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Canadians eager to use Pope as prop to justify sin January 7, 2014

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I might have phrased that lede differently. I might have said Canadian archdiocesan official eager to use Pope as prop to justify sin.  That’s not quite what the official from the Vancouver archdiocese says, but for folks who only read part of the article, that will likely be the takeaway.  I have no doubt the Vancouver Sun may have manipulated this official’s words, but the media has been doing that for a very, very long time. I am quite troubled by what I read below:

Pavel Reid, the archdiocese director for “life, marriage and family,” says the pope’s remarks about Catholics’ “obsession” with individual moral issues follows the example set by Jesus’s apostle, Paul, who “went after busybodies … people who spend too much time minding other people’s business.”  [I am so sick to death of these false caricatures of Apostles and other great figures in the Church.  St. Paul said many things, but constantly rebuked sinners.  Was St. Paul being a busybody when he told women to whining%20jpgobey their husbands, and wear a veil when in the presence of the Lord?  Was he a busybody when he condemned adulterers, and sodomites, and all other sinners?  This is a joke.] Reid is pleased almost 60[Well!  Almost 60!  Let’s just go ahead and upend 2000 years of belief and practice so those 58 people can feel good about themselves, no matter what sins they remain mired in!]  Catholics have offered their personal stories, often recounting the anguish they felt in the church while undergoing divorce, wanting to remarry, dealing with birth control or coming to terms with homosexuality.

“Many people told us they have felt judged, and not supported, in the church when they are going through tough times.

That’s a real challenge for us,” Reid said.  [It is.  But the key problem is this: these people complaining of being “judged” (I mean, really, how many people in NO parishes have even been to Confession in the past 20 years, let alone received any kind of even moderate rebuke for their actions?) are not open-minded souls looking for the best course of action in union with the constant belief and practice of the Faith. No.  They are looking TO HAVE THEIR SIN 23059-38323JUSTIFIED! And as we see below, if they don’t get the answer they like, they feel unalterably convinced that they are free to walk out the door and join some liberal, man-made protestant sect that WILL give them that acceptance of sin they crave.  How do we deal with people like that? Where is TRUE charity?  Is it to just sit there and accept them openly, never critiquing their fourth divorce or third abortion or whatever, never pointing out the Truth, in charity, and hoping (maybe praying, but let’s be realistic, most of these folks rarely if ever pray) they’ll someday change? What is left of the Church if we pretend 2000 years of Dogma doesn’t exist?  Then we become just a new age neo-pagan humanist do-good organization – the progressive model in microcosm.]

The special consultatation will take place in Rome in October, where hundreds of bishops will gather to review submissions collected this month from many of the globe’s more than one billion Catholics.

Although some Catholic officials have downplayed the likelihood the synod will lead to changes in doctrine, Reid said it could transform “church law,” leading to a more “pastoral” approach to struggling Catholics. [Me thinks that is what Mr. Reid hopes for….perhaps to make his job easier in some respects]

The stakes for the special synod have already been raised by the diocese of Freiburg in Germany, which recently broke ranks and said divorced and remarried Catholics could receive communion if they were “trying to live according to their faith.” [Which claim is an oxymoron – how can you try to live according to the IMG_1932croppedFaith if you are an unrepentant bigamist and adulterer?  Oh, wait……they said they are trying to live in accord with THEIR faith! The faith of Karl Schmidt and Heinrich Himmler. Great!]

The October synod, which Reid says is being put into place at a speed that is “crazy, crazy fast for the Vatican,” could end up having a powerful impact on Metro Vancouver’s diverse Catholics. The Canadian census reports 450,000 self-identified Catholics in Metro Vancouver. But only 96,000 attend mass weekly, while Reid estimates another 100,000 show up less often.  [And if the Church collapses on these matters of Dogma, does anyone think that suddenly 400,000 will show up to Mass on Sunday!  NO!  They will continue to ignore the Church, now even more convinced that it does not matter at all, since they rolled over on yet again.]

….The extraordinary synod is significant for Canada, where Reid is painfully aware polls show most active and inactive Catholics disagree with the church’s teachings against abortion, homosexuality, divorce and, especially, contraception. [And how much has the Canadian hierarchy, with its open embrace of heresy in deliberately, and corporately, as a body, rejecting Humanae Vitae and 2000 years of Dogma on the sanctify of life, contributed to this rejection by the few remaining lay faithful?  If not even the bishops adhere to Church Dogma, why should the lay faithful?]

