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Formerly Catholic Belgium approves exceedingly liberal euthanasia law – for children December 16, 2013

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As if enough children were not killed via abortion, formerly Catholic Belgium has now approved the world’s most liberal laws approving euthanasia for children – with no lower age limit!  Post-birth abortion is here to stay:

the Belgian Senate voted in the night to agree on the euthanasia for children today. The Belgian euthanasia law, which previously forbade euthanasia for minors, now may also be applied to very young children of any age.

With 50 votes to 17, the Belgian Senate approved the amendment. Now the House must vote on it, then the second and final vote in the Senate. Only a quarter of the senators refused to vote for euthanasia by children’s consent. The Belgian euthanasia law stipulates that the patient concerned must submit a request for euthanasia to the judggment of a psychologist who will evaluate the suitability of the applicant. A child is considered with good reason as having no legal capacity, who can not vote and does not have a license. However, for the vast majority of Belgian senators, a three year old child may be able to decide to want to be euthanized.

Therefore, critics accuse the proponents of intending to create a law for the annoying and costly, in order to be able to kill the disabled and sick children legally. The mechanisms to “protect” against abuse, are pure farce, as already is proven in a dramatic way by the euthanasia law in force since 2002 for adults. The ability to euthanize children, would not “help” the kids, but allows adults, to whom they are entrusted, to do away with them.

The Belgian euthanasia law is the most liberal in the world. The senators refused to set an age limit up to which at least one child is safe when in need of protection of his life. A five year old child suffering from “excruciating pain” or a terminal illness is in the “final phase”, and can be euthanised in Belgium if the relatives are in agreement and a psychologist’s judgment is obtained. The safety barriers, however, apply in practice only as “a nice facade for a murder law.

Ahead of the vote, several pediatricians supported the euthanizing of children. Some of these doctors are also active in Catholic children’s hospitals. Other doctors warn on euthanasiestop.be of the “dangerous piece of legislation which puts the safety of our seriously ill children at risk”. After approval by the Senate, these doctors have accused the senators, “to have voted for a law without weighing the consequences. The value of a child’s life now has a price which is set by adults, of which the children will certainly be affected in the desired sense. Sick children do not think about euthanasia.

“With great rapidity a new form of barbarism is spreading.”  Indeed.  How long before laws are passed allowing unwanted infants and children to be abandoned to die by parents, no questions asked?  Or, being the very “compassionate” culture that we are, and not wanting the little dears to suffer, I’m sure we’ll find some painless or “humane” way to put them out of our misery. This is simply horrifying.

I have had young children in the hospital a number of times.  They did not have some dreadful disease like cancer, they did not suffer as badly as some, but they suffered, and sometimes quite a bit.  A few times a couple of our children were very, very ill. And yet, the idea that the appropriate response was to “end their suffering” by killing them was the furthest possible thing from our mind.  It is unthinkable that a three  year old child, suffering horribly perhaps, would be asked (or forced) to die.  It is beyond my comprehension that parents, ANY parent, could ever want that for their child, no matter how great their suffering. Even the thought breaks my heart.

When will all this nightmare of satanic evil end?  That is the thing about our culture, everyone, from doctors to parents to legislators to nurses to who scads of regular folks, fails in their duties. And then we create laws in which we try to appear virtuous, when we are actually committing acts of monstrous barbarity.  And so still more victims are offered up to moloch.

But remember, Archbishop Muller claims that the new Mass is the best possible tool to oppose the exploding barbarity of the neo-pagan West.  So this must just be some strange outlier.


1. Woody - December 17, 2013

Very evil.

2. TG - December 17, 2013

The Pope is always talking about something everyday. I wish he would talke on some of these issues.

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