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100 million more to lose insurance due to Obamacare next year November 20, 2013

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The “individual market” aspect of Obamacare that went into effect this year is relatively small potatoes.  About 5 million were negatively affected. For many of these people, the effect has been catastrophic.  Nevertheless, the overall numbers of those suffering are small. But next year, the “employer mandate” kicks in, and that, according to an independent analysis, will result in 50-100 million Americans losing their currently mostly affordable health insurance, and dump them onto the overpriced, low quality Obamacare “exchanges.”

A new and independent analysis of ObamaCare warns of a ticking time bomb, predicting a second wave of 50 million to 100 million insurance policy cancellations next fall — right before the mid-term elections.

The next round of cancellations and premium hikes is expected to hit employees, particularly of small businesses. While the administration has tried to downplay the cancellation notices hitting policyholders on the individual market by noting they represent a relatively small fraction of the population, the swath of people who will be affected by the shakeup in employer-sponsored coverage will be much broader.

An analysis by the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, shows the administration anticipates half to two-thirds of small businesses would have policies canceled or be compelled to send workers onto the ObamaCare exchanges. They predict up to 100 million small and large business policies could be canceled next year.

Remember, the USCCB staff (and, more quietly, a number of bishops) backed this thing to the hilt, and frankly wanted an even more radically socialistic system.

Good news – Supreme Court upholds Texas abortion law November 20, 2013

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The US Supreme Court has decided to leave in place a Texas law requiring abortion mill “doctors” to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. The law will remain in force until the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals makes a determination on the case early next year.

This aspect of the law – along with the ban on abortions after 20 weeks – has resulted in the shut down of dozens of mills statewide. In the DFW area, only three mills remain open out of 10 or so (I forget the exact number).  While these mills are all very busy, they are all, providentially, located adjacent to the three crisis pregnancy centers in the Dallas Diocese.  This concentration allows pro-lifers to focus on just these three mills and keep a constant presence of counselors, individuals praying, and other means to stop women from having their children killed.

Just last week, God be praised, my wife played a part in a save.  A rather affluent couple decided not to get an abortion after speaking with sidewalk counselors and seeing our blessedly large family.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia issued an opinion today indicating the Supreme Court will not get involved in a case out of Texas that has abortion facilities there appealing a law that has closed numerous abortion clinics that can’t protect women’s health.

In a big victory for pro-life advocates in Texas earlier this month, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Judge Lee Yeakel of the Western District Court in Austin and restored key portions of a pro-life law in Texas that will ultimately stop abortions and could close abortion clinics. Abortion clinics appealed that decision to the Supreme Court and Justice Scalia issued a ruling today saying the high court will not get involved.

“The underlying legal question — whether the new Texas statute is constitutional — is a difficult question. It is a question, I believe, that at least four members of this court will wish to consider irrespective of the 5th Circuit’s ultimate decision,” Justice Antonin Scalia wrote with Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito concurring. “I would maintain the status quo while the lower courts consider this difficult, sensitive, and controversial legal matter.”

The justices voted 5-4 to leave Texas’ pro-life provisions in place and the four Democrat-appointed pro-abortion justices all voted to overturn the pro-life measure. Justice Stephen Breyer write a dissenting opinion saying he expected the case to return to the Supreme Court.

This is good news.  I’m certain the 5th Circuit will leave the law in place, meaning it will go to the Supreme Court, unless Planned Barrenhood and their allies give up before that (unlikely).

Let’s get out to Routh St, Southwestern, and Planned Murderhood and get some saves!

BTW, I thought you might find this Google review of the Planned Parenthood abortion facility on Greenville Ave in Dallas illuminating:

I visited this clinic once thinking abortion was right for me, after this visit I realized it was not. They were so careless and rude and the thing they cared most about was getting their money. They moved us in groups from room to room, I felt like we were cattle being moved around. In my paperwork it said I would be talking to a counselor about my feelings to make sure I was making the right decision, this so called ” counselor” only ran my debit card. In each of the waiting rooms I just felt so uncomfortable.. There were a couple ladies in there so happy to get their abortion done so they could go party and drink without throwing up due to their current pregnancy.. Really? If these kind of abortion clinics are going to be around I think the PROPER screening needs to be done. Im not against or for abortion, but I am not ok with women having abortions back to back because they want to sleep around. I am a younger mom and am about to have my second child with no regrets, its not that hard it does force you to grow up.. Apparently some people cant handle that. But overall this clinic was disgusting the staff are careless and rude. I hope my story might help change another womans mind.

The other reviews are similar: rude, careless staff, just going through the motions, the sole focus is on the money from abortions.  But how else would one expect people who murder babies all day to act?

Crazed Texan feminist Amanda Marcotte is a baby-hating sociopath November 20, 2013

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And in other news, water is wet, and humans require oxygen.  If DDLG gets his wish and Texas becomes an independent state, I think we’re going to have to compile a short list of individuals to immediately deport for criminal stupidity/misanthropy.

