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Whoa – Archbishop Nienstedt steps down – weak abuse allegation December 17, 2013

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Minneapolis Archbishop John Nienstedt has removed himself from public ministry (but not resigned his bishopric) pending investigation of allegations he inappropriately touched a boy during a First Communion photograph in 2009.  I find this utterly unbelievable:

The Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis today announced that an allegation has been brought by a mandated reporter within the Church to the St. Paul Police of inappropriate touching of a minor male on the buttocks by Archbishop John Nienstedt. The single incident is alleged to have occurred in 2009 during a group photography session with the archbishop following a confirmation ceremony.  [How likely is it that someone is going to try to molest a child, or touch them in a funny way, during a group photo session? This stinks of a set up, more below] Archbishop Nienstedt emphatically denies the allegation. Upon learning of the allegation last week, the archdiocese instructed the mandated reporter to make the matter known to the police. The archbishop and the archdiocese stand ready to cooperate fully with the St. Paul Police.

After consultation with the Holy Father’s ambassador to the United States (the papal nuncio), the archbishop will voluntarily step aside from all public ministry while this matter is being investigated, effective immediately. Auxiliary Bishop Lee Piché, in his role as a vicar general, will cover all of the archbishop’s public duties during this time. Father Charles Lachowitzer continues in his position as a vicar general and moderator of the curia.

The archdiocese is mindful of the due process concerns of those involved. There must be justice and due consideration of the rights and dignity of every human person, both the individual involved and the archbishop.

So, another conservative bishop has fallen afoul of the dumb and persecutorial “Dallas policy” of zero tolerance.  ANY supposedly “reasonable” allegation results in instant dismissal.  But as a bishop, he has a lot more power and options than do most priests so accused. I’m not saying we didn’t have a terrible and rampant epidemic of homosexual-oriented priest sex abuse in the Church – Lord knows, we did. But I am saying that the situation is so skewed now that even dumb allegations like this one can get a priest, or even a bishop, black-balled and run out of ministry.  And there is a huge amount of money out there to encourage unscrupulous souls into lying for a quick buck.

Is that what happened here?  I don’t know, but I’ll say this reeks of a set up.  Even someone totally lost in sin would have to be pretty stupid or pretty high to try to grope a kid at a public event like is being claimed here.  It seems most likely to me that this is, at best, someone making a radically abusive interpretation of an accidental movement, or at worst an open play to crush another conservative-ish bishop. As happened with Bishop Finn in Kansas City.

The Minneapolis Archdiocese has a substantial gay mafia in the priesthood.  There has been a lot of scandal.  Archbishop Nienstedt has stood pretty strong for Church belief in opposition to fake gay marriage, and has taken a few steps to ostracize some of the more egregiously open homosexuals under holy orders there. There remains the massive scandal of the Collegeville Benedictine Monastery in his Archdiocese, where there is a large group of more or less openly homosexual priests and monks who not only utterly trash the Liturgy on a constant basis, but who have let it be known they oppose Archbishop Nienstedt’s efforts to instill some celibate discipline among the priests there.   There has been a good deal of open opposition by priests to Archbishop Nienstedt.  Minnesota is a surprisingly liberal place, but then again, maybe it’s not, given all the northern Europeans who live there.

I doubt there is anything to these allegations.  I, of course, could be wrong, but even what has been drummed up seems weak as dishwater on the surface.  I think this is another effort to smear an orthodox bishop.  Even if the allegations don’t stick, Nienstedt will be very weakened by them and will forever be tarred in the press for the allegations even having been made.  Every press report from now until kingdom come will reference these allegations, even if they prove totally groundless.  Which is, of course, the point.

Wow do we need to pray. This is awful.

BTW, Tancred, who lives in Minneapolis, seems to agree with my assessment.

District Court judge in NY strikes down HHS contraception mandate December 17, 2013

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Well, some good news for a change.  A federal district court judge in NY essentially deconstructed the HHS Mandate, finding numerous faults and injustices in the legislation.  If you recall, Obama claimed to solve the problem of forcing religious employers with moral objections to contraception and chemical abortion by forcing their insurers to pay for the coverage, which was always a scam, the insurers would simply turn around and charge the religious employers.  The judge has found that unconstitutional, stating that even the “exemption” is an unbearable burden upon the free exercise of religion.

