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Please pardon this brief editorial departure from our normal standards November 22, 2013

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin.

All you leftists out there w******g yourselves off (my apologies folks, should have at least warned you.  Nevertheless, inexcusable, a big failure on my part) calling Dallas the City of Hate because your previous failed “god,” John “pass the girls around, strung out on speedballs” Kennedy happened to be murdered by a communist here (and so you desperately try to deflect that fact by claiming Dallas had some right-wing “climate of hate” before the assassination) can all go…….well, I was originally going to write something reflective of my emotions here, but……….repent and be converted.

Let’s face it, in typical leftist fashion, you are projecting your own hatred of Dallas, as a scion of free-enterprise and conservative values, onto the city itself. You’d hate it no matter what happened to your false hero here, but the assassination just gives you all the more excuse to hate.  In bizarro left-think, Dallas thus becomes “the city of hate,” because you hate it.  In the same way, you try to claim every lone nut with a gun who kills or tries to kill some people is always a right winger, even though more often than not, they are actually crazed leftists like Jared Loughner and James Holmes (who now, btw, appears to be muslim).  Oh, but after you’d pilloried conservatives with these knowing lies, the corrections somehow never get made.

I refuse to take part in this self-loathing.  There was nothing “wrong” with Dallas or anywhere else, in particular, on Nov. 22, 1963, that precipitated the Kennedy assassination.  In fact, what was wrong was a very sick little man filled with typical leftist hate, who wanted to bring down a president who was not the peasnluv liberal you’ve so desperately spent 50 years making him out to be, but was actually an inept dilettante and  Cold War hawk who massively expanded the US defense budget and strategic nuclear arsenal after taking office.  At this point,  your fingers are in your ear and you’re screaming “no no no” so I’ll leave it at that.

From a Catholic perspective, there is every reason to pray for John F. Kennedy’s soul. Given his propensity to take intoxicating drugs daily, and his near-nonstop infidelities, ruminating on his state of Grace when assassinated is a frightful prospect to consider.  No matter what a disaster he was as president – and he was a substantial one, especially in terms of foreign policy – he likely needs our prayers.  I’ll pray for him.


1. DiscipleoftheDumbOx - November 22, 2013

Huh-freakin’-zzah! And to all the nationalistic, Lincoln-worshipping libs who actually live in Dallas for some strange reason (and Austin, too)…get the heck out of my state. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. Oh, and may God bless you where ever you end up.

2. Michael - November 22, 2013

Well said.

I really enjoy it when you get angry. 😉

DiscipleoftheDumbOx - November 22, 2013

3. Ben Warren - November 22, 2013

I preferred your blog to Fr. Z’s because it had no swearing or dirty words… I hate kennedy and leftists too, but i’m sad to see (I’m no example) that you chose to descend to dirty talk.

4. Lorra - November 22, 2013

Give you three guesses who said that no matter what happened, blame the opposition and condition people to hate and despise them?

As an aside, I direct everyone’s attention here to whom in the Church Catholics are being conditioned to despise. Guess? Ah, go ahead, take a wild guess!

5. Mitchell H - November 22, 2013

A good antidote for this is James Pierson’s brilliant book Camelot and the Cultural Revolution (available at Amazon or any good bookstore), which not only underscores the fact that Oswald was a Communist who murdered Kennedy for ideological reasons, but shows how the left’s failure to accept this fact (and their eagerness to embrace Mrs. Kennedy’s creation of the “Camelot” myth) led to the collapse of classical liberalism and the rise of the anti-American left. He also addresses the question of why the people who were said to be most affected by JFK’s death would up supporting the ideology of the man who assassinated him. Equal parts political science and sociology – a fascinating book.

6. MMC - November 23, 2013

Yes, pray for President Kennedy. He sold his soul before the election by putting his Catholic faith on the back burner. Lord have mercy on him…he does need our prayers. Yes, you are quite angry…I kind of don’t get it since Dallas and Texas aren’t Heaven…that’s our home…and I would go temple postal with whips if you call my true home Heaven a place of hate. Maybe the Lord is trying to teach you a bit of healthy detachment when it comes to the Lone Star State? Just my thoughts. Hope you calm down soon:+) Thank goodness mercy surrounds us:+) God bless~

7. Steve - November 23, 2013

I believe that left-wingers have driven the “Oswald was a communist lone assassin” bus during the past 50 years.

That is true at least among left-wing news media types.

America’s liberal news media will not push any other story than Lee Oswald…lone gunman…communist.

8. Steve - November 23, 2013

In the spirit of peace, I ask that you consider removing from your opening sentence a certain word.

You have always kept your blog clean.


Woody - November 23, 2013

I agree. Next time, don’t go there.

9. Anna - November 23, 2013

Another Texas Catholic here. Agree with the sentiment and the wording. You wrote what had to be said.

10. john - November 24, 2013

Being a refugee from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts,I can tell you that Texas is one of the only places worth living. Unfortunately, I work in the People’s Republic of Austin now!
From what I hear, Austin has always been a hotbed of progressives so I’m a bit envious of my brothers and sisters up the road in Dallas, especially having an FSSP parish up there, but I digress.

Regarding the Kennedy clam (including Teddy, who murdered a woman and got away with it on cape cod) I was heavily indoctrinated that John f Kennedy was the best president ever, and that he was a “great example and a great Catholic”. And yes, up there in Massachusetts “lala land” Oswald was considered a “right wing extremist”… whaa??!!
Well, at least the austin area gets me closer to the Hill Country, where the fly fishing is great. And yes, there are some fellow trads down here at Mission of Devine Mercy (New Braunfells). I am so happy I found this TLM, in an area over run with modernist craziness masses.

Keep up the great work with this blog!
Pax vobis!

11. john - November 24, 2013

And I also agree that the first part of the post was a bit “rated R”… but I appreciate the passion to defend your city!

12. Marguerite - November 25, 2013

Even though President Kennedy was a weak human being, he still did not deserve to die like that. Does nobody deserve respect today, even the dead? Please don’t be so defensive about your state/city. Whether you liked his politics or personal life, the horrific act of that gunman was a blot on our country, not just on Dallas.

john - November 26, 2013

Agree. Nobody deserves to die like that but I dont think anyone said he did?

tantamergo - November 26, 2013

Did I endorse the assassination? The criticisms were made because they refute the liberal idealization of Kennedy which forms part of the basis for their Dallas/America-bashing. Liberals have spent 50 years trying to prove how evil and twisted America is by turning Kennedy into this martyred “saint.” He was anything but. Establishing that briefly was central to the rebuttal of the liberal’s revision of history.

The man was about as amoral as one could be, but the Diocese of Dallas just spent weeks lionizing him in the Diocesan newspaper. This points to the ongoing secularization of the Church, replacing true Saints with secular, progressive perversions of same, and it is something else that needs to be opposed. Again, this drove the criticism.

It had less to do with his politics, or even his actions, than with the lionization that has occurred since his assassination by a crazed communist.

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