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Polish Archbishop – those who gender perversion will be put on “reservations” by 2050 November 20, 2013

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As in Indian Reservations, like for the Hopi and Navajo.

It’s an interesting thought. I’m certain he’s very close to being right. If not out and out reservations, we will, I think, see more and more severe persecution aimed at those who reject all the leftist shibboleths, be they gender ideology, glorification of sodomy, the murder of inconvenient persons (including us?), etc.  Another Tancred translation of an original German article from Katholisches:

The Polish Archbishop Marek Jedraszewski of Lodz defended the differences and complementarity of man and woman at a meeting with young people. The Archbishop tried to reject the attempt to flatten “the great and unique differences between man and woman that God thought of so wonderfully.”

The archbishop said he could well imagine if the gender ideology should prevail, that “the few who continue to hold to the fact that man and woman are indeed equal as human beings and are fully equal in dignity, but have a different sex, and that’s a good thing, will be put as Indians are in reservations by 2050.” Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski is known for his vivid and clear language. He told young people at a youth catechesis in Pabianice near Lodz about the importance of accepting one’s own gender and to defy every misanthropic egalitarianism.

The former theology professor had put the gender ideology at the heart of his speech, “which has become fashionable in recent years. To be exact, it’s the only valid ideology according to political correctness,” said the Archbishop. The gender ideology is an attack against “gender identity” of man as male and female and for an attack against the family and the generation of children. “It is an extremely dangerous ideology that leads directly to the death of our civilization,” said Msgr Jędraszewski.….

….The denial of God is unmistakable behind the gender ideology, and it is the base engine of this “ideology of self-destruction.” For it is God who “created man as man and woman,” said Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski. “He created them for a life together, not that each go his way, and not for homosexuality, but for the second unit, for marriage, so that they beget children, continue to give life and rule the world. Then perhaps the deluge might come after us,” said the archbishop. [Interesting that the Archbishop would reference the end times, or a second chastisment of truly vast proportions, allegedly referred to in the unreleased portions of the Third Secret of Fatima. Almost a Providential tie-in with my previous post.]

All of the above is correct, and very refreshing to hear from a prelate.  God created us man and woman, complimentary but fundamentally different.  He also ordained that we should come together in marriage and “be fruitful and multiply.”  Many look around today and say we have multiplied enough, that there are too many of us, already, but we don’t know that. Perhaps God intends to take us to the stars and populate who systems of planets – the point being, it is not up to us to make the determination of when there have been enough people, or when – which is the point of it all, Heaven is sufficiently populated – but simply to obey God’s commands as revealed through His Church.

The ultimate destination of “gender ideology,” and the ultimate perversion of the entire Christian moral ethos, can be found in the modern acceptance glorification of the most base forms of perversion, condemned in Sacred Scripture for literally thousands of years. It is difficult not to see in the widespread glorification of sodomy and those who define themselves around the commission of this sin which cries out to Heaven for vengeance the very basis for either a chastisement of Biblical proportions – or, the final dissolution of humanity and time itself. Either way, it bodes extremely ill, and God will only tolerate such offenses against His Name and His Word for so long.  After that, it will be far too late for any reconsiderations, only heartfelt repentance and begging for mercy will be of any use, then.


1. Janet Baker - November 20, 2013

Well, in my sci fi novel I have us escaping to a hidden asteroid in the Oort Cloud. it’s pretty clear we can’t co-exist here. I don’t even really think we could do something like have our own states. Because the issues are more than gender bending. We really cannot co-exist with a system in which people, land, and money being made into commodities. It has taken a while–more than five hundred years–for the consequences of the protestant rebellion, as much economic as spiritual, to roll all the way out. And don’t you think it’s probable that it’s kind of an all or nothing thing, in economics? Look at the pressure China puts on the rest of the world, with its poor slaves! Although maybe like the Amish, we could agree to pay higher pricesand work around it. But it seems like the pressure would make it unworkable, getting raw materials and so forth. I don’t think the Amish are doing so well, anyway.

But one thing–they won’t put us on reservations! Because we’re the only ones reproducing!!! Rather a darker prediction, we’ll end up something like the baby machines in The Handmaiden’s Tale. Btw, did you hear that China is backing further up on the One Child policy? I don’t know how long it willl take them to figure out what Europe has seen for decades, that once you teach men and women to un-child themselves, you don’t reverse it by snapping your fingers. I can see them imposing forced reproduction as easily as they imposed forced abortion. And we will follow. We have followed them in the One Child policy as well, as Jonathan Last points out, with our own unofficial One Child policy (if you haven’t already, you should get his What To Expect When No One’s Expecting). Reproduction will be forced, and marriage will not be restored. It will be hell on earth.

I only have two chapters left in the novel. It has a claustrophobic traditional priest who overcomes his disability by responding to a call for the last rites on the ISS in which he has to suit up and go outside to enter due to an accident with the air locks. He becomes the first bishop of outer space. The helmet is a big deal to claustrophobics, according to NASA, causes many washouts. He hears God out there-and they say there is a low sound in space that sounds like a murmur. There’s an Obama-Hillary transgendered World president. A girl named Marley modeled after the recusant Catholic women saints of England–that is, she can do everything include bring illegal priests to her suffering people. Some loving couples, one of which is Muslim who go with the fleeing Catholics rather than endure liberalism. A cute kid. A goth girl who converts and saves the day and starts the first religious order in outer space (my traditional friends are going to be mad at me, she wears pants, and there’s a point: modesty is not skirts over pants, I’m prepared to argue it). A flight from the space colony like the Chosen People from Pharoah’s army, and a miracle just like theirs only with more explosions.

Does that sound good? Kind of like a Catholic Star Wars. Ask your readers if anyone knows an artist who does people well, for the all-important cover art. Would you say a little prayer for me? I have to edit it and figure out where and how to publish it.

This is not off topic. The bishop is speaking of the future, what will become of us. I say we’re going to escape. Can I get a witness?

TG - November 21, 2013

Janet, I’d like to read your novel. I love authentic Catholic fiction. ( I’m laughing over the transgender president but it won’t be funny when it happens.)

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