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Another member of the G-8 cardinals: “Church has never been against….homosexuality” December 11, 2013

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Tancred has really done some good work today, digging up some very relevant info for all Catholics to consider and pray about.  The latest involves the Indian Supreme Court vacating a lower court judgment making homosexual acts legal in India.  The court’s decision means homosexual acts remain illegal, as they have been throughout the world for hundreds of years, until recently.  This decision should be seen by Catholics as something of a small victory.

But, a member of the group of 8 “super” cardinals advising Pope Francis, a Cardinal Gracias, was not pleased.  According to Asianews and the German site Katholisches, the cardinal claimed the following regarding this decision:

Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Mumbai took a position: “No to gay marriage, but the Christian community is against any form of discrimination. Homosexuals have the same dignity as any other person….. ” [Does a law making homosexual acts illegal discriminate against homosexuals?  Are homosexuals defined solely by their acts, and, apparently, completely unable to contain themselves when it comes to sodomy?  Because that is the implication the cardinal is drawing here – homosexuals are the same as these illegal acts.]

….Cardinal Gracias told Asianews that “the Catholic Church has never been against the decriminalization of homosexuality, [What?  I can assure it, it most definitely has.  Cardinal Gracias needs to crack a book sometime]  because we have never considered homosexuals as criminals.”…… [he is clearly conflating the act, with the person.  The Church could support a law against adultery, without “discriminating” against adulterers.  In fact, the Church most certainly HAS endorsed such laws. Just as the Church has endorsed many civil laws against all kinds of immoral acts in its history.  This is just ludicrous.]

…..Cardinal Garcia emphasized to Asianews: “As Christians, we express our full respect of homosexuals. [Well, in a sense, yes, but sin remains sin, no?]  The Catholic Church opposes the legalization of gay marriage, but teaches that homosexuals have the same dignity as anyone else and condemns all forms of unjust discrimination, persecution or abuse.”  [It is not against an addict’s human dignity to make intemperance in drink and drug a sin, or intoxication a criminal act. It is not against a fornicator’s dignity to make fornication a sin, or to make it a criminal act. This is just ludicrous.  Cardinal Gracias/Garcias, whatever it is, seems highly confused on the Church’s moral law and what constitutes human dignity.]

Boy, do we need to pray.  No, if someone wants to ask, I’m not calling the Cardinal nor anyone else a material heretic, I’m just saying they need a lot of prayers and conversion.  Lord, have mercy on us.  That now makes 4 of the 8 “super cardinals” who have made very troubling statements in the past few months.

Sign petition to support Franciscans of the Immaculate December 11, 2013

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The highly respected Italian Catholic historian Dr. Roberto de Mattei has started a petition seeking to remove Fr. Fidenzio Volpi, OFM Cap, from his leadership of the “shattered” Franciscans of the Immaculate.  Recent revelations have indicated that Fr. Volpi is acting from a personal animus against the traditional practice of the Faith and especially the TLM, as well as taking very harsh, even unjust and autocratic steps against this poor, suffering order.

I stand back in shocked amazement at the long list of actions taken in this coup against what was a vibrant, growing, traditional order.  The message has been sent – NO orders outside the Ecclesia Dei groups will be permitted to embrace Tradition, and they sure as heck won’t be allowed to question the sainted council.

Some text from the petition, which I have already signed (thanks to Tancred for the text and translation):