The prime litigant in this victory was the Archdiocese of New York.  Below are some highlights from the judge’s ruling as outlined on Ace O Spades:

1. This is the first litigation to result in a final injunction against the contraception mandate for religious non-profit organizations that come within the Obama Administration’s purported exemption to the mandate. [I kind of already explained that above]

2. Not even the Obama administration knows what its proposed regulations do. Very late in this case, the government realized that, although the Archdiocese and its constituent organizations are covered by the mandate, the regulations might not actually force a third party they designate to provide the objectionable contraception coverage……The judge found that, despite the administration’s contortions to suggest the Archdiocese might not even be covered, the contraception mandate scheme was sufficiently burdensome to proceed to a decision.

3. The Obama administration doesn’t take religious beliefs seriously. In an astonishing display of anti-religious sentiment, the administration argued that forcing religious organizations to designate a third party to provide contraception coverage to their employees isn’t a big deal (legally: de minimis) because it’s “just a form” to fill out, “a purely administrative task.” The district court rightly found that whether a violation of religious freedom is small or large isn’t for the courts to decide. It would be too easy to simply sweep away deeply-held religious beliefs under the claim that government action is merely “de minimis” infringement of rights.  [They are not anti-religious.  The Obama administration is very in favor of certain religious practices like wicca and islam. They are anti-Christian.]

4. The Obama administration has handed out so many exceptions to the law, it can no longer claim the law serves a compelling purpose. In the past, courts have allowed the government to infringe religious rights if the government demonstrates a compelling interest and narrow tailoring, for example, income tax laws or criminal laws related to marijuana and peyote. But in this case, the administration was not able to claim that the contraception mandate serves a compelling purpose because it has been falling all over itself (largely for political reasons) to offer exceptions to the law.  [Great point, and hoisted on their own petard.]

5. The Obama administration’s belated argument that the religious organizations may not actually end up providing any contraception coverage fatally undermined the administration’s case. This comes under the category of bad litigation strategies. As I mentioned up in the second item on this list, the administration realized near the end of the litigation that the third parties designated by the Archdiocese to provide coverage may not actually be required to provide contraception. The district court rightly noticed that if that argument is true, the mandate obviously serves no purpose.   [So Obama is both a doctrinaire leftist AND incompetent.  I think we already knew that.]

6. The Obama administration thinks it has a general exception from complying with the Constitution. The administration, as it has frequently done with respect to disobeying laws it does not like, argued that it had to enforce the contraception mandate in such an infringing manner because it could not do it any other way. The district court pointed out the obvious flaw in this line of thinking…….Of course, we all know that President Obama cannot go back to Congress to fix this since Congress would most likely provide a wider exemption to the contraception mandate than Obama’s HHS has provided via regulation, assuming Congress doesn’t just start trimming out major portions of the law, altogether. This is a problem of the administration’s own making, and there it will stay — until the courts finish knocking it down, that is.

———End Quote———-

Well, that’s good news. It looks like the USCCB’s plan of hoping the courts would bail them out on this before they had to make a do or die decision to pay for contraception and abortion coverage (hint: they already do, in many if not almost all dioceses) may work out after all.  The law is of course unconstitutional and one of the most blatant persecutions of organized religions we’ve ever seen in this country, but you wouldn’t know it from the media’s almost totally absent coverage.

One small step, and all that, I suppose…….


Dallas Carmelite Christmas schedule AND they need your help! December 17, 2013

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The Masses below are NO, offered by Carmelite priests.  The nuns could use a lot of food for their upcoming Christmas feast.  The nuns are usually on a very restrictive diet.  During the Christmas season, this diet is liberalized a bit and they can enjoy more different types of food in the spirit of a festive season.  There is a list below of items they need. If you are local, and would like to help out, you can bring some of the below to the Carmelite monastery at 600 Flowers Ave in Dallas.

IF you do plan to bring some food, please leave a comment or e-mail me so I can let the organizers know what you plan to bring.  They don’t want to wind up with 200 lbs of shrimp and nothing else.

