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Well, another American icon irredeemably tarnished….. December 21, 2013

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Another story via LifeSiteNews, the 2014 Rose Parade will conclude with, you guessed it, a sodomite pseudo-marriage:

It’s the West Coast equivalent of New York’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – the world-famous Tournament of Roses Parade held each New Year’s Day in the Los Angeles suburb of Pasadena. The parade, featuring giant festive floats colored not with paint, but with millions of fresh-cut flowers, usually draws a huge crowd: Last year, an estimated 800,000 people showed up to watch in person, while another 80 million around the world watched on television.

This year, the event’s viewers will see more than just the family-friendly parade they’ve come to expect over the event’s more than 100-years-long history – they’ll also witness a controversial same-sex “wedding,” courtesy of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF).

According to the Pasadena Star News, a pair of homosexual hair stylists will “marry” on the parade route while riding a wedding-cake shaped float sponsored by the AHF…….

………“Having my relationship recognized legally is already a dream come true,” Leclair said in an AHF press release. “To be able to declare my love to the world at large in hopes of inspiring others to live proudly and authentically is an enormous honor.”

Yet another reason I’m so glad I don’t have a TV anymore. I still miss college football a bit, but it’s a good mortification for me.  Not that Texas has been all that fun to watch the past 4 years, anyways.

I was at a catechism class the other night, and the priest teaching highlighted this point about those lost in sins of sodomy or of Gomorrah: deep down, they know what they do is profoundly wrong, incredibly disordered, offensive to God, and all the rest.  I have written similarly in the past, much of the cultural onslaught in favor of the perverse is about their always present need for affirmation. That affirmation serves to quell those pangs of conscience that afflict the souls lost in these sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance. But it is never enough.  That is why this homosexual advocacy will be the vehicle of the coming persecution, there is a tendency among these folks to need not just continual, fawning affirmation, but a need to utterly crush any opposition that could serve as a reminder of their sin.  The Church, obviously, will be a major target.

But even with the constant affirmation available today, we still see that especially men lost in this sin tend to have disastrous trends in life-outcomes.  Alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide, incredibly risky sexual activity (if not deliberately seeking self-destruction through acquisition of venereal disease), profound psychological problems, etc., are all massively over-represented in the so-called homosexual population.  This is a circle that cannot be squared.

We heard the progressive spirit of Vatican II types saying the Church could not be  a ghetto (a naked assertion, never justified).  Well, as far as I’m concerned, bring on the ghetto, I’ll always work for the conversion of souls but this culture can go ahead and eat itself, as far as I’m concerned.

We are pre-Christian Rome. And it all happened in a few generations. Amazing.



1. Woody - December 21, 2013

Disgusting. Not only will I not watch the parade but I will also forgo the Rose Bowl game.

2. TG - December 21, 2013

I read the article. Yesterday I just said the same thing your priest said but in different words. I also got a good laugh from a comment on an article about Duck Dynasty. One Southern guy said “yeah them homosexual fellers hate it when you tell them they are going to hell.” Your analysis is right since Christians photographers, bakers are already being persecuted. Next they will go after the church to marry them, etc. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

3. MMC - December 21, 2013

If a man with same sex attractions begins acting out homosex behavior at age 18 he has a 1 in 3 chance of being DEAD or HIV Positive by the time he is 30. Those who practice and promote homosexual behavior are desperate (as you wisely noted) to pass off their disordered lives as “normal”…they use all the right terms yet twist and skew the actual meanings. It’s all a front store prop for the addictive, destructive, demonic reality behind the scenes. Talk to any Proctologist and they will unveil the horror of what sodomy does to the human body. Male sodomites don’t even care about the lives of others…it’s all about sex and pleasure…1 out of 3 don’t even tell the person they act out with that they have diseases that kill. It is the sodomites that are responsible for millions of innocent deaths worldwide…and what do we give them? Utter support and validation for their continued evil. How many more people have to die b/c of AIDS/HIV so that a perverted man can get his sex? I agree with you…let the barbarians have at each other…maybe once the destruction and feasting begins they’ll wake up from their pig pens and see reason. God bless~

4. Steve - December 22, 2013

Obsession with sodomy, abortion and birth control is found within society, not the Holy Catholic Church.

Baseballmom - December 22, 2013

Thank you Steve. Can you get that message back to the Vatican?

5. Catholic4Life - December 22, 2013

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