We demand the resignation of Father Fidenzio Volpi from his job as political Commissioner of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. In the short period of just five months, Father Volpi has shattered the Order,  resulting in internal chaos and suffering,  externally causing scandal among the faithful, criticism in the media, and discomfort and astonishment in the ecclesiastical world. It does not matter to know whether Father Volpi is the author or only the executor of the destruction plan. One thing is certain though, if the plan is not stopped, the consequences will be devastating, and to prevent the calamity yet added to new disaster, Father Volpi must be dismissed.
According to the decree of last 11 July,  the Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate was placed under provisional administration, and Father Volpi began with the help of a small band of subcommisars, among them Father Alfonso Bruno and Prof. Mario Castellano, to lay with his ax to the Order. He forbade the celebration of the Holy Mass and the Divine Office in the manner provided in the Motu proprio for the Extraordinary Form, he dismissed the whole Order leadership, starting with Father Stefano Maria Manelli, who since then is under house arrest, without then having been given to him the reasons why he dissmissed one by one the most loyal collaborators of Father Manelli and sent them every which way, personalities of intellectual and moral greatness, he transferred their duties to dissident brothers who lack  preparation and experience, he threattened and punished the brothers, who petitioned  to the Holy See and refused to withdraw them; and finally he closed the Order’s own seminary on 8 December 2013, during the Solemnity of the Order,  and suspended all priests and deaconal ordinations;  he imposed an interdict against all publications of religious publishing house Editrice Casa Mariana and forbade their distribution in  the Order churches and chapels supervised by the order; he expanded his personal war to the SFO [Tertiaries] and the laity, who are connected to the Order, by forbidding all the activities of MIM (Mission Immaculate Mediatrix) and TOFI (Third Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception); he threatened the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, who adhere to the traditional Rite, to also have them put under provisional administration and withdrew the two female religious branches, the missionary branch of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception and the contemplative branch of the Poor Clares of the Immaculate Conception from the spiritual care of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate Conception, and now finally, he has demanded of all Franciscans of the Immaculate a “Modernist Oath” to the Novus Ordo Missae and the Second Vatican Council…….
———–End Quote———–
WOW!  Without doubt, much of this repression and reprogramming has to do with the FFIs publishing books taking a critical look at Vatican II.
I’m starting to find the summer of 2012 rather a curious time, seeing as that is when the original complaint was lodged by the dissidents (we are told), and also when the chief public face of the dissidents shifted his location to Europe. I wonder if someone tipped them off that a papal resignation was coming.
You might consider signing the petition, even though it is in Italian. I had no problem figuring it out, it just asks for first name, last name, and then e-mail.
Even if you don’t sign the petition, pray for the FFIs!  They are really, really suffering right now!  And pray that the Franciscan Sisters stay independent!

Left wing priest hates him some babies December 11, 2013

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A priest named Fr. William Grimm has said some rather awful things.  This man is apparently the head of UCANews, which I have stumbled across a few times, always noting a distinctly modernist, left wing outlook in its coverage. He appears to hate him some babies.  Maybe he’s been in Japan too long, since Japan is committing national seppuku through refusal to reproduce.

Whatever the case, read the below, and see if you identify any semblance of faith in a transcendent God:

For the most part, the questions are innocuous. But one stands out for its breathtaking irresponsibility: “How can an increase in births be promoted?”

Are they serious? There are already seven billion people on the planet and we continue to increase. Resources are being depleted. Other species of animals as well as plants are being driven to extinction by the pressure of human numbers. [Does this man convey any sense that we should just trust in God and He will provide?  Read all the below, and see if you can find any sense other than a worldly, very left-wing outlook.  Does Fr. Grimm (very apropos, don’t you think?) not realize that the kings of Juda and Israel were punished – severely – for a far smaller lack of faith than he is evidencing?]

Global warming results from the burning of fossil fuels to provide power for living, transportation and manufacture. The increased demand for power means increasing reliance upon dangerous nuclear power. Air, water and soil are being degraded. Food shortages occur in precisely those areas with the greatest population pressure. People are driven to live in urban slums in a search of a livelihood. [OK, even playing his worldly game, why is the economy of Japan and so much of the West in terminal decline?  The answer is lack of children.  In Japan, there is 0.85 children per woman.  Each woman will have less than one child in her lifetime, on average.  The collapse of the Japanese birth rate took hold in 1990, which is the exact same time that their economy entered its now 23 year slump.  This is not a coincidence.  As for the rest of this paragraph, it’s just boilerplate leftism, easily refutable and devoid of faith.]

Children are born, but die before getting a chance to live in much more than a biological sense. [I suspect Fr. Grimm is highly conflicted, at best, over abortion.  I’m sure he sees many lives “not worth living.”]  Malnutrition and the diseases of poverty cripple others. Social, health and educational services are inadequate to ensure a truly human life. Crowding increases crime, unrest, oppression, war and a general uglification of the human environment[Yes, there it is.  If life doesn’t meet Fr. Grimm’s exacting standards, it is sub-par and not worthwhile. In point of fact, around the world today, the average and median standards of living are higher than they have ever been in human history.  What Fr. Grimm is saying is that we should have never made it to this point, because all the poverty and suffering that existed around the world, near universally (compared to today), up until the mid-late 1800s, made life unlivable.  Therefore, we should have offed ourselves long ago, which I would also imagine Fr. Grimm would agree with, if you scratched a little deeper.]

For the Church to call for an increase in births is not just stupid, it is immoral. Catholic social teaching stresses the importance of the common good. What common good is advanced by merely increasing our numbers?  [Need I say more? This man is a misanthrope. He is also a self-admitted heretic. And he is influencing millions of Catholics, especially in Asia, with his twisted heresy.

A return question for Father – how is the common good served by denying billions of people the chance to live?  Who are you to play God?]

