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Left wing priest hates him some babies December 11, 2013

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A priest named Fr. William Grimm has said some rather awful things.  This man is apparently the head of UCANews, which I have stumbled across a few times, always noting a distinctly modernist, left wing outlook in its coverage. He appears to hate him some babies.  Maybe he’s been in Japan too long, since Japan is committing national seppuku through refusal to reproduce.

Whatever the case, read the below, and see if you identify any semblance of faith in a transcendent God:

For the most part, the questions are innocuous. But one stands out for its breathtaking irresponsibility: “How can an increase in births be promoted?”

Are they serious? There are already seven billion people on the planet and we continue to increase. Resources are being depleted. Other species of animals as well as plants are being driven to extinction by the pressure of human numbers. [Does this man convey any sense that we should just trust in God and He will provide?  Read all the below, and see if you can find any sense other than a worldly, very left-wing outlook.  Does Fr. Grimm (very apropos, don’t you think?) not realize that the kings of Juda and Israel were punished – severely – for a far smaller lack of faith than he is evidencing?]

Global warming results from the burning of fossil fuels to provide power for living, transportation and manufacture. The increased demand for power means increasing reliance upon dangerous nuclear power. Air, water and soil are being degraded. Food shortages occur in precisely those areas with the greatest population pressure. People are driven to live in urban slums in a search of a livelihood. [OK, even playing his worldly game, why is the economy of Japan and so much of the West in terminal decline?  The answer is lack of children.  In Japan, there is 0.85 children per woman.  Each woman will have less than one child in her lifetime, on average.  The collapse of the Japanese birth rate took hold in 1990, which is the exact same time that their economy entered its now 23 year slump.  This is not a coincidence.  As for the rest of this paragraph, it’s just boilerplate leftism, easily refutable and devoid of faith.]

Children are born, but die before getting a chance to live in much more than a biological sense. [I suspect Fr. Grimm is highly conflicted, at best, over abortion.  I’m sure he sees many lives “not worth living.”]  Malnutrition and the diseases of poverty cripple others. Social, health and educational services are inadequate to ensure a truly human life. Crowding increases crime, unrest, oppression, war and a general uglification of the human environment[Yes, there it is.  If life doesn’t meet Fr. Grimm’s exacting standards, it is sub-par and not worthwhile. In point of fact, around the world today, the average and median standards of living are higher than they have ever been in human history.  What Fr. Grimm is saying is that we should have never made it to this point, because all the poverty and suffering that existed around the world, near universally (compared to today), up until the mid-late 1800s, made life unlivable.  Therefore, we should have offed ourselves long ago, which I would also imagine Fr. Grimm would agree with, if you scratched a little deeper.]

For the Church to call for an increase in births is not just stupid, it is immoral. Catholic social teaching stresses the importance of the common good. What common good is advanced by merely increasing our numbers?  [Need I say more? This man is a misanthrope. He is also a self-admitted heretic. And he is influencing millions of Catholics, especially in Asia, with his twisted heresy.

A return question for Father – how is the common good served by denying billions of people the chance to live?  Who are you to play God?]

Contrary to what some people seem to think, the Catholic Church does not oppose family planning. [Ummm, yes She does. But she permits this disordered act at times to avert a greater evil, but only under grave circumstances.]  Pope Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae forbids particular “artificial” methods of regulating births and has given rise to a Catholic cottage industry of “natural family planning.”  

But, whatever dispute there may be over methods – and for the most part there is no dispute because Catholics have opted to ignore the teaching –  [A subtle way of trying to convey the idea that it’s acceptable to engage in grave sin by rejecting Church Dogma, by claiming everyone is doing it.  This man is fundamentally immoral.]  the fact is that the Church can encourage intelligent and responsible limitation of family size even without retreating from Pope Paul’s teaching.  [Not the way you’re advocating it. I can see the bats have been loosed from the belfry since last March.]

Instead of asking how we can increase births, the Catholic Church should be a world leader in calling for responsible family planning that will ensure that all people who are born have a chance to live beyond age five and have access to the food, healthcare and education that will enable them to live with the dignity of the children of God[Man leftists love to play god!  Sheesh!  Only those that live beyond 5 and have a full belly, medical ease and a grand education have a worthy life!  This is too much!  Can this man think of anything save in the most worldly of terms!]

————–End Quote————–

Wow, I don’t often read stuff from left wing fever swamps anymore, and now I remember why.

But what is incredible, is that his view is probably the predominate view within the totality of clergy in the Church today.

What is most disturbing, is that this article is plainly pointed at the Philippines, where there is a great struggle ongoing to limit contraception coverage already approved by the government, and prevent the legalization of abortion.  All the hallmarks are there.  If you have “too many” babies, they will get sick, and some may die.  It will ruin your ability to gain wealth. It will make you and all around you miserable.  “You’ll ruin precious gaia, my true god, err, I mean, this precious creation uh, ahem, ‘god,’ has given us.”  It is interesting to observe that as protestant sects have made significant inroads in the ravaged post-conciliar Filipino Church over the past 25 years, suddenly there are growing factions of Philippine society that support things like contraception, divorce and remarriage, abortion, etc.

That private judgment is a real tool of satan, isn’t it?  Man, I love babies so much, it just freaks me out when I read something so obviously pedophobic.



1. Baseballmom - December 11, 2013

Well yes, this is exactly how Fr. Joe down at your local parish thinks… And if he does NOT think this way then he keeps his opinion to himself…

2. MMC - December 12, 2013

“pedophobic” love it! Doesn’t Father realize we can give every human on the planet a quarter of an acre to live on and only cover the size of your beloved Texas? The soil is fine. Water is fine. “Global warming” is a proven hoax. What causes poverty is corruption and the evil that results in treating others in a selfish way i.e. abortion/contraception. He has swallowed the liberal kool aid. God will utterly destroy the Earth at the end of time…so God is NOT an environmentalist:+) Most of the lack of food is due to internal wars in the country…not b/c of some mythical shortage. God bless~

3. Hannah - December 13, 2013

Maybe that explains why the Philippines was wiped out by a typoon. God is warning us, if we’ll listen.

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