“In regards to contraception, we have not accepted we are completely out of step when it comes to the Canadian culture,” Reid said. The vast majority of Catholics in North America, Europe and South America simply ignore the ban.

But Reid held out hope Catholics could be swayed by plain-language education about the purpose of the sexual restriction. [It’s not a restriction!  Stop talking like children are a curse or a punishment! Only in our upside down, black is white neo-pagan world could vast swaths of people believe such!]  And he emphasized how couples can find “natural” methods to limit offspring. [See what I mean!]

As Reid read through letters from anguished Catholics, he reaffirmed it’s been extremely “not helpful” for the Vatican to label homosexuality a “disorder.” [Yes, we should cause this totally unnatural inclination and the even more unnatural act that defines it as something wonderful, holy even!  That will bring millions streaming into the Church!]

Even though Reid could not imagine the Vatican approving of homosexual relationships, any more than polygamy, he said that does not mean people in such unions are “less worthy.” [We have to get over this protestant-enlightenment error that condemning people’s sins is tantamount to proclaiming them evil, defiled, and cast out. We are ALL sinners. But the difference lies, and this is so critical, between those who recognize their sins and strive to overcome them, trying their best to accept and practice what the Church believes, and those who stridently and purposefully embrace their sin and tell the Church it is wrong in so much of what it believes and does.]

……”Many people opened up in sharing their frustration and heartache. They often told us they felt were being judged in their churches,” Reid said, acknowledging many divorced Catholics have departed to liberal Protestant denominations. [The Church cannot efface the Law of God written on people’s hearts. No matter what progressive “pastoral” approach is chosen, people will feel guilt for their sins, especially those brought up with all the immense spiritual gifts of the Church.  It is possible it is largely latent internal guilt, knowing what the Church has always believed, that drives many of these feelings of “being judged.” So, they leave, for the greener confines of liberal protestant communities, which they know are more amenable to changes of belief.  But I could be wrong, maybe the Vancouver Archdiocese is dominated by unreconstructed semi-pelagian pharisaical neanderthals from before the sainted Council.]

The Catholic Church forbids remarriage and communion for divorced Catholics. But Reid said many Catholics do not realize marriages can be “annulled,” which would release them from their dilemmas. [And this especially drives me nuts. Perhaps the liberal newspaper has played around with Reid’s meaning, but if not, here we have an archdiocesan official implying annulments are little more than Church-approved divorce, as if it’s pretty much a sure thing their marriage will be found invalid.  This is a gross violation of the purpose of annulments as envisioned in Canon Law and Church Doctrine.]

Well, this post became much longer than I intended. I need to stay away from Pewsitter, too many upsetting articles.

Look, the Church leadership is going to have to make a choice: they can continue to play the progressivist’s game, trying, as they largely have for 50 years now, to prostrate our glorious Church before the fallen, corrupt ideologies of hedonism and false “liberty” this world holds as golden truth, or they/we can return to the ardent defense of the constant, 2000 year Truth of Jesus Christ that built Her up, converted a massive empire, constructed the most enduring, glorious civilization the world has ever known, and, by far the most importantly, saved countless souls.  

The more the Church prostrates itself before the false “wisdom” of the world, the more that world will ignore it, and the more souls will fall away from Her saving embrace. These souls who are so poignantly writing to diocesan officials with their tales of woe are already far, far outside the Church.  Even should the Church, I know not how, succumb to their desires and pretend their sins are not (this is really an impossibility, but for argument’s sake), few if any of these souls will return.  They will simply feel smug self-assurance in knowing they were right all along, and if that silly institution made up of old fairy tales was so wrong about so much for so long, what could it possibly have to offer them now, in our uber-modern and sophisticated (heh) times?

There is only one way for the Church, and for souls, to win.  That is for the Church to adhere to the mantle Christ gave Her with the Great Commission, to teach ALL the Truth He has revealed to Her and to proclaim the Gospel in season and out.  

Anything else will only bring more devastation in its train.

Let us pray.

Awesome article/video on traditional Benedictine monastery January 7, 2014

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Here is a surprisingly fair and balanced take on the Traditional Our Lady of Guadalupe Benedictine monastery of Silver City, NM.   I will state straight up that this monastery is affiliated with the SSPX, but don’t let that fact turn you away from some inspiring photos in the video below, nor from the elements of traditional Catholic monastic life these monks embody. I pray for their complete unity with the Church.  Thanks to reader Dismas for the link!

