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Pro-lifers demand women seek permission to leave homes, take aspirin, speak, breathe….UPDATE December 12, 2013

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You’ve got to hand it to the contemporary left, they know which buttons to push.  The diabolically pro-abort Emily’s List has sent out a release to their subscribers (those poor, lost souls) stating that if “House Republicans” have their way (with what?), women will not be allowed to leave their homes, speak, or take an aspirin without “permission.”  I have to wonder, permission from whom?  House Republicans?  There are only 230 odd House Republicans, they’re going to be awfully busy answering the requests of 150 million women…….

But what is frightening, is that Emily’s List may be excitable and leftist, but they are not dumb. They know that kind of talk resonates with the kind of people who subscribe to their list.  Which is pretty incredible when you think about it.  It’s the stupid Handmaid’s Tale grafted onto real life.

What is interesting, is that subjugation of women, at least in Christendom, grew more out of protestant ideals than it did the Catholic ethos.  Women were more subjugated in protestant Prussia of 1800 than they were of Catholic England of 1400. The ultimate bad ideas regarding treating women as property developed from that same protestant ethos that was the precursor to the endarkenment, rationalism, leftism, and all the rest.  So, philosophically speaking, it is the modern left that is really more likely, philosophically, to treat women as chattle than the Catholic Church, one of pro-abort Emily’s biggest enemies.

And don’t we see that every day, in the silence of ostensible feminists in the face of sex-selective abortion, where in some countries the male-female birth rate has become so skewed as to go above 60-40?  But pro-aborts cannot criticize, or even acknowledge, this very elemental attack on women, because to do so would lead to other uncomfortable questions and thoughts regarding abortion overall.  So, they have to largely pretend this nightmare doesn’t exist, and develop pretend boogeymen on the “radical right” who are just hankering to keep women thoroughly subjugated.

Unfortunately, we do see a bit of this kind of hyperbolic on the “right,” as well.  I may even fall prey to such from time to time. When one really cares about a cause – like ending the ceaseless murder of a huge percentage of all infants conceived worldwide – it is possible to go too far.  Looking back, I can see I’ve gone a bit over the top a time or two.  Taking a break, saying a prayer, and asking for some Divine Light on a matter is always a good way to keep from uttering embarrassing, emotional statements.  I should probably heed my own counsel more than I do!

Still, this made me laugh.  I thought it was pretty funny, that the women who make up the majority of the pro-life movement just can’t wait to “go back to a time” when they have to beg their husbands for permission to speak (after 20 years of marriage, even the very idea is so opposite from reality, it’s just ludicrous).  That is so utterly counter to the reality of the pro-life women I know that I just had to burst out laughing when I read it.

I think they’ve run out of ideas.

UPDATE:  Boy am I dumb. I don’t know how I missed this part: “Right now, the only thing that’s keeping the Republican Party out of your doctor’s office and out of your bedroom is the Democratic majority in the Senate.”

Wait, now who is exactly in who’s doctor’s office?  How many MILLIONS of Americans can no longer see their preferred physician due to the legislation rammed through on a strict party line vote by the demonrats?  Which party is causing millions now, and tens of millions next year, to lose their health insurance?  This is probably the most savagely invasive legislation in the history of this nation!  And it’s Republicans who want to invade women’s privacy?

Please.  The left does nothing but project its own prejudices and twisted psychology on its purported enemies. Incredible.


1. Baseballmom - December 12, 2013

Well, it has been 37 years, and I recently gave the hubby permission to speak whenever he wishes…. Though I did not guarantee I would listen… 😉

2. LaGallina - December 13, 2013

This is a very interesting idea you present — that treating women like chattel is more of a protestant idea. Most feminists who are rebelling against the” male chauvinist” idea that women belong in the kitchen, etc. are really rebelling against 1950s television. They know very little about real history. They know nothing of the way women have been revered and honored. It is not offensive to be treated with respect by men. Recently an elderly Mexican man removed his hat for me, and it made me feel like a million bucks.

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