Contrary to what some people seem to think, the Catholic Church does not oppose family planning. [Ummm, yes She does. But she permits this disordered act at times to avert a greater evil, but only under grave circumstances.]  Pope Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae forbids particular “artificial” methods of regulating births and has given rise to a Catholic cottage industry of “natural family planning.”  

But, whatever dispute there may be over methods – and for the most part there is no dispute because Catholics have opted to ignore the teaching –  [A subtle way of trying to convey the idea that it’s acceptable to engage in grave sin by rejecting Church Dogma, by claiming everyone is doing it.  This man is fundamentally immoral.]  the fact is that the Church can encourage intelligent and responsible limitation of family size even without retreating from Pope Paul’s teaching.  [Not the way you’re advocating it. I can see the bats have been loosed from the belfry since last March.]

Instead of asking how we can increase births, the Catholic Church should be a world leader in calling for responsible family planning that will ensure that all people who are born have a chance to live beyond age five and have access to the food, healthcare and education that will enable them to live with the dignity of the children of God[Man leftists love to play god!  Sheesh!  Only those that live beyond 5 and have a full belly, medical ease and a grand education have a worthy life!  This is too much!  Can this man think of anything save in the most worldly of terms!]

————–End Quote————–

Wow, I don’t often read stuff from left wing fever swamps anymore, and now I remember why.

But what is incredible, is that his view is probably the predominate view within the totality of clergy in the Church today.

What is most disturbing, is that this article is plainly pointed at the Philippines, where there is a great struggle ongoing to limit contraception coverage already approved by the government, and prevent the legalization of abortion.  All the hallmarks are there.  If you have “too many” babies, they will get sick, and some may die.  It will ruin your ability to gain wealth. It will make you and all around you miserable.  “You’ll ruin precious gaia, my true god, err, I mean, this precious creation uh, ahem, ‘god,’ has given us.”  It is interesting to observe that as protestant sects have made significant inroads in the ravaged post-conciliar Filipino Church over the past 25 years, suddenly there are growing factions of Philippine society that support things like contraception, divorce and remarriage, abortion, etc.

That private judgment is a real tool of satan, isn’t it?  Man, I love babies so much, it just freaks me out when I read something so obviously pedophobic.


Bishop Tobin needs some prayers December 11, 2013

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I have prayed, for a long time, that here in this Diocese of Dallas, we would find our good Bishop Kevin Farrell regularly leading prayer vigils, exorcisms, and the like outside local abortion mills – at least much more frequently than once a year.  Now would be a great time, given the pressure the mills are currently under thanks to recent laws passed in the legislature.  In other Dioceses, such as Rockford, Ill, the bishops have taken the lead in helping extirpate from their dioceses any presence of abortion mills.  In Rockford, former Bishop Thomas Doran led numerous prayer vigils outside abortion mills and greatly encouraged his priests to do the same.  Very frequently, the steadily falling number of mills found themselves surrounded by priests and seminarians praying the Rosary, performing exorcisms, spraying the grounds with Holy Water, burying blessed medals, etc. This concerted spiritual warfare led to the shutdown of several mills, including a very notorious one.

Apparently, Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, RI leads similar pro-life efforts outside abortion mills.  A recent article discusses that fact in an unfortunately dismissive fashion, but then goes on to discuss Tobin’s views on some other matters (I add emphasis and comments):

A gusty, wet autumn afternoon found Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of Rhode Island joining a prayer vigil outside a Planned Parenthood clinic. Two dozen abortion protesters, some holding “Respect Life” umbrellas, huddled in a semicircle around the bishop as he fingered his rosary beads and led them in prayer.  [that “fingering,” that’s a little shot, no?]

“Our commitment to human life is important,” he told them, as gas trucks rumbled by on Point Street. “Some have said that this commitment can be an obsession. If it’s an obsession to protect unborn life, then it’s a very important obsession.”

With his choice of words, Tobin seemed to be taking a direct swipe at Pope Francis, who sent tremors through the Roman Catholic Church in September when he said church leaders are too “obsessed” with abortion and other divisive social issues such as gay marriage.

On Sunday, Tobin publicly disagreed with Francis again. While the pope said that former president Nelson Mandela of South Africa, who died last week, will “inspire generations,” Tobin issued a statement declaring that appreciation of Mandela’s admirable qualities should be tempered by his “shameful” promotion of abortion in his country……

….The week before the popular new pontiff’s comments on abortion, Tobin told his diocesan newspaper that he was “a little disappointed in Pope Francis” for not having said much about abortion, and that “many people have noticed.” Francis’s decision to deemphasize divisive social issues, despite recriminations from critics, was seen as a slap at conservative US bishops like Tobin.  [Well, people “see” whatever they want. I don’t know if it was a “slap,” but I think it was a very intentional signal.]