The Benedictine order of the Catholic Church dates to the sixth century and St. Benedict, whose 73-chapter “Rule” serves as a spiritual and moral guide for the monks who follow it. According to the Our Lady of Guadalupe website, it is a “compact practical code of living” rooted in “equilibrium and balance of moderation.”

While some monasteries run schools or parishes, others commit to a life of simplicity and contemplation, and a01_jd_25dec_monks5Our Lady of Guadalupe adheres to the latter.

As old-fashioned as they might be – Brother Bernard likes to say, “We’re very sixth century” – they don’t reject all the trappings of modernity: They use electricity and washing machines; they maintain a website; they have a telephone in a little gift shop that sells medallions of St. Benedict, books and handmade paper; and they carry a communal cellphone when they travel. They roast coffee to raise funds to keep their monastery self-sustaining.

“Things we can do by hand, we do,” Brother Bernard said. “We’re not against technology when it is used for the right reasons.”

“We found this secluded place, an environment from which the young monks could learn,” Father Cyprian said. “The forest, mountains, creation, the beauty of the music and the language: These are elements that teach the monks to connect with the monastic fathers of antiquity. What we do here is exactly what has always been done, with no change. The monastic life was revolutionary in its ideal because the monastic fathers who grouped themselves together launched this very unique way of life where all the means to serve God and serve the church are first and everything else is secondary.”

Prayers for all

a01_jd_25dec_monks2On the eve of Christmas, the monks begin the prayers usually said before dawn at 9 p.m., leading up to a midnight Mass.

They see their ascetic life – including their vows of poverty, chastity and obedience – as an emulation of Jesus’ early life before he began preaching, said Brother Bernard, and they consider Jesus’ birth in a manger as a symbol of how God reveals himself to the humble.

Like many families on this day, they will celebrate with a feast. And, as always, they will mark the day with many hours of prayer.

The monks, despite their seclusion, say their prayers are not for themselves alone but are for the world.

One recent weekday morning, Maria Juarez brought her two sons to the monastery’s Latin Mass, sung in Gregorian chant – a Mass that “brings you to tears,” she said.

“I’m grateful for the monastery,” she said afterward. “I think for me to have come to know the faith, someone had to have prayed for me. I feel they are praying for us, for the world.”

Boy do I know that feeling.  God bless that woman, I know exactly how she feels. My coming into the Faith took me by total surprise.  It just sort of happened, not because of any willed intent on my part, but because of the prayers of others.  It’s amazing that I forget that at times…..which reminds me how much I am constantly in need of Grace!

When I say pray for me, I do mean it!

I hope you enjoyed this little article.


What happens when you forget God – Canada’s top court legalizes prostitution January 7, 2014

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One of the things the communists tried to foist on the Russian people first, after the October Revolution, was an embrace of wanton sexual promiscuity.  The communists wanted to destroy ALL elements of traditional society, and the family foremost of all, in order to eliminate all competition with the state.  The state was to be the new mother father sister lover god.  In order to destroy the family, the communists promoted sexual promiscuity, divorce, abortion, et. al., in order to break hearts, wound souls, and break up families.  They were actually quite successful.  Even with the highest abortion rate in the world from the 1920s-50s, millions of abandoned Russian children lived feral existences in many cities.  Their horrid existence is detailed by Solzhenitsyn in the seminal Gulag Archipelago.  

Of course, savage persecution of the Orthodox Church and general de-Christianization of the former Soviet Union greatly aided Stalin’s efforts to make the state the be-all and end-all of Soviet existence.  Which process leapt to my mind when I read that Canada’s highest court has struck down statutory sanctions against street solicitation or operating a brothel make it “dangerous” to be a whore. Apparently, whoring in and of itself has been legal in Canada for some time:

Canada’s Supreme Court struck down three of the country’s anti-prostitution laws on Friday, including bans on brothels and street solicitation, finding that they violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and violated sex workers’ safety. 

