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Whoa – Archbishop Nienstedt steps down – weak abuse allegation December 17, 2013

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Minneapolis Archbishop John Nienstedt has removed himself from public ministry (but not resigned his bishopric) pending investigation of allegations he inappropriately touched a boy during a First Communion photograph in 2009.  I find this utterly unbelievable:

The Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis today announced that an allegation has been brought by a mandated reporter within the Church to the St. Paul Police of inappropriate touching of a minor male on the buttocks by Archbishop John Nienstedt. The single incident is alleged to have occurred in 2009 during a group photography session with the archbishop following a confirmation ceremony.  [How likely is it that someone is going to try to molest a child, or touch them in a funny way, during a group photo session? This stinks of a set up, more below] Archbishop Nienstedt emphatically denies the allegation. Upon learning of the allegation last week, the archdiocese instructed the mandated reporter to make the matter known to the police. The archbishop and the archdiocese stand ready to cooperate fully with the St. Paul Police.

After consultation with the Holy Father’s ambassador to the United States (the papal nuncio), the archbishop will voluntarily step aside from all public ministry while this matter is being investigated, effective immediately. Auxiliary Bishop Lee Piché, in his role as a vicar general, will cover all of the archbishop’s public duties during this time. Father Charles Lachowitzer continues in his position as a vicar general and moderator of the curia.

The archdiocese is mindful of the due process concerns of those involved. There must be justice and due consideration of the rights and dignity of every human person, both the individual involved and the archbishop.

So, another conservative bishop has fallen afoul of the dumb and persecutorial “Dallas policy” of zero tolerance.  ANY supposedly “reasonable” allegation results in instant dismissal.  But as a bishop, he has a lot more power and options than do most priests so accused. I’m not saying we didn’t have a terrible and rampant epidemic of homosexual-oriented priest sex abuse in the Church – Lord knows, we did. But I am saying that the situation is so skewed now that even dumb allegations like this one can get a priest, or even a bishop, black-balled and run out of ministry.  And there is a huge amount of money out there to encourage unscrupulous souls into lying for a quick buck.

Is that what happened here?  I don’t know, but I’ll say this reeks of a set up.  Even someone totally lost in sin would have to be pretty stupid or pretty high to try to grope a kid at a public event like is being claimed here.  It seems most likely to me that this is, at best, someone making a radically abusive interpretation of an accidental movement, or at worst an open play to crush another conservative-ish bishop. As happened with Bishop Finn in Kansas City.

The Minneapolis Archdiocese has a substantial gay mafia in the priesthood.  There has been a lot of scandal.  Archbishop Nienstedt has stood pretty strong for Church belief in opposition to fake gay marriage, and has taken a few steps to ostracize some of the more egregiously open homosexuals under holy orders there. There remains the massive scandal of the Collegeville Benedictine Monastery in his Archdiocese, where there is a large group of more or less openly homosexual priests and monks who not only utterly trash the Liturgy on a constant basis, but who have let it be known they oppose Archbishop Nienstedt’s efforts to instill some celibate discipline among the priests there.   There has been a good deal of open opposition by priests to Archbishop Nienstedt.  Minnesota is a surprisingly liberal place, but then again, maybe it’s not, given all the northern Europeans who live there.

I doubt there is anything to these allegations.  I, of course, could be wrong, but even what has been drummed up seems weak as dishwater on the surface.  I think this is another effort to smear an orthodox bishop.  Even if the allegations don’t stick, Nienstedt will be very weakened by them and will forever be tarred in the press for the allegations even having been made.  Every press report from now until kingdom come will reference these allegations, even if they prove totally groundless.  Which is, of course, the point.

Wow do we need to pray. This is awful.

BTW, Tancred, who lives in Minneapolis, seems to agree with my assessment.


1. Don - December 17, 2013

Sounds about as real as a three dollar bill. Why? $$$$$$$$$$ for the family and their liar………. errrrrrrrr……….. lawyer. I wonder if they made an attempt at blackmail before going public? Odds are that they did.

America has gone crazy, they had suspended a six year old boy for kissing his female classmate on the hand and he was going to get a permanent ‘sexual harassment’ mark in his school record! They have backed off owing to public pressure.



2. Lorra - December 17, 2013

I doubt that there is anything at all to this allegation as well, but I always think, when something like this happens, that it is a warning sign to others to tow the party line or something similar will happen to them too.

tantamergo - December 17, 2013

Lorra, on finding Divine Intimacy cheap, try Alibris. Otherwise, I would just keep checking periodically, the price will likely drop at some point.

Lorra - December 17, 2013

Thank you. I see that it is even higher there. I’ll keep checking.

David - December 18, 2013

I am wondering if this so called allegation is nothing more than the Archbishop giving a child a pat on the back or on the shoulder just to say “congratulations. ”

It is sad today that a teacher or a baseball coach can be accused of harassment just for saying “congratulations” this way. Twenty five years ago, this was a different story. IMHO, a pat on the back is not harassment.

Archbishop Neinstadt is a good bishop. In his archdiocese, a DVD was mailed to registered Catholics on the dangers of same sex unions. More bishops need to take a stand.

3. maggycast - December 17, 2013

So some random Confirmation photo op from almost FIVE years ago to take down a bishop who attempts to stem the tide of sodomy? Yup, clear signal right there…you mess with the perverts and we brand you as one too. This is the Bishops opportunity to teach us all how to suffer persecution, false accusation etc. for the sake of Christ. Lord have mercy on all involved. God bless~

4. Catholic4Life - December 18, 2013

Reblogged this on oneintheirhearts.