Carmelite Monastery of The Infant Jesus of Prague and St. Joseph, 600 Flowers Ave., Dallas, TX 75211

Dec. 24, Christmas Eve

Sisters will sing Christmas Carols from 10:30 pm until 11:00 pm

11:00 PM – Mass

Dec. 25 Christmas Day

8:00 AM Mass 

Shrimp 16 lbs total or more:  Please donate these in one or two pound increments!  Frozen or fresh

  • Catfish 10 lbs total or more: Please donate these in one or two pound increments!  Frozen or fresh
  • Tilapia or other white fish 8-10 lbs or more:  Frozen or fresh fillets
  • Tartar sauce
  •  Shrimp sauce
  • Tater tots (you can buy a HUGE bag at Sams for about $7)
  • Black olives
  • Dill Pickles
  • Blocks of cheese: Muenster, Monterey Jack, Colby Jack, Cheddar, Pepper Jack
  • Fancy cream cheese spreads
  • Crackers……Ritz, Triscuit
  • Gold Fish
  • Whole sweet potatoes
  • Guacamole
  • Salsa
  • Tortilla chips
  • Flour tortillas
  • Spinach
  • Okra frozen or pickled(Sams carries this)
  • Asparagus (fresh or canned or frozen)
  • Cheese cake
  • Ice Cream…….orange sherbet, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, Caramel and Chocolate fudge
  • Cream:  2 Half and Half and 2 Heavy Whipping Cream
  • Vegetable tray with Ranch dip
  • Decaf coffee (non flavored)
  •  Butter 12 lbs You can donate in one box(one pound) increments or larger
  • Fruit frozen or fresh–some ideas would be:-lemon, strawberry, banana, blueberry, raspberry, apples, oranges, limes


Frank the hippy pope December 17, 2013

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Some orthodox Lutherans have some fun with Pope Francis.  It’s a joke, so don’t let your heads explode.  It is sort of a nice play on the exertions of many conservative commentators to explain away some of Pope Francis’ statements:

There is a little shot at the end at the true Faith.  The part about those believing they are justified by faith alone going to hell….well, if there is one notion that has done more to disfigure and render Christianity just about neuter in the broad scheme of things, giving rise to private judgment, the rank error of sola scriptura, and then rationalism, endarkenment philosophy, and the entire panoply of modern errors, I don’t know of it.  Faith alone is the death of reason and the previous 1500 year understanding and practice of Christianity in East and West.  And yet, Fr. Yves Congar proclaimed that Luther’s heresies were the greatest advance in the understanding of the Faith since the early Church.

As for the Rahnerian anonymous Christian stuff that crept into Lumen Gentium and other documents, with such nebulous formulations as Lumen Gentium 16, first of all, the Lutherans misquote it badly, stating “many” are saved when the document actually says “may be saved,” and they also leave out the conclusion to #16 that the orthodox bishops at Vatican II got added, which states that there are many false religions and many ways for people to fall into damnation because of them.  Thus, Lumen Gentium says you can be saved outside the Church, except when you can’t, without providing any specifications for how either might come about.  It is exceedingly difficult to understand what #16 is trying to say, precisely, other than to convey a warm and fuzzy sense to the world that we Catholics are now not nearly so judging and mean as we used to be.

Uff da, twenty minutes pondering this paragraph – again! – and all I have to show for it is a headache!

Let me end by saying I know there are ways, with strenuous rhetorical exertion, to make Lumen Gentium 16 have an orthodox interpretation, or to be interpreted according to that “hermeneutic of continuity.”  But there are also many interpretations that are full of rupture, and they are legion.

I have a feeling I am going to get pummeled for this.

Another reminder – The ‘O’ antiphons are back! December 17, 2013

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WooT!  I love the O antiphons!



Advent Ember Days start tomorrow! December 17, 2013

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The Ember Days associated with the Winter Solstice, which occur during Advent, start tomorrow.  All three days are days of partial fast and partial abstinence, with Ember Friday being a day of full abstinence and partial fast.

A partial fast means you can eat one full meal, and two smaller meals that don’t equal the full meal.  A day of partial abstinence means you can eat meat at the main meal, but not at the other meals.

You can play around with the details as you see fit, provided you meet these minimum requirements. If you are strong into mortification, you might make all three days days of total abstinence, or  you might only eat one meal.  It’s whatever you feel you can do without endangering your health.

I am frequently late with my reminders regarding Ember Days, but this time I was determined to be timely!

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