] that St. Augustine mentions in these terms: “It affirms that all the heretics are on the right path and speak the truth, an absurdity so monstrous that I cannot believe that any sect really professes it.” [This is an amazing quote from St. Augustine and I’m so edified by seeing it.  Modernists, almost to a man, despise Augustine for his clarity.  Teilhard de Chardin claimed St. Augustine, perhaps the greatest Doctor of them all, “ruined” Catholicism by his defense of the Apostolic Doctrine he had received.]

This post is getting a bit long, but bear with me, I have one more for today, and that is the doctrinal Encyclical Mirari Vos by Pope Gregory XVI (1832).  This encyclical specifically condemned the liberal “Catholicism” of de Lamennais:

Apocalypse_ALBEREGNO, JacobelloFrom this poisoned source of indifferentism is derived the false and absurd maxim or rather that delirium, that liberty of conscience must be procured and guaranteed for everyone. This is an error among the most contagious, to which the way is smoothed by this liberty of opinions, absolute and without restraint, which, for the ruin of the Church and the State, goes on spreading itself everywhere and which certain men, by an excess of impudence, do not fear to represent as advantageous to religion. “What death more fatal for souls than the freedom of error!” said St. Augustine. [From St. Augustine’s commentary on Psalm 124. No wonder the modernists so despise him!]  By thus seeing removed from men all restraint capable of keeping them on the paths of truth, drawn along as they are, already to their loss by a natural inclination to evil, we say in truth that this shaft of the abyss is open, from which St. John saw smoke come up which obscured the sun, and locusts come out for the devastation of the earth. [Apocalypse 9:3]

———-End Quotes———–

It is obviously extremely difficult to reconcile the above statements, and more to come, with so many ideas that are currently being presented in the Church as both conciliar and somehow “necessary” in our always modern culture.  But man does not change. His needs do not change. Nor does his tendency to error, to glorify himself, to even pretend that he is “god,” and to render worship to requiem-Mass-2himself.  Liberalism is the up-ending of Christendom and its replacement with a neo-pagan construct built upon a vision of man-as-god and his inalienable “rights.” What gets totally abandoned in this idolatry – the same idolatry that led to the utter destruction of ancient Israel, and Sodom and Gomorrah, and so many others – are the rights of God, the worship and love that is due to God. That is what the popes quoted above saw clearly, they saw in this error of liberalism the destruction of Christendom, that glorious culture built up so painstakingly over many centuries.

Now, the destruction appears all but complete.  I fear that all that awaits us is the chastisement.  We must pray more and more and more.  Pray that God stays His Hand. Pray for the conversion of so many lost souls. Pray for the conversion of this sick culture. And pray that God be merciful on us and all the Catholics whose lack of prayer has brought this civilization-ending calamity to near-fruition.




1. TG - November 12, 2013

Not in same subject. Go to Renew America and read Randy Engel’s open letter to Pope Francis. She’s a reporter that wrote a book on homosexuality in priesthood. Wow – can’t believe she wrote that.

Lorra - November 12, 2013

Why can’t you believe she wrote it? Have you read her massive work on the subject?

If Francis reads the letter and is sincere, he will give her a call. Unfortunately, I don’t think he will.

Don - November 12, 2013

“If Francis…… is sincere….”

Realize what you have written. Every man a pope?

Lorra - November 12, 2013


Don - November 12, 2013

You questioned the sincerity of His Holiness. That is borderline calumny.

Really, all the attacks on Francis across the blogosphere are uncharitable. Nothing has been altered in the Church that I know of.

tantamergo - November 13, 2013

I think the claim of calumny is going too far. Imprudent perhaps, but not calumny. Calumny requires an intent to do damage out of spite or some desire to harm the other. There isn’t enough in that comment to see that. You don’t like the criticism. Fair enough. But don’t go ascribing serious sins to others based on the flimsiest of evidence. For all we know, it was a throwaway, unthinking device used in a sentence.

TG - November 12, 2013

I do believe what she wrote. I just meant it’s incredible that she has the guts to put it in writing to the pope especially the part about another pope. (I rather not put it in writing here.)

TG - November 12, 2013

I do believe. It was just an expression of her boldness in writing to the pope and what she said in it. I doubt he’ll read it.

2. Don - November 12, 2013

I too cannot find ‘Quod aliquantum’ (I believe this is the correct spelling) in English online. In Italian at this link (ePub reader)


3. TG - November 12, 2013

My reply to Lorra is not coming thru. Lorra, I do believe what Randy Engel wrote. I was just expressing unbelief at her boldness but then again she is Randy Engel.

Lorra - November 12, 2013

TG, I agree with you. She is a woman that has the supernatural gift of fortitude to the utmost.
She is a wonderful woman. I hope that the pope reads her letter and responds to her.

4. Lorra - November 12, 2013

Well, then, Don – perhaps you better stay off the internet if what you read disturbs you so.

5. Lorra - November 12, 2013

Don, one more thing since you seem to be on the lookout for sins and sinners.

You made a rash judgment about me

6. Hannah - November 13, 2013

Great post!

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