The unanimous 9 to 0 decision will go into effect in one year, allowing Parliament to provide other avenues to regulate sex work. [Unanimous. They gave the government a fig leaf with that year’s delay]

Prostitution is not illegal in Canada, though it has been deemed against the law to live off the avails of another’s prostitution, as was street soliciting and operation of brothels. Opponents of the laws said they created a dangerous climate for sex workers.  [Perhaps being a prostitute is just a dangerous “profession,” given that you are dealing with people so completely gone over to sin they think little of breaking the law, risking disease/death, and engaging in emotionless, stultifying “gratification” of the most base kind in order to get their sexual fix.  People so far gone are liable to be capable of anything, including violence.] The court found these restrictions were too broad and disproportionate to the law’s goals. [No, absent a Christian moral framework, these “justices” can find nothing objectionable in this act]

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin said a law banning “safe havens” for sex workers – who often did not have a choice but to work in the sex trade – puts them in danger.

“The impugned laws deprive people engaged in a risky, but legal, activity of the means to protect themselves against those risks,” she wrote. “It makes no difference that the conduct of pimps and johns is the immediate source of the harms suffered by prostitutes.”

One current prostitute and two former sex workers spurred the challenge, saying such work would be safer if they were allowed to screen clients and operate in brothels with bodyguards. [Ah, yes, nothing says “romance” like a hulking bodyguard leering at your every move]

One of the plaintiffs, former dominatrix Terri Bedford, said the decision was a “great day for Canada, for Canadian women from coast to coast,” according to Reuters. Another plaintiff, Valerie Scott, said the ruling humanizes those in the sex trade. [Especially the millions of little girls abducted into the sex trade, the hundreds of thousands of sexual slaves scattered in harems across the mideast, and the further thousands of Thais, Vietnamese, and Koreans living a life of sexual slavery from Shanghai to London.  I guess we should not be surprised a prostitute would have a warped moral compass.]

Supporter of the restrictions Janine Benedet, who argued in court for the Women’s Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution, called on Parliament to make pimping and buying of sex illegal. “There is no constitutional right to buy a woman for sex.” [Apparently there is, in godless Canada. Where are the feminists in all this?  Conflicted, as usual?]

Chief Justice McLachlin rejected the government’s argument that it is not the laws that regulate sex work that puts prostitutes at risk, but rather prostitution itself.

Referring to a high-profile trial and 2007 conviction of serial killer Robert Pickton, who sought out prostitutes and other women in Vancouver as his victims, McLachlin wrote, “A law that prevents street prostitutes from resorting to safe havens…while a suspected serial killer prowls the streets, is a law that has lost sight of its purpose.”  [But like the old lie “safe, legal, and rare,” there is no such thing as a “safe haven” for a prostitute, especially a street walker, most of whom are strung out on drugs and under the thumb of a violent pimp to make his money, no matter the weather, serial killers, or whatever.  The entire ruling founded on a lie, that prostitution can somehow be “safe.”]

I don’t think it any coincidence that those locales where prostitution is either legalized, or tolerated with a wink and a nudge, are also those places which have most abandoned the Christian-Catholic basis upon which their nation was built.  And, of course, that rejection of Christianity goes hand in hand with a simultaneous embrace of leftism.  Denmark, Canada, Holland – these are some of the most thoroughly secularized, humanist, un-Christian nations on the planet.  I’ve said it many times, but when the Faith is jettisoned, all manner of evils once thought more or less expunged, or at least rejected, by “civilized” society come roaring back.  

So, we can expect more and more deranged practices to make themselves felt as our culture continues its plunge into neo-paganism. Lots of opportunities for sainthood!

Great sermon – our Blood Covenant with Jesus Christ January 7, 2014

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When a soul experiences the miracle of Baptism, and then later First Communion and Confirmation, it is incorporated, in a mystical way beyond our understanding, with Christ is a very personal, profound way.  As the priest explains in the sermon below, our incorporation into Christ involves more than a mere contract, to which protestants have essentially reduced their faith, but an ongoing Blood Covenant, a two-way ongoing relationship involving the most intimate of contact.

The sermon below goes into good depth explaining the older, obsolete blood covenant of the Jews with God, and the new, ongoing covenant between God through Christ with Christians (at least, those Christians which accept the critical concept of a covenental relationship).

Below is simply an outstanding exegesis on the unfathomable Gift we have been given in being incorporated into the Mystical Body of Christ.  I strongly recommend watching the video below:

I continue to be dismayed how many Catholics I find, even some pretty well formed ones, who do not comprehend that Christ’s Sacrifice is ongoing in Heaven before the Throne of the Father as the source of propitiation for our sins.  I’m glad the priest makes that clear.  It is very troubling the degree to which protestant errors have entered into the thinking of so many Catholics.  Our Faith is so rich it is literally beyond our comprehension!  But it has been so reduced and trivialized in so many ways.  We must pray!

