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Now that Obamacare has utterly cratered…… November 19, 2013

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…..I have to wonder what is the response of the USCCB bureaucracy that pushed so very, very hard for its passage?  I don’t mean the bishops themselves, I know there have been press releases against the HHS Mandate of late, but I mean the lobbyists and bureaucrats who were just about 100% in favor of passage of Obamacare, or something even more radically socialistic.

Will they admit that the kind of “socialized medicine” they argued so strenuously for is a disaster of unprecedented proportions, destroying people’s lives by making health insurance now not just unaffordable for a small minority of citizens, but for the entire lower middle class?  In fact, it should be renamed the Unaffordable Care Act, because people’s premiums have skyrocketed between 50 and 300%.   This is what happens when a sclerotic government gets involved in an industry, any industry – costs explode, service dramatically declines, and the less than extremely rich are left holding the bag.

As an example – the woman Obama held out as a great “success story” from the Kennedy-esque, in terms of incompetence, launch of Obamacare and its pathetic website now announces she actually cannot afford the health insurance proffered:

Big surprise.  But my question to the bureaucracy of the USCCB, and probably a good portion of the Conference itself, is: what in the entire experience of governmental programs in this country led you to believe this attempted takeover of 1/6 of the national economy would be even remotely achieve its stated goals of dramatically lowering health insurance costs while improving standards of care, something that should have been obviously impossible from the start? Don’t we constantly read and hear about how Social Security is broken, how Medicare is insolvent, how Medicaid needs radical reform?  Aren’t those rather strong indicators of failure?  

But the left always believes that THEY – this particular group of leftists – will succeed where others have failed, even to the point of giving out and out communism another try.  Even though communism has inflicted more murder, suffering, mayhem, wars, and general misery upon mankind than any other ideology, there is a hardcore of democrat supporters in this country – maybe as much as 10% – who believe communism is the way to go.  And the number who believe such had been, until now, increasing, due to the utter dominance of the extreme left in the public schools and, especially, academia.  But I think – and growing evidence supports this contention – that Obamacare is going to be the rude awakening for a whole generation of carefully indoctrinated young progressives that they have been sold a giant bundle of unworkable lies, whose only true feature is a vast increase in suffering and misery.

The only question now is how much pain will be inflicted on the nation and how much damage will be done to the health care industry as this nightmare is semi-implemented and then possibly pulled back.  It seems even those whom the law was supposed to benefit most – by imposing an extremely high tax via massively increased premiums on about 80% of the American public – have little interest in paying for health insurance, even when massively subsidized. Most signups thus far have been for Medicaid, which requires no premiums.  I have to wonder if the USCCB will in future be more circumspect in endorsing these kinds of socialist wealth transfer schemes?  

I shouldn’t need to remind that ALL of the huge problems this program is causing – except, perhaps, the inept production of the sign up website – were predicted volubly and repeatedly in advance.  We were warned that health care premiums would skyrocket, that care standards would fall dramatically, and that a whole ream of morally offensive programs would be shoved down our throats whether we wanted them or not.  But the USCCB bureaucracy, over the concerns of many members of the Conference, lobbied loudly and expensively (several millions were spent on the lobbying effort) in favor of this bill, in spite of the massive moral problems it entailed. 

I pray this experience will cause more control to be exerted over the USCCB apparatus (and all its daughter organizations – Catholic Charities, CCHD, Catholic Health Association, etc) and that the USCCB will not so reflexively endorse socialistic programs in future.  The USCCB, in a sense, owns a good chunk of this mess*.  

*I again want to distinguish between the Conference itself, which was plainly divided over Obamacare and half-hearted in both support and opposition, and the bureaucracy, which was 100% in favor of the most radical socialized health insurance schemes possible, and was disappointed Obamacare was not a single-payer government-run system


1. MMC - November 19, 2013

Agree with you. But I have a hard time with the whole “the bishops might not have been fully on board but the bureaucracy fully supported it”. If the bishops run the show and they were iffy about the program, why did their underlings support it? Aren’t the bishops in control of their own conference? Don’t they have hiring, firing and management rights of what their bureaucrats do? It reeks of double speak to me to have the bishops say one thing and the people they control do another. It reminds me of what Our Lord said about “let your yes mean yes and your no mean no.” Why do I get the sense that our bishops are soooo messed up? God bless~

tantamergo - November 19, 2013

No, they are not in control of their conference. I know that is a massive problem, too. I chose not to get into that in this post. That is the huge problem of “collegiality,” bishops have not gained more authority, in practice, today’s bishops have much less authority and control of their dioceses than their predecessors did prior to Vatican II. The papacy has also lost a good deal of authority. The only great “winners” in terms of authority and real-world influence from the collegiality of VII have been the episcopal conferences, namely, the many bureaucrats that inhabit them and act with only the most minimal episcopal oversight and control.

It’s a huge matter, one of the largest sources of problems in the Church today, and, you’re right, I ducked it. I chose not to go into that in this post, and kind of gave the bishops a very generous benefit of the doubt, because I wanted to focus on the bureaucracy’s role in the debacle we are experiencing.

But your comments are right on.

2. TG - November 19, 2013

The newspaper for the Diocese of Austin had an article on it encouraging people to sign up. I was disgusted with not only that article but the fact that the November issue had nothing on purgatory or praying for the dead – nothing. I sent an email to the publisher and she got upset at me. I told her to quit sending me this newspaper as all the articles are mostly about social justice and love fest with Pope Francis.

tantamergo - November 19, 2013

The Diocese of Phoenix has done just the opposite – it has sent directives to its priests and lay staff NOT to cooperate in any way with people signing up with Obamacare, since doing so involves material cooperation with grave sin.

3. DiscipleoftheDumbOx - November 19, 2013

The solution I believe is the same as the solution for the Union. Break.It.Up. Centralized planning with the scope as large as the Catholic Church in the Union is just as unrealistic and unworkable as it is for the federal government of the Union. I’d rather we see a National Conference of Catholic Bishops for the nation of Texas. Many problems would simply disappear as the issues would be more localized, more evenly distributed and thus more manageable. Wait. Did I write ‘distributed’? 😉

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