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Last Tango in Argentina for former Cardinal Bergoglio November 13, 2013

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Uff da. I think it’s after Mass.  But Cardinal Bergoglio was definitely there. Not sure when this if from. It looks local to Argentina. What a sad Mass. I bet the median age of those in attendance is well above 70.  I bet not even 10% of the participants are under 60.  This must have been a special Mass to attract the Cardinal Archbishop, but attendance seems moderate, at best. Thank goodness they got elderly women to bear the candles up the processional (not).

The festivities end with a languid tango.  Not the best effort.  Maybe they were a special couple celebrating their 90th wedding anniversary or something.  I had a very hard time hearing the audio (esp. Bergoglio’s, he speaks very quietly), and my verbal Spanish is so-so at best (and its heavily biased towards Castillian – conother, and all that), so I could not really tell what was going on.  I’m sure one of you will enlighten me.

Is the tango after Mass? Does that make a big difference?  Are you like me, and find it offensive when a beautiful old church is gutted and sanctuary moved 50 ft (or much more) out into the nave?  Is it ever appropriate to have dancing in front of the altar?  Does a bishop visiting at a parish bear any responsibility for what goes on?  What is the appropriate response – to walk off when the shenanigans begin?  Is a tango after Mass worse than a balloon Mass?  And where does the belly dancing serpent fondling circus Mass fall in the spectrum?

When can we make the Mass primarily about rendering glory and worship to God, oriented towards our need for forgiveness and utter dependence on Grace for salvation?

h/t Mundabor and reader TG


1. Lorra - November 13, 2013

I would walk out.
We have been so desensitized to, among many other things, sacrilege and blasphemy the past fifty years we have ceased to become horrified at anything.

2. Baseballmom - November 14, 2013

Reminds me of a wedding at my old parish. I arrived for confession, just as the photographer had the bride draped over the altar in various, shall we say, suggestive, poses. I was sick… And so angry I wanted to drive them all out of the Church…. I regret that I did not do just that…

3. Hannah - November 14, 2013

This is absolutely horrific.

It was done after the final blessing, it appears.

That abomination to the House of God is uncalled for. This alone should have told the Cardinal electors something since Cardinal Bergoglio allowed this to happen under his watch.

The New Mass makes the pleasure of the people it’s “liturgy.”

God help us.

4. Mundabor - November 14, 2013

The Tango is clearly after mass, but I cannot see how it changes anything. They certainly could not have the tango instead of the penitential act. I’d say a tango – an obscene dance born in brothels – is infinitely worse than a balloon mass, and a tango danced on the sanctuary is another three or four notches worse.

This is simply and purely inconceivable. As another commenter says, we have become so desensitised we do not even ask that the responsible be defrocked immediately.


5. Martina Katholik - November 14, 2013

Soon we will see more of this. From Rome reports
Argentine composer brings Tango Mass to Pope Francis
The harmonies and melodies filled the Basilica of St. Ignatius of Loyola. The songs are all in Latin. But the music has a Latin element, a bandoneon.

6. Martina Katholik - November 14, 2013

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