The Catholic Church, and only the Catholic Church, is Jesus living on in His Mystical Body……if we die in right relationship to Him, we too can pass into the veil into the Heavenly City, just as the anointed high priests of the Old Covenant alone could enter the earthly temple, which was occupied by the presence of God for centuries, but departed after Christ’s Sacrifice and the tearing of the veil.  This has a nice tie-in to my previous post on badly formed ecumenism towards Jews.

A bit of trivia on your blogger:  the Hanc Igitur is, along with the entire formula of Consecration, my favorite part of the Mass.  I always get mad at myself when I am not really intensely focused from the Offertory to the Pater Noster.

Dietrich Von Hildebrand on ecumenism (with Jews, but also generally) January 7, 2014

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Over the break, I read a lot, as is my wont.  As has occurred so many times in the past, I was amazed at how what I was reading, written decades or even centuries ago, tied in so brilliantly with current events in the Church.  In fact, I found so much of great value to share with readers that I was left almost overwhelmed. I could blog nothing but book excerpts for weeks.

I shared a bit from Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand’s The Devastated Vineyard before the glorious Christmas season began.  I found a further section on distorted ecumenism, or “ecumenitis,” as Dr. von Hildebrand calls it, particularly appropriate for sharing, as it has such bearing on current trends in the Church.  I think Dr. von Hildebrand’s analysis on progressive visions of ecumenism with Jews has much worthy of consideration (from pp. 92-97, 1st edition hardback Franciscan Herald Press, I do my usual emphasis and comments):

..we are especially interested in our relation to the Jews. With them we have a particular bond, insofar as they also acknowledge the Old Testament as authentic Revelation of God. On the other hand, there is a unique opposition because they deny the Revelation of God in Christ and regard it as a specific distortion[that’s putting it mildly. In general, the more orthodox the Jew, the more they revile Jesus Christ.]

…..There is a widespread tendency in the Church today to view the religion of Israel as a parallel way to God, one which is perhaps only less complete than the Christian way. We are told that one should no longer seek to convert the Jews……  [True, but this indifferentism is being applied to more and more religions, not just Judaism]

This conception is obviously in radical contradiction to the words of Christ and the intention of the Apostles. Did Christ not in many places give expression to His sorrow that the Jews did not recognize Him?  Were not the Apostles and disciples Jews to whom He had proclaimed the Divine Revelation?……And was not the first task after Pentecost the conversion of the Jews to the full Christian Revelation? When the Jews asked the Apostles “Brothers, what should we do?” St. Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized” (Acts 2:37). …..Is it not the evident conviction of all Catholics and protestants that the New Testament is the fulfillment of the Old Testament?  [And then there is that small statement in St. John (14:6): “I am the way, the truth, and the light. No one can come to the Father except through me.]

Apart from this contradiction with the words of Christ and the Apostles, indeed with the whole teaching of the Church, this notion of leaving the Jews alone shows a very great lack of love for the Jews. Fro the deepest core of true love of neighbor is the concern for the eternal salvation of the neighbor. Therefore, one should encounter no man without seeing in him a living member of the Mystical Body of Christ or a prospective catechumen…… [What follows is a paragraph explaining that while it is possible that certain exemplary Jews may be able to find salvation outside the Faith, such salvation would depend on extraordinary and not ordinary means.  I add that I very many Saints judged such “savings” outside literal Communion with the Church vanishingly rare.]

……A polite respect for the Jews takes the place of true love – a typical case of “this-worldliness.” [“this worldliness is von Hildebrand’s catch all phrase for those who are religiously indifferent, and/or who have allowed concern for men and the affairs of the world to dominate whatever practice of the Faith they may have had]

…...If the attitude of some in positions of authority toward the conversion of the Jews is in flagrant contradiction to the whole Gospel and to the Epistles of St. Paul, the widespread attitude towards the reception of non-Catholics into the Holy Church is in just as radical an opposition to the Gospel. There are many theologians, pastors, and even missionaries today who propagate the viewpoint that the conversion of individual men is not the real work of the Church, they say that the Church should aim at uniting with entire religious communities, yet without requiring them to change one iota of their belief. This is the supposed goal of the new ecumenism. To the individual protestant, moslem, or hindu, who in the true sense wants to convert, one should rather say that he should become a better protestant, or better moslem, etc. Have these theologians, priests, and missionaries ever read the Gospel?  Or have they forgotten [….The Great Commission, Matt 28:16-20).  To shorten the post, I’ll condense the text to just that reference to Matthew]