“It’s one thing for him to reach out and embrace and kiss little children,” Tobin told the newspaper. “It would also be wonderful if in a spiritual way he would reach out and embrace and kiss unborn children.”….

…..“Unfortunately, [Tobin] came off more as a political leader of the right than a spiritual leader for everybody,” said Patrick Kennedy, who now lives in New Jersey and is an active participant in his parish. [That’s a wicked calumny, and you are one to talk, you who makes politics your living. It is an unjustifiable slur to call bishops, priests, or whomever who promote the Church’s constant, coherent moral doctrine “tools of the right.”  “I love hearing our new Holy Father. I believe it marks a new day for Catholics who want to be a part of the church and not feel alienated . . . and castigated for being sinners.”  [This is what really concerns me. I have seen such comments dozens of times.  Pope Francis’ approach may bring millions of people to Mass. He may increase donations. He may lead a seeming revival. But if all the people attracted to the Church – for which there is no evidence, yet – do so on the basis of rejecting what the Church believes, has anything really been gained?  And, while the media has surely created a left-friendly caricature of Pope Francis, is that caricature completely detached from reality?  Good Lord, Time Magazine, in their article previewing their Man of the Year selection (Pope Francis won), claimed that Pope Francis was popular for REJECTING CHURCH DOGMA. This bit of insanity was quickly removed, but we can see where the media is taking Pope Francis, turning him into a veritable left-wing anti-pope. But was this not rather predictable in advance, that the media would take what we pray are careless statements and run with them?  I think it was.  So, were they truly careless statements, then?]

Nor has the bishop endeared himself to gays, says state Representative Frank G. Ferri of Warwick, an openly gay lawmaker who helped lead the fight for same-sex marriage.

His tone is not very Christian-like  [says the non-Christian soul lost in terrible sins!]  — he says that gay people are indecent, immoral, and going to hell,”  [WRONG. Full stop.  He never said they were going to hell. But this agendized person is twisting and adding to Tobin’s words to create a caricature of him as a hateful monster.  Just as the media twists and adds to Pope Francis’ words.  Unfortunately, in all this melee, the message, the Truth, is being utterly lost.  The truth is that Bishop Tobin has profound concern for souls, to the extent that he’s willing to suffer in order to try to convert them.]    Ferri said. “Then Pope Francis comes along and expresses a more tolerant view. Bishop Tobin doesn’t realize what his negative tone can lead to. The church still has a lot of influence in Rhode Island.”

Tobin responded in an interview that “we reject any unjust discrimination against people who are homosexual . . . but at the same time we’ve been very clear that homosexual acts are beyond God’s plan and therefore sinful and immoral.”  [Clear, concise, Catholic Truth.  Very good.]

————End Quote———–

This is so very painful. Before I say anything else, I’m sure Bishop Tobin has his faults.  I’m sure he is very imperfect as a bishop.  But observing him for some time, he is certainly one of the best we have right now.  That may not be saying a great deal, but it’s something.

I left out some other quotes from the article.  What is occurring is a nightmare.  Katholycs are using Pope Francis’ words, or at least the media’s obviously twisted interpretation of them, to attack an orthodox bishop.  Pope Francis’ words are being used like weapons to advance the agendas of very lost souls, souls who have chosen mammon over God.  This is incredibly troubling.  Even if a whole bunch of people come back to or into the Church, what will they bring with them?  Will they bring hearts open to conversion and a willingness to change behaviors in order to be pleasing to God, or will they bring with them insurmountable pride and an assurance that everything they do, no matter how sinful, is right and pleasing in the eyes of God?

The message I have seen conveyed by dozens of quotes from those ostensibly enthralled with Pope Francis is that they see in him a vindication of their worldliness, errors, and sinfulness.  50 years of experience, especially the period ~1965-80, shows that no matter how much the Church is presented to the world as being “with it,” of shucking all that mean ‘ol judging Dogma, that image won’t attract souls.  In fact, many currently in the Church will get the message that the Church is completely dispensable.  They can do without it, after all, who are we to judge?

Before I finish, we have to remember, the Church is not a weather vane, following the Pope whichever way he blows. Nothing has changed. The Truth remains the Truth.  We are really probably best off just trying to ignore all this mess, but that can be very difficult.  Certainly, we cannot allow our concerns to affect our charity and our prayer life.  In fact, our prayer life should be redoubled, as should our efforts at mortification.  I have made a special effort to pray special Novenas and Rosary intentions for Pope Francis and the Church.  That is really our best response.

