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Merry Christmas to “my” readers December 24, 2013

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I love you all. You’re great. I especially appreciate all the new regulars that have come on this past year. I pray for abundant blessings for all of you and your families this Christmas and the coming year. May God’s Grace bring you to His Peace and Salvation.

I wanted to leave a kind of parting gift, a good video of a Rorate Mass, but I could not find a really good, professionally produced one.  I would love to see what JMJHFProductions could do with Fr. Rodriguez and a Rorate Mass.

But here are a couple of pretty nice videos I hope you enjoy.  Thank you again and God bless you.


Well, fiddle dee dee, look what I found.  A pretty good video of an entire Rorate.  I love the play of light, shadow, music, and prayer.  Maybe turn down the lights, sit by the fire, and listen to this Mass. Glorious!

Planned Barrenhood’s disgusting 12 days of Christmas December 24, 2013

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How can we expect people who make their living killing babies to hold anything sacred?  Planned Barrenhood produced a disastrously unfunny and shockingly blasphemous version of the “12 Days of Christmas” hymn centered around contraception. The first “day” was dedicated to baby-killing Plan B.  These people are sick.

I would love to show the video, but less than 12 hours after it got noticed by pro-lifers, they have removed it.

What’s wrong, Planned Barrenhood, I thought you were true pro-abort, contraceptin’ ideologues.  A little humiliation too much for you?

A few more details of the song:

Leave it to Planned Parenthood to come up with a way to bastardize Christmas with a song that distorts the traditional Christmas song 12 Days of Christmas.

In the version staffers of the Arizona affiliate of the abortion business have come up with, the 12 Days of Contraception, the tune refers to boxes of condoms, Depro-provera shots, spermicide, birth control pills, Nuva rings, dental dams and diaphragms.

As if we needed more confirmation PB was rife with demonic oppression and possession………

We may have started a new Christmas tradition – praying outside a mill December 24, 2013

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Praying outside an abortion mill may not be what most people have in mind when it comes to festive, end-of-Advent activities, but, unfortunately, abortion goes on even in the holiest of seasons. To some women/couples, Christmas is apparently a good time to have an abortion. Merry Christmas, indeed, to the babies affected.

Local pro-life forces were mobilized today to pray and sing Christmas carols outside recently reopened Robinson’s abortuary. I feel blessed to have taken part. There were at least two saves, or potential saves, but there was at least one abortion. Robinson’s is particularly horrific, the poor women are just wheeled out almost into the street, into their hopefully waiting ride, sometimes with blood stains and all. No time for recuperation or aftercare, Robinson’s is small and they don’t make money helping women recover. They only make it through butchery of innocent, helpless children.

There was a great crowd. At least 40 faithful souls were present. In fact, the crowd was so big, Robinson’s parking lot was almost empty – the people were parking far away. I think our crowd intimidated them! This large crowd appeared to have played a role in one likely save, as one couple that seemed intimidated by the group of peaceful faithful later on went to the crisis pregnancy center, instead. Another couple also left after briefly entering, and gave us the thumbs up when leaving, all smiles.

Each abortion is a loss of incalculable proportions and gravely wounds the entire world, but each save is a glorious, Grace-filled event.

A few photos of the group:




God bless all of you who came out.  I was inspired. There was a great looking family with seven kids!  God bless them, they even had their little infant out praying, and it was a coooold morning, for Texas anyways (about 29-30 at the beginning, with a 10+ mph wind).  We later saw some of them at Mass.  Awesome.

Robinson’s is distressingly close to our new house.  God willing, we will become fixtures there.