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Could this be where the Synod on the Family is headed? December 9, 2013

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Most readers will know that Pope Francis has scheduled a special episcopal Synod on the Family and married life next October.  Surveys of the world’s bishops are apparently underway to gather views for problems affecting family life and marriage in particular.  Some of these surveys have come to light.  Some of the survey questions seem to point in a certain direction, that of somehow changing how the Church views issues like whether the divorced and remarried (w/o annulment) can receive the Blessed Sacrament.  There has been a new Secretary General for this synod appointed.

Regarding that, this new Secretary General, Archbishop Lorenzo Baldisseri, made some comments recently on the subject of admitting the divorced and remarried (w/o annulment) to Communion.  Dr. Ed Peters, who normally strives to sing the corporate line, took exception to Baldisseri’s comments recently, via Bishop Rene Gracida.  What did Baldiserri say?  Well, among other things, this:

A new approach needs to be taken with respect to the administration of the sacraments to remarried divorcees. The Church needs to apply Church doctrine taking the circumstances of each specific case into account. This approach does not mean making general conclusions and rules for everyone….

It’s a simple, short statement, but say so much.  As Dr. Ed Peters notes, there is no middle ground between admitting someone to the Blessed Sacrament, or not.  And let me say, I am sick of hearing that these people are “denied the SacramentS.”  No, they are denied ONE Sacrament, the Most Blessed Sacrament. They can go to Confession.  They can receive Baptism.

But irrespective, what this “new approach” would seem to point to is just admitting these divorced and bigamist Catholics to receive.  This is a blatant violation of Christ’s own condemnation of people who divorce and remarry, because the Church does not recognize – and nor did Christ – divorce as a severance of marriage.   These people are adulterers, according to Our Blessed Lord. Calling the Church’s belief regarding the sinfulness of divorce and remarriage (adultery) a “discipline,” as Peters does, is a profound disservice.  If this is not a Doctrine, straight from our Lord’s lips and 2000 years old, nothing is.  We may as well close us shop.

The way I see the progressives trying to nuance this is with some claptrap about not changing “the general conclusions and rules for everyone,” but admitting the divorced and remarried “on a case by case basis.”  This is laughable, we all know what will happen, the “exception,” like Extraordinary Ministers of Communion or Latin in the Mass, will become the certain, unalterable rule in about 5 seconds.  It will make a mockery of the Church’s moral law.

As Peters does note, there seems a strong whiff of antnomianism (which says the Church has no moral law, “faith alone” is all that matters) about all this.  I think we see in this where the progressive, primarily European elements want to take this Synod. It is very disconcerting that the Secretary General seems to be on board with their ideas. I pray the more faithful bishops will be able to derail this monstrosity.  If passed, it will mark only the beginning of the progressive/modernist attempts to completely deconstruct the Church’s moral law.



1. cptnemo7029 - December 9, 2013

Great post.

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3. Don - December 9, 2013

I think rational behavior is what is needed regarding this issue. That is, let us not assume where it will end up until the Synod is finished. Overreaction among the faithful proves nothing, we have no changes at this time and quiet prayer is best, not assumptions of where this will end up at. My take is still the same, that Francis is laying a trap for progressives on several levels on numerous issues.



RC - December 10, 2013

As worried as I get sometimes about Francis, I actually am thinking someway similar to Don..or should I say I hope thinking this..that he is setting a trap for progressives, I hope he see’s their real colors. Do I think this will happen? No. Do I hope and will I pray this happens? 100%.

Lorra - December 10, 2013

What “trap” would that be?

4. Woody - December 10, 2013

Setting a trap? That would make the pope a politician which he is not. I agree we just need to wait. Speculation only produces anxiety.

tantamergo - December 10, 2013

Well, it’s speculation, and it’s not. That there is a faction plainly pressing very hard to change the Church’s Doctrine (with fairy dust and unicorns!) on this matter of divorce/remarried admittance to Communion is not speculation. It’s real. We need to push back, to say how wrong and heretical even the attempt is. Whether the Synod adopts this position or not is still speculation, but the fact that there is a very hard push on to redefine an irreformable belief through semantics and subterfuge, is not. And that push apparently includes the Synod Secretary General. This is not trivial. This is not a blogger just trying to drag up hits. It is deadly serious, this is the most severe threat to Church Doctrine in over 30 years.