Amanda Marcotte proves once again that nothing in the universe is more important to her than the continued murder of millions of fellow humans, in this case, likening babies in utero as being akin to bacteria. I won’t import the “tweets” into the page, but some of Marcotte’s statements, instead:

Taking antibiotics terminates more life than an abortion. One organism < the billions you kill with antibiotics.

Well, I oppose the use of antibiotics for everything. Bacteria are innocent and have a right to live.  [But human babies do not.  Thus, the apotheosis of feminist baal-worship, offering human sacrifice to their dark god willingly, but finding in bacteria something precious and possessing great sanctity.]

If you can believe an embryo is greater than a woman, I can believe bacteria has a right to live. [Yes, the old “embryo” canard. Babies only spend a short time as embryos. Virtually every abortion takes place well after the embryonic stage, and occurs when the child has developed to the level of fetus.  And many of these babies are very capable of feeling the horrific torture of surgical or chemical abortion.  But bacteria are much more worthy of life.]

As Robert Stacy McCain said:

So, babies are bacteria and abortion is like antibiotics. This nonsense conclusion is where the syllogism leads, which tells you there must be at least one flawed premise to the pro-choice argument.

Amanda Marcotte simply hates babies and wants them dead.  Her thinking is so perverse, she has so twisted her “thinking” around radical leftist feminist ideology, she can’t even see what a moral monster she has become. I think she’s possessed.

Surprisingly – or maybe not – she grew up in a very isolated part of West Texas in a very conservative family.  Then she went to Austin, got her mind filled with leftist lies (but, she was apparently open to them before she even left home.  I know a couple folks who have met her, and she seems to have rather substantial……issues.  Major daddy issues) and the rest is sad history.

In reality, Marcotte has done us a favor, she has simply, and rather foolishly, revealed the true nature of the feminist ideology. It’s not pro-woman, it’s anti-baby.  It’s most frequently anti-men.  A psychologist might say it is the outward manifestation of a deep-seeded inner loathing.

She is truly a sad creature. I pray for her conversion. She too has a soul, and will one day stand before the Judgment Seat of God.  That is a terrifying thought for the most virtuous soul, but for someone as immoral as Marcotte……I just pray she converts.  Given the positive reinforcement she gets from millions of like-minded femi-leftists, I doubt she will, but I pray for her conversion nonetheless.



Some good Catholic art for the soul November 20, 2013

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I don’t drop by Holy Card Heaven often enough, but every time I do, I am edified.  I love the old holy cards shown there, especially the ones with elaborate lace borders.  You can make these at home!  You can take a favorite holy card and lay it over some lace paper and make a spiritual and artistic treasure you and someone else will treasure forever.

I found all the below at Holy Card Heaven.  The entire month of November is oriented towards consideration for the souls in Purgatory and our own final end.  These holy cards below serve as very helpful reminders of our need to persevere in the Faith no matter what may come, and to continue to rely on the intercession of Saints and Angels to help us grow in virtue and receive God’s beneficent Mercy:

Here is the Royal Road of the Cross. Faith enlightens us, Hope supports us, Love draws us

Here is the Royal Road of the Cross. Faith enlightens us, Hope supports us, Love draws us

The path that leads to life is narrow and difficult, but whatever it costs me there will I go.

The path that leads to life is narrow and difficult, but whatever it costs me there will I go.

At death, the Christian souls rises to Heaven (we pray).

At death, the Christian souls rises to Heaven (we pray).


Although it is costing me I shall succeed

Although it is costing me I shall succeed

Sub tuum praesidium confugimus Sancta Dei Genitrix

Sub tuum praesidium confugimus Sancta Dei Genitrix

Doves and the Heart of Mary


My good Angel teach me to pray to Jesus my Savior

My good Angel teach me to pray to Jesus my Savior

We do have many beautiful prayer cards today, but there seems to be something missing in comparison to some of these holy cards of old.  They were labors of love.  They conveyed often simple but very powerful messages.  I have some holy cards of modern vintage that I am very fond of, but all my favorite ones date from the 50s or earlier. One of my daughters went through a giant pile of such cards of varying vintage and found some true gems. She feels the same way I do, that some of the older prayer cards have a level of artistic beauty and effectiveness of message that just isn’t matched today.

Holy cards are an important part of our Catholic identity.  In days past, when many Catholics were in or near poverty, many children would treat a special holy card as a prized possession!  Today, our children – and adults – have so many toys few are moved by such things anymore.  Perhaps the simpler, older, more “deprived” times were better in some ways, eh?  Perhaps in many, many ways!

Polish Archbishop – those who gender perversion will be put on “reservations” by 2050 November 20, 2013

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As in Indian Reservations, like for the Hopi and Navajo.