You might say a prayer or two for Bishop Thomas Tobin and those like him (Paprocki, Cordileone, Vasa, Chaput, Olmstead, Finn, Conley, etc).  They are sure to find their attempts to defend the evangelize the Faith much more difficult.

What is “Tradition,” anyway? December 11, 2013

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I use the word Tradition – almost always capitalized – a great deal.  But some may not be entirely clear what is meant by that, or why it’s capitalized.

Tradition – as opposed to traditions – does not consist of customs inherited from the past and preserved out of loyalty to the past even where there is not a clear reason for them.

No, Tradition is defined as the Deposit of Faith transmitted by the Magisterium down through the centuries. This deposit has been given to us by Divine Revelation, that is to say, the real and actual Word of God entrusted to the Apostles and transmitted unfailingly by their successors.  The deposit of Revelation concluded at the death of the last Apostle. It is complete and cannot be reduced or undone until the end of time.  Revelation is irreformable.  The First Vatican Council stated: “for the Doctrine of Faith which God has revealed has not been proposed, like a philosophical invention, to be perfected by human ingenuity; but has been delivered as a Divine Deposit to the Spouse of Christ (the Church) to be faithfully kept and infallibly declared.”

This does not mean that Doctrine cannot develop from the seed-bed of previously understood Revelation.  We have seen new Dogmas declared such as the formal dogmatic definition of Mary as the Mother of God at the Council of Ephesus in 431, the declaration of the Immaculate Conception in 1854, the Assumption in 1950, etc.  The important point to understand is that all these formal definitions grew out of already accepted belief.  That is to say, the Blessed Virgin was declared the Mother of God formally at Ephesus because virtually all Catholics already accepted that belief.  The same applies to all the other dogmatic definitions.  They have been a solemnizing, a formalizing of already accepted belief.  Even when something is somewhat controversial, like the definition of Papal infallibility in 1870, the basis for this formal definition was already contained in the Deposit of Faith left by the Apostles.  Due to our intellects being clouded by sin, it takes time and practice for some of these already-existent Dogmas to be identified and formally defined.  But none of this signifies a change in belief, simply a formal recognition of what was there from the beginning.

What must be opposed, by all faithful Catholics (which is in reality an oxymoron), are radical new departures from the Deposit of Faith.  Anything that contradicts prior Dogma can and must be rejected out of hand.  Anything that is very new, different, and apparently incompatible with that same Deposit must also be rejected. This rejection of error goes all the way back to the earliest period of the Church, when battles were fought by great Saints against heresies beginning as early as the 2nd century with the Gnostics, then the Arians, the Donatists, and a whole litany of others.  Every error proclaimed by the modernists is just a repetition of a prior heresy.  There is nothing new under the sun, or Son.

Modernists attempt to tear down Sacred Scripture and pit it against Tradition, claiming that Scripture is not inspired in toto but, at best, contains the truths necessary for salvation.  Extreme modernists like Kung even reject that (Kung is laughable, he is not even remotely Christian, let alone Catholic.  He is an atheist parading as a Catholic and a consummate liar).

One final point. Little t traditions are those things that are associated with the Faith but do not define it. However, they can be extremely important.  Something like veiling of the crucifix and statues as Lent ends and transitions to Holy Week is a tradition.  But it conveys so much, that it’s dismissal undermines great swaths of big T Tradition.  This is just one small example.  That was what Boniface conveyed yesterday in the post I linked, that the post Vatican II experience has shown that messing around with, or denigrating and eliminating, many of these small t traditions has had a huge impact on the big T ones, as well as on the entire practice of the Faith.

That’s because the Faith is a coherent, incredibly intertwined whole.  Removing even one “useless repetition” or “medieval accretion” tends to have an impact completely out of scale to the item removed.  Or added.  The Mass and Doctrine are inseparable, in a sense.  Making massive changes to one was assuredly going to have enormous impact on the other, which is why the Mass had heretofore almost always developed in a very gradual, organic manner  – exactly as Doctrine has.  Even though Vatican II defined no new Dogmas, by shifting emphasis, and, more importantly, resulting in enormous, completely unheard of changes to the Mass, massive changes in the practice of the Faith were assured.

I pray this lesson has been learned.  It is not for any generation of laymen, priests, or prelates to arrogate to themselves the right to fundamentally reconstruct any key aspect of the Faith, the Mass especially. The results will almost always be very, very different from what is expected. In fact, I need to add this intention to my daily prayers.