Woody - December 10, 2013

It may be fact that there are those who want to change Church Doctrine but we don’t know if it will occur. Remember what went on prior to Humanae Vitae. Everyone “knew” contraception was going to be okayed by Pope Paul VI but what a kick in the teeth they all got! They’re still hurtin’ to this day. Wait on it. Be concerned, that’s fine. But don’t pass out the boxing gloves just yet.

5. TG - December 10, 2013

“No, they are denied ONE Sacrament, the Most Blessed Sacrament. They can go to Confession. They can receive Baptism.”

I didn’t think they can receive Confession if they are living in continuous adultery and do not repent of it.

6. Rebecca Joan - December 10, 2013

If you are living in continuous mortal sin you can’t go to confession. If you receive any sacrament like that, unrepentant, it is a sacrilege as far as I know. Of course if you are repentant and rectify the situation then you can go to any sacrament.
From what I’ve read about this stuff, Germany is wanting to change the rules and let ‘remarried’ people go to communion. The word schism has been floating around about this thing with Germany.
But, what priest is denying these people communion I do not know. I have seen one situation where that has happened, and that was just because the issue came up in an RCIA meeting and the person was suddenly made aware that his situation was bad. Up until that point he had been taking communion even though he was ‘remarried’ because the priest who brought him into the Church had told him it was ok. I’m sure that is common.

7. Alexandra Campbell - December 10, 2013

No Catholic is DENIED any Sacrament that they are able to receive. Individuals who are divorced and then remarry without an annulment DENY THEMSELVES the Sacrament of Holy Communion. But many might not even know enough about the faith to abstain themselves.

If they are blessed to have a priest who actually preaches truth and admonishes the sinner lovingly, they will understand why being prevented from committing the sin of SACRILEGE by receiving the body, blood, soul and divinity of the Lord of the Universe unworthily (ie., not being in a state of grace due to unconfessed and unrepented of and continuing to be committing ongoing mortal sins of fornication) is a HUGE blessing!!!

May God have mercy on all our souls if Holy Mother Church’s teachings on marriage should ever be altered, distorted, changed, made more palatable, or made to appeal to and “minister to people’s felt needs” (a route that the huge Protestant mega churches have taken with no good effect.)

I do not say all this because I am some bitter divorcee hanging on to obedience to the Church, but all the while wishing I could change Her teachings. I say this as an abandoned wife who found her only solace in the Eucharist and in knowing that though my abandonment is a huge sorrow for me and a Cross I bear daily, I trust in whom I have believed, Jesus Christ. So I carry out my obedience to stay single (unless my husband repents and returns, at which time I will work my hardest and with Grace from God to restore the marriage) knowing that the ability to receive the Eucharist each day or each week is the biggest privilege and blessing I could ever hope to have in life. He is the center of my existence. I would never give up Communion so I could have a relationship with a human male!

The Graces that flow from being able to worthily receive the Eucharist are infinite. We must teach our divorced brothers and sisters to preserve their ability to receive Our Lord into their bodies by teaching them that chastity and continence are light burdens compared to the Hell of having to go through life without receiving Him. We must also teach that Salvation can be lost and one is in danger of Hell Fire if one persists in receiving communion in a state of mortal sin.

The Church cannot change these teachings. If she does, it means the prophesied apostasy “beginning at the top” is in full, obvious force and we than can only cry “Woe is me,” rend our garments and publicly repent in sack cloth and ashes for our Church. I would be willing to do it publicly in St. Peter’s square.

Rebecca Joan - December 10, 2013

I’m an abandoned wife myself. I completely agree with you. I would not give up Holy Communion in order to be ‘married’ again.

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