It’s an interesting thought. I’m certain he’s very close to being right. If not out and out reservations, we will, I think, see more and more severe persecution aimed at those who reject all the leftist shibboleths, be they gender ideology, glorification of sodomy, the murder of inconvenient persons (including us?), etc.  Another Tancred translation of an original German article from Katholisches:

The Polish Archbishop Marek Jedraszewski of Lodz defended the differences and complementarity of man and woman at a meeting with young people. The Archbishop tried to reject the attempt to flatten “the great and unique differences between man and woman that God thought of so wonderfully.”

The archbishop said he could well imagine if the gender ideology should prevail, that “the few who continue to hold to the fact that man and woman are indeed equal as human beings and are fully equal in dignity, but have a different sex, and that’s a good thing, will be put as Indians are in reservations by 2050.” Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski is known for his vivid and clear language. He told young people at a youth catechesis in Pabianice near Lodz about the importance of accepting one’s own gender and to defy every misanthropic egalitarianism.

The former theology professor had put the gender ideology at the heart of his speech, “which has become fashionable in recent years. To be exact, it’s the only valid ideology according to political correctness,” said the Archbishop. The gender ideology is an attack against “gender identity” of man as male and female and for an attack against the family and the generation of children. “It is an extremely dangerous ideology that leads directly to the death of our civilization,” said Msgr Jędraszewski.….

….The denial of God is unmistakable behind the gender ideology, and it is the base engine of this “ideology of self-destruction.” For it is God who “created man as man and woman,” said Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski. “He created them for a life together, not that each go his way, and not for homosexuality, but for the second unit, for marriage, so that they beget children, continue to give life and rule the world. Then perhaps the deluge might come after us,” said the archbishop. [Interesting that the Archbishop would reference the end times, or a second chastisment of truly vast proportions, allegedly referred to in the unreleased portions of the Third Secret of Fatima. Almost a Providential tie-in with my previous post.]

All of the above is correct, and very refreshing to hear from a prelate.  God created us man and woman, complimentary but fundamentally different.  He also ordained that we should come together in marriage and “be fruitful and multiply.”  Many look around today and say we have multiplied enough, that there are too many of us, already, but we don’t know that. Perhaps God intends to take us to the stars and populate who systems of planets – the point being, it is not up to us to make the determination of when there have been enough people, or when – which is the point of it all, Heaven is sufficiently populated – but simply to obey God’s commands as revealed through His Church.

The ultimate destination of “gender ideology,” and the ultimate perversion of the entire Christian moral ethos, can be found in the modern acceptance glorification of the most base forms of perversion, condemned in Sacred Scripture for literally thousands of years. It is difficult not to see in the widespread glorification of sodomy and those who define themselves around the commission of this sin which cries out to Heaven for vengeance the very basis for either a chastisement of Biblical proportions – or, the final dissolution of humanity and time itself. Either way, it bodes extremely ill, and God will only tolerate such offenses against His Name and His Word for so long.  After that, it will be far too late for any reconsiderations, only heartfelt repentance and begging for mercy will be of any use, then.

Two sermons on the End Times November 20, 2013

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Ars Orandi has linked two sermons given by a traditional Catholic priest on the End Times. I believe these sermons were given about 4 or 5  years ago, not that it particularly matters.  Video Sancto has posted them to Youtube.  As with Audio Sancto’s policy, Video Sancto also will not disclose the identity of the priest.

In the videos below, the priest combines descriptions of the End Times, or Parousia, from Scripture, with the opinions of various Doctors and Saints on the subject, especially St. Robert Bellarmine.  Some of it is speculative, or private revelation, whereas portions of it are doctrinal –  the priest keeps a pretty good distinction between the two in the sermons.  It was clear to me which was which, at any rate.

Many souls see in the crisis afflicting the Church, how it developed, its depth and breadth, and its continuing effects, strong signs of what might be considered the early stages of the Parousia.  We know from Scripture there will be diabolical disorientation on a mass scale, and that the True Church will be persecuted severely.  Our Lady, through various unprecedented apparitions ranging from Quito to La Sallete to Fatima to Akita, has warned us that  much of this persecution will come from within the Church itself.  But, there are also many contrary opinions who try to downplay any connection between present events and the End Times.  Certainly, it is critical not to get lost or obsessive in our concern over trying to discern whether certain current events presage the end of the world.  As the priest makes abundantly clear in both sermons, we must be concerned much more with the state of our souls, and insuring we die in the State of Grace, rather than being inordinately focused on trying to divine the date of the end of the world, or freaking out because we see some clear sign of its near-term coming.

Our Lord said that those times would be times of enormous confusion, with the antichrist leading the vast majority of people away from the True Faith.  Certainly, the stage seems to be set for that, but we should be forewarned that clinging to anyone or anything save Barque of Peter will be our undoing.  We must read the signs of the times, yes, and maintain a calm, prayerful disposition towards foreboding developments, but we must at all times remain focused on our own salvation.  It is almost certain we will die well before the world ends.

Nevertheless, the below is great information.  I find the videos help me pay attention a bit better, so I appreciate Video Sancto putting them up.

Pt. 1:

Pt. 2: