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Pressure builds for Boy Scouts to collapse completely, and cancel the F-35 December 20, 2013

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Suffice it to say, without the massive F-35 contract, Lockheed Martin would probably fold up.  This multi-hundred billion dollar boondoggle, which I wanted cancelled 13-15 years ago (the plan was to build upgraded F-16s and continue F-22 production indefinitely, but USAF wasn’t listening), is the core of LockMart’s income.

And if they are going to take actions like this, demanding the Boy Scouts have openly perverse scoutmasters, they don’t deserve a dime of my taxpayer money:

Defense and aerospace giant Lockheed Martin is halting its donations to the Boy Scouts of America over the organization’s ban on gays serving as adult leaders after a review of the company’s philanthropy guidelines, the company said Thursday.

Lockheed Martin spokesman Gordon Johndroe said the company, which has major operations in North Texas, decided it will not support nonprofit organizations that do not align with its corporate policies or commitment to diversity. The company did not disclose how much it has contributed to the Boy Scouts.

Bethesda, Md.-based Lockheed follows UPS Inc., Merck & Co. and computer-chip maker Intel in withdrawing support for the Boy Scouts over its no-gays policy in the past two years.

In a written statement, Johndroe said Lockheed seeks to support nonprofit groups that value diversity.

“We believe engaging with and funding an organization that openly discriminates is in conflict with our policies,” he said. “While we applaud the mission of the Boy Scouts and the good things they do in our communities, their policies that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and religious affiliation conflict with Lockheed Martin policies.”

And this is how the monstrous cultural peer-pressure works.  Once the federal government decides to assign special recognition to any group, all federal contractors have to comply with those provisions.  Since so many companies do business with our mammoth, out of control federal behemoth, that means many people, perhaps even most, wind up working for companies that develop avowed policies designed to advance leftist political correctness.  Which is funny when a defense contractor does it, because that same leftist political correctness is driving government wealth transfer expenditures that are completely consuming the federal budget and putting the defense budget under more and more pressure.  But such is the power of the federal behemoth, and the pernicious influence of the cultural left, that giant contractors like LockMart will take actions that are to their long-term detriment in order to maintain the good graces of the politicized federal bureaucracy in the near term.

Thus, so many of us will come under pressure from our very employers to accept and promote gross immorality. And those employers will use their taxpayer financed wealth to further the advance of cultural leftism on its march through the institutions.

At this point, I really don’t care, I think our military has fallen seriously behind the times and is being increasingly out-thought and out-maneuvered by its East Asian adversary.  Our military is too worried about complying with onerous, capability-consuming leftist cultural objectives than with its military objectives. I don’t think a semi-stealthy aircraft cobbled together to perform mutually exclusive missions and with performance compromises that entails (M1.5 top speed – really?  That means a M0.75 effective top speed in real life. How will they cooperate with F-22s going over twice as fast?) is going to make a difference at this point.  Cancel the F-35, and get LockMart out of the cultural lobbying business.

This is how empires die.  Perhaps it’s long overdue.

One final note.  The cultural left will never be satisfied with anything but complete collapse on the matters of sexual morality from such formerly stalwart defenders of the Christian ethos as the Boy Scouts.  They will be satisfied with nothing less than complete capitulation, and then will eagerly sue the Boy Scouts out of existence when the inevitable boy rapes occur – unless the Boy Scouts, like the Girl Scouts, become little Communist Pioneers, serving as socialist shock troops to inculcate Marxism in the coming generations.  Then, they will get a pass, but they will have then become the very antithesis of what they were created to be.


1. Kathleen - December 20, 2013

Unfortunately the Boy Scouts sold themselves and their morals, literally, to those promoting the homosexual agenda.

The complete capitulation has already happened.

In exchange for their abandonment of Christian morality as far as members they were showered with HUGE, absolutely mind blowing, funding for their last big shindig. The scale of it was spectacular. A breathtaking homage to mammon. Truly. I got a first hand account from someone that went.

It’s tragic given there has never been an era with boys more in need of solid gentlemanly formation, but we have to go forth out of that house and shake off the dust from our feet. There are alternatives that have been started up.

They will sell themselves on this one as well. And the ones that follow.

They will collect a breathtaking price for the sale and it will all be fun! fun! on that wide road.

2. Woody - December 21, 2013

Interesting article by Austin Ruse in Crisis Mag about the new homophiles within the Church. They claim to be practicing catholics who accept celibacy but maintain their homosexual lifestyle. As if all they have to do is abstain from sodomy with one another but continue to live together as loving partners. This arrangement, they claim, is within the “rules” of the Catholic Church.

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