This monstrosity of ecumenitis combines many serious errors: it is, in the first place, an express ignoring of the mandate of Christ. In the second place, it shows a terrible disregard for the value of God’s revelation to the non-Christians: it means acting as though God’s revelation in Christ and the death of Christ  on the cross were superfluous to them.  For from the standpoint of ecumenitis, all men, especially Jews, would have been saved anyway, as long as they had lived in accordance with their own conscience. In the third place, there is here an absolute lack of interest in the Truth. The question of which is the true religion no longer plays a role. The ultimate seriousness of truth, on which every religion stands or falls, is ignored. The essence, and the justification for the existence of the Holy Church, is hereby destroyed, as indeed is the entire Christian religion. [Indeed, and we have seen this play out over the past 50 years, when progressive, indifferentist programs as described above have been put into play. These progressive beliefs destroy the Faith, intellectually!]  The teaching of the Church is either the True Revelation of God, the Revelation of Christ and absolutely and unconditionally true – or it is nothing…..

…..Finally, in the fifth place, the high point of depersonalization, of collectivism, is manifested in the fact that the individual person no longer matters for conversion, but only the community!  [And we can see how the progressive worldview, with its constant preference for collectivist, top-down, authoritarian solutions, would be much more interested in high-level contacts between the Church and various sects, than in the conversion of one lowly believer here, and another there.]

….Such an endeavor is the typical monstrous product of the grave error of placing unity above Truth……..It is clear that this external union [of, say, the Catholic Church with an Anglican Church that still had women priests, embraced fake same-sex unions, pretended personal sin does not exist, etc]  would in no sense by a glorification of God and in no way a fulfillment of the solemn mandate of Christ, nor of his prayer, “that they may all be one.”

The apostolate belongs essentially to the Holy Church – the apostolate and indeed the conversion of every individual souls, which is more important in the eyes of the Church than the fate of any natural community. [And any community cut off from supernatural Grace is a natural community.  This includes, a few exceptions aside, every religion or separated sect outside the Church.  It is impossible that pagan/wiccan rituals, for instance, could contain elements of sanctifying Grace. This does not mean that salvation is absolutely impossible if one persists in one of these sects (perhaps through ignorance), but the Saints and many great theologians tell us the likelihood of salvation for these folks is remote.]    This flows necessarily from the love of God as well as from the true love of neighbor. The love of God impels the Church, but also every true Christian, to bring each man into the full light of truth, which is the teaching of the Holy Church. Every Christian must long for all men to become acquainted with the Revelation of Christ and to respond to it with faith, for every knee to bend to Jesus Christ. And  similarly true love of neighbor requires this. How can I love somebody and not ardently desire that he become acquainted with Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son and Epiphany of God, that he be drawn into His Light, believe in Him and love Him, and know that he is loved by Him?  How can I content myself with the fact that God’s infinite mercy might – perhaps – not refuse him eternal beatitude in spite of his erroneous beliefs, or lack of faith?

Truly, all deeds of love for my neighbor are only the noise of “sounding brass” if I am uninterested in his finding the True God, and in his becoming a member of the Mystical Body of Christ; if I am uninterested in his greatest good.

We see that ecumenitis can lead to the most horrible errors, and unfortunately it already has in many respects. This has nothing to do with the spirit of true ecumenism, and indeed stands in radical contradiction to it……

……..The true mission of the Church is not to improve the face of the world but to glorify God by the sanctification of men, and to secure their salvation.  To shift the emphasis from eternity to the future, to devote all our energies to a happier earthly future for mankind, for progress toward a better world, in short, to neglect the glorification of God, the sanctification of the individual, and his eternal blessedness, would not only deprive the Church of Her raison d’etre, but would condemn mankind to “sit in the shadow of death.

—————–End Quotes—————–

OK, this post is already long enough, so no summation or additional commentary, save for this: Dietrich von Hildebrand was, at least before the onslaught of the 60s, hailed as the greatest lay theologian of the 20th century, and perhaps the greatest in toto, aside from the brilliant Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange, OP. I think faithful Catholics would be very wise to heed his words, and I think my intelligent readers can see, without my spelling it out, the continuation of these dangerous trends condemned above in the Church today.

There is so much gold in The Devastated Vineyard, that I plan to share many more excerpts over the coming days, God willing.