5. Baseballmom - December 18, 2013

But the sodomite bishop down in Florida just keeps truckin’ along…

TG - December 18, 2013

Is that the one that was over Father Cutey? I remembe reading that Cutey said the bishop was openly homosexual.

tantamergo - December 18, 2013

That was Miami, Bishop Favarola, removed under force by Pope Benedict and replaced with Thomas Wenski after the lay faithful hired a private investigator to examine the lives of the diocesan priests and he turned up stuff you could not believe:


6. Magdalene Prodigal - December 18, 2013

Archbishop Neinstedt, Cardinal Burke, the Franciscans of the Immaculate–the modernists in charge are targeting the most faithful of Roman Catholics. Persecution and white martyrdom.

7. Woody - December 18, 2013

It would behoove all bishops to read “The Rite of Sodomy” by Randy Engel. Know the enemy and get rid of them. Who is the enemy? All practicing homosexual priests and that includes bishops and cardinals.

TG - December 18, 2013

I would buy that book if it didn’t cost so much. She actually names “names” from what I hear.

Lorra - December 18, 2013

Have it and read it many times.

8. St. Benedict's Thistle - December 18, 2013

As noted, this is most likely a hatchet job by the sodomites within the Church. I think it is a sign of weakness to use such methods. Persecution always strengthens the persecuted, and public opinion will switch from the homosexuals to those they persecute. In the end, their own sinfulness will be their undoing.

9. Boethius - December 18, 2013

Just to fact check a bit, but St. John’s (the “Collegeville Benedictine Monastery”) is not in the Archdiocese of St. Paul nor is it a monastery, but an abbey. Rather, it’s in the diocese immediately to the north, St. Cloud, and either way, the local ordinary has very little control over it since it’s a Pontifical institution. Besides those details, the charges against the Archbishop are ridiculous, and I will be praying for him and for the conversion of those who delight in them

10. gc5341 - December 18, 2013

The gates of hell will not prevail against the Kingdom of Heaven. I always keep this in mind during dark moments. The allegations against the good Archbishop are patently ridiculous. Is that really the best accusation the devil’s followers can come up with?

11. ChurchMilitant.TV News 12-18 | ChurchMilitant.TV Blog - December 18, 2013
12. TG - December 18, 2013

I will keep the bishop in my prayers. Tantum, surprised you haven’t blogged on Cardinal Burke.

13. Tancred (@sedgladium) - December 18, 2013

Look for more allegations, possibly stronger ones than this in the coming days. The media is thirsty for these sorts of things as they desire, along with the dissidents they frequently give voice to from within the Church, the destruction of anyone who is not for aberromarriage and other forms of moral degeneracy.

tantamergo - December 18, 2013

Tancred – you are convinced they will all be false? I must admit, I would be very surprised if Nienstedt was that way, but I’ve been surprised before.

Lorra - December 18, 2013

So have I. I’ve been both surprised, and dead wrong.

And is it my imagination, or have things gotten much much much worse since Francis was elected? By that I mean, those who have been sheathing their claws with velvet gloves have taken them off and are attacking with a vengeance. They had to pretend when Benedict XVI was pope, but now they no longer have to.

TG - December 18, 2013


tantamergo - December 18, 2013

It seems the enemies of the Church are much emboldened. Especially those within the Church.

I know some progressive priests who were very depressed when Benedict was elected Pope. They had to go in a shell, to a great degree. I did not get to observe them upon Francis’ election, but I imagine they were rather pleased.

14. Deacon Dan Gannon - December 18, 2013

This is a very good blog. Well, now it is open season… even on the Archbishop of St. Paul / Mpls. It seems utterly absurd that the allegation involves something that allegedly happened with hundreds of people around at the time. I believe the Archbishop 100% when he says these are absolutely and entirely false. Well said. No ambiguity. There is essentially no way this could be proven one way or the other, but happily there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty in our law. However, this does little to protect the Archbishop from the damage of being maligned publicly, unfortunately. In our legal system, it is easy to bring charges, but it is sad that with no evidence except “he said” … an Archbishop can be treated in this way. This is not to deny the reality and seriousness of the problems that have recently come to light regarding abuse in the Archdiocese. It is a “filth” in the Church, as Pope Benedict called it … and it must be dealt with swiftly and straightforwardly.

The Archbishop is handling this with great restraint and wisdom. I do think this may be a “bridge too far” for those who would bring these accusations against the Archbishop, and it may backfire … causing a swell of support for the Archbishop. While it is one thing to be upset with the Archdiocese and its many problems that have come to light, it is quite another to see these kinds of flimsy allegations be brought forward, especially after the St. Paul police chief all but begged for people to come forward with allegations against Catholic priests, which is unprecedented. This accusation seems very weak and unsupported, and to most will be seen for what it is. Let us pray for the Archdiocese, the victims of abuse and the Church. May Christ bring genuine healing, quickly.
Peace, DDG

15. Hannah - December 18, 2013

We must pray for the Archbishop. What a shame that he was maligned like this in such a horrible way. What you do to the Priest or Bishop you do to Christ. But, the enemies of Our Lord and His Church don’t care.

16. Mary - December 19, 2013

Is this a Judas story? Someone went digging for something, and found a photo – there are no boys named, just a group photo released to the police. Nobody has come forth with a lawsuit, just sent the police after him.

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