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Some Church beauty for you November 22, 2013

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There is a truly gorgeous parish in New Bedford, Mass – St. Anthony of Padua.  I found out about it because some Franciscan of the Immaculate nuns attached in some way to that parish were visiting our local TLM parish.  Nuns, it seems, rate private Masses! Good for them.  The nuns were awesome. I did not get a chance to speak with them, if I had, I would have surely polled their opinions on the repression of Summorum Pontificum for their order.  Or limitations, whatever, for the pedantics.

Nonetheless, in finding out a bit about the nuns, I stumbled on this St. Anthony of Padua. They don’t build churches like this anymore, which is an enormous shame:




High Altar

High Altar

alter symetrical w-sig

Details of scene above high altar:












Apparently, the parish has a very elaborate lighting system with different colors that can be used to accent different parts of the nave, sanctuary, side altars, etc., depending on the season, the time of day, etc.  .  They have what looks like a solid gold figurine of the Good Shepherd at the opening of the Tabernacle on a side altar – you can sort of see that above.

What does a church like this say about the people who built it?  It was constructed around 110-120 years ago.  Even people with no attachment to the Church – or even a hostility to the Church – can recognize the beauty that is reflected here.  And the sacrifice.  I was speaking with someone the other day, and we both reflected on how eager we would be to sacrifice – even a great deal – to help build a church with something of the glory of this one.  I hear some people say – especially those who look for reasons NOT to build a glorious structure like this – that we simply can’t build churches like this anymore. That the skills don’t exist to do so.  But then again, there are some really beautiful churches being built here and there – perhaps not as ornate and amazingly detailed as this one, but quite beautiful, nonetheless.  It’s not exactly to my taste, but the chapel at Our Lady of the Angels monastery in Alabama is one example.

Given how much wonderful church art is being ripped out of parishes all over Europe, literally hundreds a year, as they are being closed down, and sold at literally fire sale prices, it seems like taking the time and effort to build an amazing church like this one, which could stand for 1000 years if properly cared for, is actually quite possible.

Anything in the universe is possible given enough time, and money.  We sent 24 men to the moon, for Heaven’s sake.  I’m sure this church wasn’t built in a day.  I’m sure it took enormous effort to make it happen.  So much the better, for the greater glory of God.



1. TG - November 22, 2013

Awesome. That’s a church.

2. Anonymous - November 22, 2013

I heard that one Diocesan Priest restored that whole Church piece by piece over 25 years by himself probably out of his own pocket. A labor of love that ran his health down.

3. john - November 24, 2013

Being from Massachusetts, I can tell you that, uunfortunately the state of the Church is in bad shape. Yes, we have some beautiful churches, but the faith itself is in a worse decline than Texas.
Regarding the TLM, last I checked there are only a handfull. A mission at Still River is good.
Regarding Saint Anthony’s in New Bedford, it’s in a very dangerous neighborhood. That area is famous for heroin and prostitution. Unfortunately, this is probably why the TLM is said there.
The Boston archdiocese was the hotbed of the homosexual priests scandal and that was Satan’s plan I think.
Parishes have since combined to minimize the need to sell churches to be demolished by the wrecking ball. So one week your parish will be at one church, and the next week at another church two towns over. And so on. Beautiful churches yes… beautiful faith, not so much at all…
I really feel bad for folks alive before the Paul VI changes to the mass. You truly never know what mass you’ll get in Massachusetts. Rainbow sash one week, catholics for Choice another week. The masses are run by “liturgical committee”, generally aging hippies.
Dont get me wrong, its possible to find a reverent mass, but they are few and far between… just make sure the church isnt closed that week and moved.somewhere else (mea culpa if that all sounded uncharitable)

4. john - November 24, 2013

I need to clarify that I moved here to Texas from Massachusetts about 4 years ago… the Church combining started about then in an attempt to make the outside viewer believe the faith wad in good shape.. I’d like to think the combinations were to save the historicalchurches, but I think the formerI more true.

Please remember Massachusetts in your prayers. If Texas continues to swell with Californians, and if Dallas’ abortion-barbie, Wendy Davis gets elected with DNC and planned parenthood money, we are just a few decades from the same result, especially seeing the amnesty push and Hispanics generally democrat votes…

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